The Gloves


She sat naked on the bed listening to him in the shower. As soon as she heard the shower switch off she opened the bottom drawer of the bedside cabinet. Reaching inside she pulled out a pair of long black velvet gloves. She smoothed them out on the bed feeling the smoothness of them. Stretching her left arm out in front of her she started to slide the tight glove up her arm. Pulling past her elbow her fingers slid into the tight velvet confines of the fingers. Smoothing out the glove past the elbow she did the same with the right arm.

Looking down at her arms she was transfixed by the contrast of colour against her naked skin and the feeling of the gloves. She brought her hands to her breasts and felt her hard nipples. Calling out to him in the bathroom she told him to come into the bedroom.

He walked into the bedroom wearing just a large towel. Looking at her he saw her sat naked on the bed in front of him wearing just the black velvet gloves. She beckoned him forward with one finger of her left hand. He stepped forward and was about to speak Escort Beylikdüzü when she put her finger to her mouth signalling to him to stay quiet.

She pulled at the towel letting it fall to the ground. His cock sprang free. Already it was semi erect. She took hold of his cock with her left hand and squeezed gently. He felt the velvet of the glove soft against his hot cock. She started to pull on it a little, her other hand lightly cupping his balls. She ran her hand over the head of his cock , growing harder with every movement she made on it.

When it was fully erect she leaned forward. He was expecting her to open her mouth and to engulf him. But she opened her mouth and left it open. What she did was to breathe her hot breath onto his cock head and blow lightly. Looking up at him she smiled and went back to wanking him off with her left hand. Her right hand stroked over his balls. He moaned and she moaned a little in return. Both were enjoying this. She took her right hand off his balls and it joined Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan her other hand on his cock. Both velvet hands now pumping his hard cock. She brought the left one forward of the right one. Keeping a steady rhythm at the base with her right hand she used her left index finger to first of all trace then run gently over the cock head. The soft black velvet felt good against his hard cock and he moaned again.

She brought her right hand midway up his cock and started to exert more pressure and wanked him quicker. Her left hand moved to her boobs and she looked up at him as she felt her hard nipple and rubbed it. Her tongue quickly darted across her lips as she smiled. She trailed the gloved hand down her soft white stomach to her pussy. She trailed the index finger over her pussy lips not missing a stroke with her other hand on his cock.

Her index finger slipped into the wetness easily and touched herself gently, her finger sliding out over her clit. She moaned loudly and looked up Beylikdüzü Escort at him. His eyes closed a little, he was close to cumming. She brought her hand up and cupped his balls. They felt full and ready to explode. She pulled harder at his cock. Taking the other hand off his balls she cupped it over the head of his cock rubbing the head gently. He moaned louder… began to twitch.. then jerked his body suddenly, shooting hot spurts of cum into her hand. She carried on milking him. His cum covering the black velvet of the gloves.

By the time the last of his cum had spurted out both her gloves were soaked and covered. She let go of his cock and brought her hands to her boobs. She placed a gloved hand on each boob and smeared his cum over them. She fell back on the bed, one hand still rubbing cum into her boobs the other reaching down between her legs. She touched her pussy lips again, slipped inside and brought the finger over her clit. The wetness of her pussy mixed with cum making the gloved finger slide hard over her clit. She moaned, closed her eyes and begun to shake with her orgasm.

When she opened her eyes he was gone and cleaning himself up. She looked down at herself. His cum was drying on her body and her gloves were a mess. She smiled at the thought of all the mess and yet their skin and never touched each other. It was time for her shower now.

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