The gold shop!


The gold shop!The Gold shop!After several weeks without leaving home, only to go to work, I decided to leave, it was time to overcome my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, I did not deserve a minute more! So I took a shower, I shaved, I picked up my best group, well, with whom I felt more confident when I was single and I started dating. I went to the drawer of my bedside table: I took a ring and 2 gold chains, that I thought, that I give myself. I left through the door ready to finalize that relationship and start a new era. I was driving to Cuenca, because in my town there were not those stores that in recent years have proliferated due to the crisis.When I arrived in Cuenca, I got out of the car, nervous, I even thought about going back home, but it had been so bad since my girlfriend left me, I jumped on me and went straight to that store, if you can call it that, not without first noticing in several girls. After 15 minutes of delighting my eyes mostly with a blond girl, about 20, angelic face of not having broken a plate but with devil curves that made me tremble, but I do not want to deviate from the subject. Arrive, I stayed in front of that small yellow door considering entering or not at least 1 minute. I took the knob and entered, there was no turning back I was about to release my old and stormy relationship with Ana.There were 1 person pricing some pendietes, I prepared to wait at the end of the store. 5 minutes later I finish and left, I approached that window similar to a bank, saving the distance. And there was a woman, Olga, about 35-40 years old at first sight, dark, short, with curly hair down to her back, big eyes, thick lips but not too much red that contrasted with the brown of her hair. , I was plump, not too much, with breasts still upright because of the bra I was wearing, I would say, well, I assure 120, some big buttocks but still well placed. I was wearing a colorful dress, fitted to the knees and with a V neckline in which I could not suppress my gaze to which she replied with a smile, I guess every man who went to his store could not help it, she was used to it! !After this vision and caught that canalillo took the 2 chain and the ring says: – Good afternoon! – Much hot! she said with a mean smile. – Here in a lot more! I answered without thinking. – Yes! Sometimes this small place overheats. Another smile, I turned red like a tomato from Almeria. After that I got very nervous, I also lowered my eyes down the shame and the acerlo again to see that endless neckline and that triggered even more in my nervousness. – What do you want? She said when she saw that I answered. – To see if you could value me these pieces of gold? – Sure, that’s why I’m here?I took them out of my pocket and handed them to them through the window, she picked them up without letting me look into her eyes and giving her her best smile. – If it’s all gold and you want to sell it, you can take a good pinch !! And another smirk. I thought that smile was common with all his customers, later I realized that it was not like that. He went to his bedside table, turned and looked at me, which responded with a smile believing that it was the usual. He sat down and said: – The chains are bundled together! – Some time ago I had them in the drawer, my ex-girlfriend had given them to me, I decided to get rid of them to start a new cycle !! I do not know how I could say that and less to a stranger.She heard him turn his chair, the typical of all offices and detached from the two chains that had not yet separated and I answered: – Well with what they weigh and the value both economic, and sentimental that they have today if you want you can Start a new cycle and sure better! He winked at me, a smile and went back to his job. – Thank you!! – You’re welcome!! I continued to read them, but looking at me all the time. Suddenly she turned around again with her chair with the chains in her hand and still looking at me with that smile, noticing again that she was looking again at the start of her incredible breasts, with a smile where she could see even her gums .- It seems good that I change to the other table because I get a little nervous when a man stares at me !! I was left blank with that phrase, she felt uncomfortable with my eyes, or so I thought or not, I did not know how to respond. Stuttering and as I could, he replied: – I’m sorry it was not my intention to bother you at any time, I apologize if I could have m *****. – Relax, do not bother me! Unlike.He changed tables, doing so I did a visual review, I noticed his short but incredible legs, as I would describe them ‘Jamonas’. He continued his task for about 10min more of which I could not take my eyes off her, but to be honest I did not see anything other than his back and his mane. After that time he turned with the chair and let me glimpse the black color of his underwear, but not too well. He went to the other table, all with a look and smile. I lit a minibascula, I put the three pieces. – 22 grams the three, now we will check if they are gold! – Okay! I take out a kind of rectangular black stone and a boat with a blue liquid. He was scratching each one on the stone and then pouring the liquid to check its validity.He passed one of the chains through the rectangular stone and arranged the liquid next and so on successively with the others. In the end he told me with a different but very intoxicating smile: – Two are gold! But this your ex-girlfriend gave it to you with cheese! LOL! – What a bitch! He came from inside. – Quiet! There is no need for good not to come at least you will dry some eurillos and surely you will not find another girl. At the same time listening to those reassuring words, I realized that she was going to flirt with me, I immediately thought that she would do it with all men and maybe some woman. – Then how much would you give me? – What you want? – As? I said. – Forgives! It’s about 15 to 20 euros, good for you 22!I did not know how to react to that and how to try some approach out of there. I scanned it again and an excitement went up from my feet to my head but accentuated in my crotch. Even though I had the air, the temperature went up! It was good and she knew it! – 330euros! Are they worth it? – Yes! Yes! – Then I need your ID to register in my file.Take out your DNI, she photographed it next to the chains and went to the back of the store, I guess she would have the safe and crouched at an angle of 90º giving me an excellent view of the beginning of her incredible buttocks since the dress was I went up a little while realizing the great vision that I was leaning a little forward with the excuse that the money had more to the bottom of the box rising even more tight dress while I also started to subierme my miebro thanks to those buttocks. I wanted to have them in my hands, mouth, ….She turned and came to the window wiggling and exposing herself before me now with her vertiginous neckline, but with a novelty, her nipples were marked although the bra made her dissemble but my fantasy was more than that bra and I imagined them in my mouth hard as stones and to which I squeezed them with my hands putting them together, subiendiolos, ate and licked with my tongue and mord with desire leaving them wet with my saliva while she gemia. What a feeling! – Here you are 330, Pablo! I read my name on the DNI, I supposed. – Thank you! I headed for the door. – Wait! You have to sign a delivery receipt and I have not returned your ID, so I treat you so badly that you want to lose sight of me.- On the contrary you treat me incredible and I wish I had a lot more gold to be able to come more often. – You have turned me red. Thank you.I went to the window where she diposito my ID and a sheet with my data and the delivery delivered where I indicated where I had to sign and put the date. Ehureca !! I had the perfect opportunity to try something else with that incredible woman and without my shyness had to m ***** rarse. I picked up the DNI and the sheet which I signed but in less than putting the date, I put my mobile number thinking that in that way if the flirtation in which we were in that store was real or only the result of my imagination. As soon as I finish, a couple enters the store, I step away from the window and as soon as she starts to attend to them, I quickly leave that sheet and after saying goodbye briefly before she checked the document I left the store waiting for an answer. Now she tinia the ball on his tile !!!After leaving the store I headed towards the center of the city in a hurry, without looking back as if someone was harassing me and not yet having the certainty of whether I had done well with my phone number, I thought (And if only I wanted to be nice? Would you think I was a cheeky?). Soon I was far from there, but I do not know if by the speed with which I walk or the exhibition of those curves by Olga, the shop assistant. I sat on a small terrace to drink something cold, or very cold to lower the heat that expired all over my body! Shortly after sitting a young girl appeared, I had the mobile look without looking at her. – Hello!! What do you want to drink? Without looking up and not giving importance to the waitress I said:- A clear one! With more lemon than beer. – Okay!! Then will I bring. That said he went to the inside of the bar. I improvised raise your head and turn it in the direction where it was headed, when doing it just hit a black mesh that covered a spectacular ass upturned. – You can bring it to me in a cold glass! I said stammering if I could look away from that ass. She turned to where I was where I cursed myself for not having noticed the cannon that was that young waitress. – Voucher! One minute and I’ll serve it.Saying this with a beautiful smile like the rest of his body. To look at it I would say that I would be about 20 years old, I probably worked in summer at the end of the course. Medium 1.70, brown hair pulled back in a bun that highlighted her angelic face with large brown eyes and lips that were not large but fleshy. He wore a red tank top with free shoulders. Medium-sized pear-shaped tits with pointed nipples I imagined from what her t-shirt showed. – Thank you!!After a while he brought me the drink and I was able to see that goddess again. I drank it slowly to be able to continue scanning that body that did not stop moving around serving the rest of the tables. Resigned finished my drink, brought the account and I thought to do the same as in the gold shop but I did not since the clerk had not called me and what I thought was flirting, less would the waitress who did not even I had looked.I got up from my seat a little less heated but still with a considerable suffocation and headed for where I came to look for my car and go home was already late afternoon. While walking absorbed in my thoughts I did not realize I was in front of the gold shop and when I turned it I saw it again, I was closing the metal door crouched giving me the vision of that ass again, I stopped without knowing because when I finished I get dressed, turned balçova escort around and caught myself looking at her again. He looked me in the eyes and very sensually said: – See you soon, beautiful! Winking an eye and went away moving those hips that drove me crazy.I stayed there without moving a muscle but with my eyes fixed and suddenly as if I knew I was looking at her, she had caught me several times !! He turned his head and looking into my eyes he did something that even when I remember him I have a chill. I look around to check that it was no one realized what I would do and as he turned to me he bit his lower lip lightly moisten it slowly with the tip of his tongue that made the red of this shine in a sensual way made my heart beat as hard as wanting to go for that mouth, but no! I was paralyzed, the sweat ran through my forehead and my legs were like stones, try saying something: – Goodbye! I just managed to say although in my mind I wanted to be a goddess and that I had her curves crazy.After a few seconds looking at us with lust at least of my part and of her I also assumed, she turned again without stopping smiling at me, little by little her destiny continued, knowing that I kept looking at her, moving with impudence and sensuality to her hips. After a while and without stopping to look at that wiggle that started to drive me crazy with desire, I also took my way back to my car thinking what I would like to taste every centimeter of that body, arrived I got into my car, I started it and I had I put the air conditioning on because I was sweating, but not because of the heat but because of everything that had happened that afternoon. I went home with a happiness that did not feel much.Once at home the afternoon was already ending and giving way to a night that seemed to be very hot and joining it to the one I had in my body, I took a shower with cold water that seemed to me to contact with my body seemed to be boiled . When I left, I did not dine and I had a couple of cold beers while watching television, but without paying much attention and suddenly I said: – Shit! Where I have the cell phone! I quickly looked for it and saw that it had almost no battery, I took the charger and plug it into the bedside table. After that I prepared to sleep but in vain because I could only think about it and continuously watch the phone until the dream overcame my excitement.With the first rays of sunlight that came through my window, I woke up with my whole body sweaty and with a tremendous erection and Olga’s vision came to my mind but I was alone in bed. Little by little I put my hand under my pajamas and softly started a masturbation imagining that it was she who had my penis and gave me a tremendous blowjob while looking at me stupidly. Almost without noticing I was coming, I got up in a hurry to the bathroom to not stain as little as possible, just because just point my penis to the sink the first jet came directly against the glass but the rest I could control more or less.After showering and cleaning the semen remains I was naked with the towel wrapped around my waist look at the mobile disappointed by not having a call or a simple sms, disillusioned I dressed and headed towards the kitchen for lunch. When I was biting a piece of toast the noise of the cell phone startled me, I quickly left the toast and hurriedly hoping it was her, I took it and saw that it was 2 sms from someone who did not have it in the phone book, I looked at the screen a few seconds praying that outside she, I decided, I opened it and said:”Hi, I’m Olga, from the gold shop, you remember, I from you, although I do not call all those who enter but after looking at how you looked at me, I liked and liked you, I only wanted if you would like to drink something when Do not imagine strange things, I just want to get to know you a little better, a little kiss, I wait for you or not? ” A smile was drawn on my face and thinking how I wanted Olga, but try to calm down before answering to not put something in the sms where I screwed up and lose my chance. After thinking about it for a while I decided to let a couple of hours go by so I would not notice my anxiety.I returned to the kitchen to finish my lunch, I could not have my stomach closed by nerves, I took a piece of paper and I wrote some ingenious ideas that were beautiful but without being obzzy or brazen to put in the answer for Olga. After a while and unable to write something decent I took the phone and decided to take a turn to take the air. After about two hours going around I returned home determined to answer. I sat on the sofa and said:”Hi, Olga, I’m glad you wrote me because I did not have all of them with me, of course I’d like to take something with you and chat for a while, do not worry, I’m not a person who wants to take you to the garden for a drink (although I thought love to have all the time in my bed and enjoy that great body !!) Tell me what time pass and timely’ll be because I do not like to wait for a lady and at least one as beautiful as you? Many besooooos! I sent and I relax of the tension of the last 24 hours, I turned on the TV and waited for the answer knowing that the most difficult thing was already done! The answer did not take too long, at 15 minutes, my cell phone was the same number, I quickly opened it and said :”Honey, folded around 19:00 I wait. Ah! Sincere Siendote what I said before is not what I thought I would love to seducieras me because I like your eyes shine when you look at me naked !! Smack! I was paralyzed , hallucinated but above all excite me for his statement and proposition at the same time During the rest of the day slow pace I also could not stop thinking about Olga’s body, those big breasts that would keep some biscuit-like nipples Maria, her soft brown skin the time it lasts and what more drove me crazy was that big ass that still remained in place, I thought about the exercise After eating I was very nervous I went to the salon and I served a shot of Herbal Orujo worked because shortly after I was stretched out on the sofa sleeping.I got up, took a shower and then dressed without neglecting any detail, I scented as it should be but without passing me because I wanted to imprison Olga! Halfway I had to stop the car because of an accident, the caravan moved slowly but my watch was very fast, I kept looking at my watch every minute and getting nervous for not arriving at the time, leaving and losing the opportunity I had. The Civil Guard opened an alternative lane and finally reached Cuenca, parked and went off to the gold shop ….When she arrived just in time she had just closed and was preparing to lower the blind but quickly and without her noticing my presence, I approached extending my arm behind her, lower the blind leaving my body stuck to yours where for the first time check with a small touch that Olga had an impressing ass and hard as a stone immediately my excitement made her have an erection that did not go unnoticed. That day she wore a dress similar to the one I saw for the first time, but much more tight green with floral patterns yellow and purple, reaching to the knees and with a neckline fastened with buttons, three of them open showing the beginning of their immense breasts . Summer sandals with a small heel making his buttocks rise slightly. I was shocked!Just when the blind began to fall in addition to the contact of our bodies, he turned quickly with a surprised face, seeing me I just turned completely being separated only by centrometros, his eyes changed in a way that made me shudder and his lips drew a lovely smile besides sensual. – Hello! What a fright you gave me, honey! I thought that they were going to steal. I separated so that I could close the blind lock. He turned around without stopping looking at me and leaned sensually to close the place completely. – If they try they will have to pass over my body! – I hope it does not happen because … !! I wink my eye while passing the beginning of his tongue through the corner of his mouth.- I do not want either, and less now that I start to meet such an incredible woman !! I said almost at once to her. As soon as I finished his eyes they spoke and with a simple movement I understood that we were getting out of there, but I do not know where I just did it. Together we walked through those streets without words only with fleeting glances and some smile we reached our destination a small cafeteria that was at the junction of two small streets near the center of Cuenca. Uuff! I thought we would go to his house and he did not know how to react if it happened, he was very nervous! We sat at a small table, I was about to explode and I was about to speak. – Hello Olga!! I turned around and saw the local waitress approaching us without being able to suppress a suspicious smile.- Bea! How are you? You were not on vacation, he said when he saw that waitress. Olga was surprised. He approached to be between the two. – Yes but Pedro (the other waiter) had a traffic accident, nothing important, is low! LOL! – Tell him to recover soon !! – Okay!! I’m telling you. And what? It goes well, right? He said in a joking tone, looked at me and then did the same to Olga. He was understood everything! – No no! He is a customer of the store but … – But nothing! You do not have to explain anything to me that I am not your mother !! You also understand … he is very handsome if I am allowed to be daring !! – LOL! We laugh all three at the same time. – Thank you! I told the waitress as I looked at Olga that she was red as a tomato.- You see!!! Bea said as he gave him a few small nudges to take iron out of the matter, this relaxed Olga and I gave her a small smile. – Do not you aveguences woman! We would like some to have clients like him in our life !! Oh! sorry! In my bussines! I am Bea friend of this shameful and approached me, I quickly get up and we gave each other two kisses. – Yo Pablo, happy! – You see pretty there is nothing wrong, plus you no longer have to explain to anyone! – How cheeky you are! But alone we are friends! His face seemed to say something else.Seeing that Olga was a little intimidated by Bea I debated in helping her or pressing her a little more to know what I could aspire to with her, from the short time I knew her and the few words we had crossed I did not know what to do, but remember our eyes and most importantly the sms decided to put all the meat in the spit. – We are only friends! Olga seemed content with my statement. Then drop the bomb – But Bea, if I’m honest, and being in confidence here the three would not care, it’s more, I’d love to be something else, but do not know too much transmits something I do not know how to explain, only I would not like to discover it, that if only if she wants it !!Surprised Bea and Olga looked at each other for a few seconds, Olga did not know where to hide (the shit) but Bea’s face lit up as if it were for her, she swallowed and looked at me, she said. – Fuck! Fuck! I have the hair as escarpias, I’m excited if you balçova escort bayan tell me I do not get up and I kiss you like you’ve never been kissed or I take you by the hand and drag you to my house … – Stop! Stop! You forget that he has told me. Olga, while pulling the chair backwards and getting closer to me, leans little by little until our faces get closer. His smile before my face I never forget and then kisses me first a fleeting kiss but followed by another, and another in turn is incorporated and little by little until he sits on my legs.- I want you to discover what attracts you to me, but you will have to show me what I expect from you !! He said to the ear as he mord the ear It seems that time stands around us. I pass my right hand along her waist to the beginning of her buttocks and the other between her thighs. She surrounds me with her hands by my neck, our lips meet and we kiss passionately as if it were the end of the world. – Ei! Ei! Parejita stop that I’m here! I exclaim Bea. After a while without being able to stop kissing us and going through our bodies, I do not know how much, we stop kissing and we both look at Bea. – Make housewives home! We are in a public place, I am not made of stone, I carry two candles too long that I am jealous not to say ..- CACHONDA !! Sentencio Olga leaving us amazed both to me and to Bea herself. – You are right! And even more when you take it home and unleash your unbridled passion in bed. Just imagine it … look how I wear! For the first time I look at Bea as a woman.I would have been more than 40 years old, well taken. Approximately 1’75 with a stylized figure, without big curves, but with everything in its place. A blond hair straight to the shoulders, skin also brown as Olga where you began to appreciate the years. A thin face where his two big brown eyes stood out, with a very funny flat nose and a small but interessing mouth combined with perfect teeth. A very long neck and where if you noticed the years came to narrow shoulders that highlighted her small tits, which still defied the lei of gravity, through her red blouse sensed large and very hard nipples. Smooth belly, with narrow waist and a small ass was toned by the sport.- I want to go with you and do crazy! We are friends since we were little and we have done a lot but this one I feel would be unforgettable. – Shut up, shut up! What will Pablo think? – Right now I’m blank but intrigued by your follies. – Pablo, if Olga wants I’ll tell you but here you can not .. Looking directly at me with eyes of lust. Olga unexpectedly kissed me again but with a lust that she blamed when she remembered her experiences with Bea. That reheated me in such a way that I did not remember, I only thought about those two hot women in morbid situations like Orgies, threesomes and even lesbians. I had to do something to know their secrets and why not participate.- For my enchanted but better between the two so there will be details, do not you think? – Yes darling, what do you say Olga? I look at Bea with the face of not having broken a plate. – What am I going to do … but I’m not going to leave you with this wolf alone! Ah! That will be another day because today I want you for me in full conditions. At the same time he kissed me again, took me by the hand so that we could get out of there the two of us alone. Then we were ready to leave the cafeteria, I said goodbye to Bea giving two kisses, she tried to make the corner of my lips rub, I felt a chill go through my body attached to the kisses with Olga and the fantasies that would tell me that Women made my legs run out of strength, this moved to my crotch.- I hope to see you another day Pablo with more time to tell you our crazy things !! Once again those lustful eyes. I walked a few steps trying to recover my strength without noticing that Olga and Bea were talking something they did not hear. They said goodbye with a hug and an uncomplicated look. – Well we’re going pillin! You like to provoke, eh? Olga said approaching to stick her body and kissing me. – Provoke me! You are the one who provokes me! I’m crazy since I saw you in the store with those curves! The strong grip by the waist and lower both hands to his buttocks, big and hard, kissed her again.We were kissing I felt an urge to open my eyes, then there was Bea navajo his eyes, he realized he was looking at her, without cutting a hair his tongue passed through the lips, followed by a bite to his lower lip. “I’m going to eat you” I thought I read from his lips, but even if he had insulted me, the fiery way of moving his mouth and the lustful tone that gave off his whole body favored my extreme excitement that had never lived. After such a scene with that couple of mature, I separated my lips from Olga and said: – I can not anymore! I want to undress you and make you enjoy as you deserve it !! He looked at me confirming what I wanted. – Well, we’re going to my house, it’s right here! I’m very hot!We parted, I pass his hand by my waist grabbing my hand and I with which I let myself free cling to his buttocks. As two lovers we move away little by little without stopping looking with the desire of what came next. Two streets later we stopped in front of a block of flats of new construction, Olga kissed me again while looking for the keys of her bag. As soon as he had them in his hands, he went forward, opened the portal, hugged her from behind, making me feel like I was against his buttocks, did not hesitate to kiss his neck and for the first time felt his huge breasts on the clothes, they were better than I imagined They were hard and hot. -Mmm! He sighed as soon as he opened the door to the landing. We go towards the landing but without moving from the initial position.- I can not take it anymore !! Oh! Oh! I whisper as we enter until we reach the door of his house. With such excitement the keys were locked, he reclined without separating his body from mine, his buttocks were removed trying to fit between my crotch. It is done with the keys and with a slow movement without leaving to scrub me. With some difficulty I manage to open the door, let’s go together like newlyweds. I closed the door and madness broke out between us. Turn it quickly to lean against the wall. – I wish you!! I want to enjoy with you !! I said at the same time that he was kissing her and beginning to undo the buttons that remained on the front of the dress. – Well, here you have me, I’m all yours! I take off my shirt and throw it.I took both breasts, I was crazy for them, I pulled them over my bra and started to lick them from the beginning down to their aureolas, they were huge dark that contrasted with their skin, but more impressed were those fully erect nipples looking up , I did not restrain myself, I opened my mouth as much as I could to put them in her, once there I did not stop passing my tongue over the huge and hard nipples, mordia. – Stop! MMM! For! Let’s go to my room, we’ll be more comfortable! We separated and she stepped forward.I let her advance a few meters to delight me with her buttocks. When she noticed it, she stopped, turned and looked at me with lust. Little by little he unbuttoned what was left of the dress and opening it by the shoulders let it slip slowly through his body. My desire to see her naked became a reality, I was impressed, it was impressive. The curly hair below the shoulders contrasted with his dark skin and drew the lines of each curve of the body highlighting those large buttocks, but in his right medira and well-toned legs. – You like? Looking at me, winking and biting my lower lip. Shake my head because I could not talk – Do not stand there and come for him who does not bite!Do not hesitate for a second before the challenge, I lowered my pants and boxer while leaving my erection, I looked at her eyes while I slowly wagged her and said: – Well this one wants to bite you !! While saying it I approached Olga and kept raising and lowering my hand on my penis. When we were face to face, Olga slid her hand to my penis, I remove mine and began to jerk slowly, I pulled my skin up to take out my glans, it was huge and distiguid liquid presiminal. – The one I’m going to bite is me! Low to have it inches from his mouth. I pass the tongue from the stem to the glans several leaving saliva all over it.My legs faltered, I had no choice but to move to support myself in the hall. I take it to put the tip as if it were a chupa-chup squeezing it with the lips and going in circles on it. – AGGG! Olga as I like it! Moaning inconsolably. – How long without getting something in my mouth !! He said at the time he took it out, to continue to eat it but now faster to the base. Try to think of something else to endure more, could not, the frenetic rhythm of her mouth added to the swing of her tits towards the soon to end. – I will not stand much love! MMM !! – Calm down, it ends in my mouth that I’m wanting to feel your cum !! Glup! Glup! Each one faster than the previous one.The moment came a few minutes, my legs tensed as I felt all the veins of my penis get fat. And explode! I started to cum abundantly but Olga opened her mouth even more, she could not hold everything, she started to come out slightly on the sides, some of them going to her breasts, others between her thighs and the floor. – UUFFF! You are incredible Olga! – Thank you! But this is only the beginning! He passed his tongue collecting the remains of his lips to show me all my cum to swallow and licking. I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her towards me to kiss her and for the first time I felt my own cum. – I hope to be your princess! – I’m sure you’ll be at our height .. – At our height? I interrupted to clarify the latter.- It’s a surprise, but do not think about that now. Let’s take a shower, rest and recover !! We kissed and left for the shower. We had not entered the shower when I heard the door close to the entrance, I got nervous!I would be married … I quickly put on my shirt, my shoes and I walked to the back of the bathroom door trying to hide, but not before putting the insurance. Every second of silence my heart beat faster, it accelerated when a noise of heels was approaching where I was. He stopped in front of the door, the handle was sliding slowly without making much noise but when pushing the door did not open. – Are you there? Opens! It was Olga’s voice.Her voice relaxed a bit, I removed the safety, the door began to open slowly, when I was in the middle Olga slipped in and apollando in her closed it again. She had put on her dress and buttoned the neckline, I thought something was wrong. – Carl! We have a small setback. My heart was about to burst, Olga realized my nervousness, taking my hands together our bodies kissed me to reassure me, after that I smiled. – Who was? I said stuttering. – LOL! No, it’s my son who came to look for a console game that he had forgotten. Muak! – If m ***** or I go and we are another day that you have nothing to do. – That’s not funny! He takes it and goes to spend the night with his cousins.His escort balçova hand got under my shirt caressed my chest, down little by little to reach my penis, which hardened immediately, began to traverse from top to bottom. He stood on tiptoe, I bit my ear kissing my neck to reach my lips and kiss us. We were so absorbed in our kisses when suddenly the door made a threat to open but closed by our bodies. – Mom! Mom! – What do you want, son? I’m naked! She became flushed and nervous. – I already have the game. – Voucher! Well you behave well in your cousins’ house and call me tomorrow before coming to be at home. – What if heavy! My guys want to spend the day at the pool, can I go? – Well, but you have to help your aunt in what she sends you.- I love you. You are the best! – Bye sweetheart! We looked at each other, we knew we would be alone. We kissed and looked at her reflected lust. Listen to close the door immediately my hands began to unbutton the buttons of the neckline without stopping looking at her. Having that neckline in my view I could not control and I bend to lick the channel. – MMM! God, what a pleasure! Follow! Olga did not stay behind, she took me out of the way and threw her. Then one hand got into my pants grabbing me hard, while with the other I tried to take off my pants and my boxers like crazy. I took both his arms holding him, he looked incredulous, I put a finger on his lips and said – Now it’s my turn!I grabbed the straps of the dress, raising them and separating them by the shoulders causing that in a slow way it was sliding down her body to the floor, Olga raised one foot pulling out of the dress and with the other she threw it. He took a step back. I did not believe what I saw, petite woman, I had a set of lingerie up a red ferrari semi-transparent bra that tightened those tits, while it formed an immense neckline that shone through my licks, lowering the view of a belly without being flat I noticed him exercising, finishing with a pircing. Combined with the top part a red panties, where you could see wet and guess without much beauty. – You’re a goddess! I tried to go to her but she stopped me.He turned to see her well. I had big but nice buttocks. After a few seconds he turned to me. – You like what you see? – What if I like it? Look! I just pulled out the boxer, I grabbed my penis and started masturbating slowly. – And you like what you see? Advance towards her by wrapping my hands around her waist, grabbing her buttocks, pulling her towards me so that our sexes would unite. – We’ll have to find out, do not you think? We kissed, I was taking it to the pike, once there I raised my hand stroking the entire back until you reach the closure of the bra, open it. I separated a little so that it could detach, I picked it up and threw it. I pass your hands under the breasts to get up.- From the first time I saw them I wanted to kiss them, to suck them. – So what are you waiting for? They’re all yours. Without thinking it a second I started opening my mouth as much as I could straight to the right. As soon as I had it inside I began to lick it like crazy especially when I reached the nipple that was very hard, little by little I took my mouth out, when I took my mouth completely, I grabbed that nipple between my teeth and passed my tongue on it – OOOOHHH !!! They think you do it well. Olga twisted with pleasure, what I took to lift her to the pike, she threw her hand towards my penis and started to masturbate while I passed from one breast to another. – MMM! How hot you have me Olgaaaaa! My hand reached down to his sex, first stroking on the outside but soon I reached inside my panty.- Lift your ass up a bit or I’ll tear your panties off. We kissed again with despair. I pick it up and take it off. I ran my hand through that wet sex with a finger, taking it out and putting it back, making Olga sigh. When extracting it, I passed my tongue savoring the fluids without looking at it, then I kissed her sharing her own fluids, little by little I went down without stopping to kiss where she passed until I had her sex a few centimeters from my face. – Honey, now enjoy! I deeply inhaled that vaginal perfume. – AAAAHH! Olga opened her legs a little more to facilitate what I was going to do and with fury her hands crushed my head with her sex.I passed my tongue from below slowly to sabarearla up, wet, at the same time separate their labia, Olga had his eyes closed and was biting his lower lip. I went back down I began to lick his lips while playing with my finger at the same time. – Suck! Chupaaa! How good! He said as he pushed his hips backwards. In response to such a request, together with my excitement, I began to lick, bite and introduce my tongue frantically, making her enjoy it. After a few minutes of debauchery her clitoris began to harden making her orgasm close, I introduced two fingers first, three later to try to have a greater orgasm. – Ah! Oh! MMM! I’m here!And what if I arrive, I soon explode filling my mouth that could not contain its totality no matter how hard I try, I end up filling my face but that recalenta me even more, the smell and salty taste to go from my lips to my throat wise me to glory . – OOOOOOOOOOHH! Gemia Olga on high. I stood up licking everything my tongue could grasp, she tried to get off the pike but her legs almost did not respond, I had to grab her by the waist and support her. – Calm down, do not get tired and kiss her. – How am I going to calm down after the orgasm that you gave me? – I hope it’s not the last one. I guille the eye to what she answered me biting her already purple lower lip. – LOL! We laughed both jokingly.- Now let’s take a shower and regain strength. He separated from me, I had the screen and leaning to open the water leaving those buttocks before me. – Plas! I spanked him when he was ready and went into the shower. – Ahhh! Rascal! Let’s take a shower or … I approach from behind moving my arms holding his breasts, placing my penis between his buttocks and kissing his neck and back. – As you put me and I do not know if I can contain myself. Even we had not gotten in the shower that from the living room his cell phone was heard, we did not give him more importance until a short time later the intercom sounded. – Who will it be? Said. – They’ll be tired now, I’m just for you!But neither of them stopped, Olga became uneasy. She separated from me, kissed me, took the dress and put it on quickly fastening the neckline up but her hard nipples betrayed her excitement, she fixed her hair. – You see showering now I come. – Okay. – Ah! Do not soap yourself I want to do it myself. He kissed me on the lips and then reached down to grab my penis, taking out my glans, passing his tongue and giving it a final chupeton. – MMM! I’m looking forward to getting hooked together. He went to the sink with the faucet rinsing his mouth not to give himself away and then out of the bathroom wiggling his hips.When he came out of the bathroom I entered the shower beginning to get wet from the head and throughout my body fantasizing about what was to come with Olga. – I’m going to do a Cuban with those tits, I’ll fuck until I can not but your pussy and that ass as soon as I have the opportunity. I whispered to myself in the shower taking the tap with one hand and with the other it gave me slow passes from the base to my glans penis. I turned off the shower, the water slid down my body and I stopped masturbating because I did not want to get to the end, I wanted it to be Olga. The silence of the floor was broken when listening to close the door followed by a few steps, that made me nervous. I got out of the shower as quietly as I could, drying myself out as I approached the door to listen and to know who it was.After a few seconds the silence broke. – What are you doing here? It was Olga. – If I tell you the truth I could not restrain myself from coming after our meeting this afternoon. It was Bea. – Crazy! We were k**ding. – I did not think so and I think Pablo so little. We ask him? – You’re going to think I’m a slut. – And of me too but I do not care, it’s not the first hit we make together or is that you do not remember. – They were other times, besides I just wanted my marriage to not go to hell. – Yes! Yes! Do not we enjoy the three? You asked me for a favor and now I need it. Surely Pablito will do better than your ex-husband. – That’s for sure! – You’ve already thrown it away, soo bitch!- No, that’s what it was now before your m ***** aces. – So what are we waiting for, I’m like a motorcycle and having you with those hard nipples reminds me of the day I had them in my mouth. – If I am sincere since that day that you comistes me I melt and many times I have been about to ask you to do it again. He is showering, he will not leave because my son came before and he thought he came back. – Then come here Olga! Zass! I heard how a piece of clothing was torn. Both women assumed that they began to kiss, lick, bite and take off their clothes. Little by little I crossed the corridor, I could not stop touching my penis. At the end of the corridor the moans of both made me want to intervene but I held back and I peeked through the hole in the door.- AAAAh! Gemia Olga while Bea ate her nipples. Bea with the nipple between her teeth stretched Olga’s tit, released her and did it with the other tit. Then they went between kisses to the sofa dropping one on top of the other. From my position I saw Bea doing rhythmic movements on Olga while they kiss. – MMM! Ohhh! Both moan simultaneously. I opened the door a little more to see them better. After a few minutes they slid from the sofa to the carpet changing position, now it was Olga on top of Bea but with a major change they were doing a 69. – That I had to eat this pussy again. Solto Olga while she separated her vaginal lips and inserted two fingers. – AAAAh !! Gemio Bea.- OOOh! Gemio Olga to which I deduced that Bea had already begun to eat her sex. I could not anymore, I opened the door completely going to the living room to lean on the frame and masturbate watching these two goddesses enjoy like dogs. His moans were pleasure for my ears and increased my masturbation frenetically. – Yes! Do not stop. Bea was screaming without stopping. Both his movements and mine accelerated anticipating our orgasm. – I’m here! I’m here! MMM! Olga scream. – Hey, me. Bea whispered. – AAAAAAhhh! They moaned at once. When listening to them my penis began to release powerful jets of semen falling to the ground. My breathing became stronger than I alerted the two women who stood looking at me at once.- I see that you liked the show! Bea said as she relaxed. Olga behind Bea passed her hands by the waist and poked her head out from behind. – I think so, look how the Bea floor is. – The spaghetti has not been free. Bea looked at my penis that still had remnants of my cumshot. – I do not have money, but if you want I have something else to compensate you. I said grabbing my penis, taking passes from top to bottom. Bea passed her hand over Olga’s sex introducing a finger, took it out, put it in her mouth and then gave it to Olga to taste. – That you think friend, we accept cock as compensation. – MMM! I feel good.They kissed, I approached her first kiss Bea, Olga was positioned between the two taking my penis, the kiss and the three of us headed to the room.

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