The Guards Officer


My first submission outlined my career as a part-time prostitute working in London, so now I’ll enlarge on some of my adventures.

I’d been working about 3 months when I was asked to visit, well, let’s call him Rupert. He was a little older than me; I guessed (rightly as it turned out) he was 23. This was younger than the average client but, otherwise it was very similar to most other assignments; but there was one very significant difference.

I quickly realised that Rupert really enjoyed running his hands up and down my legs, feeling the smoothness of my sheer nylon stockings, lingering for a moment on the suspender clips that attached my suspender belt to the stockings and then using the suspender straps to guide him further onwards up to and into my knickers. I’d learned that many men enjoyed doing that but the difference was that Rupert wanted me to do the same to him; yes, he too was wearing stockings and suspenders. His stockings were 100% silk and I could see that his suspender belt was from a very expensive manufacturer.

Since then, I’ve met many cross dressers and ‘pantie wearers’ and find them generally to be excellent clients and often great fun but for me this was a new experience.

About 3 weeks later, the agency called to ask me to visit Rupert again and, over a few visits we learned about each other. He was an officer in the Foot Guards and, for the moment, he was employed on ‘public duties’ such as guarding Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London dressed in a gorgeous red tunic and tall bearskin cap. Like most Guards officers of the time, he was very rich and, if he was buying anything, only the best would do — hence the expensive silk stockings and exquisite underwear.

On one occasion he asked if I was free a couple of morning later and would I Avcılar Escort like to see him on Changing the Guard in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace; I accepted the invitation. The following day a ticket arrived so that I could go inside the railings at the front of the Palace, rather than having to mix with the hoi-polloi tourists outside.

Soon after I had arrived and been shown to the inside spectator area, I heard the sound of an approaching band and the New Guard marched smartly into the forecourt and came to a halt facing the Old Guard. I didn’t entirely understand what was going on but two young officers promenaded up and down for a while, each with their regimental colour (flag) with the staff over their left shoulders. Only two people knew that one of them was wearing stockings and suspenders under his uniform; yes, Rupert was one of those officers and I was the only other person who knew! What a wonderful secret we shared and I was so aroused that I wanted him there and then!

A month or so later, he invited me to a Ladies’ Dinner Night in his Officers’ Mess. He gave me instructions on the kind of dress I should wear, giving me a nice fat cheque to cover the cost. As this social milieu was new to me, he briefed me on the etiquette for the event.

As I arrived by taxi, the scarlet-jacketed guardsman on the gate checked my identity and saluted before letting me into the barracks. Rupert was waiting for me inside the front door to the Officers’ Mess, dressed in a scarlet mess jacket piped with lots of gold braid, blue waistcoat with gold buttons, a white dinner shirt and black bow tie, and took me through to the ante-room, where the party was assembling. All the men were similarly attired and the ladies in a range of wonderful Beylikdüzü Escort dresses; it was clearly going to be a most glamorous event. First, and most unnervingly, I had to be introduced to the Commanding Officer, who chatted for a few moments before we moved on as the next guests arrived. Rupert then took me over to a group of his friends and introduced me to them and their ladies. I say ‘ladies’ but I knew that they weren’t all ladies; at least one of them was a whore. I recognized Suzanne, another escort from the agency who I had worked with on a MFF threesome a few weeks earlier. Like Rupert, she was a bit older than me and had been escorting for a couple of years, which is why she had been assigned to the threesome job, so that she could show me the ropes. We both pretended that we didn’t know each other although when our eyes met, we both knew exactly what the other did to earn money.

After a little while, a bugle sounded and we all processed into dinner. The long, highly polished table was laden with magnificent Regimental silver centrepieces. I was pleased to see that, as junior officers, Rupert and Suzanne’s companion were seated towards the ends of the long dining table, well away from the more senior officers in the centre; I was seated to Rupert’s right and Suzanne sat opposite. During the meal Rupert took every opportunity to feel my legs through my dress and teased by playing with my suspender buttons; I returned the compliment and, yes, Rupert was also wearing stockings and suspenders under his glamorous uniform.

We had wonderful food, delicious wines and listened to the band playing for our entertainment. After the meal, the mood relaxed and the band played some fun pieces. I noticed that I couple of ladies slipped out Esenyurt Escort of their chairs and under the table to change places; Rupert told me that sometimes they crawled to the centre of the table and teased the senior officers by stroking their thighs.

I’d probably had a bit too much to drink and we were pretty much out of sight the senior officers but I found myself asking Rupert if he wanted a blow job; he seemed to think that this was a good idea so, after asking him to undo his fly buttons, I slipped under the table. I ran my hands up his thighs, playing with his suspender buttons, and onwards to release his prick from the trousers. Taking it into my mouth, I used one hand to hep what I was doing, while exciting him with the other by continuing to toy with his suspenders. Soon, my mouth was filled with his hot, sticky spunk so I resumed my seat, wiping my mouth with the linen table napkin.

Suzanne caught my eye and raised her eyebrows quizzically; I nodded almost imperceptivity. She smiled, said something to her host and then, she too disappeared from view. I enjoyed watching his face as she worked her magic on him and he tried to pretend that nothing was happening.

Almost as soon as Suzanne reappeared, the ladies rose to leave the gentlemen to their Port. After reassembling in the ante-room about 20 minutes later, we had a couple more drinks and Rupert called a taxi to take me home.

I continued to see Rupert, even after he was married. Sadly, his wife died while Rupert was in his late thirties, just before he was selected to command his Regiment. As Commanding Officer, he invited me to another Ladies Dinner Night. This time, we sat at the centre of the table and there was no under the table fun. But, yes, of course, I could feel his stockings and suspenders through his trousers. And I wondered what was going on at the ends of the table where today’s junior officers and their ladies were seated.

I still see Rupert (now a General) a few times a year, normally for a weekend away. We can relax in each other’s company, have fun, enjoy each others stockings and have great sex.

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