The Hitchhiker


I was driving late one night when I saw you walking along the side of the road. Long black hair trailing behind, you were wearing tight jeans and a loose shirt. As I passed, you turned your head to meet my eyes, a small smile on your face.

Something made me pull over that I could not explain. You opened the door and climbed in, that knowing smile never leaving your face. I asked where you were heading and you merely shrugged. You apparently had no specific destination in mind, so I just drove on.

I kept watching you out of the corner of my eye, something about you kept drawing my attention, distracted by this beautiful stranger sitting beside me. I saw your smile grow, just a little, and I knew you were well aware that I was watching you. Your hand moved up and you absently began to toy with the top button of your shirt, accidentally popping it open.

I had to shift uncomfortably. I was suddenly rock hard, trying not to show how much you aroused me. I saw your nipples stiffen under your shirt, letting me know that there was nothing underneath. I stifled a groan as inappropriate thoughts flashed through my mind.

We drove on for a while, finally stopping for gas and food. There was little conversation. The silence was comfortable and neither of us felt the need to break that comfort with meaningless chatter. After we ate, we got back in and drove off.

After several hours of driving, I grew tired. I knew I needed to pull over and sleep and that raised an issue that I had not anticipated. I had a tent in the bed of Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir the truck. I intended to set up the small pop-up pup tent and sleep there. With you, that presented some issues.

Setting everything up, you decided to curl up in the tent as there was not a lot of room in the cab. Shrugging, I dug out an extra sleeping bag and we climbed in to sleep. I drifted off but woke several hours later, your arm laid out across my chest and your body pressed into mine. Not wanting to disturb you, I went back to sleep.

The next morning, we got up and drove off again. You had a look on your face that confused me. You seemed slightly upset but I could understand why. You couldn’t be upset that I took advantage. I made sure to behave completely.

This continued on for some time. The silence creating a tension that was not there before. Finally, frustrated, you unbuckled your seatbelt, leaned over and began to unzip my pants. I swerved the truck, slamming on the brakes but one look from you told me to keep driving. You pulled my suddenly hard cock from my pants and began to stroke me, the smile returning to your face.

With a mischievous look, you bent down and took me into your mouth, sucking and licking me until a groan escaped my lips. You gently ran your teeth along my length, not something I usually enjoyed but you did it so softly it merely added to the pleasure. Your hand continued its stroking whenever I was exposed from your mouth.

You increased your pace and suction, İstanbul Escort demanding me to cum without ever saying a word. I struggled to keep the truck on the road, trying not to kill us both. You didn’t care. You kept up the pressure and then smiled around my cock as you felt that first twitch that opened the gates. I exploded, groaning loudly as swerving slightly.

You swallowed every last drop, squeezing me slightly as you stroked me, as if trying to squeeze out every last drop. You looked up at me, licking your lips and smiling. You then explained to me how you were hoping I would try something that night as we slept. I tried to explain but could not find the words. You smiled, understanding me without the words.

I pulled the truck over onto the side of the road and climbed out, forgetting to tuck my cock back into my pants, consumed by a hunger that overrode all my caution. You quickly followed suit, meeting me as you began to close the door. I reached out and held the door open, pushing you back until you were sitting on the edge of the seat.

My hands reached out and quickly removed your shirt, my head dipping down and taking you nipple into my mouth. My tongue flicked out, brushing your nipple as my teeth applied just a little pressure. Your hands wrapped into my hair, holding me close.

While I worked on your nipples with my mouth and tongue, my hands quickly moved down, working your pants free of your body. You kicked your shoes off and raised your hips to allow your Escort İstanbul pants freedom to come off. When you were finally naked, I wasted no time as I speared my fingers into you.

I was pleased, but not surprised, to feel how wet you were. You moaned as my fingers moved in and out, my thumb finding your clit. A small orgasm worked its way out and you began to breathe heavily, wanting more but not wanting the pleasure to end.

I pulled away but only long enough to get down onto my knees, my hands pushing your legs apart slightly. With very little warning, even though you knew it was coming, my face slid between your legs, my tongue flashing out and sliding into your clit. You groaned until you felt my fingers reenter you. That caused you to explode.

I kept up my actions, keeping you building up to orgasm and exploding time and again. Then, between gasps for air and orgasms, you begged me to stop. Begged me to fuck you. Not having the heart to refuse, I stood up and slammed my cock into you. You grabbed me and pulled me down, kissing me for the first time as you wrapped your legs around me.

I thrust into you, harder and harder, faster and faster until you exploded once again. And I didn’t stop. I refused to stop. I continued pounding into you, feeling you tighten around me and hearing you scream as you came, again and again. Then I exploded into you. I had intended to pull out but your legs refused to loosen up and I had no choice. This brought you into the biggest orgasm yet and you screamed until you were hoarse.

I braced my arms against the frame of the cab, keeping myself from collapsing on you. You looked up at me and grinned. I smiled back and helped you to sit up. You kissed me again, this time more gently but still full of hunger and desire. Somehow, I just knew that this was going to be a long, but very fun drive.

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