The Holiday Pt. 02


A Story in two parts about a man and two teenage girls marooned on an uninhabited Caribbean island and life after their rescue.

Still Day 12 — Back to civilisation.

An hour later and the Coastguard cutter arrived, we thanked Mike and his family for our rescue with hugs and kisses and a few tears too. All our belongings, goat skin clothes and shoes plus ‘The Shark Knife’ were in a carrier bag which I hung on to as the girls and I transferred to the fast boat. We stood and looked back with some sadness at the island which had saved our lives, brought us together in love and we didn’t even know its name.

The trip to the mainland was about one hundred and fifty miles and took another four hours and during that time I gave a summarised version of our adventure to the skipper while the girls got some rest, then I crashed for a couple of hours.

We landed at about four pm, I was astonished to see so many people waiting for us. Cameras were flashing and people waving and a couple of police cars were there too. I told the girls that they would probably be separated from me while we were interviewed but as long as we stuck to the story as told to Mike we should be fine.

As I expected I was taken in a separate car to the police station and when two officers came to talk to me, one offered me a coffee which I accepted so while he went to get it, I asked the other officer if there were any other survivors, only to be told that none had been found. The first one came back with my coffee, and turned on the recording equipment, then I was asked how many people were on board the cruiser.

“As far as I know there was myself, Wendy, her younger brother and her parents, Linda and her parents, the skipper and two other crew members and two or three other passengers, I’m not sure exactly.”

“Okay Tony, tell us what you remember about the storm and what happened on the island” the older one asked. I duly told the story from the start to being rescued in Crab Cove. There were a few questions which include ones about the sleeping arrangements and their clothes, but they seemed satisfied and allowed me to wait for the girls in a rest room. A little while later Wendy joined me and we hugged and sat to wait for Linda.

When she joined us a representative from Social Services came to speak to them about their plans, so I told her that me and Linda planned to take Wendy home to sort out her family details then we would all go to take Linda to stay with her Grandparents as they lived close to her home so that she could tend to the family animals on her small holding.

This seemed to satisfy the woman who had already been in contact with the Grandparents who had agreed to have her live with them. A few minutes later we were allowed to leave, but the press were waiting for us outside with a barrage of questions and cameras all talking at the same time. The girls hid behind me as I raised my hands for quiet and waited until the noise abated, then I said,

“Ladies and gentlemen as you know we have been through a harrowing experience and have not yet fully recovered so we are going to rest for a while. If you would like to speak with us about our experiences, could you please arrange interviews through my solicitors?”

Who I had called as soon as my interview with the police had been completed. I then gave the name and phone number of my attorney to them and shepherded the girls to a waiting taxi and asked the driver to take us to the hotel where I had stayed prior to boarding the cruiser and where my car was parked. I asked that he take a roundabout route to lose any press cars that tried to follow us.

In twenty minutes we were in the hotel lobby, I had to get the keys for my car from reception and get some emergency money from it to pay for the cab, which left very little. I spoke to the hotel manager who was very understanding, he would give us two rooms until I could organise a new credit card to pay for them and the outstanding parking fees. We checked out the rooms, a double for me and a twin for them, where we were now discussing the situation.

“We have to abide by the rules for now, there will be too many eyes watching” I said, “But we’re going to have to stay here for a couple of days until a replacement credit card arrives.”

“And we are stuck with just these clothes for two days! HA! It was better on the island” cried Wendy “At least my leg is getting better but I’ll be glad to have it checked out by my own doctor just to be sure.”

“Well I suppose I can put up with your snoring for another two days” grumbled Linda, who ducked as a pillow flew at her head. Then we all laughed and came together for a group hug and kisses which made us all feel better.

“We will have to eat in the hotel too, I’ve already tried the food when I first booked in and it’s okay” I stated.

After we’d gone down to the restaurant for dinner we talked for a little while longer and decided to have an early night, I settled down düzce escort but couldn’t sleep because it felt so strange being in a room on my own but eventually I dropped off and slept until morning.

Rescue + 1.

I got no answer by knocking on the girl’s door and found them in the dining room already eating, so I joined them. After breakfast I drove us to the nearest Medical Centre to have Wendy’s wound checked and redressed. When she came out she was carrying a bag of spare dressings and said that the nurse was very pleased with the state of the injury and that it should heal nicely in a few weeks.

We had nothing more to do as we had no money so we went back to my room to discuss our futures in more detail. Linda phoned her Grandpa and told him about the delay for the credit card but we would be there in about five days. Wendy called her grandmother in New York to let her know she was all right and give her a brief summary of what happened.

At about four pm there was a knock on the door, I answered it to a staff member who had an envelope for me, which turned out to be my new credit card.

“Yay!” called Wendy, “Shopping!” I laughed at the girls who were suddenly so excited.

“You men don’t understand, we girls are all about shopping. Come on Tony, let’s go and we promise not to spend too much on your nice new card” laughed Linda grinning mischievously.

So we went shopping, I bought a couple of shirts, underwear (not used to that), socks, pants and trainers, the girls seemed to buy the whole contents of a couple of shops… I bought three mobile phones and set up contracts so we could all keep in regular touch.

Back in my room, I called my solicitor and she informed me that she had set up three interviews with two newspapers and a magazine who all wanted the exclusive rights to our stories and would pay well for it. She gave me the times and place for the meetings, all on the same day in a different hotel, I thanked her and told her I would come in to see her in about four days and hung up.

“Okay girls, after breakfast we settle up and go to Wendy’s,” I said “I know it’s going to be hard for you but we will be there to love and support you.” They both nodded and stood up for the group hugs, especially for Wendy, then the girls left for their room to give each other a fashion show, I just lay back and watched some sport on the TV until dinner time.

Rescue + 2.

The next morning I paid the bill and we left for Fort Lauderdale which was about thirty five miles north and arrived about ten am. Wendy had to go and collect the spare keys for the house from a good family friend and neighbour to let ourselves in. As soon as the door closed she burst in to floods of tears and we rushed to hug her, in fact it was tears all round as I was as upset for her loss as though it was my own because I loved her.

It took a few minutes for her to settle down then she showed us around the house as we thought that would be the best way to absorb the sadness at one time rather than getting hit with emotion and memories with every room later.

“Tony, you can sleep in the guest room, it’s ensuite and has a king sized bed, but you won’t be on your own because I can’t sleep in my old room, If you want Linda you can sleep in my room” Wendy said sadly.

“No thank you, I want to sleep with you and Tony while we’re here, if that’s okay with you?” She replied which of course it was.

We defrosted pizzas for an early lunch while Wendy searched for the details of the family solicitors. We made a list of things to do and people to contact and spent the afternoon sorting out the details. All the family personal stuff that she wanted to keep would be put into storage. Clothes and other bits would go to a charity, crockery, cutlery furniture and all electrical items were listed but would stay here as the house would be rented as fully furnished.

The solicitor would get a reputable letting agency to deal with the property including all maintenance, Wendy’s share would go into a separate savings account and an amount would be transferred into her personal bank account monthly for living expenses the remainder would be for her college fund and her new credit card would be posted to my address.

Linda cooked steaks from the freezer for dinner and after the ice-cream dessert (very much missed by all three of us), Wendy served us all a large whiskey, although Linda’s had a lot of ginger ale in it before going to bed. It felt good for the three of us to be in the bed together again but none of us had any inclination for sex so we kissed and cuddled in the same position as on the island and went to sleep.

Rescue + 3.

I was woken by feather light kisses from Linda’s lips on mine and my cock was woken by Wendy’s lips.

“We have agreed that because I will be living with my grandparents and Wendy will be edirne escort living with you, I will get the lioness’s share of your cock until you drop me off, okay?” Linda said. I had no problem with that so I lay back to enjoy the ride, but not for long as Linda climbed over my head and pushed her already wet pussy onto my mouth.

“Come on Tony, give me what I need… Please…” she breathed as I got to work, licking and probing the delicate lips while gently tweaking her hard nipples, making her gasp with pleasure. Meanwhile Wendy was trying to get as much of my cock in her mouth as possible.

“Oh shit, it’s been days… Ahh, yes, I’m cumming Tony! Ahh, yes, ohhh… Mmm good…” she gasped cumming all over my mouth and neck in her usual way, “I’ve never cum that quick before, how am I going to last until the holidays?”

“Maybe we’ll try phone sex” I suggested.

“I want more!” Linda cried, “Wendy can I have him again, please?”

“Of course, honey” she replied, surfacing and Linda moved down my body and spun around to lower her pussy onto the ‘Monster’ with a happy sigh.

“Wendy, get your cute little ass up here where I can get at it” I ordered.

“Yes Sir! Cumming right up Sir!” She answered, adopting the position recently vacated by Linda. I immediately set to work on her sopping pussy, I can’t believe how wet she gets just from sucking cock, but she was really going to work on my tongue, grinding hard. I knew she would soon be cumming so I pushed a finger deep in her asshole.

“Ahhh FUCK!! CUMMING!” She cried, grinding harder. I was almost there too because even though I was trying to concentrate on Wendy to help me last longer, Linda was rapidly grinding back and forth and going to cum again soon.

“Okay Wendy, give her the finger and when I say so, take your reward” I said through gritted teeth. The girl slid down my chest, reached around Linda and pushed a finger into her ass sending her over the top

“AHHH! Ohhhh god that feels so good” She cried still grinding but leaning forward to allow Wendy better access.

“OK, girls I’m almost cumming” I cried. Linda immediately jumped off my cock and Wendy stuffed it in her mouth and started sucking hard as Linda came up for a kiss.

“Ahhhhhh, yesss!” I cried and pumped a few days stockpile of cum into Wendy’s greedy mouth.

“Hey! That was supposed to be mine!” Linda complained, looking so upset then I whispered in her ear.

“Go and give Wendy a kiss” and pushed her in the right direction.

She looked at me then did as she was told and went to Wendy for a kiss, I knew what was coming so watched for the surprised look on her face as Wendy shared my cum with her.

I’m sure we could have stayed there all day just making love but there was work to do after making the bed and showering. We ate a quick breakfast before starting the onerous job of packing her family’s personal items into boxes I had found in the garage. There were lots of tears from Wendy and lots of hugs from us but it still took about four hours to sort out what she was taking with her and what would go into storage and what would go to charities.

We took some of the boxes to a Storage ‘R’ Us site and spoke to a local charity for the homeless about collecting the other boxes later. We had two sets of keys cut for the agency, delivered them and a list of all the items that were being left for the tenants use. We ate from the freezer again and sorted out the best of the rest to be put into freezer bins in the morning to take with us to my house.

All of us were tired and especially Wendy who was emotionally drained so an early night was a good idea after showering. Kisses and cuddles all round was standard procedure and I put Wendy in the middle of us, her head resting on my chest, her injured leg draped across my left, with Linda spooning her on the other side so that she would feel loved if she woke upset during the night.

Rescue + 4.

I woke early and found us all in the same positions as last night, I stroked Wendy’s beautiful long blonde hair as she slowly woke up and stretched.

“Hi, Honey…” I said giving her small ass cheek a pat and a squeeze.

“Hi lover” she replied, “I’m going to have a long hot bath before we go, so you can give Linda a long hot fuck, okay?” I nodded as she got up for some alone time. Suddenly Linda dived on me and cried,

“HA! Alone with you at last! Now give me a good fuck, just you and me for a change.”

“I heard that!” Came a voice from the bathroom down the hall, and we all laughed. I turned to the naked girl lying on me and said sternly,

“And what do you think you are doing pouncing on me like some rabid pussy cat, you could have hurt me with those claws” and I slapped her fine ass a couple of times, whiles she hissed at the slaps and purred as I stroked the cheeks. “I think you need some discipline training ‘Kitty'” I continued.

“Meowww” she said and tried elazığ escort to lick my face but I sat up and grabbed hold of her, turning myself so that I could sit on the edge of the bed with a squirming ‘Kitty’ across my lap.

“Now Kitty, you have to learn to be a good kitty cat and not to jump on people unexpectedly” I said, punctuating each word with a slap.

“Me-ee-ee-ow-ww-ww!” she cried in time with the slaps, her ass cheeks becoming a bit pink.

“Now I hope you’ve learned your lesson ‘Kitty'” I said now caressing her cheeks again and slipping a finger into her very wet slit and sliding it slowly back up passed her rosebud and down and in again.

“Me-ooh…ee-ahh…owwww, mmm!” She panted as I slipped the finger into her tight ass and slowly pumped it.

“Right Kitty, stand up and turn around, now bend over the bed” I ordered and she complied quickly, then I knelt down and buried my face in her sweet cheeks, my tongue working into her lips, lapping the flowing juices.

“Meee…”At that point I tongued her rosebud “…OWWWW! Oh god! Tony please fuck me now…” She begged. Always happy to oblige a lady or ‘Kitty Cat’, I stood, grasped my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit a few times then drove it home. I held her hips firmly and pumped hard and fast for a minute, then slowed to let her catch her breath which was coming in quick gasps.

“Now ‘Kitty’ you have to remember this while you are away, it will be something to look forward to at Christmas” I said and pulled out gripped again, aimed and pushed it steadily through her tiny rosebud and on in for a couple more inches.

“OH FUCKIN’ MEOW!” She screamed as I pulled out, re-lubricated the head again in the juices running out of her pussy and pushed it in again, all the way.

“Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!” She continued in step as I pumped her hot and smooth ass tunnel.

I didn’t want to prolong this for too long as we had a car journey later and I didn’t want her to be sore, anyway the spanking/’Kitty Cat’ thing really turned me on. She was rubbing her pussy with one hand as I held her by her slim hips firmly, pounding her rapidly

“Ahh ‘Kitty,’ here it comes, right in your tight little ass… Ahhh!” And I thrust in as deep as I could go and pumped spurt after spurt into her hot little body.

“Ohh, I mean Meow! Meow! Meow! Cumming too…” I could feel her hot juices squirting against my balls and running down my leg, I have never come across any girl who cums as much as Linda. I slowly pulled out and let her collapse on the bed, she turned her head and looked at me and said in a shaky voice

“ME-FUCKIN’-OW! What a fuck and what an orgasm, the best yet.” She gasped, “Hey Wendy, are you out of that bath yet, I’m a dirty girl?”

“Yeah, just getting out now, help yourself. There’s a bit of pussy juice in it ’cause I couldn’t help diddling myself listening to you two” Wendy laughed.

“Don’t care, here I come” called Linda.

“So I heard, ha, ha, ha.” Was the reply, I smiled as I used the shower.

Wendy changed her dressing and went downstairs to prepare breakfast, I followed shortly and gave her a big kiss and hug.

“That must be what phone sex is like” she said, “After a couple more days that’s all she’s going to get, which is sad, but she will have Christmas to look forward to.”

“Yeah, but she might meet someone else at college and want to start a new life in the sticks” I replied.

“Well if she does we’ll still love her anyway and he will get the biggest surprise of his life when she lets him tap her lovely ass” Wendy said and we both laughed.

After breakfast we packed the freezer boxes and one suitcase into the trunk of the car, the other big case sat next to Wendy in the back and there was a box on the floor full of alcohol that she had cleared out of the drinks cabinet, wine rack and garage. She locked the house and we drove away from her old home and all its memories towards a new life, with me and hopefully in a year or so, with us.

Rescue + 5.

It took less than an hour to drive the 40 miles to the outskirts of West Palm Beach and my house. It is small compared to Wendy’s but still has three bedrooms, two large ones that are ensuite, mine with a king sized bed, the second with a double bed and a smaller one with twin beds for guests.

There is another family bathroom upstairs and downstairs there is an average sized kitchen, a lounge/diner and utility room. There is also a double garage, but one half of it is part gym and part workshop with a big freezer in the corner where we unloaded the frozen food.

Linda and I put Wendy’s suitcases into the second bedroom for now and the two girls sorted her clothes into the wardrobe and cupboards, while I phoned the solicitor to make an appointment. Wendy informed her solicitor and her bank of her new address and then fired up my computer to update her Facebook pages and check her emails but leaving out the ‘Adventure.’

I took them to the local store to get some fresh food and drinks and after lunch we talked about the future. Wendy would have her parent’s cars delivered here and get the insurance changed in a couple of days. So I organised for her to start driving lessons on Monday of the following week.

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