The Hotel Ch. 5


We walked into the hotel room and I collapsed on the bed. I was exhausted from the entire day – not just the most recent events. He lay down next to me and kissed my lips as his hand lay on my stomach. His hand traveled south and felt my sweetly sore cunt.

“How about we order room service?”

“It’s completely up to you. Since this is our last night.” I lay there looking at his face wanting him to say he was staying forever but he looks at me with a saddened look and gets up and begins to rummage around for a room service menu.

I get up and make my way into the bathroom and take a shower. He comes in not long after I stop crying and once my body is clean from all the activities I’d done today. I knew it was going to end in this manner except my heart never accepted it.

He comes into the shower standing in front of me and pulls me to his body. I feel his dick begin to harden between my thighs and I spread my legs a little as he leans me back against the wall kiss my mouth tenderly while his right hand is playing with my pussy. A finger slides in and then it slides out.

His kisses start to go lower. Away from my mouth and down my neck to my collar bone. He stops there and looks at me.

“I ordered room service. Let me dry you off and we’ll go relax.” His hand turns the water off as I look into his eyes not saying a word. I’m thinking my eyes said, “Have me.” But my heart was screaming, “Don’t hurt me!!!”

He stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. He started to dry me off with another towel. Moving up my legs, starting at my ankles. Once his face was in front of my pussy he opened the towel and kissed my warming cunt lips and spread them apart looking at my glistening clit. He kissed my cunt and then stood up removing the towel wrapped around Escort Beylikdüzü me. He took my hand in his and brought me to the toilet.

Once he sat down I saw the lotion and new he was going to pamper me like he always said he’d do. He began to massage the lotion into my skin and paying special attention to my breasts, ass and least but certainly not least my quickening wet pussy. My cunt made a wonderfully erotic noise as he began to finger fuck me while our eyes met. He smiled watching my cheeks turn red on the spot and he stood up and took me in his arms.

Our lips met and when they broke apart I whispered,

“Don’t leave me.” He looked at me and smiled sadly.

“But we’re happy if for only this moment. We’ve discussed this.”

“And I didn’t know until now how happy I am with you.”

“But it’s only sex.”

“I know, but I also know you care about me.” He looked away for a moment and I said, “I can’t let you go. I know I said it was only going to be for a weekend, but…” His lips kissed mine and I was quiet once again. I knew in my head and my heart that I shouldn’t ask him anymore. It’s done it’s over. He’s going home to his wife.

We walked into the bedroom and I saw the candles lit on the bed stands and the handcuffs on the bed. I smiled and let him lead me to the bed. I laid down for him and he lay next to me as he took one hand and secured it to the bed and then the next one. There was a knock at the door and I knew that the bell boy was going to see me. There was no question the bed was in direct sight of the doorway.

“Coming.” Was all my lover said as he slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I heard the cart being wheeled into the room and I heard the bell boy comment on me laying there and my lover said that I was his wife Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan and we have three little ones at home with no privacy. Then I heard the door shut and I felt the bed move.

My lover was at my lips kissing me as I felt something cold on my left nipple.

“What’s that?” I ask and he replied that it was a strawberry for extra sweetness. He placed it into my mouth after replacing the strawberry with his mouth. I felt his fingers at my cunt sliding in and out. Then I felt something slippery entering my pussy and again I asked what he put inside of me.

“A couple slices of a peach. That way when ever we eat peaches we’ll remember tonight and this entire weekend.”

Then e left me on the bed for a moment and I heard the can begin to spray before I felt the whip cream hit my body. I arched my back as he drew a line straight to my pussy. It went into my slit and I felt it hit my clit.

“Kiss me.” I gasped and he began to lick the whip cream from the sides of my breasts and then started to suckle on my nipples. Paying each one the same amount of attention. He fed me a strawberry and then removed my blindfold to see him above me. I smiled as he disappeared between my legs and started going down on me.

“I want those peaches. Do you want to taste one?”

“Yes, please.” I lay there waiting for him to place one in my mouth and it was the most amazing taste. His mouth met mine and he slid into my pussy as we kissed and I held him close to me. Mixing all of the whip cream between our bodies. He slid out from me and brought his cock to my mouth and told me to taste it while he took me out of the handcuffs.

He tasted just like that peach. My cunt tasted so good on him. When my hands were free I pulled his body down and Beylikdüzü Escort took him fully into my mouth. His cock even touching the back of my mouth.

My hands were busy massaging his balls and I wanted him to fuck me so badly. He must’ve read my mind because he pulled his cock from my mouth and quickly inserted it. He began fucking me nice and slow putting a little extra harder thrust right before he pulled out.

I told him to roll over and I continued to fuck him nice and slow as I lay my head on his chest listening to his heart pound and his mouth moan. Then he finally told me to roll over. As I did he took my hands and pinned them into the bed as he pumped me harder saying he couldn’t hold it back any longer. I was squeezing him too tight.

As he started going faster so did I and as I did my orgasm was coming on like an avalanche. It was taking me over. My body was moving faster than his and my orgasm was cumming hard. My heart beat faster and I heard myself screaming for him to fuck me harder. Finally I came with a scream and my body was shaking as I felt him start to cum inside of me I was gasping for breath as he came.

Our bodies were sweet smelling and sweaty. His kissed my lips and lay on top of me for a moment kissing me. I wrapped my arms around him and just held his body as I nodded off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning on the pillow next to my head was a letter.

Dear Peaches,
I had a great time last night. You know my home address contact me when you get to Cali and we’ll definitely meet up. I’ll work on my wife and maybe there could be a possible three some? Maybe you can even make the move and live with us permanently. The room is paid for. Compliments of me. Thanks for the best time in my life. I liked spending time with you out of the room as much as in the room. I figured sneaking away was the best idea and I hope it was all you imagined. And then some…

I showered and packed my bags and left the room with a million images flooding my mind. I knew by next spring I’d be out in Cali visiting a very good friend. Making new memories on a new coast.

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