The House Guest


Thanks to my editor Lynn

Our house sets a mile and a half down a dirt road from the highway and my wife Terry pointed to the dust that started to billow up down by the turn off. “That’s going to be Penny.” She said as she stood up letting the T-shirt she was wearing as a dress fall down over her shear white bikini cut panties. “I had better go put some shorts on.” I ran my hand up her thigh as she stepped over to me. “Want another beer?”

“Sure.” I said as I looked up at her hard nipples pushing out her thin shirt. “It seam like a shame to cover up something as hot as you though.” We had been setting on the porch enjoying the afternoon breeze and I let my eyes run over Terry. She almost never wore pants or a bra around the house enjoying the freedom and I always loved how her nipples looked in her thin tops. Why should she? The closest neighbor was two miles away and god she had a killer body. “Do you think Penny would mind?”

“Well she didn’t when she was younger but we haven’t see her in a long time. The last time she was here she was eighteen and that was three years ago.” She slipped away from my hand and into the house.

Penny was the daughter Terrie’s best friend Mary and she left the big city to spend every summer with us here on the farm from the time she was eight until she had left for collage.

I looked down the drive I could see the wind blowing her long brown hair back as she drove fast trying to keep the dust out of her open jeep. The memory of Terry and Penny running around wearing very little that last summer ran through my mind as I stood and walked out the gate at the edge of the drive way. I was still thinking of her lush full young body as I stood there and she pulled up. Penny slid the car to a stop and came bouncing out of the jeep almost before it stopped. She had on cut off shorts with a wife beater t-shirt. She was bare footed and smiling as she jumped out and ran to me.

“Uncle Sam!” she squealed as she ran to me and my eyes went right to her big braless tits as they bounced under her thin top. “Oh my god it’s so good to see you!” she threw her arms around my neck kissing me full on the mouth and she let her lips parted just enough to make me think about it. She leaned back looking into my eyes as she mashed them big tits into my chest. “I have missed you and Aunt Terry so much!” she kissed me softly making my head spin before she put her head on my shoulder as I held her to me.

“Well we are glad you are here baby girl.” I kissed her on the cheek as I felt my cock grow long in my pants. “And we just might not let you leave this time.”

She stepped back looking at me as she took my hand in hers. “That might not me a bad thing.”

The screen door slammed as Terry came flying out of it. “PENNY!” she yelled as she ran across the yard her big tits bouncing all over. She pulled the girl to her. “God girl look at how you have grown!”

They hugged each other close then Penny pulled back and kissed Terry full on the lips just as she had me. Watching the hot young girl and my wife holding each other as they talked again made my dick lengthen in my pants. I watched as the two of them as they walked up to the porch with their arms around. I smiled as I watched both soft round Asses moving in their shorts as I got out her bags.

We spent the evening setting on the porch eating and talking as we all got to know each other all over again. My eyes were constantly pulled to her long legs as Penny moved around crossing and uncrossing them as we talked. Her nipples were like Pogo Sticks popping up and down being hard one second and soft the next as her breasts moved under her thin top. It also seamed like she was always bent over just enough to let us have a look at the valley between them and I knew she had caught me looking more than once. She just smiled at me.

The old clock in the house chimed ten pm and Penny erzincan escort stood up stretching, pushing her chest out as she looked at me. “I think if the two of you don’t mind I am going to hit the sack. It has been a long day.”

She moved over and kissed Terry. “Oh sure sweet hart.” She said to the girl as they put their arms around each other in a long hug. Penny kissed her again and Terry didn’t back off at all kissing her back. It wasn’t a long kiss but it was hot and we all three knew it. “Umm, you know where every thing is. We haven’t moved a thing.” Penny moved away from Terry and I thought I saw her hand cup Terrie’s fine ass as she stepped to me.

I stood up dwarfing her five foot three inch frame with my six foot four inch height and pulled her to me. She kissed me as she put her arms around me and then put her head on my chest. “You feel so strong with your arms around me Uncle Sam.” She looked up at me smiling. “I have missed this a lot, you holding me tight and keeping me safe.

Terry move to us putting her arms around both of us making a kind of group hug. Penny moved putting her arm around Terry and I could tell this time for sure she had put her hand on Terries bottom and was cupping her ass cheek as we held each other. Penny kissed me again her full pouting lips feeling soft on mine. She turned to Terry and kissed her again only this time it was a kiss, a full kiss, and Terry still didn’t back away.

“Ok then, that was nice. Good night.” She said as she pulled away from us. “I love you guys!” I had to adjust my hard dick in my pants as she went through the screen door and to her room.

Terry moved into my arms putting her head on my chest. “Well that was interesting.” She looked up at me as my hard dick pushed into her belly. “It feels like you thought it was to.” She pulled me by the hand. “Come on lets see what we can do with that thing in your pants.”

When we got to our room Terry pulled my pants down as she pushed me onto the bed and on my back. There was no for play as she pulled of her shorts and moved onto of me. She lifted my cock up and placed it against her open wet hole and slipped slowly down onto it. She took it deep into her belly and fucked me slowly rocking her hips back and fourth until she came as she ground her clit into my pubic bone. I held her like that feeling her tremble in my arms while she milked me with her vagina muscles. She didn’t move anything else just those wonderful muscles until I shot off deep into her. She milked me for every last drop and that is how we fell a sleep. With her on top of me so my cock as deep into her as I could get it.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen to the smell of coffee and bacon and not thinking about it I was wearing my boxers. I walked over to the coffee pot and was just poring a cup when she walked in from the pantry.

“Good morning Uncle Sam.”

Startled I turned to face her only to find her standing in the doorway wearing a thin white cotton baby dolly pajama set. Her dark nipples pushed out the short sleeveless top that exposed her belly button and the shining little ring that was in it. Her panties were cut so the little panel in the front just did cover her thinly trimmed bush while the sides were thin lace strings that ran high up over her hips to a full shear back panel.

My cock did a double bounce in my shorts as I looked at her. “Umm, good morning.” I looked around. “Where is Terry?” I asked as she sat a jar of jelly on the table and moved to the stove.

“I’m here. I just had to wash up a little.”

I had started to the table but froze when I saw her. She was wearing a tube top that I had always loved because it fit her big 36c breasts like a glove and was shear enough that her dark pink ever-hard nipples could plainly be seen through it. She smiled as I looked at her trimmed bush erzurum escort through the pale blue t-back panties she was wearing.

“Penny and I have been talking and we think we need to go to the pond after breakfast.” Penny put a plate of food in front of me as Terry spoke. “The poor girl hasn’t been on a picnic since she left here.” She smiled at me as I let my eyes run over the two of them. “Maybe you can catch us some fish for dinner.”

“Ok, let me do my morning chores and we can go.”

“I think we will load up and you can just meet us there. It’s going to be such a fun day I don’t want to miss any of it!”

I took the last sip of my coffee and stood up. I looked from Terry to Penny as they both sat at the table and I made no effort to cover my hard dick as it pushed out my boxer’s shorts and came into view. “Ok. That sounds good to me.” Pennies eyes went right to my cock. “I shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours.” I walked around and kissed Terry. “So I will see you there.” I smiled at Penny as I started to walk out of the room.

“Don’t I get a kiss goodbye any more?”

I turned back to her watching her eyes as they dropped back to my throbbing dick. “Sure sweetheart.” I bent and kissed her and again she opened her lips just enough to make it a little more of a kiss then I thought it should have been. I stood up so still my very hard cock was only about a foot from her face as she sat looking up at me. “Your are all grown up aren’t you?”

She said, “Yes Sam I am.” And I walked away catching the grin on Terries sweet face as she looked at Penny.

When I had finished my chores I walked out of the barn to the out door shower. I stripped naked as I looked out to the woods where the small lake was that the girls would be at. I smiled to my self as I soaped up washing of the mornings chores while thinking of the two of them walking around half naked that morning. My cock grew in my hands as I washed replaying how Penny’s young ass had looked at breakfast and how Terrie’s tits had looked in her top. Shaking it out of my head I finished washing and turned off the water. Slipping on my shorts and shoes I decided to walk the half-mile to the pond.

I walked out of the trees just in time to see penny walking out of the water and up the grassy shore. She was as naked as the day she was born! I pulled up short stopping behind an old Musket Tree and watched her as she moved to the blanket Terry was laying on. Terry was on her belly sunning and I was not to surprise to see that she was also naked. Penny knelt down next to Terry and picked up a bottle of sunscreen. She put the bottle over Terries back and squeezed. It cool white cream pushed out onto Terries hot back making her squeal as she wiggled around giggling like a little girl.

I was only about 25 feet from them and not only could see what they were doing I could hear them very well as Penny was laughed. “Here silly let me rub that in. Sam will shit if you get burnt.” She began running her hands over Terries back spreading out the scented cream as she spoke. “I remember how he always was about sun burns.” She lowered her voice imitating me. “Only an ass gets a sun burn Penny.” Her hands worked down Terry’s back to her butt and she put more cream in her hands. She began working it into Terries bottom. “I always though that was so funny.” I watched how her breasts moved on her chest as she rubbed. “Until I got to school and went out and got my self cooked.” Now she was rubbing down the backs of Terrie’s thighs. She put more cream in her hand as Terry moved opening her thighs as Penny began rubbing it on her inner thighs. I thought I herd a soft sound from my wife as the girl worked her hands higher until I knew she had to of touched Terries exposed pussy lips. “I couldn’t put my cloths on for a couple of days!” She laughed nervously as she moved off eskişehir escort of my wife. “He always has been so good to me.” I though I could see Terry lift her hips just a little as Penny pushed up the inside of her thighs again. “You should turn over and let me do your front.”

She backed rocked back on her heals moving away from Terry just a little bit. She rested her bottom on her heals in such a way that her legs were open just enough to let me see her dark skinned nether lips. Terries face was flushed when she turned over and it was a color I had seen many times over the years. It was the color she got when she was hot, very hot.

She lay back as Penny put more cream in her hands not taking the time to worm it at all before pushing her hands onto Terry exposed belly. “AHHHhhh! Shit that’s cold!” Terry squealed as she rolled around making her breasts bounce all over her chest. I licked my lips as I looked at how hard her nipples were..

Penny was laughing. “Ok, lay back and I will be good!” She moved down and began applying the sunscreen t Terries feet.

She slowly worked her way up to Terrie’s thighs and then moved pushing her right leg open wider so that it was between her own. Terry took the hint and opened her legs wide enough to let the girl settle. Penny worked over Terries thighs letting her thumbs dip between them and up over Terries full puffy girl lips. Penny moved slightly and I realized she had pushed her own pussy into the top of Terrie’s leg and was pushing it back and forth riding it as she worked on my wife. Penny leaned forward working her hands up over Terries belly cupping her full breasts then back down and this time she ran them over my girls’ pussy lips! This time there was no mistaking it Terry let out a soft moan as she pushed her hips up into the girls soft hand.

Penny moved forward pushing her thigh into Terry as she moved up over my wife’s body. She began to push her thigh into Terries now open pussy as she opened her legs wide for the girl. Penny leaned forward so that her face was just inches from Terries. Letting their nipples touch as Pennies lips touched Terries.

“Are you sure?” Penny asked.

“Oh god yes!” Terry pulled Penny down sucking her lips in to her mouth. “Fuck me!”

I don’t believe I have ever seen any thing so hot in my life as Penny began making love to my wife. Kissing her Penny touched every part of Terries body before she slowly ran her hand up then down Terrie’s side until she worked it over to her pubic mound and between her thighs. Terry lifted her whole bottom up as the girls’ fingers touched her clit and then slipped deeply into her wet open vagina. She pulled her hand back up to Terries open lips letting her wet fingers touch them, as she lay there with her mouth open. Then young girl covered Terrie’s mouth with her own tasting my wife’s juices.

“I want to taste you.” She whispered as she began kissing her way down Terrie’s body stopping to suck each nipple. She sucked them working back and forth until she began slowly kissing and licking down, down over her belly and to her pussy mound. She worked her face between Terrie’s wide-open thighs kissing and licking until she sucked her hard clit into her mouth. Penny had only there for a few seconds when Terry came.

“OHHHhh aahhhhhhhh oh god yessssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she put her fingers into Pennies hair pulling the girls face into her melting pussy.

She began to relax and pulled Penny up kissing her hard, fully tasting her self for the first time. “I haven’t ever done this.” They kissed softly.

“I know. It’s ok.” Penny rolled away just a little then took Terries hand in hers guiding it into her pussy. “Just touch me like you like to be touched. It will be fine.” They began kissing again and I slipped back into the bushes not wanting them to know I was there.

I sat by an old Oak Tree giving them about twenty minutes to finish up and began making all kinds of noise as I walked back down the path to them. “Hay ladies. What’s good to eat?” I said with a big smile.

Terry just looked at me with a big grin. “More things than I ever knew Sam. Set down we need to talk!

Stay tuned for part 2

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