The Illusion


Authors Note: This is my eighth story and it is a fantasy of a guy I was casually dating at the time…please read my other stories and remember, comments are always more than welcome!


It had only been a few days since I had last tasted his soft kisses, and already I was yearning for them again. I wondered if it was the months without sexual contact that made me this needy for his touch, or if it was just him. Or possibly a mixture of both.

I couldn’t close my eyes without visions of him and I laying entwined together flitting across the inside of my eyelids. At night I lay in bed for what felt like hours dreaming of his gentle touch, his soft kisses, and the possibility of more.

We had agreed to take things slow, set boundaries, and not rush into sex, but he is so intoxicating and his kisses are almost addictive that I don’t know if I will be able to keep to the boundaries the next time I am near him.

He reminds me of what it feels like to be a woman, and how incredible the feel, touch, and taste of a man is.

My hormones rage and my body is wracked with need for him, and I am helpless to release the desires within me.

It has been months since I have felt a man inside me and my body is begging for more than just soft kisses, gentle touches and tender caresses. My body aches to be had, to be ravished, to be driven beyond the boundaries of pure pleasure into ecstasy.

All I can think of is how wonderful it would feel to be able to take him in my arms with no restriction, no limits, no boundaries and nothing holding us back. How amazing it would be to be able to fell his skin, to taste his flesh, and to take that last step and make him a part of me.

It has been so long since I’ve been able to have a man, been able to take him inside me, relish the feeling of him within me, and feel the rapture that only that kind of intimate joining can cause.

Lost in the need for him, I close my eyes as I lay down on the soft bed and allow my imagination to run wild.

In the haze of my minds eye I see myself at his apartment, we’d just walked in the door and he was taking off his shoes. Without even bothering to take off my own I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. After a few moments of intense, passionate kissing he pulled back and smiled down at me, “Now what was that for?” he asked with a little grin on his face.

“It Avcılar Escort was for being you, and because I’ve been dying this past week not being able to kiss and touch you, and because I want you” I answered, and then moved in to kiss him again before he could respond.

We stood there kissing and holding each other for a few minutes before I started backing towards the bedroom, my lips still locked to his and my arms around his neck.

He followed my lead into the bedroom and when I felt the edge of the bed against the back of my knees I pulled him down on top of me as we toppled to the bed.

He pulled away from the kiss and grinned at me roguishly, “Oh really?” he asked with a gleam in his eyes saying he knew what I wanted and he was trying to tease me. “Yes, really” I said reaching to pull his mouth back down to mine again for another hungry, passionate kiss.

We lay there kissing each other passionately for what seemed like hours, then his mouth went down to my neck, kissing and licking and lightly nipping at my skin. I was in heaven with the sensations running through my body and I wanted more. I pulled his mouth back up to mine and kissed him deeply. As I pulled away I looked up at him and said in a voice heavy with lust, “On your back.”

He grinned at me as he rolled off me and onto his back beside me. I stood up and began unzipping his jeans and pulling his shirt up over his head. As I slipped off the last of his clothing he looked at me and said, “Well, now you seem a little overdressed, why don’t we try and fix that?”

Before I could answer he’s slipped his hands up under my shirt and was pulling it off my shoulders. I smiled at him and stood there letting him slowly remove all my clothing.

Finally we were both nude. I could see every inch of him and I yearned to touch and taste every inch of his flesh. I pushed him back down onto the bed and crawled on top of him. I bent down and kissed him passionately as I let my body slide along his.

He felt so good underneath me and his kisses tasted heavenly, but again I wanted more. I wanted to feel his sensuous mouth on places other than my lips, I wanted to feel his body on top of mine, pressing down onto me, feeling him filling me and driving me wild with pleasure.

I pulled my mouth away from his and moved onto my back on the bed, I looked into his eyes and I could Beylikdüzü Escort see his lust rising in his beautiful green eyes and I knew my own lust must have been showing in mine. I looked deep into those passionate, hungry eyes and said, “I’m all yours.”

He was still for a moment, looking down at me laying there before him, giving myself to him. Then he slowly moved his body to straddle my hips and he lowered his mouth to mine. He gave a long, soft, almost chaste kiss and then began to slowly kiss his way down my neck and throat. Again he drove me wild by not simply kissing along my neck, but gently nipping at my skin and flicking it with his tongue.

He worked his way down between my breasts and then slowly and gently nipped his way to the flesh of one eagerly waiting breast. He looked up into my hungry eyes and his mouth moved to slowly take my hard nipple into his mouth. I gasped from the incredible sensation and my back arched, pressing my nipple farther into his hot mouth.

For what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes he teased my hard little nipples and my aching breasts with his warm mouth, kissing, licking, nipping and sucking at me until I felt I would explode form the extreme pleasure he was giving me.

Then slowly he lowered his mouth down more, across my abdomen and my stomach, slowly licking and kissing and nipping his way down, down, down.

As his lips went down past my belly button his hands moved to my knees, slowly easing them farther apart so he could lay between my open legs.

My breath was coming heavy and fast as his lips kissed slowly down the inside of one thigh and up the other, he was teasing me, taunting me, making me ache for his mouth on me. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to feel him, I arched my back and moaned, “Please Craig, just taste me”

And that he did. He gave one tender kiss, and then slipped his tongue inside me. Within seconds he was driving me insane with his hot tongue, making me moan in pleasure and gasp as he quickened his pace, and then slowed. I was so close to the brink I could feel my entire body about to shatter with the intensity of the building orgasm.

“Oh, yes, please Craig, don’t stop, please don’t stop, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!” I moaned as my orgasm shook my body. He kept his mouth on me and when my shuddering and moaning had subsided, he tenderly Esenyurt Escort placed a single, lingering kiss on me and moved up my body to gently kiss my lips and let me taste myself on his mouth.

As his mouth made love to mine I could feel him hard and eager against my leg, I wanted to make him as happy as he’d just made me, and I was dying to feel him in me for the first time.

I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, “I want you Craig, I’m all yours, take me.”

He moaned low in his throat and kissed me with such aggressive passion it made my breath catch in my throat. He moved his body over mine until he was in position to enter me. Just as he was hovering over me, about to come into me for the first time, he looked down into my eyes, with his beautiful green eyes full of need, “Are you sure?” he asked and I could hear the hunger in his voice.

I put my hand on the small of his back and pushed him down against me, “Yes, I’m sure, I want you, I need you, please Craig, make love to me.” I said and could hear the hunger and need in my own voice as I said it.

He leaned down and kissed me tenderly as he moved his body against mine. I felt him slip inside me, he was hard and silky and he filled me perfectly. I moaned in pleasure and gripped him tight inside me, holding him there deep inside me, just enjoying the feeling.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him tighter to me as he began slowly moving in and out of me. I matched his pace and we began to slowly increase as we gently kissed and nipped at each other lips and necks.

Soon my own passion took over and I began to cry out with passion and need for him. I moved like a wild woman under him and he drove me insane with pleasure as he moved within me.

I raked my nails down his back, making him arch his back and moan, also pushing himself deeper within me. I could feel myself getting close to cuming and I wanted to feel him cum with me. I held hi tighter to me and cried out, “Oh Craig, I’m gunna’ cum, please, cum with me, cum with me, I’m cumming, Craig, oh Craig, yesssssssssssss!” He moaned my name as he pushed even further into me as his own orgasm took him and I felt myself tighten around him as my body shook with ecstasy.

Slowly we both brought our breathing back down to normal levels and I held him there within me still, feeling his body relax and go soft inside me. He laid there with his head on my chest and I bent my head to kiss his forehead, “Thank you.” I whispered to him, “That was amazing”

He looked up into my eyes and I could see the lust slowly fading from his face. “Your right, that was amazing, thank you.”

We laid there like that for a while until we both dozed off to sleep in each others arms.

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