The Interview


He had been interviewing applicants for the last four hours. How hard could it be to find someone to answer the phone and set appointments? There were two more applicants yet to be interviewed, and the next one was already late.

The door opened at four. He was going to tell her thanks, but no thanks… he needed someone who was prompt. But then he saw those legs!

She had to be at least six foot tall in her bare feet and she was wearing heels. Her tight skirt hugged her round hips, stopping about six inches above her knees, revealing long, lean, tan, very shapely legs. The top three buttons on her blouse were open revealing enough cleavage to be a tease.

Her hair was the color of cherry wood and she had it tied back behind her neck. She was wearing black frame glasses that gave her a ‘sexy librarian’ look. It was like a picture from the pages of Playboy had come to life.

She extended her hand to him in greeting.

“Hi. I’m Sheila,” she said.

“Kevin Lang,” he said, returning the introduction.

Her voice was deep, husky, smooth. It reminded him of how his wife sounded while they were making love.

He sat on the edge of the desk in the lobby and indicated that she have a seat on the sofa. That was a mistake!

When she sat down, her skirt rode up. Her legs were thin and although her knees were together, her thighs didn’t touch. From where he was perched, on the corner of the desk, he could see up her skirt. And damn! She wasn’t wearing any panties! Then she crossed her legs, and the view became even more pronounced. He couldn’t look away.

He desperately wanted to get up and move somewhere where maybe he wouldn’t be able to see. But he couldn’t. It wasn’t like he was some inexperienced kid, but without volition he could feel his cock getting hard.

She uncrossed her legs and bent forward. Her blouse fell open sex hikayeleri and he could see her breasts. He could even see a bit of nipple just above her bra. She sat up again, her skirt high on her thighs, and he could see enough to know she shaved. It took a moment for him to realize she was holding a paper out to him.

There was no way he could cross the room to retrieve it from her. His cock was nearly fully erect, and even though he was sure she realized it, he didn’t feel comfortable crossing the room with it straining against the material of his pants to get out. He held out his hand.

She stood up. That was a mistake on his part! Her skirt had ridden up to her hips. He tried to look away, but it was impossible. She pushed her skirt down, wiggling her hips in a very seductive manner.

Women openly flirted with him on a daily basis. He was used to that. Some even came on to him. But this blatant seduction was something new.

She came to him, standing so close that his knee was between her legs. She handed him her resume, then put her hand on the neckline of her blouse, running it down the open part so that his attention was drawn to her nipples protruding above her half bra. She put her other hand high on his thigh, the side of her thumb lightly touching his hard-on. She slowly began to move her thumb.

He tried desperately to control his breathing, alternately praying for someone to come in so she would step away from him, and hoping no one walked in and caught him totally turned on by a strange woman. He knew he was supposed to tell her to go away. He had a very beautiful, very sexy wife at home; he didn’t want anyone else.

“As you can see, I’m very qualified,” she whispered as she unhooked the top button of her blouse. “I like to stay on top of things.”

“I’m sure you do,” he agreed.

She sikiş hikayeleri placed her palm on his bulge, rubbing his cock through the material of his pants.

“I have a rock hard reputation for getting the job done to satisfaction,” she said, her mouth just inches from his ear.

She unbuckled his belt. He desperately wanted to tell her to stop, that he was happily married and this was wrong. But her firm tits were in his face and he could see her dark hard nipples; like a deer in the headlamps, he couldn’t move.

She had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, her long fingers wrapped around his girth, stroking. She stopped long enough to slide her skirt up to her hips, then took his hand and put it on her pussy before resuming the stroking action on his cock.

He rubbed her pussy lips, letting his hand slide back to her ass, one finger sliding in the crack. He brought his hand forward, keeping his finger in the crack, gliding over her slit to her clit.

She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down fully exposing her tits. While he alternately played with her clit and fingered her slit, she rubbed her tits.

Her pussy was like wet silk. He put two fingers up her, then three, finger fucking her, her juices flowing freely down his hand. He took his hand from her pussy and rubbed it on her tit, then licked the juices off.

Standing, he moved them to the other side of the desk, never taking his mouth from her tit. He sat her on the edge of the desk, slid his pants down to his ankles, then sat in the chair. He spread her legs, then buried his head between her legs, losing himself in the sweet/sour juices of her pussy.

He flicked his tongue over her clit, then sucked on it before fucking her pussy with his hungering tongue. His cock was hard and throbbing, aching to be inside sex hikaye her, but he knew he could wait.

“Fuck me!” she said at last. “I want to see your cock fucking my pussy!”

More than willing to oblige, he stood up. She was in a half upright position, leaning back on her hands. He put his hands behind her knees, pushing her legs up and apart, then positioned his cock and let the head slide on it’s own into her wet pussy.

He entered slowly, letting his cock enter inch by inch until all eight inches were inside her, then pulled it out just as slowly until only the head was inside. She moaned so sexily, moving her hand so she could play with her clit while he entered her slowly once more.

Her pussy felt so good! He could feel those wet silky walls closing around his cock, pulling him in, clutching him. His cock was throbbing, his balls full and ready to explode.

She continued to play with her clit, her moans louder as he fucked her. Faster and harder, his balls slapping against her ass with every thrust.

“Yes,” she moaned in a whisper. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yesss!” she cried out.

He felt her pussy walls contract around his cock, again and again, her juices flowing over his cock and out her slit to his balls. He continued to fuck her, nearly ready to explode himself. Then, in one final thrust, his cum was filling her pussy, mingling with her juices.

A moment later, he stepped back from her and collapsed in the chair. She slid off the desk and stood in front of him before sitting astride his leg, rubbing herself against his bare skin, coating him with their combined juices.

He watched her put herself back together, pulling her bra up so that just part of her nipples were exposed. Buttoning her blouse, sliding her skirt back into place.

Then she knelt in front of him and took his now flaccid cock into her mouth. He could feel her tongue lapping, her lips sliding up and down, and knew if she didn’t stop, it wouldn’t be long before he was hard again.

She stood up and licked her lips.

“I love the taste of cock and pussy together,” she said. “I’ll see you Monday morning at nine.”

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