The Lady Ch. 03


She stood over him for a while, Her eyes searching deep within his soul, reading his mind. One of Her long leather gloved fingers gently traced a line along his cheek. Tingles flashed through his skin under Her touch. Electricity now coursing through every fibre of his body. He could see Her mind working and automatically felt at peace again. He thought he had lost his Mistress but here She was in front of him in all Her glory. He was whole again.

“you were lost for a while, My slave” She whispered, leaning in close against his ear.

Without awaiting his response She moved quickly away from him. He strained to watch Her depart but his head was still restricted and immobile. ‘Why had She brought me here?’ he thought. ‘What is this place?’

He could hear Her moving around just out of sight. She hummed to Herself occasionally, a true sign, which he had come to appreciate over time, that She was truly happy. His cock stirred even more while his balls ached, responding totally to Her apparent contentment. He relished the feel of the loose material which covered his body as his unrestrained cock reached up to stroke against it. But gratification didn’t matter now. ‘What will happen to me?’ he wondered.

She moved along beside him now standing against his right hand side. She was further down the length of the table than he could clearly see while his head could not move to observe Her.

“but bursa escort bayan you are safe now, My slave… Have you missed me?” She questioned him.

He stirred again at Her words. His whole body, mind and spirit totally awakened by Her presence. He ached for Her to touch him, manipulate him and make him Her property once more. He had been lost without Her for so long. He wanted to be made Her possession again. He wanted to feel safe under Her immense power forever.

“Mmmm… yes, Mistress” he struggled to answer his jaw held almost closed.

Purposefully She took hold of two of the corners of the black silk sheet which had been laid over him. She loved the sensation of silk against his body and knew it was such tease for him to be laid there now just feeling it feather-light against his skin. She ensured that the weight of the silk grazed across the tip of his cock and purred with delight as it bounced responding to Her. He felt the material slither across his body from left to right, the tease of Her stroking it against his genitals. He wanted to cry out, to beg Her to take him now but he must wait. If he did anything against Her wishes now he may lose Her forever, and permanently this time. He closed his eyes tightly and accepted his fate. He knew this would never end.

She folded the material carefully and placed it on a shelf below the platform upon which Her slave bursa evi olan escort was now laid. She cast Her eyes over his naked torso intently examining every centimetre of his skin. She moved along the side of the platform, not touching him except with Her gaze. Down at the bottom of the table She ceased Her movements to look upon the length of his body from between his feet. She crouched slightly and brought Her eye-level lower down and more level with the platform. He almost felt Her fix Her eyes on his testicles as they contorted between his legs. But onwards She moved, working Her way around the left hand side of the platform and back up to his head. He heard something move out of sight, the sound of something being dragged across the floor. ‘What now?’ he wondered.

She pulled the tall leather covered stool closer to the platform and sidled up onto it so that She could sit above him in comfort. She reached into Her pocket and removed a long slender silver cigarette case (which he had never seen before) and placed a rather long stick between Her sensual lips. The case also incorporated a lighter and he wondered if this may have been a gift She had received from one of Her many admirers. ‘Where have you been all these weeks, my Mistress?’ he questioned in his own mind. He wanted to know but wasn’t about to even dare contemplating asking such an impertinent question bursa otele gelen escort of Her now. She may strike him down, or worse, discard him forever.

“Now, my slave” She spoke clearly now and with total purpose, “now that I have you totally comfortable and in no position but to listen to me, I have a story to tell you”.

He swooned as he saw the blue curls of smoke curling from between Her lips and nose. Nothing else mattered. He could remain here forever, as long as he was with Her he would be happy.


She sat in the tall stool for what seemed like hours recalling Her story to him. He was stunned and in awe at Her words. She explained to him why She had been absent for so long and why She had discarded him, although temporarily.

Pain filled his heart occasionally as tears welled again in his eyes. He wanted to be able to comfort Her now and take comfort from Her, but She left him bound on the leather platform. He had rarely heard Her voice or manner falter yet as She told Her story to him now She, occasionally, caught Her breath and once even fidgeted on Her high seat above him.

She had placed the chair exquisitely behind him. All he managed to glimpse of Her were Her face, neck and shoulders. He could see no lower and had no idea which costume She might be wearing. After She initially started talking She had asked him to focus on a small black ‘X’ marked on the ceiling directly above him. She didn’t want him watching Her while She spoke.

He lay there listening to Her hypnotic voice for hours totally relaxed now he was in Her presence. His head swam erratically with the information She revealed to him now. ‘How could all this be?’ he puzzled.


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