The Last Newspaper Special Delivery


[This is a stand alone sequel to “The Newspaper Delivery”]

HIs bag was empty save for one newspaper – the last he would ever deliver – and a special gift for Mr. Vaginovski, his favorite customer. This was his last day delivering newspapers. He’d started twelve years before and had put himself through community college. He would gradate in a few weeks and move away to start a new career. He saved Ruth, his favorite customer, for the end of the route today, Ruth has been on his route from the very first day he delivered newspapers. She’s the only one.

He knocked on the door and announced, “Newspaper!” one last time.

From inside he heard a voice say, “Come on in, it’s unlocked.”

He opens the door and sees Ruth standing six feet away dressed in an ankle length, flowing, white but very sheer nightgown trimmed with white fur edging. It’s partly open at the front, her auburn red bush peeking out through the fabric. She’s holding two champagne glasses, one extended to him. He closes the door behind him and steps up to take the glass. “I just knew you’d have special something special in mind today, Ruth,” he says with a glint in his eye, “that’s why I saved you for last.”

“Good! Because you would be late for the rest of your route. Come in. I made cake for you!”

She usually was wearing clothes, for a while at least. This was the first time she had greeted him in a nightie. He was already getting a bulge in his pants. “Why don’t you get more comfortable, honey, while I cut us some cake to celebrate.”

He takes off his windbreaker then starts to unbutton his shirt. As she cuts two pieces of cake she pauses now and then to watch him get undressed. He feels like he is doing a strip show for her and he likes the way her eyes ogle his masculine frame. Down to just his shorts, she says, “Here we are. Cake for both of us!” and she sets the plates on the table. “I’m going to miss that bulge in your shorts when you don’t come to see me anymore,” she tells him, “but not until tomorrow.”

“I’m going to miss you too, Ruth.” Her boobs are showing out the front of her nightie as they nibble their cake and talk and his vision is fixed on them. They are about average size but certainly adequate. He loves the sexy shape, once fully round but now with just a bit of droop that made them more slightly pointy than hanging, and their smooth soft flesh. When he has held them in his hands he could swear they were the tits of a twenty something rather than a sixty something. His bulge is getting bigger.

Suddenly Ruth pretends to have an accident and drops cake bits on her tits. “Oh, dear!” she says, “Look what I’ve done.” She attempts to brush them away but smears it all over her chest. “Oh, now I’ve made it worse. What shall I do?” She looks at him with desire in her eyes and a smile on her lips..

He picks up his cue. “Perhaps I can help, Ruth.”

“Could you? I don’t want any of it to go to waste.” She winks at him. He goes over and kneels next to her. He licks the sweet mess off of one nipple then the other. He feels them get firm as he works. Then he cleans the rest off her tits one at a time. She is purring in delight. When he is done his dick is pointing straight up, the tip peeking out the top band of his shorts. He stands and she has another accident and spills cake down into his shorts. “Oh, dear me,” she fawns. “Now I’m going to have to help you clean up.”

She lets her nightie fall to the floor then gets on her knees and pulls his shorts down. She starts licking it from his balls. His cock twitches at the feel of her tongue. She works her way up going all around, licking and smacking with her lips. She’s never done that smacking with her lips before. It’s so hot and it feels like his dick is on fire. Up and around, she works, closer and closer until her lips are around the head and she is sucking on his manhood.

Then she lets it out of her moth and stands up. “All cleaned up.” She beams a big smile at him. She always looks younger when she smiles like that. The age lines in her face, the wrinkles that are one of the few clues to her longevity, always disappeared, or mostly so, when they had sex. That always added to gerçek sex hikayesi his excitement, seeing her as her younger self. “Let’s have some more cake!. She laughs. Swiping at the cake, she takes a handful and smears it all over his chest and cock and balls. He takes a handful himself and smears it all over her tits and belly and pussy.

She sits on the floor and tugs him down with her. He lets her roll him on his back then she turns backside to him and gets on top. Her pussy in his face and his man pole is in her hand. “Looks like I’m going to have to suck this off to clean it,” she jokes. He joins in, “Looks like I’m going to have to eat this out to get it clean.” She licks off the tip and head then goes down to the base of his shaft and licks his balls. He starts licking it off her bushy mound, sucking the hairs in and cleaning them with his lips. She licks up along the underside of his sugar coated member with her tongue wide against it all the way to the tip, like licking an ice cream cone.

The fire in his loins flares hotter. He starts licking the goo out of the valleys between her thighs and her pussy with the same wide tongue laps. Her vagina oozes wetness. She continues her long lapping strokes all around his throbbing cock, with a little lip smacking as she goes, finding drops of precum at the top each time. He starts the same lip smacking himself as he cleans off her pussy lips. The desire in him is getting so intense his hips sway in delight. Her thighs twitch with pleasure.

His shaft now thoroughly licked clean she pops the head in her mouth and swirls her tongue around the tip. His hips thrust up in delight pushing deeper into her mouth. She puts a hand around his excitement for control. His mouth gets to the main course and he sucks her clit in between his lips and thoroughly cleans it with his tongue. Her thighs squeeze him tighter. Her mouth and hand stroke his stiff pole while he brings his tongue down low and licks up along her slit, sucking and smacking as he goes. Her pelvis shakes with excitement. Her hand strokes faster. He lets her clit out of his lips then sucks it back in again. And again, And again. They feel each other’s passions reaching crescendo. He presses his tongue hard against her clit and wags it. Her thighs squeeze his head tight as waves of ecstasy cascade through through her. Her orgasm ignites his own explosions of joy spurting into Ruth’s mouth while she milks him with her hand. They writhe in each other’s passion.

When she rolls off of him he says, “Wow, that was wild! And hot. I’ve never eaten a girl out quite like that before.”

She smiles at him and says, “We’re just getting started, my big strong lover. Now we need to really clean up. Let’s take a shower.” She leads him to the bathroom. He admires the smooth roundness of her ass as she adjusts the faucets to get the water warm. She is strikingly beautiful and sexy for an older woman. It’s only at creases in her skin, behind the knees, between her legs and body, and the like, that small wrinkles betray her youthful appeal. “There. All set!” They get in and she slides the door shut.

Ruth takes the hand wand and says, “I’ll wash yours if you wash mine, big boy.” She teasingly flutters her eyelashes at him. Then she sprays warm water on his chest moving it back and forth and down to wash all the cake crumbs and frosting off. The warmth cascading down his chest and privates feels good. She takes her time at his crotch, spraying in and around, lifting his dick to spray under it. Then she hands him the wand. He rinses her breasts until the evidence of their feast is gone then moves down to her belly. He gives special attention to her snatch, bringing the wand close, even brushing a bit with his hand to clean her bush. She takes the wand and puts in on its mount then starts soaping his chest. When she has a good lather worked up she hands him the bar.

He massages her tits working up plenty suds. She begins working the lather onto his cock and his balls. He soaps up her sides and belly and down to her pussy. making sure it is fully lathered. She rubs his balls then starts washing his dick with her soapy hand, sliding it up to the porno erotik hikayeler head and down again, stroking it clean. It stiffens more with each stroke. He works the lather into the hair on her bush and between her legs, his fingers gently washing her pussy lips. Then she picks up the wand again. She cuddles up close, front to front, and starts rinsing them with the wand.

Soon she hands him the shower wand and turns around. “Do my back.” He picks up the soap bar and rubs it on her back, top to bottom, rinsing as he goes. He lathers up her butt cheeks, enjoying their sensuousness as he works. “I love how smooth and soft your skin is. That’s part of what makes you so sexy.”

She says softly, “You say the nicest things to me. Like my Ivan used to do when he was here.” He hands her the wand and soap and turns around. She starts lathering his back. “You know what I like about you? Yo have a hot butt.” She slaps his ass. “Even better than Ivan’s!” She continues working down his back. “I don’t miss Ivan as much since I’ve had you. You are so big and strong like him.” She gives them both one final rinse, hangs up the wand and turns off the water.

She hands him a towel when they are out of the shower. They dry themselves and each other off. She turns to him, puts her hands on the back of his neck and kisses him. She whispers in his ear, “Now my beautiful, handsome young man, won’t you come to my bed room and ravish me with your love one more time?”

“There is nothing I want more, honey.” He follows her into the bed room. They sit on the bed. “But, first, “she says, “Our skin is dry. We’ll stick together like fly paper.” She takes a bottle of lotion from the nightstand and hands it to him. “Here, do me.” she turns around and lies face down on the bed. He starts at her shoulders, working down, making sure to do her sides too. “You have soft hands,” she purrs. He does each butt cheek separately with both hands then slips a hand between them, down to her inner thighs. Her wetness as his hand brushed her pussy gives him a shiver of excitement. He continues down inside of each thigh, then the tops and outsides. He loves how shapely her legs are. Smooth and firm. Not tight but not flabby, either. Her calves have the same sensuous charm.

She turns over for him. He looks at her naked body, her happy smile, her perfect grapefruit sized tits, her fur covered mound and pussy. He feels the blood starting to pump him up. He applies some lotion to her left foot. He works slowly up her calf, softening his touch, getting more sensual in his massage. He works his way up her thigh, fingers of either hand down the sides, up almost to her pussy. Then he goes back down and starts on her other foot, her calf, and then her thigh. Saving the best for last, he gently pats her golden triangle. His fully awake manhood bounces in delight.

“We are almost ready,” she says. She sits and motions for him to lay down. She rubs his chest with lotion, taking her time, watching it rise and fall with his breathing. She does the front of him then pts the lotion bottle away. she puts her hands on his crotch and starts massaging his balls and gently rubbing his erection. It throbs and twitches at her touch. She lies next to him. They turn toward each other, wrap themselves in each other’s arms and kiss. The warmth of their flesh together heats their desire. He lets his kisses fall across her cheek to her neck and she does the same. His balls are on fire with desire. Her clit aches for his touch.

He shifts and rolls her on her back then plants a wet kiss on her breast bone between her tits. She gasps, “Oh, yes.” His lips and tongue circle around the base of her right tit, then around again spiraling to her nipple. He sucks it momentarily then starts on the other side until his lips suckle that nipple. Her pussy is oozing wet happiness. Then he goes back between her breasts and starts down her front, Ruth’s excitement rising as he goes. She giggles when he gets to the belly button. His lips and tongue continue their stimulating journey. He flicks her clit with his tongue. Her pelvis rocks and she gasps again. He swirls his tongue around it a few times. Then he quickly porno hikayeleri retreats along the same route then climbs on top and nestles his throbbing pleasure stick on her tuft of fur.

He kisses her again. She spreads her legs and hitches her knees up some, opening herself up for him. He rocks his hips and slides it along her wetness, up and down, pressing the underside against her clit and playing it like a fiddler’s bow. She moans her approval and her hips start complimenting his motion. Drops of his precum mix with her vaginal nectar. He lets the tip slip in then back out. He plays another bar of clit music, her moans adding harmony. It slips in again. And out and the song plays on. She begins to beg him, “Put it in!” but the fiddler keeps playing. “OH GOD!” she shouts. Her hips starts to quake,

He slips it in and pushes hard until his belly slaps hers. Her knees come together some and her cunt clamps down on him. He pumps her hard in powerful half strokes, going only part way out and ramming in hard and furious. He wraps his arms around her to push harder. She’s gasping excitedly as waves of pleasure wash over her entire being. The bed shakes from the thunder of his passion. HIs balls twitch and quake with a force he’d never felt before. The pulses along his cock are electric as his joy juice spurts into her. His whole body is tingling with excitement. His buttocks clench in a few more spasms and he gives her the last drops. Then, they lay motionless, the only sounds their labored breathing while they wait for the room to stop spinning.

Finally she sighs, “Oh my. Oh, honey. Oh. Even my Ivan was never that big and strong.”

“You make me bigger and stronger than the other girls do. And they don’t do it like you do, Ruth! You are the best.”

“Little old me?”

“You’ve had more time to get sexy and hot, baby. They’ll catch up someday.” He sits up on the bed and says, “I brought you a going away present. It’s in my bag. I hope you like it. I mean, it might be a little weird if you don’t. But I think you will.”

“Don’t keep me guessing. Go get it!”

He goes out to the kitchen and comes back with something behind his back. “I saw one of these one day, in the drawer next to your bed. It was open part way. Not like I was snooping through it. So anyway, here it is.” He holds his gift out to to her. She looks at it and her eyes get wide. He’s not sure how she’s going to react to him giving her a dildo.

She smiles. “Oh, you thought of that just for me? I love it!”

He beams at her acceptance. “I didn’t know if I should or not. Since I’m not going to be here anymore and all.”

“Thank you. That’s very sweet you. I’ll think of you when I use it.”

“I was hoping that,” he says.

“I have a surprise, too. You are going off to your new career in Pittsburgh and I haven’t told you this yet but, I have a sister who lives there. I can visit her sometimes! And you can catch up on the the special deliveries I’m going to miss so much? If you want, I mean.”

He is surprised. He thought maybe they might hook up a few more times during the week before he makes the move but he did not expect that. “Oh. Gee. I mean…”

She pouts, “Oh, you don’t want me to.”

“It’s not that! I thought I might not see you again at all. It’s such a surprise.”

“Good then.” She smiles. “Now, we should get dressed. I wish I could keep you here all night. But I know you have so many things to do.”

Ruth throws on a house coat and ties up the waist sash. He finds his clothes and gets dressed. “Now give me your phone number so I can keep in touch. I’ll give you mine, too. Oh, I am going to miss you bringing me a newspaper and a cock every day. You are the best paperboy ever. I’ll still get the paper but it won’t be the same.”

“You’ve been my favorite customer, Ruth. And the only one with our special lay-away plan.” They both laugh about that. “Or who “paid” me every day. You are the only one I will really miss.” They walk to the door. They each say goodbye. He gives her a peck on her lips and starts out. She pulls him back, throws her arms around him, and plants her lips on him. They stay lip locked for a while and then she relaxes her grip and they separate.

“I couldn’t let you go without a real goodbye kiss, now, could I?” She smiles and he leaves. As he hears the door close behind him he is thinking that Pittsburgh suddenly feels a lot friendlier to him.

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