The Lost Prince Ch. 04

Big Dick

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait. Here is Chapter 4 as promised. This is a longer section than the last, and is one of the things that I wanted to build up to. Hopefully this has more of what some of you have been waiting for. When we last left off Valentina and the rest had left the road for the small comforts of a train station. During that time Valentina got closer to Pieter, and is dealing with the idea of being his. This will be the last section to take place in the wilderness or semi-wilderness. Everyone is over 18 of course. If you’ve read all this way to chapter 4 then you know what is in this story and the section that it lives in. If you find any of these acts or scenarios revolting why are you in this section and reading the fourth chapter of a story like this? My goal is to get fully back on track. The next parts are still in rough form, but my beta reader has them. Enjoy.


I was a new person when the train arrived with its whistle and loud exhalations of stream. I felt relieved after my time with Pieter. My nurse’s uniform hung loose on my frame, which had been made even thinner from the journey. It only seemed to make my breasts, hips, and bottom, all of which had been enhanced by Gorski’s science stand out even more. They were still voluptuous and attracted a good deal of interest. I was too lost in the aftermath of pleasure to think about this at the time. There must have been a small, stupid smile on my face as I sat on the bench. Some of the soldiers were staring at me. Perhaps they were thinking about me bathing in the hot water of the tub. Most of them knew very well what I was, but out here on the frontier I was more female than what they often got to be around.

One of the young men made little kisses at me from afar. I smiled at him, and shifted myself in a way to give him a look at my pleasing cleavage. His face lit up. I couldn’t believe that it was so easy to manipulate men. In the village there had been that moment when I was willing to become the wife of one of those boys. It was hard to describe, but a part of my mind was decidedly more feminine by that point. I was more than willing to please men if they treated me gently.

Was that wrong?

The steam floated through the cold air as we approached the steel caterpillar that was the locomotive. Pieter ushered me in front of the others. The train attendant saw me and smiled. Apparently, he was used to seeing only soldiers ride these rails.

“Such a pretty young girl,” he said. “I will find a nice place for you.

I was escorted to my own private car. The train had few people riding it at this time. In our travels, Pieter had spoken of the great improvements that had been made since the revolution. More people had been brought into the cities to work at the new factories which were being built everywhere. It was difficult at first because so many young men had been lost during my father’s “pointless imperialist war”, and in the revolution brought on to oust the royalists. Everyone would be working now. The new factories and cooperative farms would clothe and feed everyone. There would be no greed and no hunger.

I said nothing during his lectures on their new workers’ utopia. I believed in none of it. Doctor Gorski had told that me that while I was at the camp a great famine had come and killed over five million of our people. Men like Pieter must have believed that fewer mouths would be easier to feed.

I was excited to see that my private cabin had a large padded seat that folded down. Many of the other cars had simple bench seats. There were definitely advantages to being a girl or at least appearing to be one. I didn’t even care that Pieter locked me in the cabin. I was out of the cold and alone to myself. That seat looked so inviting. I wanted to sleep for an entire day.

As often happened, the brief solitary respite didn’t last for long. Pieter came in with a leather bag. He set it on the seat adjacent from mine. Was he going to be sharing the cabin with me? I should have known that such privacy was just not an option for me.

Pieter pulled off his boots and set them on the floor. He sighed with relief at that. Then he peeled off his socks, folded them, and set them on the top of his boots.

“I cannot truly describe the relief of taking my boots off,” he said. “During the revolution I hoped that I would not die with my boots on. My mother used to say that it was unlucky to do so.”

That was a new one for me. I remembered how religious my mother got during the worst parts of my illness. It wasn’t so much about luck though. I did remember the holy relics that the priests would bring to bless with me. I came to believe briefly that those were lucky. Of course I didn’t mention this to Pieter. These Party Members like Pieter had declared that God was a great delusion and that the priests were all charlatans.

I noticed that Pieter was missing part of his middle toe on his left foot. I was quick to look away, but he saw me anyway.

“A sacrifice of my own flesh,” he said. “That first trip, when we took you tecavüz porno to Gorski’s camp, was a very hard one. You slept through most of it.”

“Why was there no wagon?”

He leaned back in the seat. “It was an odd situation. You were supposed to be killed, but then there were orders to separate you and…”

He caught himself. We sat there in a loaded silence, but nothing came out.

“My family?”

“Yes,” he said finally. “Some believed that the French and British would invade to put down the revolution and restore the monarchy. My commander believed that keeping you would be useful. Then he panicked at the idea of contradicting his superiors and told me to get rid of you. The others had been taken elsewhere, so Yuri and I set out on our own.”

“And now I am like this.”

Was it all a fluke? If neither God nor destiny had anything to do with this fate of mine did that make it a joke?

“Valentina,” he said. “That is the last time you must think of yourself as that person. Your past is gone. This is who you are now.” He reached over and cupped my cheek. “A pretty young woman that men want.”

He held on to me for a while and stared into my eyes. He must have liked the gray of them. I had come to like the blue of his. I wanted them to be kind to me. Was what happened in the tub kindness or just lust?

From his leather bag Pieter retrieved a new flask I hadn’t seen before. He opened it and took a sip. Whatever it was he savored it for some time, and then offered it to me. I’d already been taking sips of brandy from him, so this would be no different. I took a sip, and had to pull it away. It was much sweeter than before.

“Lingon berries,” he said. “I found it in the Officer’s station. I thought that maybe it was time that you became more comfortable now that we are warmer.”

“Thank you.”

I took another sip, and after several moments I was feeling much warmer, and just better in a way that was difficult to describe. Eventually I gave him back the flask not really noticing how much of it I had already drunk.

“Boris and his friends were very lucky,” said Pieter.

I really didn’t want to talk about it, but there was no changing the conversation when it appeared he was so intent on it. So I just had to give in to him.

“He hated me. I reminded him of his brother. He said that his brother was taken—”

“—to the camp. Yes. Gorski had come to admire the boy, and wanted him. So, I went and took him one day. It was a mercy really. I promise you that she is now happier than he ever was.”

Was I happier as a she? I no longer had my family, but then I didn’t feel sick anymore. I could walk around, and had even worked along with others. I didn’t have to worry about bruising easily or getting a cut that would not stop bleeding.

I looked at Pieter. He was definitely handsome. That seemed a strange think to ponder, but then again I had flirted with that soldier at the station. That was me. That was Valentina. She did things like that, I decided.

There was no denying the energy between us. Being reminded of my apparent purpose only made it all that more noticeable. I was a servant that was made for pleasure. If I wanted to ensure that I had a future, I had better be stacking the cards in my favor. Pieter was kind. I could be his “woman.”

“We are alone,” I said, offering Pieter a little smile.

“True. The others are two cars down trying to get some food. A reheated stew if I’m not mistaken. Are you hungry right now?”

I shook my head.

“Neither am I. Being on the road teaches you how to live in hunger, and that can be very liberating. I do have a certain other appetite that was teased by our little time in the tub.”

Pieter put the flask of sweet-tasting brandy away, and waited for me.

I nodded. My head felt light then. As much as I wanted to fight against this fate it had felt so good to have him touching me. He’d made me climax with his hand, and I wanted more of it. I spread my blanket on the seat, and put my coat over the top of it. I had to take a few breaths to steady myself, and to remind myself that I was Valentina.

The top of my uniform was already down a bit from showing off to that one soldier. I opened more of the top buttons, and then went to work on the ones on the side. The uniforms that we wore at the camp were meant to be very snug.

“I saw you teasing one of my men,” he said. “Did you enjoy doing that?”

I stopped. “Yes. I think so. I liked being smiled at in that way. It was as if he liked me.”

“That is how life is for pretty girls. Smiles and happy thoughts. Even in this new land of ours where we are to be true equals, it will be hard to not give into to such whims.”

He leaned over and kissed me. Then he helped me with the rest of my buttons. Pieter had my top pulled down to my waist, and then he went to work on my bra, and untied it quickly. After smelling it, he folded it, and set neatly on the other seat. Once again my breasts were exposed to him, üvey anne porno and I felt a sudden anxiousness as though I was being judged again. Pieter had already said that he liked them, but I couldn’t help but feel inadequate.

“Would anyone ever believe that you had been someone different? I barely can,” he said.

Pieter put his mouth to my left breast, and suckled at me. He teased at my nipple with his tongue. His left hand squeezed my other one. He loved my breasts. My breath caught in my throat. I was letting him do it. I was willing. With Gorski I had become willing because I believed that it was my purpose as a servant. Boris and his friends had given me little choice, but in the tub and now here I was willing, and indeed desperate for it to happen.

I peeled the rest of my uniform down until I was left in my underwear. My cock was already bulging inside my panties. Pieter petted at my bulge playfully.

I was suddenly embarrassed that I would never just be a normal woman. Pieter didn’t seem to mind though.

“Undress me,” he said.

I nervously fumbled at the buttons of his shirt. Never had my fingers seemed so useless. All he did was smile the whole time, and wait. That put me at some ease. After his shirt and undershirt I exposed his chest. He had a tight chest: thin, but well-define by trim muscle.

Pieter brought me into his lap, and hugged me into him: squashing my breasts against his chest. I loved the feeling of it. This was something that a real woman could feel while with her man. I decided that Valentina would love it.

Pieter let me down, and I went to work on his pants. His shining belt buckle was still there. I think that at the time it meant to me that he was so much better than those young men in the village. He was the closest thing to a gentleman that I was going to get. When I got his trousers down I noticed for the first time that he wore long underwear. This was very common for a field soldier. I pulled those off and finally had him naked. His cock was already somewhat erect and growing.

“You seem more comfortable with yourself,” said Pieter.

“Because of you,” I said. “You made me feel so good in the tub. I want to make you feel good.”

He cupped my bottom through the panties.

“You’re a very good girl,” he said, and then he slid the panties off of me.

My cock was already anxious, and I could feel it almost at the point of leaking.

“You’re a servant,” he said. “My servant.”

I nodded. If I could just only be his servant then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Pleasure yourself,” he ordered. “I want to watch you.”

I began lightly stroking my cock in earnest. It was strange that after so much build up he didn’t want to take me himself. I was so frustrated by that point. All of that pent up energy surged into me, and I pumped myself more. It got harder and my breathing increased. The release was coming. The tingle in my testicles made it feel as though they would fall away into an abyss of rapture. I was about to burst.

“Stop,” he ordered.

I did, and cringed at the recoil of pleasure that was unfulfilled.

“Don’t cum,” he said. “I must teach you discipline. Your pleasure is always secondary. A servant such as you is to pleasure others.”

I nodded, and tensed my bottom trying to calm down my arousal.

“So,” he said. “How can you offer me pleasure?”

“…my mouth, and my bottom.”

“No. It must be your whole body. Your tits, you lips, and even your smile. All of you is for the pleasure of others. Do you understand?”


He eyed me up and down for a time.

“Keep your legs straight. Bend your knees a little, and now stick your bottom out,” he said.

I obeyed.

He reappraised me.

“You carry yourself fairly well for a young woman. You have tried imitating the women who were at the camp with you?”

“Yes. The other nurses.”

“Good. Better shoes will help, and there are people who will teach you more.”

“More what?”

“More of what it is to be a woman. That is what you are now, so it will not serve for you to walk like a boy.”

I nodded meekly. That’s what servants did.

Pieter began stroking himself as he looked at me.

“I’m a girl,” I said, and went to my knees in front of him.

He leaned back in the seat, as I moved between his legs. I placed my mouth over his cock, and put my hands on his thighs to brace myself. The train shook more violently for a moment, so it helped. His hard organ dominated my mouth. I took it as far as I could, and even got it to the back of my throat. When I felt my gag reflex, I moved away a little bit, but kept it inside the main chamber of my mouth. It felt hot and firm. I kept my teeth away so as to not bite him. My tongue played around with the sides of Pieter’s cock, and I began sucking hard at it.

Pieter sighed above me. His hand held the back of my neck gently. In short order he was fully erect after my sucking.

I pulled away leaving a line üvey erkek kardeş porno of saliva connected to Pieter’s cock. He was squirming in his chair by that point. His moustache-covered lip twitched as he stared at me in the most intense way.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

Frenzy seemed to have built up within him. I knew something of the feeling after he refused to let me have my climax.

“Get my bag,” he told me.

I looked around the cabin, and found it on the other seat. He seized it from my hands when I got close enough. Pieter opened the clasp and his hand shot inside and rifled around for a time. He brought out a small tin container I recognized from my time as a nurse. It was medical lubricant. I assumed that he got it from the medical storage at the train station. Such places were natural locations for triage in time of war, so they were bound to have supplies.

As soon as he got it out, I knew what he wanted. The act still seemed strange to me. My experiences with it were mixed. It had hurt with Gorski, but he had been as gentle as he could be. Boris and his friends had not seemed to care, until I properly seduced his friends. Even then it had still hurt me. This was now my own doing. I had been more than willing to do these things with Pieter, and like most men once he got his blood up he wasn’t going to want to stop until it was done.

I got back on my knees, and leaned over the other seat. I spread myself and arched my back in a way that I thought he might like. There was a small smile on his face as he approached me with the lubricant. Pieter dipped two fingers into the tin, and brought out a dollop of lubricant. I watched him as he smeared it into the hole of my bottom. He gently prodded a finger inside to smooth it in. The intrusion of something entering me was always odd at first. It’s easy to forget that nature didn’t fully design that part of the body with the same functions as a woman’s vagina. It took some more patience and effort to use it in that way. I learned much from the medical books at the camp. I think that Gorski had intended me to fill that role for him the entire time, so it was only proper that I learn.

“Please more,” I told Pieter. “It takes a while for me to be ready for you.”

“A servant does not say when they are ready. Their master does. I want you now.”

I nodded. “And I want it from you, but I am still new to it. I want to please you. Just please get me ready, and take it slowly, then I should be fine. I…I really do want you inside of me.” I covered my face with my hand, and felt a blush seize my entire face. I couldn’t believe that I had actually said that. I felt so stupid for it. Was I some sort of whore now?

Pieter leaned down, and kissed my bottom for a brief moment.

“You have such an amazing plump little bottom. I want to know you this way,” he said. “I want to make love to you.”

That whole concept sounded so different from what I had been considering myself made for. It was true that back then I was doing my best to convince myself that I loved everything that happened to me. I knew that I was servant, but I believed that I could still find some fulfillment with that. But “making love” was still something that I wasn’t sure that I would ever really experience. In that moment I truly believed that what I had with Pieter was special. Even a “fake” girl can be naïve enough to be caught up in girlish fairy tales once in a while.

My small erect cock was fully leaking with desire and expectation at that point. Pieter swirled the lube into me, and seemed to believe that he had added enough. The rest he rubbed onto his engorged cock, which had become a fierce red with its hardness. He needed to get it inside of me in the worst way, and I truly wanted him to do it. How had I ever become this way?

Pieter put down the container, and embraced me from behind. He kissed the side of my face, and then my neck. He played with my breasts again, and I felt his fingers leaves traces of the lubricant on my nipples. Then he felt at my side, and finally my hips. I focused on trying to relax the muscles of my bottom. If this was done improperly it could hurt both of us.

He brought his crotch to my bottom, and teased my hole with his cock for a time. He poked in the tip of it, and then pulled it out. He lined the outside of my hole. He was dragging it out as long as he could stand to do it. The expectation of knowing that it was going to happen was nearly driving me mad.

“Tell me you want this,” he said. “Tell me that you want me inside of you.”

I looked back into his blue eyes, felt my stomach quiver with excitement.

“Put it in me, Pieter. I’m a woman for you. Make me your woman.”

That encouraged him more than anything else that I could have said. He pushed forward, and I felt his cock strain at my hole for a time, and then it slid inside. The pressure of its intrusion into my insides felt overwhelming at first despite my past experience. It was different this time. I’m not even sure if looking back I can fully describe it. He slowly pushed into me more then stopped for a bit. I was grateful. It took a while for my bottom to acclimate to him without tearing. When I felt I was ready for more, I nodded, and he continued. After several minutes of easing it in, he had reached his maximum, and waited there to let me feel the whole of him.

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