The Lovers


Sandy followed the car in front of her into the motel parking lot and she waited while her lover Joe went in to get a room. When he emerged from the office, she got out of her car, met him along the walkway where they kissed before moving along to their room. Once inside the room, Joe pushed Sandy back against the closed door, his body pressing her hard as he kissed her deeply and passionately. Quickly her fingers began unbuckling his trousers and his hands fumbled with the buttons on her shirt. Their desire was hot and immediate. In a few moments, they were both naked and tumbling back toward the bed.

Their first meeting was quite a bit different. Both were married with unresponsive and unadventuresome spouses. Sandy had not had affair since her marriage to her second husband 17 years earlier. Joe had had a brief fling during his marriage and was terribly nervous about embarking on another. However, as their friendship grew over time, they both knew that they wanted to carry it to the next level. They both were starved for intimacy and it was the logical extension to begin an affair. The sex, despite the nervousness was wholly satisfying.

The two lovers met sporadically. Sometimes weeks would go by without intimate contact. However, sooner or later, one of them would be overcome by desire and start to plan a meeting. Over time they became adventuresome and accommodating lovers, bringing excitement and even kinkiness to their love-making, both delighting in being able to express and explore all the facts of sex and sensuality that had been locked inside them.

Now there were adept at pleasing each other. Each knowing, and even anticipating, the desires of the other. Laying naked on the bed, Joe caressed Sandy’s body, nuzzling and kissing her neck. His hand slowly moved toward her pussy, feeling the wetness hidden among the folds there. As his kisses excited Sandy, Joe’s fingers parted her pussy lips and found her clit already swollen with desire. Sandy parted her legs a little wider in order to give Joe the access that they both wanted. As he rubbed her clit, Sandy’s moans began to excite Joe in a very familiar way. His hardening cock pressed against Sandy’s thigh and she instinctively reached for it. She loved the feel of the hardness in her grasp, the texture of it. As the pleasure started to build from deep inside her, Sandy’s moans became deeper, and her breath nearly gasping.

Joe loved how Sandy would cum so suddenly. The shudder of her body when she came was so satisfying for him. Her nipples would become very taut, her toes would sex hikayeleri curl, and her legs would stiffen as if she were squeezing the pleasure out of her body. When Sandy came this time, she came in a violent spasm, her body twitching every which way. Just when the wave of orgasm had begun to subside, Joe moved quickly from her neck to turn and lean downward to push his tongue into her wet and pulsating pussy. From this he got the effect he had wanted for Sandy nearly immediately began to cum again.

Oral sex was Joe’s favorite. He liked that all the senses come into play: the pungent taste of pussy, the smell of her musk, the feel and sight of a cumming pussy, and the moans of ecstasy in his ears. All these came into play as Sandy came, her juices wetting Joe’s face and chin.

Breathing hard, Sandy was blissful. Joe’s cock still in hand, she began massaging it. As Joe turned onto his back she got up on an elbow and began teasing him by stroking him, then backing off, cupping his balls, anything to torture him into begging for more. Sandy loved playing with and touching and tasting a hard cock. Part of it was the physical sensation of the act, but a large piece of it was knowing that she was giving pleasure to her partner. Letting her lips gently brush Joe’s cock, then moving away, then sliding and running her tongue along the ridge just under the head soon had Joe begging for more, as she had hoped. Looking down at Sandy playing with his cock, made Joe want her more. He and Sandy thought a lot alike and really wanted to watch themselves make love. They had tried several different hotels before find one that had a nice big mirror on the wall near the bed. Having found such a place, they began using it exclusively for their love nest. Turning toward this mirror, Joe watched Sandy as she began to suck him, looking at her nude body reclining beside him, watching how her breasts fell and lay on his leg, pleased with how her toes curled as she made love to his cock. Sandy sensed that Joe was using the mirror to watch them together so she looked up into the mirror, locking her eyes onto Joe’s. Knowing that he was watching her as she licked and sucked him turned Sandy on unbelievably.

Moving her hand along the shaft, and her tongue deftly on and just under the head, Joe was soon moaning loudly. Sensing that he was getting close, Sandy took him fully into her mouth, letting her hot sensitive tongue caress his now throbbing manhood. Joe began crying out with pleasure, calling her name, his body tensing and twisting. The first spasm of cum shot into Sandy’s sex hikayeleri mouth and she began sucking in earnest, knowing that doing so would give him the greatest pleasure and knowing that his cock was now in a very sensitive and vulnerable state. Sandy was so happy to give her lover such pleasure and continued to suck, gulping down all of the hot creamy cum.

Out of his mind with the sensations, Joe saw the room spinning, the pleasure was so intense. Finally, when it subsided, he opened his yes to see Sandy’ radiant smile. Reaching up, he put her face in his hands and pulled it down to deliver a deeply passionate kiss, in the process tasting his own cum on her lips.

Sandy lay beside Joe, her head on his chest listening to his heart beating. She was cradled in his arms, his free hand absent-mindedly caressing her breasts, his fingers lightly rolling across her nipples, just enough to keep them taut. She looked into the mirror to watch their bodies entwined, his hands touching her. She thought that she wouldn’t mind laying there like that forever.

After a while she felt Joe’s hand move from her shoulder down her back to her butt. She like the feel of his hand there, probing into the crack of her ass. Feeling the tiny hairs on her body raise up under his touch, she knew that he was starting to get excited again. Sandy loved Joe’s desire for her. He had told her time and again that he couldn’t get enough of her, that she was alluring and sexy. All these comments were lacking from her husband and she took great joy in Joe’s attention. When his fingers began to explore her pussy from behind, she knew that she wanted him again, as much as he wanted her.

Suddenly, however, Joe wiggled out from under her and got up to move across the room to their things. She watched his naked body as he walked, pleased to see that his erection had come back. Joe rummaged through their things until he found what he was after: Sandy’s favorite toy. Smiling a wicked smile, he returned to the bed, to roust Sandy from her reclining position and up onto her knees. Knowing what was likely to be coming made Sandy tingle. She loved to be taken from behind. Kneeling behind her, Joe began kissing and licking Sandy’s pussy again, all the time letting his hands run over her butt. At the first touch of the toy at the entrance of her pussy, Sandy nearly came, and when she felt the smooth shaft pressing into her, she did cum, her body shaking as she felt both Joe’s tongue at the base of her pussy and the toy deep inside her. When she heard the click and the felt the vibration sikiş hikayeleri starting, Sandy let out a deep groan, her head pressed against the pillow, her butt pressing back against the toy, forcing it deeper.

Joe got great pleasure in seeing Sandy in the midst of such ecstasy. Knowing what buttons got Sandy over the edge was something he learned quickly, and the way she responded to him was almost overwhelming.

A wave of orgasm washed over Sandy and she bucked and squirmed on the bed. Before she could catch her breath, Joe quickly moved behind her and replaced the dildo with his cock, now with a raging hard-on, ramming it into her forcefully. It was the violence of the stroke that set Sandy off again as she screamed and pushed back in an effort to get every inch inside her. Grabbing Sandy’s hips, Joe began pumping in and out of Sandy. Glancing to the mirror again, he became almost mesmerized by the sight of his body pressed against his lover, his cock pounding into her.

Sandy tried to muffle her cries of wanton pleasure with the pillow, afraid that she cries could be heard outside. Every fiber of her awareness was focused between her legs and the pleasure inside her there. As soon as one orgasm would start to subside another climax erupted. Just when she thought it couldn’t get better, Joe pressed his thumb against her asshole, applying that extra pressure that only served to heighten her ecstasy.

Her legs growing weak, Sandy’s body collapsed flat onto the bed, taking Joe’s cock with it. Getting ever closer to orgasm himself, Joe continued to pump away, her position making Sandy’s pussy close more tightly around him. Within a couple of strokes, Joe, too, was screaming, his cum squirting into her. Finally he collapsed on top of Sandy and he kissed the back of her neck before rolling off to lay beside her.

As he lay there listening to Sandy’s rapid breathing, he let his hand run along her spine, over her butt, and between her legs. He could feel their juices oozing out onto the bedspread, and he took a fingerful of cum and let it drip onto Sandy’s butt, before rubbing it into her skin.

This woman was amazing! he thought as he lay there caressing her, looking forward to the rest of their time together in their little love nest. Turning toward Joe, Sandy smiled and pressed her face forward to kiss him and he took her in his arms, naked body pressed against naked body, and they kissed deeply, passionately, both trying to capture the other’s soul, each wanting the afternoon to never end.

But they still had a couple of hours before going back to their respective lives. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they both knew that the next two hours would be even more satisfying than the first. Sandy reached for Joe, anxious to begin again.

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