The Mail Lady’s Daughter


I had been fucking my mail lady Joyce for awhile now. She decided she wanted to leave her husband and move in with me. She told me her daughter Sue was part of the deal, and I had no objections.

Sue was 20 at the time, and attending college nearby. We didn’t see too much of her until summer break began. Sue had her mothers features, but she had jet black hair that ran down to the middle of her back. She also had much bigger tits than her mother did. And boy did she like to display them!

Sue wore skimpy outfits around the house. Mainly tight t-shirts and very short shorts. My cock was always hard when she was walking by.

It was Saturday and Joyce had to work at the post office. It was just Sue and I lounging around the house that day. I had some chores to do around the house and I wasn’t paying very close attention to where Sue was or what she was doing.

I finished my work and was heading to the bathroom to get showered. Sue was just opening the door to the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her body. We nearly collided with each other. Sue tried to catch it, but the towel dropped to the floor as we ran into each other. She quickly grabbed it up and ran to her bedroom, but I caught a glance.

Sue was neatly trimmed around her pussy. Her tits were huge, but very firm. The nipples covered a large area of her tits.

I think we were sex hikayeleri both embarassed and even a bit aroused by what happened at the bathroom door. I proceeded to get my shower and then went to my bedroom to get dressed. When I opened the door to the bedroom I was in for a shock. Sue was lying there, the towel was underneath her and her legs were spread wide.

The sight of that young woman was making my cock twitch!

“What do you think Dan?”, she called out to me.

She was gorgeous, there on the bed. She had been touching herself and her nipples were erect, and her pussy was leaking. I dropped my towel, exposing my cock to her.

“God, mom was right!” “You are huge!”

I guess mother and daughter had been discussing my eight inch pecker. Joyce, her mother, couldn’t seem to get enough of me so she decided to move in and have my cock all to herself.

I was standing there stroking myself. Basically putting on a bit of a show for the daughter. She never took her eyes off my cock. I walked closer to the bed and climbed up over top of Sue. My mouth started to work on those luscious nipples. I sucked them, played with them, and bit them with my teeth.

Sue was moaning and wiggling her body beneath me. She had her legs up off the bed, urging me to do more. I felt her reach for my shaft, slowly guiding the head to her slit. My mushroom head was sikiş hikayeleri in place so I slowly pushed. Parting those sweet pussy lips in the bargain.

“Dan, I never had a cock this big, go easy please.”

I was pushing slowly at first, letting her become accustomed to my girth and length. I kept sinking deeper. Stirring her honey pot. She place her legs around me, pulling me into her. Finally our pubic bones hit.

Sue let out a moan and I started to fuck her faster. She met me stroke for stroke. She was tight and was gripping my shaft like no woman had ever done before. I worked my cock all around. Hitting her pussy walls, touching every spot inside her.

We must have been getting carried away, because I then heard a voice from behind me.

“What the hell are you two doing?”

It was Joyce, back from her postal work.

I never pulled out and I kept thrusting into Sue. Sue never stopped either, we were to far gone to quit now.

“Joyce, you said you both were a package deal,” I said. “Well, I am taking advantage of that deal,” I told her.

The truth was, I knew this would happen one day, Joyce would discover me fucking her daughter, and now was the moment I knew would come.

To my surprise, Joyce started removing her clothes. She got naked and sat down in one of our chairs and began to watch us both.

I have a move erotik hikaye I like to make when I have my cock buried in a woman. I flex my cock muscles. I just hold my cock in place and expand my cock. For most women, it sends them over the edge. Sue was no expception.

Her pussy went into a spasm. Her body was shaking violently, and she was breathing heavily.

I looked over and Joyce was fingering herself. She was so wet, her legs were pulled up onto the seat, and a finger was pushed into her hot pussy.

I told Sue, “Cum for me baby.” “Let your mom see what I do to you.”

“Mom, I am going to cum,” Sue cried out.

Joyce was too far gone to do anything but work on her pussy. I was ramming Sue with everything I had by now. I wanted us to cum together. I thrusted twice more, long cock strokes, and the damn broke.

Sue arched her back and I blew a load of my loving into her. She was milking my shaft and cumming herself. It went on like that for some minutes. I had so much cum in me, it seemed I couldn’t stop. Sue just pulled me tighter and held on for the ride.

What a ride it was! We eventually collapsed in each others arms. Joyce had also cum too. She moved over to the bed and joined us there.

“That was so hot!” Joyce told us.

Sue couldn’t have agreed more. She told her mother and me that she wanted to be part of our lovemaking from now on.

“I don’t want any other man but Dan,” she told us both.

She wasn’t going to get any argument from me, and her mother didn’t say no either. It was going to be an interested finish to the summer, it seemed!

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