The Man across The Bar Pt. 03


For a moment, my mind flashes back to the beginning of the evening. I never thought our casual night out would result in something like this. Ethan’s offer would have been delightful and welcome almost any time, but the suddenness and impulsiveness of the evening makes it more raw than it could otherwise be.

I’m so wet by this point that I can feel it creeping down my thigh. When I meet your eyes, they’re hungry and delighted, loving watching me show off for our guest. He’s still staring down at me smirking, waiting to tell me the prize I’ve earned.

“Please, Sir! Show me how you reward a good slut,” I beg dropping to my knees before him in eager anticipation.

He climbs off the bed and strolls briskly to the front of the room, commanding our absolute attention. “First, I’m going to fuck you. Then Rich is going to fuck you. While one of us occupies your luscious pussy, the other will have your eager little mouth, tits and hands all to himself. You will please us however we see fit, for as long as it takes. Do you both understand?”

“Yes, sir!” we exclaim together, exchanging excited grins.

I raise my hand, pretending coyness. But I remember the last time I spoke out of turn, and don’t actually ask my question until he turns his gaze to me and snaps, “Yes?” in an impatient tone.

“Which way are you going to fuck me, Sir?” I ask, trying to sound every inch the innocent.

At this he stalks wordlessly over to me, grasps my ankles hard, and pulls me to him. I squeal in delight, as you rush to my side, contemplating how you’d like to have your fun. Before you get much of a chance to decide, he grabs my hips and spears himself into me up to the hilt. It feels so good, I almost don’t hear Ethan’s appreciative moan as he fills me.

You grab my breasts and twist the pert nipples while you watch his first slow strokes into me. It feels incredible, and when I feel your warm, wet mouth close around one of my nipples, it takes enormous effort giresun escort not to scream with pleasure. You take each tip into your mouth in turn, swirling it with your tongue before closing your mouth around it and sucking as I writhe beneath you.

All the while Ethan is driving into me slowly and steadily, carefully dragging his shaft along my clit. I let out a small whimper whenever he thrusts home. The slow steady pressure begins to build, and I want nothing more than for him to speed up, and fuck me hard.

I wrap my legs around him, trying to tug him to me more quickly. When he feels me insistent pulling he chuckles and deliberately slows his pace even more. My clit throbs, and I let out a groan of frustration; this time Ethan stops all together, and when he withdraws he pulls out of me entirely. I open my mouth to protest, but don’t want to risk breaking the rules any further.

You tear your attention away from my tits to look up at him quizzically.

“Are you that dissatisfied with me, Marie?” he asks, mockingly.

“No, master, no!” I plead, “I just can’t wait to feel you pounding away at me.”

Ethan smirks a dangerous smirk, grabs my hips and flips me over. He leans over me to whisper in my ear, and I can feel the tip of his cock press the entrance of my slit as he does. You position yourself on the bed in front of me, your cock bobbing before my eyes. “Are you prepared to beg for it, slut?”

“Pleeeease, sir, please!” I gasp. “I need to be fucked now.”

He flashes a grin at you over my head. “How can I say no to an offer like that, Rich? Do you like watching her beg for another man’s cock?”

“Absolutely,” you murmur, inching your erection closer to my mouth as you talk, “I know that my Marie will be just as eager for my dick after she’s had yours.”

You pop it into my waiting mouth, and I immediately set about licking a sucking the purple, throbbing head, and I’m rewarded from gümüşhane escort a long moan from you before you continue. “Plus, while you’re having your way with her tight little pussy, I will be enjoying her incredibly talented mouth.” Not one to miss my cue, I redouble my efforts on your cock, driving it as deeply as I can down my throat and swirling my tongue around the head with every few strokes.

That’s when I feel Ethan enter me again. This time, the slow measured strokes are gone, and suddenly he’s grabbing hard at my waist, pulling me against him hard with every thrust. I cry out, but only for a moment; my mouth has better things to do tonight. I wrap one hand around the base of your shaft, and let his thrusts push me forward plunging you deeply into my mouth. I take a moment to savor the sensation, as there are few things more sexually gratifying for me than being between two men.

The orgasm that has been building in me since we left the bar suddenly overtakes me, and as I throw back my head a long, keening sound of pure pleasure escapes me. Ethan doesn’t stop his relentless rhythm, and it sends small aftershocks through my body for several minutes.

Just as I begin to feel his rod pulse and throb inside me, Ethan cries, “Present your tits!” I barely have time to come up to my knees and push them together before he sprays his load all over my chest and neck with a guttural groan.

You reach for me, clearly intending to taste the cum on my breasts, and clean me up a bit before our round, but Ethan puts a hand on your shoulder to stop you. “I want you to fuck her like this. She’s a dirty girl, after all.”

You smile at this. “I’ve always said she looks very pretty covered in cum.”

“I suppose I’ll let you choose how we start this round, Rich. I’ll need a moment to recover properly. What kind of a show are you going to give me?”

“Well, sir,” you begin slowly, “I’d definitely like to show hakkari escort you Marie’s skill with riding cock. Bring the chair over here between us to get the full effect, sir.” To me, you give the smallest of winks. I don’t know what, but you’re planning something.

He obliges, and I climb on top of you, slowly lowering my sopping pussy onto your eagerly waiting member. We both close our eyes in pleasure for a while as I slowly rock my hips, feeling you move inside me.

Our eyes are both pulled suddenly to Ethan’s low noises of pleasure. He’s stroking his already hardening dick, and watching us hungrily. I reach my hand out to grasp his shaft and guide him to stand. Just as I’m leaning down to take Ethan into my mouth again, I feel your hand twine in my hair and pull me away. Instead, you lean up and close your lips around the head with obvious relish.

I gasp and increase the speed of my thrusts a bit. I have always loved watching you suck another man. When you come up for air, I take my turn, gobbling Ethan’s cock greedily. When I offer it to you again, he cuts in, “Why don’t you share it?”

We need no more encouragement. You grip him tightly by the base as we let our tongues explore every inch of his cock and balls. We kiss occasionally when our lips meet, and each take turns suckling the head, which always causes it to twitch and throb. All the while, I’m riding your cock and an increasingly frantic pace.

Suddenly, the pleasure is too much to bear. I pull away from Ethan and focus all of my energy into riding you harder and faster. As soon as I pull away, you begin to suck him again in earnest. This is too much for me, and I come hard, almost blacking out with the pleasure. I hear you moan around Ethan’s hard dick as you explode into me.

It’s clear that he loves whatever you’re doing to him, because as soon as I recovered enough to be aware of my surroundings again, Ethan bucks his hips and empties his load down your throat, which you gulp down immediately.

We flop down all together in a rather sticky tangle of limbs, panting from exertion, but totally satisfied. We chat amiably as we clean ourselves up and get dressed. You and I give Ethan our numbers as well, and send him on his way with a promise that we will meet up again soon.

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