The Massage


Her neck had been giving her problems for week. She really looked forward to the massage she had scheduled for the afternoon. Massages always made her feel better, loosened her neck muscles, and provided relief from some of the tightness and pain.

She checked in at the studio and was directed to the first room on the right. The sea breeze suite. She loved it. The warm temperatures and soothing background music put her in her comfortable place. She took off her clothes and slipped under the thin sheet on the table. Her chest and stomach pressed into the soft surface and she rested her head on her forearms. Bliss!

The door opened and her masseur entered slowly. He was dressed in white, tight fitting pants and a short sleeved shirt that exposed his many tattoos covering his arms and hands.

“Good afternoon. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, lovely. Can you please work on my neck and lower back today?”


He stepped around her and positioned himself at the head of the table. He pushed back the cover, and she could feel the warm oil dripping onto her shoulders and back. The warmth made her feel eager for the touch of his hands.

He started working her back with long strong strokes, working the muscles of her back up to the base of her skull. She straightened her neck to allow him better access and opened her eyes.

He stood only a few inches away from her, and she could see his crotch right in front of her face. She noticed a well defined bulge in his tight pants and wondered what she would find if she was brave enough to pull down his zipper and explore.

She porno hikayeleri closed her eyes again and drifted off into a daydream. The idea of a swelling cock in the masseur’s pants had aroused her enough so that her thoughts now skipped through images of prior sexual encounters she had in the past.

She settled on an evening when she was meeting a friend in a bar. But her friend was a no-show and so she found herself sipping a dirty martini all by herself. She noticed a guy, several years her junior, across the room. His gaze was fixed on her and he seemingly was undressing her with his eyes. He was attractive. Tall, built, with thick arms and a pleasant face. She has had a series of disappointing dates in recent weeks. But maybe he had potential?

She looked straight at him, essentially signaling him to come over. He did and minutes later they were involved in meaningless small talk. She decided that while he was attractive, his conversational skills were not particularly advanced and his choice of topics was underwhelming. That did not matter though for what she had in mind. She knew that she was the predator in this exchange and suddenly interrupted him.

“Let’s go to my place. I live around the corner.”

Mostly in silence, they walked the few blocks to her apartment. She unlocked the door and turned towards him. She smiled and fell to her knees. With skilled fingers she unzipped his fly and fished out his cock. No underwear … nice! She sucked the head into his mouth and he responded immediately. Pleasantly surprised, she noticed that he was huge!

His sex hikaye cock was at least eight inches in length and as thick as her forearm. She grabbed the shaft and tugged on him a few times. Maybe this would be a much better experience than she had expected? Well, she needed it and needed it now!

“No talking; just follow me.”

She led him to the bedroom, slipped her dress off her shoulders and went back to sucking him. The sight of this massive cock has had the desired effect of getting her wet. She climbed onto the bed. On all fours, she raised her ass in the air and presented her pussy to him. She could feel the head of his cock line up with her entrance. In one thrust, he entered her and she gasped. He was massive and split her wide open. His cock felt great.

“Come on. Fuck me! But make it last!”

She had to hold on to the blanket and sheets on the bed when he started to rapidly thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. She looked back and saw his upper body tense and his muscular arms holding on to her hips. His defined abs tensed and released with every push.

He continued his rapid pace, seemingly unconcerned about cumming too quickly. She could feel her orgasm build even though she wanted it to last a bit longer. But the thickness of the guy’s erection was just too intense and her orgasm crashed over her like a wave.

He kept fucking her right through her contractions and with a load scream she came again. This time her pussy clamped down on him and he could not hold back any longer. With his final few thrusts he exploded into her and she came for a third time seks hikaye on his throbbing cock.

That was the time when she returned to reality and noticed how the masseur’s hands had worked their way up her legs and were exploring the insights of her thighs. She was aroused and wet. She was hoping that her scent of arousal and sex would go unnoticed. But she could not help herself and spread her legs a little bit. What if he wanted to get access to her pussy and play with her a little bit?

Her husband had always told her that such situations should be explored and enjoyed. She was a beautiful woman and other men were lusting after her. At least that had been her husband’s position while burying his hard cock in her pussy. But she took that affirmation as permission to let things go the way they might go now.

She could feel strong fingers stroke and knead her ass cheeks. His thumb worked its way down her crack and rested on her pussy. He could feel how wet she was and, as if waiting for permission, he paused. She lifted her hips allowing him better access. He entered her slowly, opening her in circular motions. He moved inside of her and used her other thumb to play with her clit. She was so worked up that it did not take much at this point.

For a moment she thought about how inappropriate it was to let her massage therapist finger-fuck her and make her come. But then she was already there, breathing hard, contracting around his thumb and cumming with a load moan.

He gave her a few seconds to rest and then covered her up with the blanket.

“Please take all the time you need. Rest and drink plenty of fluids today. I will see you for your next appointment.”

“Oh, you most definitely will see me again”, she thought and watched him leave and close the door behind him.

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