The Mixed Wrestling Club Ch. 03


The fight had been intense. The orgasms, even more so. She had won the first one, as she pretty much knew she would. And she felt powerful. Making him submit, riding his face, jerking him off with her hand. She didn’t know how much better it could get… until she did.

“Hey, babe. I kinda have an idea…” He looked up from his plate at her.

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“How would you like to involve a friend in this?”

It didn’t take him long to furrow his brows together.

“Your friend or my friend? What for?”

“Well, she is not a friend. But I think she could be fun. I mean we have never done anything before but I feel like she could fit in here nicely.”

“Please stop being vague. Who is she? And why do you want to bring her in?”

“Okay, well… she is a friend from a drunken night. She let it slip that she likes to… top guys and wouldn’t even mind sharing one with someone for a night. So I was thinking some double trouble…”

“Woah… wait. You want to wrestle me together? Two on one?”

“No honey… we’ll tag team it. And whoever makes you tap first gets the first shot at your cherry.” She winked.

This was somehow getting hotter. He had never thought how much he’d enjoy something like what just happened. And now there was an offer to double it. He was curious.

“Let me see what she looks like…” He smiled.

She smiled back. At least he was open to the idea. She grabbed her phone and flipped through her gallery and brought up a selfie.

“That’s me, and the one next to me is her.”

One look is all it took. She looked gorgeous.

“Her name is Kayla. Let me message her.” She quickly typed a message and sent it.

“There we go. If she’s in town, she should be up for it. She…” Before she could say more, her phone buzzed. She picked it up and smiled, looking up at him. Quickly, she typed something again and then left her phone down, looking up at him with a smile.

“You are going to get destroyed tomorrow!” She giggled.

The next day, the doorbell rang sharp at 4.

“That must be her. You ready for some serious fun?” Sky winked and walked to the door and opened it.

“Heyyyy!!” They both said excitedly in their girly voices, greeting each other.

“So. Where is my prize?” Kayla beamed, stepping inside and looking around for him. And there he was, apparently well prepared for today. She walked straight up to him and went in for a hug before her right hand made its way back between them and she caught his balls in her palm and his lips into a kiss. He was stunned.

“Oh this is going to be fun!” She cooed once she broke the kiss.

And here they were. On the mats. Ready to wrestle. He was in his briefs. And she had stripped down to her bra and panties. They both got onto their knees, and slowly made their way close to each other, bending a little, ready for a fight. Sky decided to referee for this one. Let Kayla have a taste of him herself. Tag team would always be an option.

“Your ass is going to be so sore tomorrow morning!” She teased and smiled. Her confidence was just something else.

He circled her too, but he was half assured that he’d lose. He went in for her hands and she went for his, until she suddenly grabbed his wrists instead, pulled him in toward her and slid aside, letting him Escort Bayan Esenyurt fall face first onto the mat. He began to get up, as she knew he would. She stepped in behind him and stopped him as soon as he got on his fours. She pressed her body down onto his from beside him and tried to keep him down. Struggling against both of their weights, he eventually collapsed, his elbows and knees buckling as he fell onto the mat face down. She quickly slid over his body and pinned his arms down beside him. She then took one of his arms and twisted it behind his back.

They were both panting, and beads of sweat had begun to glisten on their bodies. It had just begun, but they’d already spent a lot of energy while she was trying to get him down. Holding his twisted arm on his back, she lifted herself up, pushing her other hand down onto the mat. And she decided to have little fun already. She lifted her crotch off him and slammed it right back down onto his ass, laughing. She gave him a couple thrusts before getting off of him and standing back up.

“Come on. You’re so much fun that I give you one more chance!” She smiled.

He got back up and turned around to face her. He already seemed pretty flushed. Any guy would if a girl thrusted into his ass like that. She was going to make easy work of him, he knew. But he wasn’t going to go away without a fight. He didn’t pause for long. He went in for her again, to try and get some upper hand. But she pulled him in again and rolled as they both fell behind her. When he opened his eyes, she had him in a hug with his face trapped between her firm but cushion-y boobs. She was lying on top of him, smushing her boobs into his face and rubbing them all over while he struggled. He tried to push her off but he couldn’t move. In his attempts to try and escape, he was using up a lot of breath, and he wasn’t getting nearly enough of it because of her breasts cutting his nose and mouth off from air. Soon, her legs entwined against his and spread into a grapevine. He began to moan and groan under her. His groin muscles were aching from the stretch, she knew. But she wanted to push his limits and continued until he started making panicky noises. She then let go of some pressure and lifted her breasts off his face.

“What’s that?”

“You win… Please… Stop…” He panted back.

She eased the pressure and got off of him. She sat down beside him and ruffled his hair.

“Ooh boy.” She beamed as she said that.

“What should I do with you now?” She added, and began to look at him with an ever so slowly growing smile. “Can you do me a favour?” She then said.

“What favour?”

“I just need you to crawl out, and fetch me my bag. Just like a dog.” She said to him, a small smile on her face throughout as she said it. “Please?” She added, almost pouting.

He furrowed his brows but then got on his fours and began crawling. Kayla gave his ass a nice, ripe smack and he hurried on faster. The sound of her soft giggling laugh filled the room. He crawled out and took the top handle of the bag between his teeth and turned around. The bag wasn’t heavy, thankfully. Soon enough, he returned back to the room and made his way up to her in the middle of the room. Sky watched on as Kayla slowly assumed more dominance over him. Once he dropped Escort Bayan Avcılar the bag, Kayla ruffled his hair.

“Good boy! You can sit now.” She smiled.

He sat up on his knees.

“Now, I have one last thing I need you to do.” She said, standing up and looking down at him. “I need you to open the bag and without pausing or speaking, take what’s in it and put it on me as it is supposed to be put on me. Okay?”

He looked up at her but didn’t speak. She smiled as she looked down at him opening the bag and taking out what seemed to be the only thing inside it.

A strap-on.

He gulped and looked back up at her as he pulled it out of the bag. It looked like a fairly pricey dildo. It was not a plain cylinder like the basic strap-ons. This one had a proper shape, and even mild texture. It was attached to a harness.

“Go on.”

He held it at her feet and she stepped into the straps. He slid it up her legs until it was all the way up and she caught hold of the straps on her waist. She grabbed the straps and waited for him to back away. The dildo was hanging rather loose, facing downward. But she yanked on the straps and the rubber cock bounced up to point a little above horizontal. Kayla watched him watch and couldn’t help a huge grin.

“Don’t worry. It’s completely sterilised. Not that I’ve ever used it before. I just sterilised it in case, you know?” She smiled and grabbed her cock between her thumb and a couple fingers, moving it up and down a little, as if to check the weight and balance.

“Sit up, babe! You need to get me wet and slimy.”

As he sat up a little, she grabbed his hair and brought his face in front of her cock. She aligned his lips with the tip.

“Aaaaaa…” She instructed him like one would instruct a child to open their mouth to take a bite of food.

Reluctant, but he began to open his mouth. No sooner was it open wide enough that she pulled his face into her. Her seven-inch womanhood was inside his mouth now, collecting some saliva she hoped. She slid his head back so only her head was inside and then slid it back into her. She repeated this a few times before she slid him completely out, leaving her with a black cock glistening in slimy spit of her victim-to-be.

“Now we’ll play out the wrestling match again, only in a more figurative way. You know, because I practically fucked your ass!” She laughed out at her own joke. Even he had to admit, that was a good one.

“Back on your fours.” She grabbed his hair and pushed his head downward to get him down faster. When he was on his fours again, she knelt down behind him on one knee. She opened a zip in her bag and brought out a bottle of lube. She quickly poured some in her hand and lubed up her cock further before taking some and painting his crack with it. She let her fingers linger and rub between his crack a little more and he automatically spread wider. She smiled. She knew he would be wary of the cock and would want to be lubed up well. She had just made him open wider without even uttering a word. Oh, wasn’t he going to be fun?

“Are you ready for me, darling?” She asked. But it was not a question. It was just some words to distract him while she aligned her cock with his ass. She took herself into her hand and probed his ass for the hole.

“There Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü it is…” She pushed inward, slow as ever.

“Feel it. I want you to remember the first time I enter you.” She grabbed his waist to keep him steady and kept pushing in. Suddenly, her head was into him. The hardest part was in. Now it was just about the shaft. And she eased that in at the same slow pace as the head until her pelvis was touching his ass. She bent down over his back and nibbled at his earlobe.

“How does it feel, baby?” She whispered softly into his ear. Without waiting for a reply, she pulled her hips back and slid back in. And then she did it again. And again. And again, until she found herself going in a great rhythm. She had figured out his hole and the way in and out of it. She said it was her first time but she seemed like almost a pro. She leaned back up again and continued to slide in and out. He was gasping and breathing hard. He let out a groan once in a while but more or less he was just soaking it all in. She sensed it. And once she felt he was comfortable in her movement, she ramped up the intensity. Her speed slowed down but her thrusts began to come in hard. His entire body jerked forward when she delivered her first big thrust into him.


“You… know… how… hot… this… is… getting… me…?” She said, one word with each hard thrust into his ass. He was whimpering too. Guys didn’t know how how it is to get fucked, do they, she thought to herself. But every thrust was not just working his ass, it was also working her own pussy, with a small bulb that stuck out on the inside.

“Fuck! Yes! Take it for me!” She cried out, half in command, half in pleasure, as she rammed into him each time. She then grabbed his waist and began pulling his ass in close before pushing it away. She was resting her own body and rocking him in a reverse ride.

“Yeahhh… Push into me, babe! You want to, don’t you?” And she pulled his waist in hard again, while thrusting into him, resulting in a particularly loud moan from him.

And just like that, she slid out of him and pushed him onto his back.

“You want to help me finish him off, Sky?” Kayla spoke in a voice heavy from lust and breathing. Sky, who had been watching it from the sidelines and enjoying all the action finally walked up.

“You are so fucking awesome! Look how hard you got him!” Sky beamed at Kayla. Kayla smiled back and offered the ‘throne’ to Sky. Sky smiled and sat down over his cock while Kayla crawled over and sat on his face, facing Sky.

“I bet he’s going to come the hardest he ever has!” She giggled as she began swiping her pussy over his face. Sky also slid all the way down and the girls began riding him from both ends. For a moment, they both lost control and leaned over to kiss each other while riding him. They leaned in and caught each other’s lips in a soft lock, sucking and licking while riding him. Kayla let up a little and got her ass off his face to let him breath. He could see them both kissing through Kayla’s legs.

Nothing ever brought him home harder and he shot up into Sky, sending his entire body into a mini-spasm.

“Fuuuuuhhhhhhckkkkkk…” He gasped.

“Told’ya!” Kayla broke the kiss and beamed as if in victory. Sky smiled back at her as they watched his face change expressions as waves of pleasure flow over his body multiple times. Finally, when all the waves passed over him, he opened his eyes to find them still sitting on top of him.

“You’ve had yours, babe. But you’re not done before we have ours.” Kayla said and sat back over his face, grinding on it as if it were nothing more than her dildo.

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