The Movie


It looked like it was going to be another boring day in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. A small suburb just south of Philadelphia. I was scanning the newspaper and noticed a few new movies were being released today. One in particular caught my eye. I know it would sell out fast this evening, so maybe I could catch the matinee.

I jumped into the shower. The water was warm, and felt great as I soaped up my 6′ moderately well built frame. My wife has been away on business for the last week, I was feeling really horny, so the warm water and the slippery feeling of the soap had quite an effect on me. I could feel the blood starting to flow to my little buddy. He started to swell, as I stroked him gently at first.

(Imagining my wife laying naked in bed. Laying on her side, with one leg pulled up. I can just see the folds of her flower. The slight hint of pubic hair just teasing from between her thighs. I walk up to her and rub my hand down over her rear and just let my fingers touch the lips of her pussy. She stirs and rolls over slightly, smiling up at me. Taking me into her hand.) By now, I am really hard, I start to stroke a little harder and cup my balls with the other hand. My knees start to feel weak as I feel my excitement starting to peak. I let out a low moan, and my knees buckle Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir a little as I feel my body tremble with lust as I came hard and fast. MMMM, it felt wonderful as I just stood there and let the warm water flow over my shoulders, and down over my shrinking member.

I’m running a little late now, get dressed and out the door I go. As I arrived at the theater, I was in luck. It wasn’t crowded. Got my ticket, popcorn, found a seat in the back row.

People slowly start to filter in. A lovely young lady sat in the seat two from me. She was quite pretty. Long straight brown hair, beautiful deep brown eyes. Very sharply dressed in a knee length skirt, and a sheer silk blouse. More and more people were coming in and filling the theater. Forcing me to move over next to my very beautiful neighbor.

I got comfortable leaning back in my seat, resting my hands on my knees. As the movie began, I realized it was going to be a very steamy, erotic love story. The movie was very erotic, and I noticed the beautiful young lady next me starting to fidget in her seat. I feel her knee start to touch my fingers as I rested them on my knee. I look over at her and she smiles very sexily. I’m sorry. I smile back, and nod. I was speechless İstanbul Escort with her beautiful smile. I notice she is really restless, she reaches over and touches my hand lightly. Smiles, and asks if I mind. No not at all. She takes my hand into hers. I look at her, My name is Michael, and you? She just places a finger to her lips and shuush. My name is not necessary. I can be whoever you would like me to be.

She places my hand on her knee, and slowly slides it up under her skirt. I feel the heat coming from her panties. I slide my finger under the edge of her panties, and just touch the outer lips of her pussy. She moans lightly and sinks down into her seat, spreading her legs slightly for my touch. I slide my fingers under the sheer fabric and cup my hand over her. I slide my fingers along the warm, very moist folds. I can feel her clit swollen and hot. She grabs my hand tightly as I touch it. Easy, she says. It is really sensitive. I slowly circle her clit with my finger, wet with her juices. she leans her head back and lets out this very low purrr.

I want to taste her so bad. I slide my hand from her and place my fingers in my mouth as I look into her eyes. MMMM, warm, sweet. I slide my hand up under her panties and place Escort İstanbul a finger inside of her. She leans back and moans. Rubbing her breasts thru her blouse, she whispers, fuck me with your fingers. I want you to make me cum.

She is so hot! My cock is throbbing, I want to fuck her right there. With everybody around, I didn’t care then, I wanted her. Not yet, she says. She reached over and gave me a light squeeze. Be patient. She says. Make me cum!

By now she has sunken down in her seat and spread her legs for me. I pulled her panties aside and slid 2 of my fingers inside her. She started riding my finger, bucking her hips up to meet my hand. The whole time trying to keep it quiet. U whisper in her ear, cum for me baby, cum hard for me. I want to taste you on my fingers. She starts bucking harder, I can feel her start to tense up. She raises her hips off the seat as she lets out this very low groan. She is trembling, cumming, the feeling subsides and she sinks back down into her seat. I can feel her pussy still quivering, it is very wet, and I place my fingers to my lips. You are wonderful sweetheart. She just moans, looking into my eyes and smiles. She kisses me deeply. My tongue touches to hers. Then she fixed herself up and she was gone. I didn’t even get her name. But what I did have was a wonderful, erotic memory. When I got home I found she had slid a business card into my pocket. On the back was written “I am only in town for a few more days. Call me. I will make your wait well worth it.”

I just smiled devilishly, and reached for the phone. But that is another story.

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