The Mummy Princess, Chapter 1

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Kevin Marks was making his rounds at the San Diego Museum of Man as he had every night since taking the job five years ago. An ex-military man, he was in charge of security at his base in Iraq so security was one thing he knew well.And the museum was glad to have someone who was in the military in that position – there were a lot of priceless artifacts and displays in the museum and it took someone like him to protect them.The pride and joy of the museum these days was the new Egyptian exhibit set to open in a couple of days, and the star of that show was the sarcophagus that was reported to contain the mummy of an Egyptian princess.It was late one night when he stopped into the Egyptian exhibit on his usual walking around. He tried to vary his rounds making them as random as he could and still visit every exhibit and check all the doors and windows.The museum was a large, two-story building so it took him about forty-five minutes to complete each round. Having spent two tours in the Middle East, he had a special attraction to the Egyptian exhibit and so when he was in that area this time, he decided to have a closer look at things.He walked up to the sarcophagus and looked it over. He noticed the inscription on the side. Under the inscription was a plaque placed there to help visitors read and pronounce the ancient Egyptian writing, although Kevin needed no such help. He was quite adept at reading and writing the Egyptian language from his time over there.He leaned over the rope barrier that surrounded the sarcophagus a little to get a closer look at the writing.”Min yaqra hdha alnnaqsh sawf tutliq mawjatan min almawmia’i, wasawf takun lahum ‘iilaa al’abad,” he read the writing aloud. (Translation: Whosoever reads this inscription will unlock the spell of the mummy and it will serve them forever.)Suddenly the lights in the museum dimmed and a moment later they went out. With his flashlight in hand, Kevin made his way to the utility room where the electrical panel was located.He looked at the panel and noticed one of the breakers had been tripped. He flipped it off and then on to reset it and the lights came back on.”That was strange,” he said aloud to himself, then he went back to the Egyptian exhibit to check on things.Coming into the room he didn’t notice anything wrong and so he turned to leave. But just as he turned around he saw a beautiful dark-haired woman dressed in mummy wrappings standing behind him!”Holy shit!” he said, nearly falling backward over part of the exhibit. “W-who are you?” he asked.”I am Princess Azizah, daughter to King Al-Huzzah. And who are you that speaks the ancient language?””Kevin… Kevin Marks. I am security here at the museum,” he said, still trying to wrap his head around what was happening.”Well Kevin Kevin Marks, what year is it?” she asked.”It’s just Kevin Marks and the year is 2015,” he said. “How can this be? I died in the year 2560,” she said.”You died in 2560 BC. This is 2015 AD. That’s 4575 years.”I have been asleep for 4,575 years?” she asked.”Yeah, I guess you have. Your tomb was discovered only a year or so ago. I think that’s what I’ve heard. I know the museum paid a lot of money to set up this exhibit and avcılar escort bayan get all these things here.”Museum? What is ‘museum?'” she asked.”Oh, I’m sorry, you probably don’t know where you are right now! This is the San Diego Museum of Man in San Diego, California. Which, come to think about it, still doesn’t tell you anything because no one knew about San Diego, California, or even the United States when you were alive!” he said.She just smiled as he talked, having no idea at all what he was talking about.”So what do you remember from before you died, Princess Azizah?” he asked.”You may call me Azizah… I am no longer a princess as that life has long since passed and I’m not even in my own country anymore,” she said.”Okay, Azizah, and you can call me Kevin. So what do you remember?” he asked again.”Well, I remember life in my kingdom, living in the palace and my father. I remember seeing him… oh! I remember seeing the guards fall and those men–they killed him! And oh great god Amun, they killed me too! That’s how I died–those men in black robes stormed the palace and killed my family and me!” she said.”I’m sorry Azizah, but you are here now, and unless I knocked myself senseless when the lights went out, you are very much real… somehow,” he said.”Yes, I am real. The wizards of my time often put spells on the tomb and sarcophagus of the royals so that when the time came, their people could bring them back from the Underworld. When you spoke the words, you called me back,” she said.”Well, I learned Arabic fighting in the war in Iraq. I can read, write, and speak Arabic fluently,” he said.”Fortunately for me. And now that you have brought me back from the Underworld, I am obligated to serve you for as long as you wish,” she said, kneeling on the floor. “You are Pharaoh now.””What do you mean?” he asked.”I am your servant. I am here to serve you however you wish,” she said.”You mean like a genie or something?” he asked.Azizah giggled, “Well I don’t have magic powers, so I can’t conjure up wealth and riches, but I am yours to command however I may please you,” she explained.This last statement made Kevin’s cock twitch. She was quite beautiful, despite still being partially wrapped in old bandages. She was uncovered from the shoulders up so he could see her face clearly and the bandages still wrapped tightly around her body made it obvious she had a nice body under them.She was young, Kevin estimated she died in her early twenties, and whatever they did to mummify her worked like a charm… or the magic to bring her back did. Either way, she was quite lovely. He stood there for a moment looking at her, scanning over her enticing figure, her lovely face with soft pink lips and bewitching green eyes framed in her straight black hair.As he stood there, his eyes taking in the beauty before him, she knew just what he was thinking. She remembered such looks in her own past lovers and those who wished they were. She bit her bottom lip playfully as he stepped towards her. As he approached, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss.It had been over 4,500 years since she last felt the warmth of another’s beylikdüzü escort bayan embrace and as he pulled her to him she moaned softly into his mouth. Feeling the soft warmth of this Egyptian princess in his arms, Kevin forgot all about what he really held – a woman who was murdered 4,500 years ago and had been wrapped in bandages and buried in the desert more than 2,000 before the birth of Christ!To him, she felt every bit as real and alive as any woman he had ever held and a lot more passionate. Without thinking about anything but his growing desire, he pulled Azizah into a deep powerful kiss and felt the soft warm touch of her lips to his.It had been a while since Kevin had enjoyed the pleasures of a woman as well and kissing Azizah was definitely one of those pleasures! He could feel his cock stirring in his uniform pants and it was getting a bit uncomfortable. As he held the wrapped woman close, she too felt his growing excitement and it made her moan yet again.Kevin broke their kiss finally and pulled back a bit. He looked at the beautiful Egyptian woman, her eyes darting back and forth searching his face, looking for something. “Azizah… um… I know you are a princess, but…” he said, unsure how to approach what he wanted to say.Azizah knew what he wanted to ask because she wanted the same thing. “You are Pharaoh, I am yours to command,” she said, smiling coyly. She held out her crossed wrists and lowered her head in a sign of submission, giving herself to him.Without another word he swept her up into his arms and took her into the security office where they would have a little more privacy. Not that they really needed it; it was well after operating hours for the museum, and he was the only security guard at this hour. But it made it a little more intimate and personal for both of them, which was what he wanted.Once in the security office, he set her back on the ground on her feet. Then, as she held her breath in nervous anticipation, he began to unwrap the remaining bandages that covered her body.Back in ancient Egypt, when a body was to be mummified, they began wrapping the body at the feet and worked upwards, overlapping part of the new wrapping over the last wrap. So Kevin started at the top where the bandages stopped at her shoulders and began unwinding the cloth strips that had encased her for so many centuries.He noticed as soon as he started that Azizah was wrapped in the nude when she died, and as he took off each layer, more of her would be revealed than he first assumed.Azizah made no move to stop him or even protest; either she wanted this just as much as he did, or she knew better than to question or protest his actions. He looked up at her from time to time and she smiled at him shyly but anxiously anticipating what she hoped would follow soon.Kevin continued unwrapping Azizah and very soon he got to the point where he was about to unwrap her breasts. Once again he paused, uncertain what to do. He wanted to keep going, but he also wanted to be gentlemanly and respectful. Azizah saw his dilemma and tried to ease his mind.”My lord, it is all right. I am here to serve you, however, you wish. This body esenyurt escort is yours, to use in any and all ways you see fit. Do not be disquieted. You earned the right to this body when you spoke the ancient words and broke my slumber. I wish to please you and show my gratitude for releasing me. Please, my lord, continue as you please,” she said. Her bright smile calmed his uneasiness and he did continue.The next few wraps fell away and revealed Azizah’s full, ripe and very admirable breasts, capped with rose-colored nipples hard and erect, just aching to be sucked. He couldn’t resist giving those hard little buds an introductory lick and suck just to see her reaction.He was pleasantly rewarded almost instantly.”Ohhh…” she moaned as she felt his hot mouth close over her nipple and his tongue reach out to caress it gently. He began licking and sucking on her nipples more enthusiastically once he saw her reaction.Azizah put her hands gently on the sides of his head holding him to her breast and moving to the other one when it wanted some attention too. She thrust her chest out offering herself to him as he feasted on her.Kevin licked and sucked and chewed on her perfect breasts and her tender sensitive nipples as Azizah moaned and squirmed in his grip She wasn’t struggling to get free, in fact just the opposite. It had been so long since she had felt this kind of pleasure and she wanted to make sure every part of her got its share.But she needn’t worry about that. Kevin was enjoying giving her pleasure just as much as she was enjoying receiving it. Her moans, mewls, and coos of delight also delighted him and he did his best to create more of them in her.After he made sure her nipples and breasts had gotten plenty of attention from his hands and mouth, he began unwrapping more of his alluring present. He unwrapped her down to her waist and was surprised when he saw the large purple jewel stuck in her navel. He continued getting closer to his next stop.As he reached her hips he saw that her pussy was neat and well-trimmed with her pubes cut short and well-manicured. This shocked him as he had always thought that wasn’t a concern for women back in that time period. He just always figured that were au natural!”Azizah, you are… your hair is so well kept!” he said in surprise.”Do you like it, my lord?” she asked.”I do like it, Azizah, I’m just a little surprised that women back then did that. I just assumed that you just let it grow naturally,” he said.”Well, the common women did, my lord, but as a princess, I was expected to be beautiful in every aspect. I was expected to be pleasing and be an example to the other women of the kingdom. So I was taught to keep my hair trimmed short there, keep it shaved completely under my arms, and also taught how to put on my makeup as you can see,” she explained.”Yes I do see, and it is very nice. But I think you would be beautiful even without the makeup and primping,” he said, “You are a very lovely woman, Azizah.””Thank you, my lord. I am glad you find me pleasing,” she said blushing a little as she lowered her head.He reached under her lowered chin with his fingertips and brought her face up to meet his. She looked into his eyes as they met hers. “Azizah, I find you more than just pleasing. Much more than just pleasing,” he said.And it was true; Kevin was completely captivated by the stunning Egyptian princess. He’d dated other women and even had a couple of fairly serious relationships.

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