The Naive Odd Job Girl Part 3


The Naive Odd Job Girl Part 3It had been a few days since Sam left her washing with me and I had washed her panties 3 times due to the fact that I had been wearing and cumming in them, she hadn’t been back for them which was not problem on my part. Sue, Triston and Mary weren’t due today as they had other things on so I settled myself down for a quiet day. I decided to put Sams black panties on today as they were the only ones I hadn’t cum in yet and wanted to cum in them all.I decided to surf a bit on my favourite porn site, Xhamster and was watching a nice series of videos when my Viewing was interrupted with a message on Messenger, it was from Sam. She asked what I was doing and me being the honest guy that I am told her I was watching videos wearing her panties, “Oh Wow” she responded and told me to keep them on and that she would be over.Well, this brightened up my day and my cock got harder with the thought that Sam was going to visit. I carried on watching the videos rubbing my cock through the fine panty fabric when I saw Sam walking up the garden path, she saw me through the window and waved. She looked pretty, wearing just a loose fitting summer dress which when caught in the direct sunlight almost became transparent.I opened the door and Sam stood there smiling looking me up and down and seeing the bulge in the front of her black panties, smiling she said “Very nice Frank, they suite you” she had a big grin on her face, I invited her in and showed her into the lounge, as she walked in the sunlight showed bahis firmaları off her sweet curves and I could see she had no bra, I could clearly see the outline of her panties through the thin fabric of her dress which was quite short and buttoned up the front.She had a clear view of the computer screen and commented that she had never seen porn before so I suggested that we look together. I sat at my desk and invited her over but instead of pulling up a chair she decided to sit on my lap, as she lowered herself on my lap I felt my cock grow as I felt her body on me. Her eyes were glued to the screen as I put my arms around her and started to rub her nipples through her dress.There was no resistance so I slowly started to undo the buttons on her dress, before long her dress had slipped to the floor and we both sat there in just panties, Sam’s were white today. As she sat and watched the video which was a run of the mill fuck video she started to gyrate herself and now my cock was bulging at the seams. As I played with her hard nipples Sam began to moan and before long she had her hand between her legs frantically trying to release my cock from its housing, once done she maneuvered it between her legs and pulling her own panties to one side my cock easily slipped in to her wet hole.She started to bounce up and down taking the full length in to her belly, moaning and groaning with pleasure it wasn’t long before she started to shake with her first orgasm. I felt her juices on my lap and she kept pumping me and as I kaçak iddaa pinched her nipples she pumped quicker and quicker and when she reached down and cupped my balls the tingly feelings were running through my whole body until I felt Sam shake again and with one last big thrust I felt myself unload a stream of hot spunk deep inside her, I felt it spurt three or four times until there was nothing left, Sam collapsed on to the desk and I lay back in the chair totally motionless, feeling the mix of liquids mixing on my lap.We sat there for a few minutes getting our breath back until Sam got up and stood by my side, she did look good in just her white panties which were now very wet, she looked down at me sitting there in her black panties, my limp cock was out and a mix of our juices evident. She saw a little semen come out the tip of my cock and bent down and started to suck every last drop from me while licking up the juices from my lap. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting hard again and as she bent down I put my hand on her arse and started moving my fingers inside her panties searching for her arsehole, using some of the cum that was accumulating in her panties as a lubricant it wasn’t long before my finger found the hole and started to push in, this was met with Sam taking the whole shaft of my cock deep in her mouth and the further I pushed my finger the harder she sucked my stiff member. My finger was now sliding easily into her arse, lubricated by the juice mixture and I was finger fucking her arse kaçak bahis right up to the knuckle, her sucking was becoming intense and as I felt my nuts tighten I held her head down as I unloaded another hot stream of spunk deep into the throat. Sam gagged as she tried hard to swallow and she did a great job.Sam stood there, her small breasts pert and nipples still hard, her small tight white panties now very wet and a hint of pubic hair seen through the thin fabric, a glimpse sneaking out the sides and top making it for an awesome view. I pulled her close licking at the front, taking in the sweet taste of her juices mixed with my cum that was evident, the sweet aroma filling my head.Sam hadn’t finished, she bent me over the desk chair and slowly pulled off the black panties I had been wearing, parting my cheeks she then proceeded to run her tongue up the length of my crack stopping at the hole entrance to flick her tongue around before repeating the process. My crack was wet and now she started work on rimming me, her tongue darted around the opening before I relaxed and allowed her in, when her tongue entered me it sent shivers through my whole body.Sam began to tongue fuck me and was slowly reaching around and softly rubbing my cock back to hardness, as she slurped at the wetness of my arse she brought her fingers into play and it wasn’t long before not one, not two but three fingers were pushing up my wet hole, my cock was raging with her wanking me with the other hand working my arsehole with her tongue. When the fourth finger entered it really hit the spot and a third load of hot liquid shot from my hard cock. Sam was good and she was learning fast, maybe I should introduce her to Mary and Tristan, what a party that could be!!!

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