The Neighbor


His neighbor asks him to help her with something at her place. She takes him to the bedroom and asks him to help fix a shelf. He says he needs a hammer and screwdriver. She leaves the room.

When she walks back in He has hidden behind the door and He closes it behind her. Before she can turn He runs one hand into the back of her hair and the other around her waist towards her inner thigh. He pulls her into him and She lets out a moan as He pulls her head back with a tug of her hair. The tools she was holding clatter on the floor as she sinks into his grasp.

The warmth of His breath moves up her neck, her enticed skin feels His kiss below her ear. His hand at her thigh moves up and under her pants and panties.

He spreads her legs with His knee and slides his hand between her thighs. She feels his fingers run down both sides of her pussy, back up and over her clit.

He keeps his hand in her hair and whispers in her ear, “Do you want me to play with this pussy?”

She bites her lip and responds “I don’t know if we should. What if my husband comes home…”

He slides Escort Beylikdüzü his fingers back down the sides of her pussy lips, back up but stops before her clit. She moans and begins to feel his cock as it grows with excitement.

“I guess if you don’t want it…” He trails of slowly sliding his fingers above her pussy, up to her side and gives her breast a firm caress.

He releases her hair and slides his hand out of her shirt.

“No!” She belts out, surprising even herself. “I… I want this. No I need this. I want you to take me and fuck me. Manhandle me and satisfy this need.” She says softer.

She goes to turn but he stops her and says “Take off your cloths but do it slowly.”

Her shirt is the first thing to go followed by her shaking her ass out of her pants. Kicking them to the side she starts to undo her bra. He turns on some music. “The Hills” by the weekend starts playing. She begins to move her ass back and forth as she drops her bra and begins to remove her panties. She bends over so he can see her pussy as she takes Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan takes them off.

She feels him He puts his hand on her back before she can lean back up and pushes her back down. He runs his hand over her ass, cheek to cheek, then down in between her thighs. She feels his fingers around her pussy and up to her clit and back. He slides a finger in to see how wet she has gotten. She moans as he slides it back and forth once, twice before pulling it out and moving back to circle her clit. She moans loader as she gets closer to climax.

“Are you going to cum for me?” He asks her.

“Oh please!” She exclaims as he slides in two fingers. His thumb caress her clit and his fingers go in and out of her pussy, arched to caress her g spot. She cries out as she tightens on his fingers, her body shaking in waves of euphoria. She cums once and then again.

He slides his fingers out and she feels the head of his cock up against her lips, slowly sliding in, just the head. In and back out, she moans wanting more, he thrusts once Beylikdüzü Escort going deep inside, then back to just the tip.

“Please, I want it all!” She moans.

“Not till you cum for me like this” He replies.

His command gets her wetter and she moans and wines as she starts to cum, her tight pussy squeezing his throbbing cock.

“That’s a good girl.” He says with a smile,”now you get it all.” He replies and thrusts deep into her.

She cries out happily as His cock thrusts in and out hard and fast, she cums once immediately, then again.

He pulls out, gets her up and sits down on the edge of the bed. “I want you to get on my cock knees on the bed.” He says to her.

She does as he asks and slides down onto his rock hard cock. His hands go back under her ass and he stands up lifting her off the ground.

“Oh my God!” she lets out as he begins to pound her pussy while standing there. She cums right away and begins too again as he moves to the wall and presses her back against it. Fucking her deep and hard. She cums again, her pussy milking his dick with her orgasms till he can’t take it and bursts.

He puts her down and gets up to get a Powerade and takes a drink, removes condom and puts on another. Flips her on back and holds her legs apart, his tongue slides up and down her pussy lips, playing with her clit. She moans and bites her lip as she builds to her orgasm.

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