The New Life Begins

Double Penetration

After we showered and dressed, we ordered breakfast from room service. We were both starved for food, after totally satisfying each other with our lovemaking all night long. As we ate, we planned our day, continuing to touch each other and wishing we could spend our time together in bed.

As we entered the elevator and rode down toward the lobby, you gave me a wicked little grin. “I’m harder than I was last night.” I reached over and checked…then smiled. Your cock was bulging in your dress pants. “It’s a good thing that baggy pants are in style,” I teased, giving you more than a longing glance. “I wish I had time to take care of that.”

“We have time,” you smiled, reaching over and pushing Avcılar Escort the button for the next floor. When the elevator stopped, you took my hand and pulled me down the hallway to a deserted stairwell. You opened the door and pulled me against you as you stood in the corner. “No one will bother us here.” You unzipped your pants and I knealt before you…licking my lips in anticipation!

Oh how huge and beautiful your cock was… I had it buried deep within my throat before you could say another word. I sucked and licked you, grasping your shaft between my hands, tasting the hot salty moisture that had been dribbling from the head of your cock. I Beylikdüzü Escort fondled and licked your balls, they seemed to grow as my fingers caressed them. “Mmmmm…” I moaned as you began to move in rhythm to my own rhythmic motion. Your hands were grasping my head and you began to moan as well. You were quickly cumming…and your hot juices overflowed from my mouth.

“Oh my god…” your voice echoed down the stairwell, “Oh god, Summer…fuck me. Oh, my god.”

Your hot cum filled me up. You tasted like no man ever had for me….so creamy and spicy. I swallowed as much of you as I could, and when I looked up at you, you obligingly held out a Esenyurt Escort handkerchief and wiped my lips, smearing it with your cum and what was left of my lipstick. You leaned back against the corner wall, a satisfied grin plastered on your face. I sat down on the top step and tried to repair my make-up, which was now smeared across my face. It was such a bizarre situation that we both began to laugh.

“How did we ever live without each other?” you asked, joining me on the step, casually putting your arm around me and giving me a gentle squeeze.

“We weren’t living,” I replied. “Just existing. This is REAL life. I hope we can always be this crazy, I feel so alive with you.”

“Me, too.” you answered, giving me a little kiss. “OK, this time we HAVE to go meet our new landlord and get our apartment lined-up. Ready?”

I nodded, and we walked down the last two flights of stairs to the lobby. As I stole a glance at your pants, I could see that your bulge was back again…

What a delicious man!

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