The New Slave Ch. 03

Big Dick

Chapter 3 Lorin Takes A Turn

All of them were astonished if not somewhat grossly shocked by the unbelievable amount of cum that was present. It was obvious that the slave was exhausted as he lay panting on the exam table. He was barely moving and his breathing was slowly returning to normal. He appeared to be trying to rise off the table but it was so slick in his juices that he kept falling. He was still lying on his stomach, his massive cock pressed under him, sticking out from between his outstretched legs. He was now disappointingly flaccid. Caren unhooked the electrode lead lines and carefully pulled the probe from out of his cock. There was a squishy pop as the probe pulled out of the thick cock head and then the customary dribbling as his cock expelled the last amount of backed up sperm. Using a probe, especially such a large one for such a large cock, tended to block the urethra. Upon release, the balls pump hard to expel the sperm. With the probe blocking the urethra, the sperm literally explodes by the probe on its way out. There is almost always sperm present behind the probe after orgasm, thicker fluids that didn’t make it past the probe. She then removed the sperm soaked band from around his balls and carefully inspected all of his genitals to insure that there was no injury from the slave’s frantic jerking and writhing. Obviously he had enjoyed himself, but sometimes slaves can get carried away when forced to cum, especially when forced really hard.

The doctor knew a variety of ways to force a slave to ejaculate, most pleasurable but some not so pleasurable. In time she would employ all of them to know which method would produce the most ‘product’ from this slave. She already had a large amount of ‘milking slaves’ but this one had produced more product than any 5 of them combined. This new slave was a virtual milk machine in terms of quantity. Now she would have to find out how long he could last, in regards to keeping up that quantity. His quality was exceptional, but how long would he be able to keep producing these enormous amounts. It was not profitable for the doctor to allow slaves long rest periods. This was her business, not their pleasure. In time the new slave would become accustomed to being milked on a regular basis.

The slave was slowly coming around, becoming more agitated at his predicament. With the sedative wearing off, he was becoming fully aware of where he was and what was being done to him. Over the years of female domination, the attitudes of the subservient males had quickly changed. In the earlier years males had literally begged for sexual contact, anything that would give them release. Males paid for sex in any venue imaginable. But now, with every aspect of life being controlled by females, the male species had come to reject almost all aspects of sex. No longer did they crave sexual attention or any form of sexual response. It was as if they had created their own mental chastity belts. It was no longer something of pleasure, but something that was demanded of them. And in the new slave’s case, being milked like a stud bull was humiliating and degrading. But the world had changed and the males were being forced to change with it. Slaves in the entertainment industry had become resigned to their fate. Most of them enjoyed a lifestyle that their slavery afforded them. Since they were in demand, they were treated better and lived a staring role in their owner’s world. Since they were considered “money makers” for their owners, they lived a rich lifestyle. As in life, some had it better than others.

As the doctor continued her quick exam of the gooey slave, both Rachel and Lorin stood back, watching. They just couldn’t believe how much had come out of him. Neither made a move to help the doctor, with there being such a mess all around the restrained slave. Seeing this, Caren told Lorin, “Get him cleaned up, I don’t think he can get any messier.”

She figured that the security officer had already had fun with the slave, and that Lorin could play with him for a while. There was no doubt in Caren’s mind, that there was still plenty of milk in the slave. Lorin hesitated, not use to cleaning up such a mess. Normally the doctor would call in some of the servant girls or even the lesser slave girls. But this time, the doctor didn’t want word to spread too fast, about this new endowed slave. They would all find out soon enough. Caren told Lorin to use the hose, that it would easier. She also knew that Lorin was more than aroused, judging by her intent gaze on the slave’s genitals. Even though Rachel didn’t get to ‘use’ the slave, she would at a later time. For now, Lorin, her trusted personal assistant could play with the new slave.

The slave was still trying to rise up off the table, as if he didn’t know that he was restrained. The doctor had thought that he was fully awake, but sensed that maybe he was more sedated than she had thought. Each time he would try to rise on his knees, he would slide in the white goo, falling back down. Together, the doctor and Lorin got him up and rolled him over on his back. His cock flopped around from one side to another, still somewhat fattened by his recent orgasm. The doctor tilted Escort bayan the table, slightly downward at the feet and instructed Lorin to use the spray hose to clean him. Getting the water warmed up, Lorin turned the gentle spray on the half conscious slave, quickly washing the sticky globs from him. With the table tilted as it was, the cream tainted water quickly washed down the table, into a large drain on the floor. Rising up his hips and back, they washed under him, finally sending the last remants of his orgasm down to the floor. Looking down, they were all surprised at just how much sperm was stuck in the drain filter.

After getting most of the sperm off of the slave, Lorin took a washcloth and began to gently bath him, rubbing his thighs and stomach with the warm cloth. Turning the heat up on the water a little, she aimed the water flow directly onto his still gooey cock and balls. His response was immediate as his cock began to elongate and fatten. Apparently he was ready for another exam. The doctor just smiled as she reached over and turned the water temperature up. The doctor knew that the hot water would have an arousing effect on the nerve endings in his genitals. As the hot water splashed on his cock and balls, his body jerked as if trying to protect himself. Directing the hot flow right at the underside of his cock head, he quickly swelled and was rock hard in a matter of minutes. The doctor told Lorin to stop the water, fearing that the heat would make him cum too quickly. Obviously he responded well to hot stimulus. Lorin quickly did so, then grabbed a towel and started patting him dry.

The slave was still tightly restrained, laying on his back, his cock sticking up obscenely. Without permission, Lorin couldn’t help herself and reached out, wrapping her fingers around the thick shaft. The doctor just watched as Lorin began her turn, gently pumping the shaft. After several strokes, she suddenly remembered where she was and looked up at Caren. In her most mocking little girl voice she said, “Well, Rachel got to play with him. Now it’s my turn.”

Caren just laughed, watching as Lorin gleefully continued her rubbing. Lorin had been with the doctor for a long time. Her professional demeanor in public made her seem like an ice queen, business like, calculating, and cold. But Caren knew the real Lorin, who had a voracious sexual appetite. She was in her late 20’s but in public, during business, her business suits well hid her petite athletic body. Many times the doctor had to stop her insatiable assistant after she had completely worn out a male slave.

The doctor just watched as Lorin began what would surely be an arousing sexual demonstration. Her stroking was gentle and only went from his pubic bone, up to just below the head. She wasn’t pulling the foreskin over the thick head, like Rachel had been doing. Caren knew from experience that the new slave was far from orgasm, seeing that his cock head was still somewhat soft. It hadn’t begun to flare, indicating that he was approaching orgasm. It didn’t take but a few moments before all of them could hear the squishy sound as Lorin’s hand forced out a large amount of pre cum. His cock head and foreskin, as well as most of Lorin’s hand were covered in the clear fluid. One thing that Caren admired about Lorin was her manual dexterity. Her hands had performed miracles on slaves that been emptied of cum. Once a slave had been milked to empty by a machine, Lorin could come in and always coax another load from the quivering male.

The slave’s breathing was starting to become erratic and within a few minutes, her continuous coaxing started a gentle thrusting in his hips. Lorin was mesmerized as she kept watching her hand sliding up and down the glistening muscles, the head beginning to swell as the clear fluid continued to flow out of the mouth. The slave’s eyes were wide open, watching Lorin as she continued to pump him. Both Caren and the security officer had noticed that Lorin’s other hand had crept down under her short skirt and was beginning an obvious movement between her thighs.

After several minutes of working on the slave’s cock, Lorin stopped. She smiled at Caren, and then quickly removed her skirt and panties. Tying back her long blouse she looked up surprised, “What? I’m just getting it out of the way in case of any accidents.” Even the slave was wide eyed, taking in Lorin’s petite form. He was even smiling.

Lorin again began her handwork; her breathing starting to get raspy as she closely watched the slave’s cock. His hips were thrust outward, as if to give her more of his cock to work on. The more he pushed out, the firmer her grasp became on the meaty organ. Her strokes had become harder, pulling his foreskin up over the swollen head, almost in rhythm with her other hand’s quick movements between her legs. Caren had witnessed Lorin’s sexual episodes before and now found herself wondering who would cum first. She bet that it would be Lorin, since the slave had just pumped out an enormous amount of milk, less than 15 minutes before. He appeared more than ready to do it again. His breathing had now turned into a pant and his hips were moving rhythmically Bayan escort with her jerking hand. He was trying to match his thrusting with her hand jerks, to intensify what was sure to be another thick orgasm.

Lorin had slowly leaned onto the exam table, almost on top of the slave; her face only inches from his face, her head turned watching closely what her hand was about to produce. Having no embarrassment, her hand frantically moved between her spread thighs. By the squishy sounds coming from below the exam table, it was obvious that Lorin was close to cumming. Her breathing was now coming in quick fast pants and she was beginning to moan.

Slumped against the table it was obvious that her orgasm had started. Her entire body tensed as her eyes flickered shut, her fingers moving quickly in and out of her soppy wetness. She took one deep breath and held it, a long moan coming from deep in her throat. Her hand tightly squeezed his cock in mid stroke, the foreskin pulled tightly over the flared head. She continued her frozen grip on the slave’s cock as her own orgasm washed over her, her body shaking, spasms racking her pussy, clutching at her deeply embedded fingers. Caren winced as she watched the foreskin stretch tightly over the cock head, turning blood red and puffy from the iron tight grip. She knew that Lorin was inflicting one very painful hand job to the new slave. He didn’t seem to be having any problem since his hips were still pumping hard against her grip.

As Lorin’s orgasm began to subside, Rachel and Caren just looked at each other and smiled as Lorin slowly slumped over the slave’s chest, her hand still tightly gripping the foreskin stretched cock. Lorin just lay across his chest, trying to catch her breath as the last contractions of her pussy were slowing. Her tanned legs barely able to keep her standing, she pulled them back together, only after the two women saw the tell tale signs of her wetness smeared on her inner thighs. The slave was still panting, harder than he was moments before. It was obvious that he was at the edge.

Lorin slowly rose up from his chest, realizing that she had been squeezing the foreskin and cock head tightly. This was common for Lorin, loosing track of her surroundings as her own orgasm took over her. Blushing, she moved her face up to the blood engorged cock and gave it a slight kiss on the severely stretched foreskin. Immediately, the slave pushed out his hips thrusting his cock toward her. Understanding this, Lorin jerked down hard, stretching the foreskin down to his pubic bone, completely exposing the swollen head. It was flared wide and pre-cum was streaming from the gaping mouth. She started jerking it hard, up and down; stretching the tender foreskin up high over the head, then back down hard, all the way to his pubic bone.

The doctor watched closely, knowing that the jerking motion was probably hurting the slave. Surprised, she quickly changed her mind as she watched his hips pump harder and harder, preparing to unload his huge balls, again. It probably was hurting him, but he was obviously enjoying it. Lorin was also enjoying her manipulations, watching closely and grinning as she continued her very hard jerking motion, popping his cock with each jerk. The doctor noticed in the popping action that the slave’s cock seemed to be almost double jointed, knowing full well that there was no joint in the male genitals. But this one was being jerked and popped in some odd almost impossible directions. She decided that she would check this at another time.

Suddenly, the slave’s hips rose off the table as his panting hit an almost impossible rate. A long moan came from his throat as the first thick rope of milk shot from his tortured cockhead. Lorin immediately slammed his hips down on the table pinning him there, his hips pushing upward off the table as another long rope of creamy goo shot out of him. Pushing his hips up off the table again, several more thick spurts shot high into the air as Lorin gripped him harder and increased her jerking action.

The large spurts cascaded through the air, falling thickly onto Lorin’s arms and the slaves belly and thighs. He was still panting, but would suddenly take a deep breath, as if it helped force out more of the milk from deep inside the quivering balls. After several smaller spurts, his butt dropped to the table and his legs shook. Lorin continued holding him down as her hand continued the hard jerking motion on the spasming cock. She had done this hundreds of times before and knew that there was still more inside the quivering male balls.

She had often joked that she didn’t know what she enjoyed more, her orgasm or making a slave orgasm forcefully. She’d then laugh and say “Mine.”

Watching closely, she continued her hard rubbing, forcing more sperm from the mouth of the slave’s cock. Slowing her jerks, she began a squeezing motion from the bottom of the shaft upward to the head, ensuring that every drop of his milk was taken. Even as the slave’s cock was quickly wilting in her hand, the milking action continued with more and more coming out of him. The slave wasn’t even moving as Caren moved in to check him. Escort She had thought for a moment that he was unconscious, but found that he was only resting. The past 25 minutes had been more than demanding on his genitals. Even while covered in his own sperm, Caren pulled up the bloated soft cock and examined it. Lorin was known to get pretty rough with slaves but this slave seemed to respond well to her roughness. She could see that his cock was reddish pink and very puffy, the foreskin beginning to swell. He was already huge, and this only made him look bigger. All three of them were impressed.

In checking his sac, Caren had to probe really deep to grasp his balls and pull them back down. Surprisingly, with the huge amount of sperm that had been extracted from him, his balls should have decreased slightly in size. But in this slave, they had not. If anything, they felt fatter, rounder, maybe even puffy and thick. The doctor then knew that this slave would respond well to what was known as testicular manipulation. She had already seen evidence of that with manipulating the inner cords and tubes of his ball sac. All in all, his genitals seemed to have gotten somewhat bigger with all of the attention paid to them by Lorin and Rachel. This was a good sign. And with the amount that was obviously splattered all over his thighs and belly, this slave would be a very heavy producer.

Lorin just stood there, dreamily looking at the slave’s genitals. She was relaxed from her own powerful orgasm and still feeling the effects of it. Rachel handed her a towel and she slowly wiped off the sperm covering her arms.

“Ummm, he is good,” she said, to no one in particular. “I think I could have a lot of fun with this one,” she said dreamily. Both Caren and Rachel just laughed at her.

The doctor, looking at the mess everywhere told Lorin, “You messed him up, you clean him up!” Lorin groggily agreed and went and got more warm wet towels.

The slave was coming around too, his head moving around watching the ladies’ movements as they busied themselves around the exam room. Lorin was almost back to her normal business self; her breathing now normal, her dress pulled down primly and her blouse buttoned back and tucked in. She was moving slowly, a dull throbbing sensation between her legs, not to mention an over abundance of her own juice still seeping from her engorged pussy lips. Given a little more time, Lorin wanted to continue what she considered to be an appetizer. What was laid out in front of her was a virtual smorgasbord of male meat and juices, and she had only sampled the first course. She wanted more.

She dutifully set about cleaning up the slave, only making her more conscious of his assets. As she wiped away the still warm globs of his milk she couldn’t help but notice that his cock was deliciously fat. From all of her rough milking action with her hand, his foreskin was puffy and wrapped tightly around the head. He still leaked a steady stream of clear pre-cum, indicating to Lorin that he was ready to go again, with just the right stimulus. Lorin knew that she had the right stimulus as she felt the warmth building between her legs. Given the time both of them would be exhausted and drained, but not today. The doctor knew what was going through Lorin’s mind; she had seen Lorin in action, too many times. Lorin had only been getting started, quenching her own desire and accidentally quenching the slave’s. Caren didn’t mind, she already suspected that there was plenty of activity left in the slave. She had decided that she would find out, once the two young women were through with him.

Lorin continued cleaning the slave, who with his occasional moans and the elongating of his thick cock was showing his approval of her cleaning methods. He wasn’t thickening up any more, but the head had pushed out from behind the thick swollen foreskin and was dripping like a leaky faucet. Amazing, the doctor thought to herself. In less than 30 minutes the slave had pumped out from between one half to three quarters of a cup of male milk. This slave was going to be her prize slave, or better put, her prize cow. Once he became accustomed to the milking machines, he would be a bountiful producer. But for now, he was a new ‘asset’ to the company and would go through more examinations.

The doctor began to notice that Lorin was paying very close attention to cleaning and re-cleaning the slave’s now growing cock. There was no doubt that it was beyond clean, but she was tenderly rubbing it up and down with the warm towel, making sure to get every square inch of his tenderized skin. Literally, she left no hole untouched. It had begun to take its toll on the slave as his cock slowly rose from his belly. It was a slow growing erection but getting thicker by the minute. Lorin’s attention was preparing the slave to cum again and they all knew it. Finally the doctor had to tell Lorin to clean the rest of him, that she suspected that his cock was more than clean. Even Rachel stood mesmerized and watched as Lorin continued her gentle rubbing and pulling. It was obvious that Rachel wanted to play with the new slave again. As instructed, Lorin turned her attention to the huge ball sack, washing it down and tenderly wiping away the last thick strands of drying sperm. It had literally gotten everywhere. Spreading his legs wide, Lorin washed between his thighs and the massive sack, paying extra attention to squeezing and probing them.

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