The New Slave Ch. 51


Chapter 51, Sun’ Li Prepares Ross, Sexually

“Ross, this is Sun’Li,” Mistress Francesca said with a slight giggle. Ross sat there and watched as the stunning but tiny oriental female entered the room. She looked no more than maybe 18 to 19 years old, dark skin with a creamy complexion. She had a beautiful face and long straight jet-black hair. Her hair was thick and luxuriant with her bangs cut straight across her forehead just above her more than expressive large eyes. She was absolutely gorgeous. Ross immediately recognized her as a slave, dressed as she was. She was wearing only a pure white very short silk sarong, tied at her left hip. It was no bigger than some of the loincloths that Ross had seen female entertainment slaves wearing. This one was cut in such a way that her entire left leg was exposed from the tie at her hip. The right side hung loosely off of her shapely hip, and only hung down to about her upper thigh. In all, it barely covered her tiny but gorgeous body. She was barefooted and nude from the waist up. She had tiny breasts almost to the point of being flat chested, with very small soft nipples.

“Hello Sun’Li,” Ross said politely as he watched the gorgeous creature silently enter the room and walk up behind Mistress Francesca. As a slave, she stood behind her Mistress until allowed to move further. Her gaze never left the floor as she entered the room. She was carrying a small leather pouch in her hand.

“I instantly knew that you’d like her,” the Mistress said with a laugh. “See, I know you a lot better than you might think,” she quietly added. She also nodded and smiled at the growing bulge between Ross’ legs. Ross had softened considerably as Mistress Francesca had finished with him, only moments before. But it was obvious with Sun’ Li in the room, that Ross’ cock was fattening and beginning to grow as Sun’Li quietly waited for the Mistress. Sun’Li had not raised her eyes or even her head since she entered the room. She stood motionless and silent behind Mistress Francesca.

“Sun’Li, this is Ross. He is the one that I told you about,” Mistress Francesca said softly to Sun’Li. Sun’Li silently moved forward to a position where she stood immediately in front of Ross. Her head barely rose up to look at him. She looked indifferent as she looked directly into his eyes, her gaze never seeming to notice his nude form. Standing directly in front of Ross, he estimated her to be not even 4’10” tall. She was very petite with the exception of her shapely hips and legs. She stared at him for a moment, as if studying him. Both Ross and Mistress Francesca waited for a response from Sun’Li, who said nothing.

“Hello Sun’Li,” Ross said again softly this time with a smile.

“Sun’Li, you can talk openly here. Ross is a very dear friend of mine. You can speak to him. He is a good person, in more ways than one,” the Mistress said softly with a chuckle.

“Hello Ross,” Sun’Li said as she glanced up at his eyes again, smiling softly. Ross could smell a faint scent of vanilla on her. It was a warm and erotic scent. “He is very large. You told me that he would be but I wasn’t expecting his balls to be so large,” she said as she looked down between Ross’ legs. Her glance downward caused an immediate reaction in Ross. He could feel a twitch run through his cock as her attention was drawn to his ringed organs. He could feel himself begin to swell. Sun’Li smiled as she saw his reaction. She had no doubt that is sexual reaction was completely due to her.

“You speak such good English,” Ross mumbled, glancing at the Mistress. She just smiled back at him.

“You mean that I speak English very well. Obviously better than you do,” she said with an innocent smile. “I studied at Harvard. I think that English is a pre-requisite for entry level at most American universities,” she quickly replied. Ross blushed red in the face. His embarrassment was obvious.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that …” he muttered.

“There is no need to apologize. I should be the one that is apologizing. I’m being very rude to my Mistress’ friend. I am sorry,” she said sincerely. Her face blushed as she spoke. “I am not use to speaking with men. I have not been around that many,” she quickly added. She glanced back at Mistress Francesca for approval.

“That’s ok. I know both of you well enough to know that neither of you meant any harm. I am sure that both of you would get along very well, if you got to know one another. Sun’Li is here to do some slight, how should I say this … modification to you,” the Mistress said looking directly at Ross.

“Modification?” he asked quickly.

“Well, maybe modification is not the right word. Sun’Li is very talented in many different aspects. Just like you, she is an entertainment slave. I found her about a year ago and bought her for Darcy. She’s been a ‘pet’ for Darcy for all that time,” the Mistress explained.

“A pet?” Ross said glancing at Sun’Li. She was now standing silently, her head bowed toward the floor again.

“Yes, a pet. I bought Sun’Li as a gift for Darcy and they’ve been together ever since. To my knowledge, they both enjoy each other very much,” the Mistress explained. Sun’Li only Escort bayan smiled and blushed as her gaze continued down at the floor.

“But I thought that Darcy …” Ross interjected but stopped before he finished. He immediately knew that he was being insensitive in front of the Mistress and Sun’Li. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply anything. I guess I’m just being an ass tonight,” he said dejectedly.

“No need to apologize again. There’s no way that you’d know it, but Darcy is bi-sexual. She enjoys males very much, but she prefers to be with a female. She is very popular with my guests in the realm of sexual matters. What confuses most people is the fact that Darcy is usually seen in male-female scenarios,” the Mistress said with a grin. “Most of my guests would rather watch Darcy devour a male, rather than see her with a female. I know she’s not your favorite person, but I’ve had Darcy for a long time. She’s almost like a daughter to me. Sun’Li was a present to Darcy,” she added.

“And you, Sun’Li, what do you prefer?” Ross asked, glancing at Sun’Li.

“I prefer to do what I’m told to do. I belong to Mistress Francesca and she has given me to Darcy,” she said with an innocent smile.

“Tonight, Sun’Li is going to be involved in the show with you and Darcy. I have found that my guests absolutely love her. They enjoy watching what she can do, not to mention this gorgeous little body. But first she is going to modify you, or maybe I should say adjust you. Actually, what she is going to do is modify your body and your abilities,” the Mistress said with a devious smile. “Don’t worry. It will be painless and Darcy already knows what is going on. It’s a show. The audience doesn’t know anything except for what they see on stage. We’re just going to enhance the show a little. Since Sun’Li has an intimate knowledge of Darcy and her sexual likes, she is going to modify you to help out Darcy,” she added with a laugh.

“This sounds really strange,” Ross said sheepishly.

“No no, it’s not that mysterious. Sun’Li is going to enhance you in a way that will send Darcy over the edge. Your enhancement will help to enhance Darcy, which will help to enhance the show. Everyone benefits from just a small adjustment to your body. This will arouse everyone, you included,” she explained. “We’re running out of time. Let Sun’Li get started and she can explain it all to you. Sun’Li?”

“He is very large. I’ve seen some bigger males but I don’t think that Ross will be a problem. It’s his balls that are different. Does he cum a lot?” she asked innocently. She reached out and traced a line down Ross’ balls with her fingertip. His cock twitched as she watched her fingertips slowly moving over his taut skin.

“Unbelievably,” the Mistress answered quickly with a big grin. She couldn’t wait to see Sun’Li begin her work on Ross.

“I think that I can modify him without any problems. I suspect that with this ball size, he might cum very quickly, but I can work around that,” she explained. She glanced up at Ross and smiled at him. She reached out and took his soft cock into her tiny hand. She held it in the palm and just watched it for several moments. Just her attention started Ross to grow thicker and begin to lengthen. She watched intently until his cock obviously stopped growing. Once it stopped, she simply pressed on it with her thumb for only a second, and then stopped. Immediately, it continued to grow fatter and lengthen until it stopped again, from lack of stimulation. Once it stopped again, she used her thumb and gently pressed on it, starting the action all over again. Within a few minutes, his cock was rock hard and laying flat in the palm of her hand.

“I told you that he was large,” the Mistress said as she watched Sun’Li.

“It is a very strong cock and the head is already large,” she said as she knelt down in front of Ross. Her being bare breasted and the skimpy sarong only helped to keep him hard. Her beauty mesmerized him. She knelt in front of him, holding his cock in her palm. She grasped the base of his cock and held it at an angle, looking straight at the head. Using her long fingernails, she gently peeled open the puckered mouth, looking down into the urethra. She asked Mistress Francesca for a clean towel. Using the towel, Sun’Li wiped away the free flowing pre cum from the head and peeled open the mouth again. Looking inside, she gently slid the fingernail of her little finger, into the opening and pushed into him gently. He jerked slightly as he felt her fingernail move into him.

“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” Sun’Li asked sincerely.

“Just a little. Your fingernails are long, but it really didn’t hurt,” he said, trying to be brave. He still had no idea of what Sun’Li or Mistress Francesca had in mind. He was again leaning back on his arms, his hips thrust out in front of him, and a gorgeous Asian beauty only inches from his cock. She glanced up at him and smiled. Her fingernail was still embedded deeply inside of his cock head. She glanced back down at the cock in her hand and quickly pushed her fingernail in deeper. Ross winced as he felt her little finger open his cock head wider. She immediately Bayan escort pulled her finger out and examined the fingernail.

“I’m sorry for that, but I had to know if you bled a lot,” Sun’Li said non-chalantly. She looked closely at her fingernail and saw a very tiny fleck of blood. “I think that he will work very well. He doesn’t seem to be a deep bleeder,” she added, glancing back at Mistress Francesca.

“Good. Ross, let me explain. I told you that we wanted to enhance you, so that you can enhance Darcy, and ultimately enhance the show. That is why you were enhanced before you came here, and that is part of why you were milked before you arrived. Since Sun’Li has an intimate knowledge of Darcy, I have found out that Darcy is more than responsive to being stretched,” the Mistress said.

“Stretched?” Ross quickly asked. Sun’Li was still holding onto Ross’ cock, examining it, pulling back the foreskin and looking closely at it.

“As tough as Darcy likes to act, she’d never admit it, but she enjoys being stretched. How else can I put it? Sun’Li was kind enough to pass this information on to me. With that in mind, tonight the audience is here to watch you impregnate Darcy,” the Mistress said before Ross cut her off.

“Impregnate?” Ross said looking up at the Mistress. “You’ve got to be kidding,” he quickly added.

“Don’t worry. You’re not going to actually impregnate her. Remember, all of my guests are women. They enjoy the thrill of watching. They’re all very sexual voyeurs. Tonight, as a ‘part 2’ so to speak, they are going to watch you get your revenge on Darcy for the last time in the arena. Darcy will be restrained and you will feed your seed into her, for the audience’s delight. They will know the concept when they see you enter her with no condom. They’ll be ecstatic. But I say don’t worry. Darcy can’t get pregnant. The audience doesn’t know that, just you, Sun’Li and me. You can unload all you want into her. But for Darcy’s enjoyment, you’ll not wear a condom and Sun’Li, to ensure Darcy’s undivided attention, will enhance you even more. You stretched her last time and now, it will be even more. She’ll love it,” she said with a gleam in her eye.

“This sounds like punishment for Darcy,” Ross asked quickly.

“It is all arranged to look like punishment to Darcy, but Darcy is in on it. She’s aware of everything, except for your newest modification. Darcy really is one of my favorites. I want to make sure that she enjoys tonight as much as I’m sure you will,” the Mistress said with a grin. “Now you see why you were enhanced before you got here,” she added.

“If she’s in on it, then I can understand. Are you sure that she’s fully aware of all of this?” Ross asked, the nervousness obvious in his voice.

“She’s definitely aware of it. She’s actually very aroused just thinking about it. She was very turned on last time, so tonight’s performance is a guarantee,” Sun’Li added in. “Believe me, I know her very well. This is how she likes males,” Sun’Li said with a smile.

“Ok. I’m not sue about this, but if you want to, then we’ll go ahead,” Ross said glancing down at Sun’Li. It was obvious to Ross that Sun’Li was aroused by the thought of the performance. Her nipples had grown larger and were erect. For Sun’Li, her nipples betrayed her thoughts. She was definitely turned on.

“Then let’s get started. Sun’Li, what do you need?” the Mistress asked.

“I’ll need some Q-tips but everything else, I already have with me,” Sun’Li said as she opened the small leather pouch. As she opened it, Ross could see an organized collection of packaged sterile thin needles in varying gauges of thickness. All of the needles were about 3 to 4 inches long and had a colored tip on one end. He immediately recognized them as acupuncture needles.

“Acupuncture,” Ross said as he watched Sun’Li take then carefully from the pouch.

“No, not exactly, but it’s a very similar concept. About the only actual similarity is that they all came from the Orient. I learned this many years ago when I was younger,” she said as she readied her instruments.

“Years ago. But you’re so young. Did you learn this as a child?” Ross said, watching her curiously.

“I’m older than you think. I just turned 30,” she said with a smile. It was obvious to Ross that she was confident in her looks and sexuality. She was gorgeous and she also was aware of the fact. She had no qualms in being nude or in her sexuality. She reached up and took Ross’ hard cock and examined it, especially the area around the base of his cock on the top of it. She felt his skin carefully and pressed on it, watching the blood return when she removed her finger. She again peeled open the mouth of his cock head and peered deeply inside. Ross was curious as to what she was looking for, but didn’t ask her. She then carefully selected several of the thin long needles and placed the packages on a clean towel next to her. Remaining on her knees, she was at eye level with Ross’ organs and only inches from them.

“Should he be restrained?” Sun’Li asked seriously.

“Should he be? Why?” the Mistress asked curiously.

“When I begin, I don’t want him Escort struggling or moving around. I need him to remain absolutely still. Can he do that?” Sun’Li asked, turning around and looking back at the Mistress.

“I don’t know. Can he?” the Mistress answered with a grin, looking at Ross.

“I’m not sure what we’re about to do, but I will be still, if that’s what you need. Will this hurt?” he asked seriously.

“There is some discomfort, but there is also a lot of pleasure involved. With what I’m about to do for you, you’ll be very pleasured and be capable of giving pleasure to Darcy. But you must remain still,” Sun’Li added as she looked up at him seriously.

“I’ll remain still. What do you want me to do?” Ross asked, glancing at Mistress Francesca. Her arousal and interest in what was taking place had her distracted as she watched Sun’Li and Ross’ cock.

“Sit in this chair,” Sun’Li answered as she rose up and got a chair from nearby. It was a rolling chair with no arms and a low back. Ross couldn’t help but watch her shapely butt move as she walked barefooted across the room. His massive erection signaled his interest in her. She had Ross sit down in the chair and move his butt up to the front edge of the seat. In this position, his balls were hanging down below the seat level. She instructed him to lean back and placed his arms behind him and his hands were to hold onto the bottom of the chair. She then had him spread his legs wide and put his feet back to the rear of the chair. He did as he was told and found the position to be very comfortable. Sun’Li quickly took an unfolded towel and placed it under his genitals, putting the folds under his thighs to hold it in place. She then placed a folded towel under her knees for her own comfort as she took up a position between his outstretched legs.

“I find all of this to be very arousing,” Mistress Francesca said as her eyes continued to focus on Ross’ enlarged cock and his balls hanging down below the seat level. “It’s all very kinky in a medical sort of way,” she said with a big grin.

“You must hold very still or I will hurt you,” Sun’Li said as she looked up at Ross. Ross nodded in agreement. “Ok, just relax and allow me to move you as I need you moved,” she said as her hand gently began to rub his cock. He immediately moaned as her hand gently pumped the already hard cock. He was over stimulated before Sun’Li entered the room and now she was moving him toward the inevitable. She watched his eyes closely and his body movements, gauging his level of arousal. It was obvious to her that he was already starting out at a high level of arousal.

“This will help you,” Sun’Li said as she quickly picked up a tiny bottle of liquid. She took a dab from the bottle onto one fingertip and began to gently rub it into the top right side at the base of Ross’ cock. She pressed down firmly as she rubbed the tiny drop of oil into his rigid skin. Just the closeness of her and her attention to his cock was causing his body to feel an aching desire to cum. He wasn’t sure what a single drop of oil on his cock would do, but it did feel warm and very good.

“Now hold still,” she said as she quickly picked up one of the packaged needles. She opened the package and took out the needle by the colored tip, careful not to touch the needle itself. She placed her left hand under his rock hard cock and gently bent it downward, forcing the skin to pull tight on the top and at the base. She immediately placed the needle at the right side top of his cock and gently pushed it into him. He jerked as he felt a slight prickly sensation. She continued to ease the needle into him, holding his cock firmly as she maneuvered the needle in deeper.

“Oh my gosh,” Ross said as he found that he barely felt anything. Mistress Francesca moved up beside Sun’Li to get a better look. A tiny drop of blood appeared at the injection site. With the needle embedded into the base of his cock, Sun’Li let go of his cock and watched it for a moment. After several moments, she was satisfied that she had hit the nerve and that he was not softening any. Ross and Mistress Francesca were both shocked. His cock remained rigid, a steady flow of pre cum leaking from the puckered mouth. If anything, his cock seemed to grow more rigid and hard. A large vein on the top of his cock suddenly appeared from the increased blood flow.

“Very good. Let me have the Q-tips,” Sun’Li asked of Mistress Francesca. She immediately grabbed the box and handed it to Sun’Li. Sun’Li used her fingernails to gently peel open the mouth of Ross’ cock and gaze inside for a moment. She then picked up a Q-tip and gently pushed it into the gaping mouth of his cock head. She moved it around for several moments, collecting as much pre-cum as she could. She then removed it and discarded it, reaching for more Q-tips. She looked into the mouth again and then took another Q-tip and again swabbed the inside of his cock head for several moments. Satisfied that he was sufficiently dry inside, she quickly took a thin metal tube from the pouch. Using her fingertips, she peeled open his cock mouth and slowly but firmly inserted the wide oval inside the gaping mouth. In essence, she was forcing him open wider and deeper inside the head with the metal oval tube. She then took another Q-tip and inserted it into him, deeper this time and swabbed farther back into his still hard cock. Completely dry, she sat back and examined his cock visually.

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