The Night


I could barely hear the music playing in the background over the running water in the tub. The bubbles were mounting quickly, and beginning to tingle around my nipples. The candles were lit all around the edge of the tub, and their scent of cherry was consuming the air. I slid down into the water and my mind quickly began to wonder as I took a long slip of my fresh drink I made prior to heading to my bath. I knew a hot bubble bath and a strong Fuzzy Navel was exactly what I needed to calm my jittery nerves prior to “the night”.

While sponging the warm water over my shoulders, the streams of water were quickly trickling down my neck, and over my breasts. My nipples were already hardened from the bubbles, but the rush of the water made them even harder. Each time this occurred my mind would flash with anticipations of my evening ahead. I could almost feel his hands touching my shoulders, and moving lower until his fingertips were playing with my nipples. As I opened my eyes, I realized my vivid imagination was again working overtime, and I needed to finish my bath so I would have plenty of time to prepare myself for the evening ahead.

When I stepped out of the tub I found myself just standing in front of the mirror looking at myself, wondering what he would touch first. Would he caress my shoulders while kissing my neck, or would his mouth be tempted to tease my breasts? The thoughts of him being so close to me, so close that I could feel his warm breath blowing over me nearly drove me insane. I did not know how this night would turn out, however, I certainly had dreamed of it a thousand times. I found myself again, having to stop the daydreams that were dancing in my mind, and to continue on my preparation for the evening.

I noticed that my hands were beginning to shake while trying to apply my make-up, so I knew I needed another drink. I certainly did not want to do anything that would impair my memories of this evening, however, I knew this would calm me down. The drink was a little stronger this time, and I immediately could feel myself calming down. I finished my make-up, hair, and had sprayed my body lightly with his favorite perfume, and it was now time to get slip on my new outfit.

I went over to the bed where everything was neatly laid out, and slipped on the deep purple thong panties. I had chosen this shade not to match my outfit, but because I knew this was one of his favorite colors. Next, the matching bra quickly embraced my breasts tightly, just as I knew his hands would soon. As I slide on the thigh high hose, again, I could nearly feel his hands sliding slowly up my legs beginning at the ankles and moving their way up. Everything he had ever told me he wanted to do to me was flooding into my mind at once. I composed myself again, and was able to attach the garters onto the hose. I then slid on the silky black mini skirt over my thighs and hips, until it snuggled nicely on my small waist. I knew the hot pink silk top I had purchased went well with my tanned olive skin, dark brown eyes and chestnut hair, complimenting me very well. I also knew that it was cut just low enough to barely see a bit of cleavage, which I knew he would appreciate. I quickly finished by putting on my silver choker necklace, bracelet, and earrings and slowly slid my feet into the high heels. Suddenly, I felt a rush of anxiety again when the phone rang.

My girlfriend was ready as well, and we were headed to the hotel bar. We met in the hallway, both looking absolutely radiant. We both had this look of excitement in our eyes, and were glowing from anticipation. We embraced as we sex hikayeleri walked and giggled all the way down to the bar. We knew their plane was scheduled to land at anytime, and the excitement of finally meeting our long distant lovers was getting ready to be a reality. The butterflies in our stomach were growing more and more intense as we walked into the bar.

Once we were seated, we chatted once again about how ironic it was that two best friends could have been so incredibly lucky to both meet two men online, in which we absolutely fell head over heels in love with, that actually lived in the same area of one other. A couple of drinks later, she spotted them standing in the doorway of the bar. It was as if the room became completely silent, and almost seemed completely empty. I slowly turned my head to the doorway and I gasped. Our eyes met, and he looked so very handsome. I was speechless and completely frozen. I had to remind myself to breathe. The only thing that I could manage was a huge smile on my face and to stare into his eyes. It felt as if his eyes burned deep into my soul, just as I knew they would.

Once the men walked to where we were seated, I stood up to greet him properly with a nice warm hug. He completely took me by surprise when he passionately kissed me. My knees went weak. His kiss was even more perfect than I had ever imagined. His lips were so tender and soft. I finally was able to catch my breath, and cordially greeted my girlfriend’s lover as well.

I could not take my eyes off of him though. He leaned toward me and whispered softly, “You look absolutely stunning honey, even better than I ever dreamed”. He had always complimented me on the pictures I sent him, however hearing him say that in person, was paralyzing. He immediately stood and asked me to dance. We had talked so many times about holding each other so close we could feel the other’s heartbeat, and now his body was finally going to be pressed against mine. I of coarse accepted with great pleasure. As he reached out for my hand, he escorted me to the dance floor. When he embraced me I could feel my heart begin to flutter. His arms were so strong, and he held me tight. I had never felt so loved, or so safe before in my life. He kept whispering to me while dancing, and his voice ringing in my ear was so familiar, but yet so different now. I could smell his cologne, I could feel his body pressing against me, his arms holding me tightly, and I could hear him telling me he loved me in my ear. I could feel myself getting very moist, and I know he could feel my hard nipples pressing into this chest. We danced around the floor, holding one another like we were the only two people in the world.

Finally, we decided to take a break- not because we were tired, but so we could actually sit and talk. We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were with another couple, however, they did not seem to mind our rudeness, because they were experiencing the same feelings that we were. The four of us finally left the hotel bar, and walked to a beautiful French restaurant. We all were seated at a table with a beautiful arrangement combining fresh flowers and candles. There was a pianist playing beautiful music in the corner of the room, which completely made that restaurant perfect for our evening.

Conversation never died, and the laughter from our table could be heard all over the restaurant. People had definitely noticed the four of us in the bar, walking down the street, and now in the restaurant and for no other reason but the obvious chemistry that the couples shared. I could see envy in their adult hikayeler eyes of the stranger that we passed, for the evident soul touching love and connection that each couple shared for their partners. Envy because this kind of love only comes once in a lifetime and only if you extremely fortunate. They could tell that we knew we were truly lucky to have found ours. Time was absolutely flying, and none of us seemed to mind at all. After dinner, we were informed by our waiter that the restaurant was closing soon, so we would stop dancing, talking and laughing, and move our party elsewhere.

We decided that we would head back to the bar, and continue our evening a little longer. None of us wanted this night to ever end, however we knew that was inevitable. Although I knew that my evening was far from being over. All I wanted was for him to wrap his arms around me and hold me close to him. After all the drinks I had consumed that evening, I was becoming more and more passionate, and he could definitely tell. The jitters had ended after the first dance, and the comfortable feeling was just as I imagined it would be and even better. We had spent so much time talking it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. I knew that in his arms was where I was supposed to be. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced in my life.

Throughout the night while he held me tight I would whisper things in his ear. The same things that I had whispered to him so many times before, but this time, it was definitely more erotic. I loved teasing him, as did he me, but now I could feel his mass bulging each time I told him how wet I was. I told him that I couldn’t wait to undress him, and touch his manliness. He knew all the things that made me hot, and I definitely knew the same about him. Between the dancing and his long passionate kisses, as well as the numerous drinks, I could barely stand it any longer.

I could feel that my pussy was swollen and sopping wet already, and I wanted to feel his hands touching me so bad I could hardly stand it. I had done well in managing to somewhat control myself all evening, but I could tell I would not be able to keep that control much longer. I felt his hands suddenly move onto my ass pulling me upwards and inwards, drawing me closer to his body which made my pussy throb and pulsate and a trickle of juice ran down the inside of my thigh. I began kissing on his neck, moving closer to his ear, and my tongue flicked across his earlobe.

I then told him what his tugging had just done to me. Immediately I could feel his cock move and stiffen even harder. The passionate kissing wasn’t helping matters, and he could not keep his hands from rubbing on my ass. I could tell that he was lifting my skirt each time he rubbed harder on my ass, but nothing seemed to matter to me at this point except his hands. The desire we both shared for each other was overwhelming. The desire to make love, to hold and be held, and to fall asleep in each other’s arms was something we both dreamed of since we met online. It was nearly unbelievable that tonight would be the night our dreams would come true.

We politely excused ourselves from our friends, and headed to my room. We had the elevator to ourselves all the way to the 12th floor, and lucky for me this elevator went slowly. He began kissing me the before the doors could shut completely and backed me into one of the corners in the elevator. His hands began roaming under my skirt, and I began to moan. His fingers found my clit that was covered with my panties, and he rubbed it over the material. The elevator sex hikayelerin was nearing our floor before he could get his finger slid under my panties and he realized he would have to wait a little longer before being able to touch the bare skin of my drenched pussy.

His arm was around my waist as I fiddled around in my purse looking for the hotel room key. Finally, I had the key in hand, and tried to open the door, but the adrenalin was overtaking my body and especially my hands. He gently took the key from my hand and maneuvered it in the door lock. The door opened. He held the door open for me and let me enter first. No sooner did the door close; I felt his hands begin to engulf my body. Kissing my neck, nibbling on my ears, rubbing my body with his huge hands. It was more than I could stand.

He always had been able to make my body respond to him quickly before, however knowing I was alone with him now, and knowing what we were about to share intensified my reaction to him. I began moaning louder and he knew what was getting ready to happen. He growled in his whispering voice as he had done so many times before in my ear, “yeah baby, oh yeah baby- cum for me”. He was still behind me, pulling me close to him, while groping my breasts. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing into my ass and his tongue was licking my neck.

My body quivered as a massive orgasm consumed me. I could not stop it any longer, nor did I want to. His hands never left my body, as he moved in front of me and began to kiss me deeply. My pussy was still releasing my sweet nectar as he began walking backwards pulling me with him all the way. He just froze for a second with his hands on my waist, and just looked at me. He wanted one more look at me dressed in that outfit. I knew what was getting ready to occur, because he had warned me all along of what he was going to do to me when we finally met. He hesitated for a brief second and then ripped open my blouse exposing nothing but the firm breast tucked in the deep purple bra.

The bra was nothing but lace and I could tell by his eyes that he liked what he saw. His hands gently touched my shoulders and pushed off the remains of my torn blouse onto the floor. His hands were so big, so manly, however with me so gentle. He touched me as if I were a piece of fine crystal and so fragile. His hands followed his eyes down my chest as he cupped my breasts. He then continued downward to my stomach and waist. He reached my skirt, and pulled me toward him and began to undo the button on the back of my skirt, then unzipped it, as it fell to the ground. He sat down on the edge of the bed with a look of shock and amazement as his hands traced over the garters and edge of the hose on my thighs.

Finally he slipped his finger between the edges of my panties, and could feel the flowing honey that was being trapped there. He withdrew his finger so he could uncover what was below the panties, as I moved closer towards him. He knew I had always loved to tease him, and this night was not going to be any different. I pushed him until he fell back onto his back, as I began to undress myself for him. He quickly propped up on his elbows to watch. He knew I loved the attention and to somewhat be in control of the situation, so he watched quietly. I turned around with my back facing him and unfastened my bra and let it fall to the floor and then. I slowly began to unfasten the garters and hose and slid out of my panties, making sure I found it necessary to bend completely over instead of letting the panties fall on their own. I made sure I gave him a quick glance while bending over to make sure he was still watching and gave him a devilish smile when I found he was.

I knew that our night was only beginning and all our fantasies would be coming true. I was determined he would never forget this night.

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