The Note


When I awoke that morning it was just like most other days, you had gone to work and I was alone in the house. As I sat up I noticed a dress laid out on the chair across from the bed with a note pinned to it. I crossed to the chair and picked up your note.

“Good Morning! Please shower, shave (and you will shave everywhere, but you may not cum in the shower), do your hair and makeup, and put on the clothes provided for you and ONLY these! You will find a Merry Widow Corselette, stockings, garters, petticoat, and the dark green dress. There is a pillbox cap on the front table to complete the ensemble when you leave the house to run your errands today. You will put your hair up in a loose bun at the nape of your neck. Do not use any ribbons or fascinators in your hair today.

“After you are dressed you may do your chores. I would like roast and potatoes for dinner tonight, so you will have to go to the store. When you leave for the store ensure that you wear the hat provided and that you place the egg in your pussy. You must have the gradual timer set for thirty minutes so that the highest frequency of pulses begins as you stand in line to check out at the supermarket. You have my permission to cum, but only after you have paid for the groceries. You may remove the egg and hat when you get home but you must keep on everything else.

“I will arrive home at 6:00 I expect my dinner to be on the table, You will have already eaten. You will be kneeling in the front hall when I arrive, you will serve me, and you will kneel beside me as I eat.

“I look forward to rewarding your good behavior.”

I read through your instructions several times to ensure that I follow them to the letter, and then I begin my day. I start with the shower. Lathering and shaving my legs, arms and pussy. Wishing it was you and trying very hard not to cum as my hands slide over my wet, soapy skin. I almost don’t make it out of the shower, and I have to change the temperature Escort bayan of the water a few times to cool off.

Once out of the shower I towel dry and do my hair and makeup just as you have instructed. I am confident it is perfect to go with the 50’s style dress you chose for me. As I dress again I am struck by the lack of underwear, surely an oversight, but I don’t want to be punished for assuming, so I skip them. I use the garters to attach my stockings to my corselette and pull the petticoat and dress on.

Chores are simple enough, vacuum, mop, dust. By 10 I am headed to the store. I pin the pillbox hat to my head, set the egg and put it in my pussy. The first buzz goes off low in my groin as I am pulling out of the driveway.

The egg is one of my favorite toys. set on a timer it starts at slow intervals with just a buzz, the intervals get shorter until there is a full-on vibrating egg stuck in my pussy. The best part is that no one knows it is there because, unlike a vibrator, I don’t have to operate it manually. Today the egg is working just as I am sure you had intended. I am pushing the cart through the aisles looking every bit the 1950’s housewife, and the egg is making me so horny! I can see people are watching me, and i’m sure they are taking notice. My nipples are as hard as rocks and I am so wet that i feel like i will begin to drip soon.

The egg kicks into full gear as I make my way to check out, and I’m sure that the checker can hear it as it vibrates in my pussy. I am trying so hard not to cum and feeling like the checker, who is also bagging my groceries, is going incredibly slow. Finally I pay and as she hands me the receipt I begin to cum hard. It takes every ounce in my to squeak out a polite, “Thank you,” and walk away without falling down. I can feel the cum as it runs down my black stockings and I now realize why you didn’t want me to wear underwear.

At home I cook dinner and I ensure I Bayan escort eat and I am ready when you arrive home. Kneeling in the floor in the front entry with my skirt spread around me and my head downcast. I don’t even look up as you arrive, but quietly stand and follow you as you pass. Once in the dining room I serve your dinner and kneel at your side. You take a few bites and murmur your approval.

You scoot back in your chair and beckon me to slide under the table where you take out your cock and balls which are already beginning to swell. I know in an instant what you want and I firmly take control of your cock with one hand while I fondle your balls with the other. my hand gently pulls back the foreskin and i slide my lips around the head as it peeks out from within the folds. As I begin to suck your cock slowly into my mouth licking and fondling as I go, your cock grows larger and larger. I get wet at the feel of your cock as it gets bigger inside my mouth until I can barely fit around it. I play with your cock with my tongue licking the head like a lollipop and slowly sucking you into my mouth like a Popsicle. I use my hand to pump your now engorged prick as my mouth moves to suck on your balls. licking them and taking them into my mouth. As you groan and finish your meal you scoot back from the table and bring me to my feet.

You lead me to the bedroom where you take off my dress and petticoat. You push me down so that my elbows are on the bed and my ass is in the air and you spread my legs. “I see you came in the store,” you say, “Did you wait until after you paid for the groceries?”

“Yes Sir.” I reply, proud that I followed your directions today.”

“You have been a good girl today, but you are very, very dirty. Cumming in the store. Fucking me with your dirty mouth while I eat. Do you enjoy being dirty?” you demand.

“I enjoy pleasing you, sir. I enjoy doing as you tell me.”

“Very well then. Escort Kneel on the bed.” you instruct.

I do as you say kneeling in the bed in my Corselette, stockings, garters and heels. You take something out of a drawer and begin to tie my ankles together, then you tie my wrists behind my back. You bend me over and spread my knees apart. Using your fingers you test to see how wet I am. “You are very wet.” you tell me, “It would please me to hear you beg for what you want. What should I do with my hand?”

“Please, Sir, I manage to push out, I would like you to play with my clit and stick your fingers into my wet hole.”

You start very slowly doing exactly what I asked for until I am moaning. “Now what?” you ask, “You can’t expect me to believe that a dirty girl like you would shave her pussy just so that I would use my fingers on her.”

“Oh, sir… Please… could you… Would you… Oh Please? I.. I need… I need you to lick my pussy!” I start moaning until the last is blurted out in almost a scream. The humiliation of having to ask and say the words that I know you want me to say pushing my limits.

“You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” you ask before plunging your mouth into my awaiting pussy.

“Oh! Yes, sir! I am a dirty girl! I love cock, and my pussy gets so wet for your big cock!. I love the feel of it as your cock slides in and out of me because I am a dirty girl! Please Sir, I need to cum so bad! Please let me cum!” I beg as you lick and slurp at my clit and pussy.

“Not yet,” you say, “First you are going to take this big cock up your pussy.” You say as you climb up and grab my hair. In one motion you slam your cock into my awaiting pussy and pull back on my hair making me scream out in pleasure. You continue your furious assault of my pussy pumping in and out as i writhe and beg below you to let me cum. Finally you bellow out, “Cum now!” and I cum hard the walls of my pussy pulsing around your cock as you continue to ride me, pulling out just in time to shoot all over my ass and back.

Tired and spent, you untie my arms and legs and guide me to the shower where we take turns cleaning each other off. Afterward we snuggle into the soft pillows of the bed where we fall into a deep sleep.

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