The Office Visit Ch. 04

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John was trying his best to come up with some innovative ideas when he thought he heard the elevator open. Pretty odd since Jesse would have been long gone and as far as he knew nobody else was around. He got up from his desk and started to walk toward the elevator. He moved silently and thought to himself “Well ain’t you something, Mister Master Geek Ninja. Sneaking up on some evil wizard who will fry you like a slice of spam if he gets first shot.” Then shaking his head he thought, “Whew…too many video games.” Carefully he stepped around the corner to see a shape standing by the elevator door. In a voice as ripe with authority as he could muster he asked, “Can I help you?” The figure jumped a little and spun around. Finding himself looking at Karen his mouth dropped open in amazement, “What are you doing here? How did you get in here?”

She let him continue stammering and said with a pout, “What’s the matter? Aren’t you glad to see me?”

With an effort to get his confused brain under control he finally said, “I’m sorry but you surprised me. I’m delighted to see you but I just can’t believe you’re really here. I’ve been thinking about you all night and now you’re really here. This is terrific but why did you come here?”

“Well,” she said, “I came to bring you a little surprise since it is our anniversary after all. You did remember that it’s our anniversary, didn’t you?”

“Absolutely, that’s why I’ve been so bummed out this evening.” Then with a big smile he said, “But now, here you are and things are looking up. What surprise did you bring me? Do you have a little bottle of champagne tucked away somewhere?”

She looked up at him with a coy smile, “Something like that.” And she opened up her coat. John’s mouth dropped open again as his eyes practically popped from their sockets. His startled gaze traveled up and down Karen’s nude form and when his eyes finally landed on the spot where her thighs came together his cock twitched at the amazing sight. She was hairless, as bald as the day she was born. She had shaved herself for him. He had asked about it a couple of times but when she said that shaving would make her feel weird he had dropped the subject. It never was that important, he just thought it would look damn sexy. And now she had done it, she had shaved the kitty for him. At that moment all he could do was stare thinking about how much he wanted to run his fingers along those bare lips, how much he wanted to feel his tongue glide along the smooth skin and into the folds of her pussy.

After a moment, Karen let her coat fall closed and she said. “Unless you plan on fucking me right here next to the elevator, I think we better find your office.”

John gave his head a little shake and replied, “umm, yeah…office” and started to move down the hallway. His mind was in a daze and his libido was running overtime. He could feel his heart pounding and every nerve seemed to be humming. Karen walked into his office right behind him and closed the door. Leaning against the door she let the folds of her coat fall open enough to reveal the lines of her body.

Finally gathering his wits John leaned back to sit on the edge of his desk with his legs stretched out in front of him and faced her. “I can’t tell you what a surprise this is and how much I appreciate it”, he said. Then he gave a devilish smirk, “On the other hand, I REALLY want to show you how much I appreciate your choice in clothing. I do believe that’s the sexiest outfit you own.”

“I’m glad you think so. It does always seem to get a rise out of you.” Then looking at him under lowered eyes, Karen said in her most sultry voice, “And speaking of rise, let’s see if anything has risen in the last few minutes.” She walked over to him as if she were a erotik hikaye oku jaguar hypnotizing her prey with her eyes. She continued to hold him with her sultry gaze as her hands undid his belt buckle and then moved to unzip him. Pulling on the front of his pants, she forced him to stand up and then slowly knelt down in front of him.

The rain dampened coat spread out around her, revealing her body to its fullest. Kneeling before him on the floor, John thought she looked like a freshly opened flower. The female sex in the center of a just opened bud waiting for the bee to come along and leave some pollen behind.

Slowly easing his pants and underwear down to his ankles, his own stinger sprang free and Karen could tell that he was more than ready for some attention. She looked up at him as her hands traveled up his thighs to his hips and back down again to massage his throbbing cock. John closed his eyes and allowed his head to fall backwards as her hands moved up and down on his shaft. Allowing one hand to cup under his balls she guided the engorged purple head to her lips and let it glide into the warm confines of her mouth. A moan of pleasure escaped from John’s lips as she tongued the underside of his raging cock and kissed the tip with a passion she usually reserved for special occasions. She moved her head back and forth, up and down as one hand gently fondled his balls while the other would occasionally run fingernails along his thighs or grab hold of the base of his cock and move up and down in tune with her mouth. After a couple of minutes of her best attentions she could feel him start to tense, his hips starting to slightly rock back and forth. Karen knew from experience that unless she stopped now there would be no holding back from a monstrous orgasm. She wanted pull out all that cum out of him but not yet. Instead she gave his steely shaft a final suck until it popped from her mouth then stood up quickly and backed away.

John’s eyes flew open with astonishment and he cried out in disbelief. “What’s the matter?” He looked like a little boy who had just had his favorite toy snatched away from him. “Is something wrong?”

“Not at all,” Karen said wiping the saliva from her lips. “I just think its time for you to show me how much you appreciate me.”

“What? This second? How about right after you finish what you were doing? I was so close to cumming, just another couple of minutes.” he pleaded.

Giving him a devilish smile, Karen ran her hands along her breasts. “No, I think its time that you show me a little sugar. I’ve been doing all the work so far this evening and I think that its time for me to get a little reward. Besides if you stay within sight of cumming you’ll be motivated to do a better job of pleasing me, won’t you?”

John looked straight into her eyes and returned her impish smile, “I don’t need motivation to eat you, little girl, your sweet pussy is motivation enough. But since you’ve managed to provide me with…shall we call it…’inspiration’, why don’t you sit down in this chair and we’ll see just what kind of ‘motivation’ I’ve been given.”

Karen moved around to the other side of the desk and sat down on the leather chair with her coat spread out beneath her. John dropped to his knees in front of her. His cock was still rock hard and bounced with every movement. Gently moving her thighs apart and kissing the sensitive skin along the inside, he moved slowly upwards until he reached the tops of her legs and then continued along her hip and nuzzled her side. Moving his hands to her hips John pulled Karen slightly forward until she was sitting right on the edge of the chair. His kisses moved along her breasts until he found the straining nipples and pulled them into his mouth, güncel sex hikayeleri oku sucking gently and swirling his tongue over each in their turn. Karen let a low moan escape her throat as he moved his hands from her hips to behind her back and pulled her closer forcing her breasts farther into his hungry mouth and searching tongue. She felt as if she were going to slide off the edge of the chair but his strong arms held her in place. Then John propped her back on the edge of the chair and began to travel back down her stomach pausing to swirl his tongue in her belly button. Karen could tell it was just a prelude to the way his tongue would soon swirl in her steaming pussy.

John continued to move down to the swell of flesh just above her pussy with kisses and licks that became more evocative as he traveled. Here he spent some extra time on the smooth skin that just last night had been covered in short soft curls. Feeling John’s tongue glide along the bare flesh made Karen feel all the more wicked as if she had done something she shouldn’t have and were now paying for it with heightened pleasure. Running his tongue along the sides of her swollen lips, John licked deep enough to separate them and found her juices flowing like someone had opened up the gates of paradise. Slowly letting his tongue travel up through her dripping cunt, John spent several moments lapping up all he possibly could. He could see that her clit had stiffened and poked through its covering to beckon to his probing tongue and just as he was about to slide his tongue over the swollen nub he instead swirled it around just outside. Then he allowed his tongue to caress its way back down and reaching the opening of her vagina he stuck his tongue deep into her. Karen’s breath caught in her throat and a soft moan of pleasure seemed to emanate from deep within. Wanting to prolong the sensation as long as possible, John licked back up her soaking cunt again ignoring the straining clit.

After teasing her like this a couple more times Karen responded by placing her hands on the back of his head and pulling his face deeper into her pussy. She gave a guttural moan and with a voice that was half purr and half growl, “Stop teasing me, you devilish boy. Lick my clit already; I want your tongue on my clit right now.” Responding to her urgency he sucked her aching clit into his mouth and started to swirl his tongue over and around it.

She let go of his head and cried out, “Yes, oh god, yes. Just like that. Lick my clit like you mean it.”

Alternating between flicking the tip of his tongue over her nub and using the entire length in broad deep strokes, he quickly drove her to the brink, pulling back as she started to tense. He knew that she was on the verge of cumming so he decided to get a little revenge by teasing her just a little more by placing first one finger and then another into her gaping hole.

“Oh yes,” Karen murmured, “I’m so hot for you. Can you feel how wet you make me?”

Moving his fingers in and out of her, probing for the slightly rough patch at the top of her flowing vagina, faster and faster his tongue danced over her clit until she let out a yell and started bucking against his sodden face. She grabbed his hair and pulled him into her pussy until he thought he might pass out from lack of air. Karen kept a tight hold on his head as she bucked and twitched, moaning with delight as the surging waves of her orgasm pulsed through every nerve in her body. When the sensation began to subside, John pulled his head away and kissed all around her labia and thighs trying his best to regain his breath.

Karen was also panting for lack of air and looked down at him saying, “Stand up, you delicious little artist.” As he got to his feet she sikiş hikayeleri could see that he was still rock hard and grabbing his cock with both hands she looked up into his eyes. “I want this in me right now. Do you hear me, right now.”

John took her hands from off his dick and silently pulled her up into his arms, giving her a long and deep kiss, letting her taste some of the nectar that had been a part of her only a few moments before. Breaking off the kiss he guided her over to the desk and without a word bent her over so that her face was next to the top of the desk. Moving behind her, he flipped up her coat so that it landed across her back, baring her hips and luscious ass. Placing his hands between her thighs he spread her legs slightly.

“Is this what you want, my dear? Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

Karen practically begged “Yes, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me right now. I want your cock in me right now.”

Placing the head of his cock between the lips of her still dripping cunt, he teased the head up and down her slit. “Say it again.”

Practically growling at this point, she said, “Please, please fuck me now. I can’t take it anymore. I need your hot dick inside me right now…AAaahhoohh…YES!”

As the last words escaped her lips John thrust forward and impaled himself deeply into her hot snatch. Pausing for just an instant to allow her to feel the fullness of his cock he then pulled himself almost all the way out then slowly impaled her once more. He thrust himself into her again and again, holding onto her hips, pulling her back onto his cock. Her hair was swinging back and forth as he continued to fuck her with reckless abandon.

She practically yelled when she said, “Oh god, you feel so good. Fuck me darling, fuck me hard.”

Continuing to thrust himself into her, John reached around with both hands to grab her bouncing tits. Squeezing them firmly he pulled her up until her hands no longer touched the desk and her feet almost left the floor with each thrust of his hips.

Then John slowed his movements and eased her back down against the desk and started moving more slowly but with greater sensuality. It felt like heaven on earth, rocking back and forth with her, his hands on her hips and his cock sliding in and out of her perfect pussy. He wanted it to last forever but all too soon the familiar tensing in his balls and ass told him that he was about to cum. Just at that moment Karen cried out and her entire body stiffened as the muscles of her vagina clamped around his pulsing cock. That was enough to send him over the edge as well and he thrust himself as deep as possible into her as wave upon wave pulsed out of him. He felt as if he were emptying every last morsel out of his body and into her. Karen could feel the pulsing of his cock as he roared into her and it drove her into another shattering orgasm.

Finally allowing himself to move again, John continued to slowly thrust into her. Reaching around to run his fingers along her clit caused her to tense again as she came a third time.

Finally, Karen panted, “No more. Please. I don’t think I can handle cumming agai-aaaeeee.” The last word turned into a squeak as again she tensed and the walls of her cunt pulsed with the waves of another orgasm.

John finally slowed and stopped and pulled his quickly deflating cock out of her. Karen could do no more than lay her head on the desk and pant for breath. Reaching up with both hands, he stroked her back and hips allowing her a chance to recover.

After several minutes Karen managed to stand up and said, “I think I better leave now or I won’t be leaving at all. And you still have work to do.”

He looked at her body, still flushed with lovemaking and said, “That’s true but you have provided me with more inspiration than this project deserves. Why don’t you go home and when I’m done we can continue with our anniversary celebration.” She reached up to kiss him and then turned toward the door smiling at the thought of what was in store.

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