the parcel part three


the parcel part threeBefore i did anything else i said you must have a safe word & the word would be RED , she nodded , but i asked her to say it out loud & in doing so understand what it meant & that everything would stop , if she uttered anything else like saying stop she would be ignored again i ask her if she understood & rather than just nod her head, say again that she understood, she said yes sir , i swear the way she said sir made my cock grow harder ,So i stood directly behind her telling her not to move , actually saying don’t you fucking dare move , Understood ? yes sir was her immediate response , i began to trace the outline of her body starting with the top of her head, just wear her hair parted, slowly ever so slowly let my fingers glide down her long hair, once i’d reached her shoulders i paused, my fingers playing with the bra straps, slowly fingering them both on either side, slowly inching them off her shoulders until they hung at the very edge, her chest was heaving, it was a delightful site, with one further tug , they fell , now all that had to be now was unhook the clasps at the karşıyaka escort back ” reveal yourself to me ” she hesitated as if she failed to understand the instruction, i gave her a firm slap across her bottom , enough to hear her gasp out loud , yes sir she said and quickly her bra fell away from her so now she stood there naked save for the suspender belt, stockings & choker, spread your legs, she did so , wider i said she did so without hesitation, good girl i thought to myself, but i wanted to savour this moment, like she said it was a new experience for her so like a trainer with a a****l it takes time to get them to do what you want , i stood along side of her, beads of perspiration rang down between her breasts, which i spread out and over her breasts , just enough to make them glisten, slowly taking a nipple and rolling it between thumb and fingers, watching her reactions as i played with them each in turn, hearing her almost gasp at the treatment they were receiving, i began to roll them both in turn more harshly pinching them , she began to flinch and bend escort karşıyaka forward, i said to her was she all right ? she just nodded her head, tell me what your feeling ? much to my surprise she said she was enjoying it ! so you like receiving pain i said, sort of she replied , tell me more i said whilst all the while rolling her nipples with my fingers, she said in a coy voice that sometimes she would play with herself and use one of her hairbrushes to torture herself with it , how i asked , you know she said using the brush on my nipples & down between my legs , depending on her mood using the brush on her cunt and imagining her nipples being hurt which got her off big time as she put it , So your a pain slut i said, i don’t know about that she said but sometimes she needed that type of release , i stopped playing with her nipples & held her around the stomach with my left hand and caressing her bum cheeks with my right hand, and all the while my rampant cock was tight up against her leg, i proceeded to spank her arse with some playful and not so playful smacks and karşıyaka escort bayan in between doing that explored with my index finger down between her arse cheeks, she was noticeably moist down there , yes very much so , i noticed that she was beginning to trembled, shiver almost , are you cold i asked ? no sir she said , what then i asked ? horny she relied, how horny i asked , Very horny she said, in that instance i said nothing and bent her over & penetrated her without any further ado , she cried out at the harshness of it, but at that point i thought to myself i could not give a fuck i wanted her and nothing was going to stop me from fucking her, i did not last long and exploded deep inside her in the slow aftermath of recovery she said thank you in a whispered voice , ” thank you sir ” my pleasure was my only response, but i conceded that she had not come herself and suggested that she use that hairbrush of hers if she wanted, she said she felt embarrassed to do it, but i said just lie down and enjoy yourself, besides you can pretend i am not here as you still have your blindfold , so she settled down on her bed and began to play with herself, so much so she seemed to lift her arse way off the bed in no time as her climax crashed through her, once again she said thank you, i relied i’d done nothing , she giggled and said not true , i’d given her a wonderful time and longed for more ??

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