The Perks of Flying First Class


This follows “My Wife Gives Me a Hall Pass!” so please enjoy that story for context and background before you begin reading this story.

This is an adult sex story between two consulting adults.

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It was a Thursday, late morning, in mid-January. I was in Seattle, Washington at Boeing Field, ready to depart for Burbank Airport.

The previous night I had been a willing participant in a one on one nude wrestling match in my hotel suite.

Missy and I wrestled, for the first time, initially on the bed and then, as the night progressed, all over the suite.

We weren’t opponents or competitors.

We were collaborators seeking a common goal.

We both wanted us both to win.

It was my hard cock, my tongue, lips, teeth, mouth, and my hands and fingers versus her mouth, teeth, lips, throat, breasts, ass, pussy, hands and fingers.

I pinned her to the mattress with a rock hard cock in her wet willing tight pussy. I pounded her to screaming orgasm after orgasm, her body wrapped around mine like no other.

She begged me to stop but I gave her no quarter.

I was not to be denied.

Missy pinned me to the sofa and had her way with me while I man mauled her breasts, teased her nipples with my teeth and our tongues dueled.

I took her on the carpet, she on her knees as I entered her from behind, my hands on her hips keeping her from escaping the impalement of my thick long cock deep in her ass.

Missy begged me to keep pounding as she had one anal orgasm after another.

After I unloaded into the deepest recesses of her hot, slick, guano filled anal orifice she surprised me by cleaning my cock with her tongue.

That kept me hard and, smiling at me, she opened her mouth wide as I began fucking her mouth, my erection going so deep I entered her throat with every thrust.

God bless her, she didn’t gag but encouraged me to pleasure myself until I came down her throat.

Her head on my lap, she played with my shriveled cock using her fingers and mouth until I was big enough for her to ride me.

She was ready, willing and able to play. We’d both know from the start we’d end up fucking.

There were no rules. There were no time outs. I wanted her and she wanted me.

This woman had such an incredible body I could not keep my hands off of her.

She had the body of a model but had curves in all the right places.

Her breasts were large, firm and more than a handful.

The areoles that capped her breasts were at least two inches in diameter and rising from the center were one inch pink eraser nipples just begging to be sucked, licked, kissed, teased and clamped.

Her pussy hair was light red, not thick and brushy but thin, wispy and trimmed.

Her puffy pussy lips were visible under the light carpet.

Missy had trimmed her hair before our night began.

She wanted a man’s tongue on her lower lips and she removed the objection of heavy brush in the hope that I would find eating her of strong appeal.

I would have licked that pussy if it had been covered with the fur of a bear.

Her pussy was quite tasty and Missy was very grateful that I ate her for desert that Wednesday night. She hadn’t had her pussy eaten in well over a year.

Eating Missy and holding her hands down to keep her captive brought her one of her biggest orgasms of the night.

Her legs were spread, her nipples at attention, she was humping my face as my hard tongue painted her clit and she was begging me not to stop as she screamed and her discharge wet the bed.

She shook and shivered as she continued to hump my face but I would not let her go; I wanted her to surrender her body to me.

As she rolled over on her side I slapped her ass and got her on her belly then pushed a pillow under her hips so her rosebud came into view as an easy target.

I didn’t waste any time; first I coated my rock hard erection with lube then I spread her cheeks with my left hand and with my right applied a small amount of lube to her rosebud.

Grabbing my cock with my right hand I targeted her small hole and pushed forward, penetrating her rosebud as she gasped at the intrusion but she followed up by reaching back, spreading her cheeks to improve my access.

It went on like this all night.

My wife had given me a hall pass.

I could fuck and cum until the pass expired.

The match had lasted from about 9:30pm in the evening until after the alarm went off at 5:30am the next morning.

There was no referee.

Missy said no to nothing and yes to everything.

No limits.

During one of the breaks in the bout I had spoken to my nude wrestling partner, Missy, the owner of my new Seattle based advertising agency, about her flying back to LA with me once my Thursday morning business meeting concluded.

Missy had gerçek sex hikayeleri agreed to join me while I was humping her tight ass.

I had my hands pulling on her shoulder length hair like I was handling a team of horses.

She liked being ridden and she liked riding.

I dragged out letting her come that specific “round” until I heard an unqualified “Yes!” from her between the groans of pleasure and the moans of pain as my cock pistoned between her taut white ass cheeks deep in her ass.

Some of the pain was from the hair pulling, which I think she rather enjoyed, but the rest of it came from a very hard cock, my very hard cock, up her tight and slick back passage.

Even though this was the third time I had plowed that fallowed field, her rosebud, in less than a few hours, it was still very nice and still very tight for me.

I had no idea but it turned out that Missy loved butt sex.

As we moved naked around the bed, and then around the suite, I wondered which hole she truly preferred.

Not that I was complaining; I wasn’t.

Since my wife had died in car accident one year previously, I had been in bed with fifty women, maybe more.

Missy was truly the fuck of my life, to this point anyway, and as Steve Perry of Journey sang back in the 80s, “Any way you want it that’s the way you need it …”

I delivered the goods to Missy.

Her orgasms were large, loud and frequent.

She screamed; she shook; she shivered; she cried; she held me tightly, and on several occasions she gushed, wetting whatever we happened to be fucking on.

The question about which hole she preferred was an interesting puzzle to solve, but in the middle of the hottest sex session I’d ever been in with only one female, it was just a fleeting question for a moment.

Ass? Pussy? Mouth? In what order of preference?

But it was a short lived debate because the next moment she was climbing on my hard cock to ride me to heaven.

Not the entire truth; Missy rode herself to orgasmic heaven as she humped my erection.

We fucked all night long.

She had cum in her and all over her.

I’d spurted between her tits, on her lower back, on her face, in her hair.

There was plenty of my sauce dried on her pubes too.

Missy laughed at each deposit and spread my batter all over her with her hands and then licked her fingers like she was in middle of a bucket of chicken that had just been delivered by The Colonel. That’s KFC for those who don’t remember the white bearded guy who made the brand famous way back when.

I was still fucking her when the alarm went off at 5:30am.

She may have actually been asleep as the alarm went off, but I was still diddling her.

Deep full strokes in that heavenly warm wet tight pussy.

I left this totally fucked out strawberry redhead dripping from both holes wrapped in the bed sheets when I went downstairs to the hotel gym to work out.

Missy apparently drifted back to sleep after I deposited that load at 5:35am.

I did take the time to write her a note.

No hearts; no I love you.

I asked Missy to be sure and bring along that red lipstick she wore when we first met that a couple of months before in the hotel lobby.

Back in November I swore to myself as I noticed her lipstick on her coffee cup if she ever blew me it would be with that lipstick on.

I wanted those red coated lips on my cock.

And, now, waiting to board the plane, now that my morning business session was over, (it was a success), I spoke to the captain and co-captain who assured me that we had a smooth flight ahead of us and that they would respect our privacy.

The pretty female pilot did say to me that they would need to leave the cockpit to use the restroom in flight but that they would give me some advance notice.

With that the pilot winked and I knew that she knew what would be taking place in the passenger compartment of the plane.

I thanked her for her discretion and went up the steps of the plane to find Missy waiting for me.

She had brought that special lipstick with her.

She was standing just inside the cabin, greeting me with “I remember wearing it just for you Jack; I wanted to make a good impression on you. Thank you for noticing.”

After that, Missy gave me a sweet lover’s kiss and as tired as I was, once the plane took off and we were at cruising altitude, she took off all my clothes, slowly, and hung them up neatly in the small closet, then kneeled down in front of me.

Missy remained dressed, at least for the time being.

She took out the tube of lipstick and put it on those slightly puffed up lips; swollen because of all the kissing we did and sucking she did.

Her eyes never left mine when she did this.

Missy was primping in front of me and I liked it. It turned her on too.

This young thirty something sex hikayeleri just divorced knockout was on her knees, preparing to give me the blowjob I had been waiting months for.

Missy took my semi erect manhood in both of her hands, gripping it lightly at the base.

She bent her head and swirled her tongue around the head, just like she was eating an ice cream cone.

I groaned at this pleasurable highly feeling and she looked up at me and said “Do you remember when you told me that I had more abilities than I was currently using?”

She took another lick around the tip of my cock which was not only growing in size but the tip was changing color from pink to red.

I groaned again. Damn this woman knew how to suck cock.

I nodded. I had memorized and played back in my mind every word, every gesture; every look she gave me that November morning.

She smiled and licked again and I groaned again; my God she was good and getting better each time she had that mouth, tongue or lips of hers anywhere near my cock.

“Say it Jack” she smiled at me, her sparkling lust filled eyes looking up at me.

“Tell me I’m starting to work to my full capabilities.”

While I quickly pondered how to respond, Missy bent her head and licked my balls, eliciting another groan and a surge of blood into my now erect penis.

“Jack, I love your cock. I just knew I was going to really enjoy it when I met you for coffee.”

Her tongue swirled around my tight sack.

“I masturbated every day since then thinking about you and this beautiful cock.”

I groaned and my cock surged.

Missy laughed and continued “I knew that you wanted me from the very first moment our eyes met. I got wet and I was hoping you wouldn’t be able to smell me. You made me so fucking hot Jack.”

She licked at the crevice between my right thigh and my sack and I groaned again.

“Just like now Jack.”

She licked at the crevice between my left thigh and my sack.

My cock surged again.

She smiled as her tongue work continued.

“When our meeting ended I almost went into the ladies room to rub one out but instead I went out to my car. I turned the car on and turned up the radio to cover the sounds I made.”

Missy licked at the tender bit of skin at the base of my cock.

I closed my eyes and moved my hips closer to the source of the pleasure.

She continued “The first one I imagined you eating me” and she licked my sack again “and the second time I blew you and you came in my throat with a huge load of hot sticky salty cum.”

I groaned in response. She was masterful in her practice of the oral arts.

She laughed “I’m sure hotel security got quite a video.”

Her two hands started to stroke me, and I groaned again.

“I know you don’t like hand jobs lover; Catherine told me. But I need to stroke this big piece of man meat until I get the response I want from you.”

Her delicate hands felt like soft mink fur on my erection and I leaned my head back as my hips started to move, thrusting, in search release.

It felt incredible, and this was only her hands.

“Do you like this Jack? Do you like it when I make you feel good?”

I groaned in affirmation.

Missy stopped stroking; she just held her hands still and just let me hump to get the friction I was seeking.

It only took a more few thrusts before she grinned and announced in a soft voice “There it is. Good boy Jack.”

I opened my eyes and looked down to see a small amount of pre cum oozing out of my pee hole.

Missy glanced up at me and said “Now I have a decision to make Jack. Do I lick it off quickly or do I rub it in; you know, all over your very sensitive tip?”

With that her right hand went up and slowly, teasingly, rubbed my tip.

I was in love with her.

Missy had my speechless.

“Do you like that lover?”

It was all I could do to groan, both suggestions would work for me. But what she was doing right now was wonderful.

Missy laughed, her eyes now focused solely on the head of my cock.

I continued to thrust with her hands wrapped around my hardness.

I really wanted to come just then but Missy had other plans.

“If I lick it off, like I was eating ice cream, it will make you feel good, but only for a few seconds. But if I take my time, and make sure that your baby batter is smeared with my fingers all over your cock head, and then I lick it off, slowly, that will extend your pleasure for as long as I suck your big beautiful cock.”

I was now more than fully erect and my sack was tight as the cover of a snare drum.

Make no mistake, my balls were filled with juice that needed to be delivered and soon.

I was thinking that I would have a case of Blue Balls in just a few minutes if I didn’t get some relief.

Switching strategies, holding my cock steady with her right hand, Missy sex hikayeleri took her left hand and her fingers began to play with my balls.

I love it when the ladies play with my balls.

I groaned again, this was nothing less than an E Ticket Ride at Disneyland.

“Jack, are you trying to make me pregnant? Last night you delivered quarts of hot, sticky cum into my pussy. Was that your plan lover, to get me pregnant with your baby on our very first date?”

My eyes closed, my hips still slowly thrusting in search of relief, I shook my head in response … no.

“That would be hot, wouldn’t it Jack? If you knocked me up the first time we got naked together?”

I knew she was teasing so I just smiled, thinking of last night and how amazing our night was as I fucked her in all three holes several times.

My cock jumped at the memory and Missy laughed and then smiled “Down boy.”

Her left hand cuddled my sack and she tongue licked the base of my penis again.

“Just so I don’t get knocked up today, on the plane, let me suggest that I take care of you now, okay? With my mouth.”

My cock jumped again at that good news and Missy laughed.

“Catherine said you love to have your cock sucked. Is that right lover?”

Eyes closed, I could only nod.

Missy followed that with “You must really be turned on Jack; you have a lot more juice for me to play with.”

Opening my eyes I looked down to see more pre cum oozing from my pee hole.

With that, Missy’s left hand moved from cuddling my balls and firmly held the base of my cock while with her index finger, she began to move the pre cum from the tip, carefully and slowly, taking her sweet time to slowly massage it all around my now purplish cock head.

Missy was in no hurry, sometimes stopping to lick her finger, making sure to get my cockhead nice and wet.

She shared with me “I know you want to come Jack, but since I don’t know if Catherine is ever going to let us play together again, I want to savor … ” and she licked the underside of my cock from base to tip “every second I spend with you.”

I finally croaked out “That feels good. Please don’t stop.”

She smiled, not looking at me but her eyes still fixated on the tip of my penis as she continued to rub my now purple cockhead, and then she said, “Does that feel good Jack? But not as good as this is going to be” and her mouth closed over the tip, her tongue swirling like a Cuisinart Countertop Mixer on high.

At this I groaned so loud I’m sure that the pilot and copilot could hear me over the roar of the engines and through their headphones.

Missy took me as deep as she could go on that initial push; my cock hit the entrance to her throat and I reached out to guide this red haired beauty’s sucking efforts by putting my hands on her head.

I’ve had some Hall of Fame blow jobs in my life but this one deserved a special honor.

Missy’s mouth never left my cock once she put her mouth on it.

Without using her hands, she proceeded to bob on my cock while her left hand gently played with my heavy balls and the index finger on her right hand probed between my cheeks in search of my sensitive starfish hole.

Each time she bobbed down, she went a little bit deeper.

I had been ready to blow for a long time and Missy soon had me begging.

She didn’t stop her work, but I knew she heard me when those nails of her started scrapping my sack.

At the same time she lifted her mouth up so that she could focus on my sensitive cockhead.

With her tongue working on my corona, in no time I was spurting a pretty big load into her welcoming mouth.

She swallowed with a smile, eventually showing me my deposit on her tongue before it went south to her tummy.

I bent down and kissed her, our tongues swapping spit and more.

Yes, she tasted a bit salty, like semen.

But it was my semen, so what the fuck.

I love it when women swallow. It means total acceptance.

Missy looked up at me said in a low voice “I love your salty sauce Jack and I’ll suck and swallow you anytime, anywhere.”

With that she took one last lick of my cock and she got up off her knees and asked me “Would you mind if I got more comfortable lover? I have an itch that I think you’ll like to scratch for me.”

I looked out the plane to see Mt. Hood off the left side of the plane as we flew south.

There was still plenty of time to scratch Missy’s itch and get my desires fulfilled too.

Time was running out on the hall pass that my wife Catherine had granted me but until I landed in Burbank, I was good to go.

My eyes shifted to Missy standing in front of the closet. She was looking at me with a big smile on her face as she reached behind and unhooked her black bra.

The bra hit the carpet as her orbs were released for my viewing pleasure.

Missy rubbed her breasts, pulled on her nipples with a smile and then she held them in her hands, offering them up to me.

I was mesmerized.

Blood returned to my cock. This was going to be the best plane ride I’d ever been on.

I’d be checking off an item on my bucket list today; joining the Mile High Club.


Jack Colton will return soon.

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