The Pick Up


OK I admit it, over the last twelve months I’ve developed an extreme lust for the security guy who comes in to collect our banking. All the flirting, the teasing, the cheeky smiling and the jokes about his ‘big gun.’ It was mutual, but forbidden – he was a colleague, of sorts, after all.

But nothing, NOTHING could have prepared me for what happened when we were finally alone together.

There was a fire in the far end of the shopping center, a small one, but none the less a good opportunity for a cigarette outside, a coffee from the cafe over the road and a break in the sun while we waited for the center to be reopened. It was a nice opportunity to have an impromptu break, chat with my co-workers and perve on the cute guys from the electronics store upstairs.

When Ben showed up to pick up the money, his last pick up of the day, he complained a little about how he really should be getting ready to head home and sit by the pool with a bourbon, but sat down next to me and lit up a cigarette. As usual he took the opportunity to tease me.

“Glad to see you’re working hard then.”

“Of course, you should know that. I’m an extremely hard worker, always ready to offer whatever services necessary, with a smile” I told him flashing him an especially cheeky one.

“Whatever services necessary?” Ben’s eyes twinkled as he raised one brow at me with an extremely sexy smirk.

“Sweetie, you should know that; I’m always willing to please.”

I looked at my watch with a sigh, all business again; as always backing off before things got too interesting, horny as I was, this was work time.

“You know, I think they’re going to be a while. Do you want to just make the pick up tomorrow, or we can try the back entrance and see if we can get in through the rear door; how much trouble will it cause if you don’t do a pickup?”

He gave me a very slow smile “I think I’ll pick up regardless, actually. Let’s try and go in through the back though, give it a shot.”

After telling my staff that they might as well head off for the day – as soon as I’d got the banking I wanted to do the same – Ben and I walked around the other side of the center to the trade entrance of the center was. Surprisingly there was no one there. We supposed that security must have been all trying to keep an eye on the irate customers who were being stopped from buying their cigarettes, groceries and other mundane items. Technically, we should be outside the center with them – it was a fire hazard after all, but instead I lead Ben down the corridor to the back door of our storeroom.

Standing outside the door, I fumbled at my keys, the rear door being the one we rarely used. “At least you get to go home after this, I still have to stick around ‘til the end of the day, I’ll get skinned if I just leave the store like this, tempting as it is.” The response came a little closer than I expected, and I felt Ben press his body against me from behind and the rumble of his low voice came close to my ear causing me to shiver briefly. “I don’t think I’ll be going home any time soon and I expect you’ll be a lot less eager to leave by the time you have to.”

I turned to look at him. “And how do you figure that exactly?” Plucking the keys from my hand, he leaned in and nibbled on my lower lip, eyes watching me close enough to leave me more than a little disorientated.

“Can’t Escort bayan you guess?” I moaned ever so softly as his lips pressed hard against mine his tongue penetrating my mouth, my cunt instantly moistening at the warm, smoky, taste of his mouth. I heard an unexpected click that made me step back, but not the door. His cuffs were now on my left wrist, and when I stepped back, he snapped my right one into the other bracelet.

Aggravated, I looked at him, fury in my eyes and heat coursing through my body. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing”

“That’s exactly it,” he smirked “what the fuck?” He grinned and unlocked the door pulling me in after him.

The door was barely closed behind us when his hungry mouth again found mine and he pushed me back against the door. I kissed him back, torn between anger and lust before hitting him with my cuffed hands in the stomach.

“Oh you’re going to play it like that?” He said and pulled me inside, pushing me hard up against the shelves so I could feel a rock hard pressure against my ass. “That better be your gun”, I growled as I felt the quick snap of the cuffs being unlocked and re-locked, fixing me against the shelves.

“Not that kind of gun babe” he said as I felt his warm, wet lips on my neck and I felt his hands pull my ass close up against his crotch. I moaned involuntarily, struggling to turn, uncomfortable in my restraints but at the same time wanting anything that he could give. His hands moved lower, running down over my thighs ‘til he found the bottom of my skirt, which they soon moved under and I felt his thumbs hook against the side of my thong his finger tips brushing the sparse, freshly trimmed pubic hair.

His cock was hard against my ass and his tongue insistently licking at my neck and ears, lips sucking with gentleness that belied his somewhat rough and forceful touch. He pulled the panties down and I stepped obediently out of them, too turned on to do much more. Down on the floor from pulling them down, I felt him settle in between my legs and the hard thrust of his fingers pushing deep into my cunt. My skirt by now was up around my waist, riding my hips.

He pumped them into me for a few long moments, the musky smell of my wet cunt scenting the air before I felt the lightest brush of his tongue against my swollen clit. Feeling like my knees would buckle I held onto the shelving and leaned my head against it, barely thinking straight enough to be able to muffle my moans. I felt his fingers leave my cunt and his hands move to knead my ass as he worked to balance himself and his tongue moved down licking the engorged lips of my pussy, lapping up every drop of moisture and I heard his muffled breathing in time with my own. His tongue, moist and warm darted into my throbbing cunt in tiny little jabs as I felt him move one finger back to my cunt swirling in against both my own, and his, lips wetting it and I moaned, loudly now, knowing what was coming….

There is nothing quite like someone else’s fingers penetrating you, a mans are completely unlike my own, small female fingers, and his, somewhat stubby, thick and a little rough being forced into my ass, while I writhed against his face was an experience that I wouldn’t trade. His tongue was harder now and pressed firmly into my cunt, fucking me with a quick intensity and I could hear him moan Bayan escort softly, as he tasted my wet fluids. The finger in my ass was moving slowly and fluidly as it fucked me and was forced as deep inside as he could manage. I soon felt it joined by another and as the fucking intensified, he moved his tongue to lightly flick over my clit. Pleasure surged through me and I came so hard that if I hadn’t been firmly fixed against the shelving, powerless to do otherwise, I would have swooned to the floor.

He stood up, and after a moment I turned to look at him, his face slick with my cum and I felt him pull my shirt up over my head. I reached as high as I could and it sat bunched around my arms. My bra quickly followed and I felt him standing behind me his fingertips lightly tickling my nipples as I felt his rock hard cock, still clothed, thrust against my bare ass.

“Those pants … had better be… coming off.” I panted as I writhed desperately rubbing my naked ass against his crotch, straining futilely against his cock. He stepped back and I waited for the sound of his belt unbuckling, but instead felt a sharp, hard slap against my ass, leaving it stinging.

“You should really learn to behave better when someone has you in cuffs…You’ll end up in all kinds of trouble.”

I kicked one leg backwards towards him, not really figuring that I’d get a direct hit from my current position, but managing to clip his shin regardless. I heard him grunt in pain and again felt a slap, far harder this time, against my ass cheeks.

I moaned in pleasure, far louder than I had meant to and not stifling it quickly enough to escape his attention and heard him chuckle softly. “Oh, so you like that do you” he said, and when I turned my head to gauge his reaction, I saw him retreating to the other end of the storeroom, after a brief stop at the desk.

“Fuck it, Ben, get back here, where the hell do you think you’re going?” I snapped at him, turning back against the shelving and trying a quick tug at the cuffs.

I found out soon enough, when the stinging pain of the blue plastic stripping that came around some of our boxes hit me squarely on the upper thighs. Instinctively I moved my ass away from the pain and again felt the plastic hit me. I moaned, not bothering to stifle it this time and again pulled at the cuffs.

“You better not be trying to get away from there.” I heard, as three quick strokes in succession clipped my already burning ass. I whimpered softly, and stood very still against the shelves. “I’ll behave, I’ll be good, I promise.” I told him, playing my part, and almost immediately felt the smooth, light touch of his fingers over what I imagined where the red marks from my lashing.

I felt him move closer towards me and again those soft lips sucked gently at my neck and shoulders.

“Good,” he told me between kisses “because if you behave yourself, you’ll get what I know you want.” I sighed softly and nodded complacently as I felt one hand move back down to my cunt, stroking around my clit with gentle, nimble fingers, never quite touching it, and making me wetter still.

In my state of lust fuelled distraction, it took me a minute to recognize the sound that I was hearing, that of the heavy buckle on his jeans being undone with his free hand, and the jeans being pushed down. He stepped closer and I Escort felt the tip of a rock hard cock press against my lower back as he pulled me towards him, his hand now back on my nipples flicking at them gently.

Surreptitiously, slowly, in an effort to avoid a further spanking, I moved my ass back just slightly so I could feel the full length of what felt like a nice fat cock press against my ass crack. I opened my legs a little further, and raised myself up on my toes, our closeness in height meaning that thankfully, this wouldn’t be too difficult to manage.

“I noticed that you know,” He said, tweaking my nipple hard enough to cause me to yelp, “lucky for you, you’re not the only one who’s been looking forward to this.” I felt him move away and rummage through his pants for his wallet, and spent a few moments of anticipatory angst as he rolled a condom onto his cock. I stifled a soft moan of impatience and again felt his cock pressing against my ass, which I turned up a little to allow him access.

I felt him reposition himself as he rubbed the head of his prick against my still sopping pussy, agonizingly slowly, for both of us it seemed as I heard him pant just a little.

Slowly, almost too slowly, the head of his cock entered me, large enough (and having not happened for a while) so that it hurt just a little sliding into my tight cunt, causing me to let out a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding.

He slid, still taking his time, making me want it more, inside me his cock feeling huge inside my tight, swollen cunt, filling me completely as it worked its way balls-deep inside me.

His hands found my hips and he began an almost excruciatingly slow, rhythmic fucking.

I held onto the shelving, trying hard to remember to stay up on my toes to offer him easier access, clenching my cunt muscles tight around him and causing him to exhale loudly in my ear. His thrusting became harder as he forced his way in – and out- of my throbbing cunt. I loosened my grip on his eager cock as I felt the motion speed up his hands gripping my hips tightly as he thrusted deep into me. One hand moved its way up my body, toying with my nipples before he returned it back to my hips working hard to keep is balance in his state of extreme excitement. Both of us were panting as his thrusting started to change rhythm, quick, but deep, long strokes, with a slight pause between the in and the out and I started to feel my cunt swell with the beginnings of an orgasm. I moaned softly and he picked up the pace, obviously getting closer too. He buried his face in the soft spot where my neck meets my torso and I heard his mumbled pants, “fuck” “oh yeah” suddenly all his horny eloquence gone as he got closer, in turn making me more and more excited.

His rapid, horny fucking became almost mindless, every thought lost in the tight wetness of my cunt and as I felt my pussy edge closer to cumming and start to contract I heard him pant “oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

As he leaned close in against me to steady himself with one hand against the shelving, the slight change of position, bringing me to the edge, my cunt swelling in contracting in an unbelievable, mind-blowing orgasm. I heard him, close into my ear moan loudly as he came for what felt like an eternity hard and deep inside me.

Over, but hardly sated, he pulled out and stood with his head resting on my shoulder for a few long moments, the sweat trickling down my back as I too, caught my breath. Disposing on the condom, he grabbed the keys and released me from his cuffs, kissing me long and hard, as I wondered whether this was an ending or a beginning.

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