The Picture Ch. 02


Alice was baffled for a moment, what is a girl to do after the guy she brings back to her apartment with plans of hopping into bed with him, simply pulls out his cock and unabashedly masturbates to orgasm. And what about the picture he took of her, the picture he came all over. Does she keep it in a jar, let the cum dry and frame it or does she just throw it out. And what kind of guy would do something like that?

Yes she was baffled, but she was also turned on, so turned on that had she been wearing panties there’d be a huge wet spot in them. Instead, her gown now had the large wet spot in the back and as she stood up she could even see some of the dampness on the floor. After she finished wiping up the little bit of James’ cum that had splattered onto the floor, she let the towel drop down over her wet spot.

She looked down at James, who simply looked up, smiled and then carefully slipped his cock back into his pants. He didn’t remove any of his clothing, he didn’t stand up and begin caressing Alice, he simply worked his cock back into his pants and sat back on her couch, gazing up at her.

After a few moments it was clear that she was going to have Ankara escort to make the next move, so she glanced at him and then remembered his camera. She reached over, grabbed the camera and asked, “May I take a picture of you?”

“Yes, of course,” he replied, giving her no hint of his expectations.

She grabbed the camera, pointed it at him and took the picture. As the photo slid out of the camera she grabbed it by the corner and held it, shaking it a couple of times. When she finished she looked at it, saw it was a decent picture and then she showed it to James, who simply nodded.

Alice then looked at the cum covered picture of her, looked back at James and then moved over to the chair behind her. Although she had never done anything like this before for anyone, she sat down, threw one leg up over the armrest and opening her legs, she pushed her gown aside, giving James a perfect view of her pussy. Holding the picture of him in one hand, she reached down with the other and slipped three fingers into her already wet opening.

Looking up at James, she watched as he moved over to her, sitting down on the floor between her legs. He didn’t reach out Ankara escort bayan to touch her or do anything but watch her. She felt a tingle shoot though her body, something like a feeling of complete fear mixed with an incredible desire.

With her fingers sufficiently wet, she slowly worked them up between her lips, letting them fold outward until she reached her clit. She then began circling it with her fingers, first very slowly, but as the sensation drove her, she increased the speed. She looked down at the picture again, but noticed James scoot a bit forward to get a closer look at what she was doing to her pussy. He was so close now she could feel his warm breath run up her thighs.

She caught his eyes with hers and while staring at the deep blue, she moved her fingers down, pushed them inside herself and felt her juices immediately coat them. Once again, she worked her fingers upward, finally finding her clit once again. Moaning a bit, she continued caressing her clit, teasing herself, pleasing herself while James intently watched her every move.

Alice continued as long as she could bear it but finally the sensations, the emotions of the Escort Ankara situation and the turn on of James watching her, breathing on her simply became too much and she moaned loudly, pushed her hips forward and came. Immediately moving her fingers from her ultra sensitive clit down her slit and shoving them into her wet, pulsating cunt.

After a few minutes when her breathing slowed and the pulsations in her pussy subsided, she pulled her fingers out of herself and slid her leg down from the armrest . She looked at the picture in one hand and her soaking wet fingers on the other hand. Carefully she reached over to the picture and wiped her fingers on it, trying to get as much of her juices on the photograph as possible.

Alice then looked down at James and held the picture out to him, a gift of herself. James looked down at the image of himself distorted by the slick coating she had applied and then looked back up to Alice. “Thank you,” he whispered. He then stood up, held out his hand to her, and when she stood up next to him, he leaned to her and gave her a quick kiss.

“I better be going,” he said, holding the picture as he moved to his backpack. He carefully placed the picture inside along with his camera. He walked back to her, kissed her again and said, “Can I call you later?”

“Yes please do,” was all she could say as he slipped out the door and walked down the hall.

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