The Red Ribbon


You get an unusual letter in the mail… it is addressed to you but has no return address… no name… no postage… you think to yourself someone has put this in my mailbox… should you open this strange letter?… you lay it on the kitchen table… you start making breakfast… eggs… bacon… and some toast…. but your eye keeps going back to the white envelope as if it should be doing something other than lying there… you finish preparing your breakfast… and as you begin to sit down, you knock the envelope on the floor… you think to yourself, as you notice the back is sealed with a stamp… you pick it up and examine it closely… it has a wax seal… like the ones you have seen in the movies… the impression on the seal has two female symbols… you know this means someone knows you are a lesbian… someone knows this and has sent you something that contains gay information… this intrigues you more… you are dying to open it… so you break the seal… you hear the wax pop as it cracks under the pressure of your fingers… you reach inside and pull out the letter… the paper is a creamy blue, soft, and has a scent of a fragrance which makes you inhale deeply. You open the letter and begin to read.

“I have watched you over the last year and a half, and I have been trying to come up with enough courage to talk to you. I think you have such a beautiful body, and I would like to get to know you better. I know you would like to keep the fact that you are a lesbian a secret, so I have devised this clever little plan to allow us to meet and also to keep things secret, but this is possible only if you want to play in which you follow my commands to the exact specifications. If you accept this and want to have the most adventurous night of you life, then here is step one.

Place a red ribbon on the front door knob. This will show me you want to play and accept my rules. If there is no ribbon on the door knob by tonight, I will not tell your secret and this will never have happened.”

You notice you are biting you lip as you re-read these words “the most adventurous night of your life. Cocky woman you think. How does she know you are not adventurous? What makes her the expert on you, someone she has never met before? Should you agree to follow her commands, or should you keep to yourself as you have done since moving to this small town years ago? You think about all the events that have happened in your life and decide ,”What the hell? If this doesn’t work, then maybe you will have met someone who is a lesbian. If it works, maybe you will have the most adventurous night of your life.

You run around through the house to find a red ribbon, and finally in the mountain of Christmas wrapping paper and early gifts you bought you find some ribbon way up in the top of your closet. Who would have ever thought that this was something you would need to use to have an adventure? You open the front door and feel the cool breeze of the wind. You inhale and notice that the fragrance from the letter is remains in your head. You shake off these thoughts until it becomes more apparent what is in store for you with this stranger. You tie the ribbon on the door knob and take a glance around, trying to see who might be watching. Nobody around. You turn and go back into the house.

You decide to clean up the dishes from our morning breakfast. You get the Onwin water hot and add some soap and then begin to collect all the dishes and pans you used. As time drifts by, you begin to listen to every sound around you, and then you hear the door bell. You jump a little and almost drop the glass in your soapy hands, but you regain your thoughts and dry off your hands on a nearby towel. You walk to the door wondering who it could be. The mailman has already been by, so maybe it is some lost traveler in desperate need of directions. However, when you open the door, you notice nobody is there. You look around, thinking maybe someone walked off but you see no one. You step out to see if someone is hiding, but you see nothing or nobody. As you turn to go back inside to finish the dishes, you notice a small package leaning against the wall right by your door. You bend over and pick it up. It is a little heavy and has the same writing as on the letter, but there is no return address and no postage. This peeks your curiosity, so you rush inside and open it. Inside the box are directions and a beautiful robe under which is another note. The robe is so soft and comfortable. It molds to your body and covers you up, feeling as if a lover is holding you sweetly. You pick up the note and begin to read.

“I want you to get into your car, wear only the robe with nothing on underneath. Inside the robe in the left pocket is a key that will unlock the door at your destination. You have thirty minutes to get there.”

Your mind is racing as you feel in the pocket and touch the cold metal of the key. You gulp and hear the words echo in your head. Wear nothing but the robe? Meet a stranger? What? Is this a joke? Thirty minutes to leave and get to the place identified in the note? What about your makeup? What about your hair? What should you wear? However, you remember you are to wear only the robe. You hurry upstairs and take a quick shower. You then put on make-up and do the best with your hair as you can. You walk out the door, and you now have twenty-nine minutes. You follow the directions. Turn left at the second red light, then turn right at the stop sign, and continue until you see the motel on the right hand side of the road. The room is 115.

You park the car, looking around to make sure nobody sees you in the robe because even though the robe covers everything, you still feel naked. You walk to the door of room 115, and you put in the key, praying that it doesn’t work. You inhale and turn the key. It unlocks. You exhale and begin to shake little. You were nervous before, but now you are just scared. What is going to happen? Who is this person who has been watching you and knows you and what you like? Slowly you push open the door and see that the room is dark, but you see shadows of furniture. You see a king size bed and notice there is something on the bed. Squinting, you try to figure out what is on the bed. You take a step forward and feel something cold and soft under your foot. It startles you and you jump. When you look down, you see rose petals that leave a trail to the bed. Two roses are lying on the bed, and you find yourself smiling and looking around for the creator of the adventure.

You hear a soft voice. “Shut the door and come in.”

You do what you are told.

“Lock the door behind you.”

Again you follow the directions, Onwin Giriş feeling yourself getting excited with this soft, sexy voice. You try to picture what she looks like.

“Lie on the bed, close your eyes, and lie on your back in the middle of the bed.”

You take the two roses and put them on the night stand next to the bed. You take a deep breath and lie down, trying toy relax a tiny bit, and then close your eyes, waiting for what is to come.

You feel the soft touch from someone’s hands sliding up your legs, moving the robe to expose your thoughts. You gasp at the touch of the hands so soft and warm, and you wonder who is it? Have you met her before? You wonder if you should peek at this stranger as the hands move to your arms.

“Put your hands above your head.”

You comply and feel those soft hands moving up your hand now to your wrist. It is then you feel something cold and hard like metal. You hear the clasp of the handcuffs around the bed posts. You feel the tightness of them around your wrist. You begin to breathe faster almost in a panic. You have never been tied up before. You are totally at the will of this stranger whoever she is.

“Relax. If at any time you want me to stop, just say lemon pie. I won’t hurt you. That I promise you.”

You suddenly feel at ease. She could be lying, but somehow you don’t feel as if she is. You feel her straddle you, and you feel she is totally naked. Even through the thickness of the robe you feel the warmth of her body next to yours. You bite your lip and try not to squirm as you feel her place a blindfold over your eyes. Now you might never know who this stranger is. You feel her hands at your side. You feel her undo the tie of your robe, and the cool air caresses your hot skin. You shiver from the chill. She slides her hands up and down your body, caressing your soft skin. You can tell she has long fingers, and you feel how soft they are; You also feel her little fingernails as she moves them over your flesh, and with each caress she moves lower and lower down your body. You shift your legs, wanting her already. In your sexual excitement you swallow hard because you have never been so turned on before in your life. Your breathing increases, and you are trying to not moan. Not yet. You don’t want her to think you are too easy.

Her fingers slither down your inner thighs and up crawl towards your hot pussy. Now you moan. Now you think, “Don’t stop! Take me now!”

You inhale deeply as you feel her hot breath kissing your belly. Her wet ,warm tongue slithers in circles on your flesh, dancing upon it and moving down, down, down,down to exactly the place you want her tongue. You want to feel it between your splayed legs. You hold your breath, waiting to feel her tongue on your sensitive clit. You wait with anticipation until you feel it moving in tiny circles with the tip of her tongue. Your body moves to allow her better access to your pussy. You raise your hips to her tongue. Your mind is racing almost as fast as your heart as you breath deeply and let it out through your mouth. Her tongue feels so good. You try to move your arms, but they are handcuffed to the bed. You feel more turned on now knowing you can’t touch her. A moan escapes from your lips as her mouth is on your clit, sucking on it, flicking it with her tongue, and with her sucking and flicking Onwin Güncel Giriş on your aroused clot, she inserts one of her fingers and enters your vagina. First the one, then two fingers until she has three of her fingers inside your full pussy. Your moans become louder as this feeling of being so open and vulnerable is new to you..

Her fingers move in unison with her tongue, finding your g-spot with her fingers. She strokes it until you tighten your vaginal sheath around her fingers. Your breathing increases, and you feel as if you are going to explode. Louder and louder you moan, and as your moans get louder, her fingers go deeper, exploring every inch that you have to offer Her tongue tastes your juices, causing your legs to shake and tremble. You try to reach down to grab her hair, but again you feel the restraint of the cuffs still holding your arms in place. You try to look around, but the blindfold stays in place.

When she feels you are so close to your orgasm, she puts her tongue inside you, tasting you as you cum and drinking all of your love juice. Your moans become softer, and your body begins to tremble. You feel spent but relaxed. You feel a natural high an adrenalin rush.. You close your eyes, wondering who this mysterious lover is. Where did she come from? How does she know exactly what you want? What you need?

You regain your breath and begin to try and work your hands out of the tight bracelets. It is then she speaks.

“You taste fucking amazing,” she whispers.

Her mouth is right next to your ear. You tremble a bit since it took you by surprise. You feel her hot breath on your ear. You smell yourself on her lips. You then sense her face getting closer to yours. You turn your head to face her direction and feel the softness of her full lips Your tongue glides over her lips, tasting yourself on them and feeling how wet she made you. Her tongue darts into your mouth, and you begin sucking on it, stroking it with your tongue. She moans a quiet moan, and then she begins to pull away slowly. You lick your lips wanting more, wanting to taste her, to have her moan for you. You smile and hear her speak again.

“Dd you enjoy yourself?” she asks you, and you nod your head ‘yes.’

You ask, “Will you take off the blindfold and remove my cuffs from me? I want to touch you.”

She laughs and says, “I’ll undo the handcuffs, and I want you to count to ten, and then take off the blindfold. Will you follow these directions?”

“Yes,” you say quietly as you feel her hands on the handcuffs, hear the key turn, and feel the pressure come off your wrists. Your hands begin to throb as the blood flows back into them now they have no constriction and you can bring your arms down. You rub your wrists and try to remain still as your lover had instructed. You say out loud, “One.. two.. three… four… five… six… seven… eight… nine…… ten.”

You sit up and remove the blindfold. Your eyes dart from right to left as you try to see the person who gave you such an adventure, but there is nobody in the room. There is only a simple note lying beside you on the bed.

You unfold it and read, “I know you wanted to touch me and know who I was, but just think, now we can make this last longer. One day when you get home from work, you will find a red ribbon tied to your doorknob. It will be a way for me to let you know I am in this motel room wearing nothing but a robe and handcuffed to the bed. I wish you well on your journey back home. Thank you for an excellent adventure.”

You smile, leave the room, get into your car, and head for home.

To Be Continued…

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