The Root Goes to Nursing School


Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is a college student at a large Midwestern university. He plays bass in a rock band and spreads his considerable goodwill among the ladies. Per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.

PART ONE: Nurse Molly

Lute sat in the waiting room of the university’s student health center flipping through an outdated Sports Illustrated. It was July of the summer before his junior year, and he was there to get a physical for a fall semester scuba diving class he needed to fulfill a phys ed credit.

From what he’d heard, a student with an unknown heart condition had passed out while diving in this class a few years before. The poor guy almost drowned before they could rescue him. As a result, all scuba students now had to get physicals.

“Luther Casey?” a voice called out, and when Lute looked up, he saw a pretty 30-something nurse holding a file folder and scanning the room.

“Right here!” Lute replied as he stood and followed her into one of the exam rooms in the back area of the clinic.

Introducing herself as Molly, the nurse ran him through some of the basics – checking height and weight, blood pressure, etc., and as she did, while keeping a friendly patter going the whole time, Lute was better able to check out Nurse Molly.

She was average height with pony-tailed reddish brown hair and a sweet freckled face. But the most striking thing about her were the two fleshy mounds that pushed against the top of her scrubs, topped off with nipples that protruded like drawer knobs. Though her scrub outfit did little to accentuate her figure, Molly’s tits were so fine that they’d look luscious even if she was wearing a hazmat suit.

After finishing the list of preliminary questions, Nurse Molly handed Lute a hospital gown. And before she slipped out of the room, she instructed him to strip down to his briefs and put it on, and then lie down on the table to prepare for his EKG.

When she returned, she saw that Lute had done as she asked. But what she hadn’t expected to see was the huge bulge in his crotch. Trying her best to ignore the fact that Lute was packing some serious meat, she went about her task of affixing the EKG electrodes to his body.

It seemed to Lute that Molly was being extra careful as she slowly attended to him – leaning over and letting her soft chest rub against him as she stuck on the sensors. And this made Lute’s already sizeable woody grow even more. Though she wore a wedding ring, he suspected that Nurse Molly was teasing him. But she continued to innocently talk and ask him questions about school and his band the whole time she worked, so he wasn’t quite sure.

But when she pressed her chest right against his crotch as she carefully affixed an electrode to his thigh, he was sure her attention was more than clinical. Deciding to test his theory, he raised his hips and pushed his cock against her pillowy breasts.

With a sly smile, Molly slowly dragged her boobs across his thick organ before she eased back and checked the door. Seeing that it was firmly closed, she moved over and gave Lute a tender kiss on the mouth and then turned on the EKG machine. While it ran, she pulled a card out of her pocket and wrote something on the back.

When the EKG was finished and Molly had removed the sensors, she stuck the card into a pocket of Lute’s jeans that hung from a wall hook.

“My husband took our daughter to visit his parents for the week,” she said quietly as she touched Lute’s arm, “So if you’d like, give me a call. My number’s on the card. Maybe you could come over for dinner and then, you know, give me a guitar lesson or something.”

Lute readily agreed to her suggestion as she leaned in for a quick last kiss before exiting, sending in the doctor to finish up the physical.

Two nights later, Lute rang the doorbell of Molly’s house. She lived in a tree-lined neighborhood on the outskirts of campus, and when she opened the door with a shy smile, she looked even better than at the clinic. It was a warm summer evening and Molly wore a light sundress. Her reddish hair was undone and dropped down onto her shoulders. And her chest was just as hefty and tempting as Lute remembered.

“Okay, I need to tell you something,” she said right away as Lute stepped into the foyer. “I’ve never come on to a guy at the clinic before. Never ever. And I’ve also never cheated on my husband.”

“Good to know,” Lute chuckled.

“Right. But there was something about you that made me do what I did.”

“Uh huh. And what was that?”

“Well, the huge bulge in your shorts was definitely part of it. But you also seemed really decent and honest – like someone I could trust.”

“I see,” Lute replied, “Any second thoughts?”

Looking into his eyes, Molly probed them for a moment before answering with a gentle laugh, “Sure. I’ve been having lots of second thoughts. But maybe we can just see how it goes?” Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort

“Of course, let’s just see how it goes!” Lute said, handing her a bottle of pinot he’d picked up on the way over, “And something smells great in the kitchen!”

Molly had made them a tasty meal, and as they ate and drank and got acquainted on her back patio, they sized each other up, waiting to see how things would unfold.

It was a Friday night, and since neither of them had to work the next day, the evening moved along at a measured pace as they ate and polished off the wine. But when dessert was finished, Molly turned on some mood lighting in the living room and poured them snifters of brandy. Things continued along an amorous route as she put on a Chick Corea album and then approached Lute as he sat on the couch.

Sliding onto his lap, Molly gave him the long slow kiss she’d been dying for. And as one kiss moved into another, she soon had her tongue down his throat and was grinding into the growing bulge in his jeans.

Kissing her neck, Lute pulled down the straps of her sun dress and bra, letting them drop to reveal more of her tempting cleavage. Molly then began undoing her dress buttons as he planted his face in her delectable mounds and burrowed into their fleshy goodness.

With her dress top now at her waist, Molly undid her bra and let it slide off, giving Lute full access to her tits. Grateful, he hungrily worked his mouth and tongue over her bounteous orbs, enjoying their soft succulence. But when she leaned back, he got a full view of her breasts and saw just how extraordinary they truly were.

They were definitely big, at least 36E’s; he’d known that from their first meeting at the clinic. But it was their torpedo shape, topped with huge areolae and nipples, that made her tits such stunners. Her areolae were reddish brown and the size of large saucers – so big they covered the full top of her tits like beanie caps on a bald head. And they were accentuated by thick nipples that stretched across the apex of each breast like suction cups. But that wasn’t all. Each areola was decorated with a bunch of pimple-sized glandular bumps that Lute thought were sexy-as-hell.

“Wow, Molly, your breasts are incredible!” He gushed as he took in her glorious rack.

Molly gave him a proud smile as she lifted one of her hatted torpedoes up to her mouth and licked its big nipple.

“I’m glad you like them!” she giggled, “They’ve always been big, but after I had my daughter and started nursing her, my areolae got even bigger, and really bumpy, and they’ve been like this ever since.”

Kissing her available tit, Lute moaned, “God, they are so fucking sexy! Your husband is a really lucky guy!”

“Yeah, he loves them,” she said as she pushed on the sides of her breasts so they enveloped Lute’s head, goading him to lick and suck them in just the way she loved. “But I should warn you, I’m still lactating. I stopped nursing my daughter about a year ago, but since my husband likes to suck on my boobs so much, they’ve continued to produce milk. I hope that isn’t a huge turn off for you.”

Putting his mouth on one of her nipples and sucking it like a baby, Lute was surprised when some milky liquid started to come out.

“Mmm, this is so cool!” Lute murmured as he continued nursing on her tit, amazed at the results, before finally moving over to the other boob and getting a similar flow. Like a suckling infant, he alternated between her breasts, gobsmacked to be using them for their intended purpose.

Though Molly loved having Lute sucking on her tits, and was pleased he enjoyed doing it, she was anxious to get acquainted with the monster she knew was lurking in his jeans. So after interrupting him from his new favorite past-time, she slid off his lap and down onto the floor where she started massaging his huge bulge while undoing his pants.

Raising his hips to assist, Lute pushed down his jeans and briefs, allowing his python to escape its constraints and spring out like a torqued jack-in-the-box.

“Sweet Jesus!” Molly squealed as she came face to face with the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Then after beaming at Lute with an ecstatic smile, she grabbed his shaft and stretched her mouth over its big mushroom head and began eagerly sucking and licking his thick ten-inch tool.

“Yeah, this is exactly why I came on to you at the clinic,” she said as she slowly ran her tongue up and down his flexed member, “I knew you had the cock of my dreams!”

“You like big cocks, Nurse Molly?” Lute inquired.

“God, yes!” she moaned, “My college boyfriend had a big cock – nothing like yours, but after being with him, I’ve always wanted to be with a guy who was really hung.”

“I’m glad to oblige,” Lute sighed as she worked his meat into her throat, “And your tits are definitely more than I could have hoped for!”

Pleased with the compliment, Molly leaned forward and wrapped her corpulent beauties around his shaft and Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort dropped a glob of spit into her cleavage as she began tit-fucking his armed warhead.

“Yeah, baby, that’s right…mmm, yeah,” Lute whispered as his meat slid back and forth in the big tit tube she’d made for him, sucking his cock’s head each time it popped out from between her freckled orbs.

After an extended bout of tit-fucking, the lovers were fully charged and ready to rumble, so Molly took Lute by the hand and led him to the guestroom, not wanting to further betray her husband by fucking a guy in their bed.

After they hurriedly slipped out of their clothes, Molly pushed Lute back onto the mattress and resumed sucking his tool while she shoved her hand between her legs, readying her pussy for the imminent invasion of Lute’s monster.

Moving onto his torso, Molly then positioned her pussy over his cock as he grabbed his shaft and inserted its head into her prepped orifice.

“Oh…yeah, come to mama!” she moaned as she eased down, welcoming more of his leviathan inside her.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, so big…so fucking big!” she gasped when he was halfway inside her gaping maw, “Now let’s do this…c’mon baby, give it to me…I want it all!” And as she slowly dropped down onto Lute’s truncheon, he raised his hips and drove the full length of his thick organ into her pussy.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she squealed, now fully impaled on his massive cock, the length and girth of which she still couldn’t quite fathom.

And from Lute’s position, looking up at Molly’s extraordinary tits as they dangled above him dripping milk, it was like being watched by a big pair of sunglasses perched on a set of bulbous crying eyes.

Leaning her chest forward so he could continue sucking on her engorged tits, Molly began to slowly move up and down on Lute’s member, awed by how he filled her up so completely. Her pussy was now stretched out far more than when she was with her college boyfriend, and having Lute’s thick ten inch rod inside her provided the sensation she’d longed for. Looking down and seeing his slick tool plunging her pussy aroused her beyond belief, so she moaned and ground down hard on his member.

“Oh, wow, wow, wow!” she sighed as she felt his meat plumb the depths of her pussy, “Absolutely the cock of my dreams!”

And while Molly slid a hand into her pussy and began working over her clit, she continued to wet-nurse her young lover, who was more than happy to relieve her full breasts of their creamy discharge.

Getting a generous sampling of Molly’s milk, Lute was surprised by how sweet it was, and also how plentiful. And it was also clear that having him attached to her boobs was moving Nurse Molly to an even greater state of arousal. She fingered her clit while they fucked, and began to gasp and moan, signalling that an orgasm was nigh.

“Oh, that feels so good…so good! I’m gonna’ cum, Luther! Is that okay?”

“God, yes, cum for me baby!”

“Okay…okay…okay…oh, yes! Oh god yes!” she wailed as she bucked up and down on his cock while he continued sucking hungrily on her gushing tits. And then to top off her breasts’ liquid offerings, Molly’s pussy began to squirt lady juices as she came, anointing Lute with her spray.

“Oh, my god! My god, yes! Yes!” Molly wailed in surprise as she continued gushing from both her tits and pussy. She was too overcome with her own orgasmic pleasures to be embarrassed that she was drenching her young lover. But Lute was loving it, and released his mouth from her boobs and started squeezing her nipples, letting their milky offerings fly as her cunt continued to spray.

When Molly’s climax finally subsided, Lute rolled her over onto her back and pushed her legs back as he mounted her, driving his torqued cock into her swamped pussy.

“Oh, god yes, Luther…yes…yes!” she moaned as he began pounding her cunt with deep thrusts that shoved against her cervix while his big nut sac slapped against her ass, further inciting her next orgasmic wave.

Pulling one of her flopping tits up to her mouth, Molly sucked on its nipple and elicited another stream of milk, looking up wide-eyed at Lute as she suckled, letting the liquid sexily ooze from her lips as she gasped.

“Oh, my god…oh, yes, baby, yes!”

Feeling a monster load rising in his loins, Lute continued fucking his nursing lover as he prepared to combine his own liquid offerings with hers.

“I’m gonna’ cum, baby, and it’s gonna’ be big!” he moaned when he was moments away from blast-off, knowing his eruption would stun his new lover in both its velocity and volume.

But even with prior warning, when Lute pulled his cock out of her plundered cunt and blasted his initial load of ejaculate onto her heaving tits, Molly was completely taken aback. And when he followed his first spew with another, and then yet another load of equal size, covering her chest in his milky jism, she cried out in disbelief.

“My Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort god, Luther, oh my god!” she squealed as he held his thick shaft and continued pumping cum, jetting it across her body like an exploding bottle of lotion.

Then moving up onto her sticky chest, Lute pushed his still spewing member into her mouth, letting her hungrily suck off the last of his seed, which combined with her own lactation in a sweet and salty milky melange.

With this piquant liquid oozing sexily out of her mouth as she continued fellating Lute’s turgid meat, Molly shoved her hand back into her pussy and brought herself off to one final orgasm. And when she gasped and arched her back in climactic glee, she squirted her pussy juices again, adding to the bodily discharges that now drenched their bodies and bed.

Sticky and sweaty, after some prolonged post coitus luxuriating on the bed, the new lovers headed to the shower to get cleaned up before Lute went home. But to Molly’s surprise, even though he had only recently blown a wad of epic proportions, his cock was soon again locked and loaded.

So with Molly pinned up against the shower door, Lute took her from behind in a second round of fucking that ended with them both cumming again. And this time he shot his load inside her stretched pussy, filling her with a spew of ejaculate that it would ooze from her spent cunt throughout the night.

When they finally began making their goodbyes, Molly made it clear that though it had been a mind-bending evening, she needed their affair to be a one-night-stand. She loved her husband and didn’t want to jeopardize their marriage any more than she already had.

But in the midst of their parting kisses and prolonged goodbyes, she learned that his band was playing on the town square bandstand the following evening, which gave her an idea for a fitting finale to her brief affair with Lute.

As Lute stood playing bass on the bandstand the next night, he was surprised to see Molly ride up on her bicycle and join a group of friends dancing below the stage. And after the band closed out their set and was breaking down their equipment, she greeted Lute in the backstage area and pushed her bike along side him as he hauled his gear over to his van.

Though he was heading off to a party, Lute offered to give her a ride home. And when she accepted, he put her bike in the back of the van. But when they drove by a park not far from Molly’s house, she suggested they pull into a secluded spot and talk for just a bit in the back of the van.

Situating herself on one of the van’s big cushions, Molly had Lute put his head across her lap. And then after leaning down for some long kisses, she lifted her shirt.

“Have you ever seen a nursing bra before, Luther?” she asked him as she began undoing one of the flaps on the front of her conservative-looking white brassiere.

Chuckling as he realized what she was wearing, Lute replied, “Well, I’m sure my mom wore one, but I’m kinda’ fuzzy on the details.”

With the flap opened and one of her big hatted torpedoes flopped out, Molly offered it to Lute, who gladly attached his mouth to its wide nipple and began sucking away until a stream of milk began to fill his mouth.

“Yeah, baby, that’s so nice,” she murmured as he continued. And once he had gotten a good pull from that tit, she released her other engorged breast and moved it into his mouth, letting him resume his work.

Molly’s intention had been to just let Lute suck on her tits and relieve her of some of the milk that had built up since the night before. And then once he’d had his fill, she planned to get back on her bike and ride home.

But as she became aroused from his suckling, she started rubbing his crotch and soon had his cock out of his pants. Thinking that a hand job would probably be okay, she began stroking his thick meat, feeling it expand to full size in her hand.

Deciding there would be no real harm in sucking him off, she dropped her head into his lap and took his cock into her mouth. But once she had her lips wrapped around his thick organ, her last bits of resolve faded away.

So it wasn’t long before Molly was lying back on the cushions, half-undressed and with her legs spread wide, moaning and thrashing while Lute plunged his cock in and out of her stretched cunt, bringing her off to a wailing orgasm. And when he finally climaxed and began filling her with his prolific spew, she squeezed her nipples and squirted him with milk as he exploded inside her.

When the sticky lovers finally made their last goodbyes and Molly got back on her bike to ride home, Lute saw that his van cushions and carpeting were going to need a thorough cleaning, drenched as they were in all manner of bio-fluids.

So Lute wiped himself down as best he could and slipped on a clean t-shirt before going on to the party. But when he got there and was pulled aside for some kisses by the young lovely he had arranged to meet, she sniffed him and commented on his unusually distinct smell of milk.


Soon after his weekend affair with Nurse Molly, Lute joined his band for a Saturday wedding reception gig. As he rocked away during the band’s first set, he surveyed the crowd and his eyes kept landing on a young woman with a beguiling rack that was made all the more tempting by her deep exposed cleavage.

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