The Slave Ch. 03


Saturday evening arrives and Brenda, Linda and Sara are ready to transport Ross to the auction. Linda sits in the back seat of the car, with Ross as they ride to the auction barn. She tells him the rules. He is to be absolutely silent, he will speak nothing and he will ask NO questions. He will do as he is told or face punishment from 15 of the harshest Mistresses in the lifestyle. He will be led onto the stage. His loin cloth will be dramatically dropped to the floor as the ladies get a full look at his size. He will then feel the constriction band cut from around his cock. He is to stand perfectly still until told to do otherwise. Ross nods his understanding. He is again reminded that he is to remain completely silent.

The auction is run almost like a beauty pageant. The slaves are lined up, examined by the twenty-five judge panel and only the top ten out of the slaves are selected to be auctioned off. The auction is only held once every month. The slave owners must make sure that the slave is in top shape in order to be selected. Ross was selected first for the ten to be auctioned. Brenda, Linda and Sara were very proud of all the preparation they did getting this slave ready to auction. They all three knew he would place highest in the selection process and would bring in the most money.

After the ten top slaves were selected, all the other slaves were placed in a holding area until the auction was over. We could hear the owners punishing some of the slaves that didn’t make the cut. The sound of whips against oiled skin and loud screams from the offending slaves caused the top ten to stand tall and visibly relieved they were chosen.

The crowd of elite ladies had gathered in the staging area. They each had a very comfortable seat and a paddle to vote with. They all waited patiently to examine each of the ten slaves as they paraded across the stage for them.

Brenda checked Ross again; the constriction band has done its job, no migration of the saline and no dripping pre cum. He is ready for the stage. Sara waits to hear the number of the slave called and she cuts the constriction band; drops down to suck on Ross’ cock.

The constriction band has been on for so long he is huge but the cock is soft. As Sara sucks on his cock he begins to elongate and fatten up, this also helps produce the pre cum flowing back up the shaft for the stage showing. Sara understands that there is not a lot of sucking, but just mouthing it to get things started. The constriction band has been replaced with a diamond studded leather band just for the stage. It forces the slaves cock and balls outward showing them off much better.

The slave’s balls are still shiny and smooth the lights glowing off them. They are well oiled very hairless and bloated. The sac is the size of a melon with two very large avocado sized balls nestled inside. The auction hall is kept very warm to keep the slave’s parts to hang perfectly.

The blood flows back up to the cock as Ross is marched to the stage. The huge amount of pre cum that has built up, is now flowing to the head. His entire cock is beginning to swell hugely from the release. His balls so large he feels them slosh around in the fluid as he walks across the stage.

On the stage, he stands with his legs slightly apart, his balls immense, hanging down, flopping and bulging. As he gets to the edge of the stage, a HUGE drop of pre cum drops onto the stage. The ladies could hear it as it hit the floor in a noticeable splat. All we heard were huge gasps of breath as the hundreds of women were vastly impressed. Then cheers as they realized what a package they were looking at.

Each of the ten slaves were instructed by the auctioneer to turn completely around very slowly three times so the ladies could get a very good look at what they were getting for their money. They were instructed to show themselves completely. They had to face front, showing their legs, turn and spread their legs, bend over and show every angle to the audience. They were reminded that they were to speak not a sound, nothing.

The auction began after the ten slaves marched across the stage for the ladies to view. As the first nine slaves were auctioned off, we noticed that Ross was saved for last. The women went wild, screaming out bids. They would give anything to have this slave for twenty-four hours. His price was three times the take on any of the other slaves. We were again astonished, not believing his bid!

Ross was turned over to the highest bidder at midnight and would be returned to the owners the following night at midnight. The highest bidder was Mistress Darla, the usual price for a slave for the twenty-four hour period was $1500.00, and Ross took in $4500.00.

We had heard rumors about her slave handling and we knew that Ross was in for some heavy torture in her hands. She was known to be very rough, mean and even cruel to the slaves, leaving them totally exhausted, beaten, raw, empty Anadolu Yakası Grup Escort and even unconscious at times.

At midnight Saturday night we reluctantly turned Ross over to Mistress Darla and arranged to meet her at midnight Sunday night in the park, close to our home.

Darla’s eyes were gleaming as she took in the gorgeous sight of Ross. She asked if his balls were naturally that size or altered. Brenda explained that his balls were normally very huge, but that she had injected saline into them for the auction. Darla was pleased knowing that the bigger the balls the more secretions. Ross was restrained after the actual auction the three owners didn’t want to take any chances. He was visibly frightened and could bolt at any time if left unrestrained. Besides that, the slave was easier to transfer from us to Mistress Darla with full restraints.

Darla asked when the slave had last orgasmed. Linda told her that he had in fact came yesterday but that he is an over producer and can harvest more and more sperm in very short periods of time. With the size of his balls he is able to cum repeatedly it’s just that the amount reduces each time he cums until he finally has just dry orgasms.

She estimated Ross could cum six times in twelve hours and at least four times in two hours. She pointed out that it was very interesting to watch Ross have dry orgasms, his cock twitching and jerking with nothing coming out. His stomach very tight, back arched, thigh muscles constricted and his hips thrust outward and a very obvious contracting cock makes for a very nice show.

Linda also pointed out that the more the slave was “played” with, taken to the edge of orgasm and back repeatedly the more he vastly produced.

Darla took control of Ross and locked him in her Limo for transport to her dungeon. He remained very nude, very vulnerable, his package was still bulging and he was very frightened.

Mistress Darla placed a blindfold over his eyes and warned him not to remove it. She placed his hands and legs in leather restraints that caused him to be seated in the middle of the back seat his legs and arms spread wide open. Darla returned the previous restraints to the three owners and she instructed her two female servants to prepare the Limo for departure.

The servants are in the front of the Limo and she climbs into the back with Ross. He is restrained, spread wide open, still very nude. His cock is soft but his balls still bulge from between his legs from the constriction band being in place.

Darla can’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She begins to tease and torture him in the vehicle as they drive to her dungeon. Of course the servants have instructions to drive over the different terrains and for at least an hour before arriving at the dungeon which, in reality is a mere ten minute drive from the auction hall.

Ross is very frightened and restrained as they travel. Darla can not refrain from touching, pulling, examining and groping the slave. She teases him to the brink of orgasm and then slaps his balls to bring him back down. She teases him again to the brink and slaps his balls harder. She punches them with a closed fist and begins to squeeze them hard with both hands. Darla makes a mental note that the slave’s cock is rock hard and oozing pre cum. She smiles knowing that this slave loves the pain and is very aroused.

Darla knows from experience that swollen balls make for much larger loads. She leans down and bites the balls hard. She continues to slap and punch them the entire time they are riding to the dungeon. Ross’ balls have swollen twice the size they were at the auction. Darla is proud of her work. She offers Ross a drink in which she has previously spiked with the ecstasy drug.

They arrived at her dungeon located several miles off any main road, knowing that unless invited, no one would find it. Darla takes out a tazer and between the drug and the tazer, she renders Ross unconscious. She removes the restraints ordering her servants to carry Ross into the dungeon and place him on the futon in the center of the room. Darla restrained the slave to the futon with handcuffs and leg irons which were locked to eye bolts in the floor on each end of the futon.

Darla instructed the servants to administer as much pain and torture as they could before he regained consciousness. The servants were more than willing to comply with their orders. They decided to pierce his cock. The servants got an eighteen gauge needle and two stainless steel rings with pressure balls and set out to jewel the slave’s cock.

One servant pulled the skin on the under side of the slave’s cock very tight, stretching it farther than it should naturally be stretched. She did that several times and after the third time the other servant told her to hold it out tight. She measured down approximately one and one-half inches and pressed the needle through the skin. Ross Anadolu Yakası Manken Escort moaned a little from the piercing but didn’t wake. The servant then threaded the stainless steel ring through the fresh hole and fastened it with the pressure ball. The servants repeated the procedure for the second piercing except they placed it one-half inch below the first one.

It wasn’t very long after the piercing that Ross regained consciousness. He was aware of severe pain in his cock and balls and he was aware of the feeling of having been drugged. Darla was there to rub some anbesol on the piercing site and welcome the slave to her dungeon. She informed him of his new piercings and with the help of her servants got him up on his feet, held his cock up tightly toward his abdomen and showed Ross his new rings with a mirror.

Darla walked Ross to the center of the huge room. She placed his wrists into suspended, soft leather restraints, which spread his arms wide above his head. Darla then restrained each ankle with the same soft leather cuffs. His legs spread wide, she was able to take a very close look at those huge balls and that semi hard, thick cock. She was pleased and she thought she got this slave for a true bargain, especially for her first auction.

In the loft of the barn, Darla had renovated the space into her private quarters. She had an entrance from the dungeon and an entrance from outdoors. Her guests used the outside entrance. She had a modern kitchen, four medium sized bedrooms and six baths. The living room was old oak and her bedroom red and black silk. She had a sliding glass door installed in her bedroom which opened to a twenty square foot deck. To the right of the sliding door was her twelve person hot tub. She had it recessed into the floor of the deck to easily step down into.

Darla took a seat on one of the many sofas surrounding the center of the room in the dungeon. She sat and watched her slave as he became uncomfortable being spread eagle standing nude in front of her. She saw him squirming in the restraints. Thus far, she had spoken not a word to him except to ask when he had his last orgasm.

Darla was waiting on her invited guests to arrive. She had ten other women coming over to play with this gorgeous slave. Darla stood, went to get a restraint for his cock and placed it around his entire package. She cinched it down tight to keep the saline from migrating; she was very familiar with the injections. She couldn’t resist the pre cum accumulating on Ross’ cock. She took just the tip of her fingernail and scooped some pre cum into it and raised it to her lips. She noted Ross had flinched from her touch. She noticed that nail was a bit sharp.

Darla asked the slave if he liked the feel of her sharp nail on the head of his cock. Ross answered “yes Mistress”. Darla couldn’t wait to get her hands on Ross. She examined his cock and balls up close and noticed that his hole had been stretched. She thought she could fit her finger all the way down into his cock. She made a mental note to try it later.

The chains that held the slave were suspended from the ceiling and were retractable. Darla started winding the arm chains up, stretching the slave to stand on just his toes, his arms spread wide. Darla took very light nylon cord and wrapped it around his balls. She then encircled his thick cock with the same rope; his cock was completely covered except for the bulging purple engorged head. She ran the rope over the rafter and tugged it tight.

The slave was suspended, arms and legs wide, up on his toes and his cock being roped and pulled up and away from his body. He was very uncomfortable now. Darla would release the tension on the ropes and tighten it again, over and over stretching his cock and balls and giving them the appearance of being longer and fatter. Her guests would enjoy seeing him like this and playing with the ropes.

Darla heard the door upstairs and went to welcome her guests. She showed them to the dungeon and suggested they help themselves to refreshments until everyone arrived. The ladies took advantage of the sofas in the dungeon. They were really looking this slave over, noting his cock and balls and complimenting Darla on his suspension. She noted a huge glob of pre cum ready to drop off the tip of the slave’s cock. Darla noticed her guests visibly becoming aroused and excited. She overheard them talking about getting their hands on him, she was proud.

Within fifteen minutes all her guests had arrived and were seated on the sofas around the slave, admiring his body and talking about just how huge his package was. Darla invited her guests to get comfortable and remove any clothing they wished. This was going to be a very long twenty-four hours!

In minutes all the women were running around the room in thongs or completely nude. Every one of her guests is associated with the BDSM lifestyle. They are upper class Anadolu Yakası Masöz Escort and filthy rich, they have to be to afford the price of pleasure she provides. She personally knows each woman intimately. She has a vast assortment here tonight some very cruel and rough on slaves to satisfy their own sexual taste. Some women are very shy and timid; fearful of even touching the slave so they are satisfied with visually taking in every aspect of the slave’s body. They stare at his cock and balls, his chest and nipples, the hairy body wishing they could run their fingers through it but knowing they wouldn’t dare. They take in his body definition and his very nice ass and silently get very wet, just looking.

There are a couple of ladies that are dead serious and only want to lick, suck and fuck the slave until he passes out and some others are giddy and joking, just having fun with the sexual bantering. The variety in Darla’s guests is for a purpose. The emphasis is focused on the mean and cruel guests because the husbands of the other ladies pay her nicely to train the meek and mild. They will never know about the arrangement she made with their husbands, but they would learn to administer pain and torture tonight!

Darla asked everyone to return to their seats and give her their attention. She asked all of her guests to move so that they were facing the front or side of the slave for best observation of her first procedure.

She told the women that the term for this process was called milting, very similar to milking. The value of this procedure is simple; the male maintains a rock hard or semi hard cock without the ability to really cum. If the male is allowed to really cum the arousal stage plummets and it takes time for that stage to return. By milting the male prior to playing with him, it eliminates wasted time waiting for the balls to produce more sperm. Milting also relieves some of the pressure build up from the arousal stage and he feels “on the edge” and that doesn’t go away.

The slave’s eyes widened when she moved closer to him. His excitement growing; Darla asked someone to come up and release the rope from his cock and balls. Everyone watched as the blood filled the slaves cock and balls again, making them appear to be twice the size that they were.

The rope was removed and there was a huge amount of pre cum. All the women thought the slave had cum after the rope was removed. Darla let them know that this was just his pre cum and they need not worry. With that said she grasped the slaves cock and smeared her hand with his secretions. She hit the head of his cock and the ladies watched as it with drew back toward his balls. He was instantly soft.

Darla demonstrated for her guests. She tells them that the cock must be soft to do this; the milting won’t work if the cock is hard. She slides two fingers down the underside of the cock head towards the sac, with her two fingers still close to the head, the foreskin slips back up and covers her fingers and the head of the cock. She then takes her other hand and gets a cupping type grip under the sac and holds them steady so that they are trapped in that hand.

Her two fingers slip downward just as if they were sliding down the shaft of his cock; the exception is they are inside the foreskin and not inside the wide mouth of his cock. The fingers reach a very slight “restriction” area of the sac. Pressing harder the two fingers wrapped in the foreskin slip with a “pop” into the sac and rest between the two testicles inside the sac. Darla then tells the ladies to select their favorite ball and begin stroking it and she demonstrates. The fingertips will feel the various muscles, tubes and cords of the balls. She begins to rub and stroke them, stimulating the ball to erupt which allows the sperm to just flow out.

Darla warns them that as soon as they feel the sperm and pre cum ooze from the head against the palm of their hand, relax for a few minutes, no movement at all, and then begin the stimulation again, hard. Within a moment they should feel a large amount of sperm and pre cum in the palm of their hand. Relax a moment, no movement at all and begin again. She warns them to be very careful and not continue the stimulation while the sperm and pre cum flow out because that will cause a full blown orgasm which defeats the purpose of the milting.

Time was passing quickly. It was early morning already so Darla loosens the slave’s hands and orders him to stroke his cock to hardness. Ross opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced by the cheers of the women all around him. He reached down and began to rub his cock. It didn’t take long and his cock was fat, long and thick. Everyone was impressed. He was totally humiliated.

The women were very excited ordering the slave to rub his balls, and stroke his cock. He was told to insert a finger into the mouth of his cock and slowly stroke in and out as if it were a hot, tight pussy. They marveled as he complied and were amazed that his finger fit into the opening. Ross was told to introduce a finger into his ass as he stroked the inside of his cock; he was visibly humiliated, but complied. It was obvious that he was deriving some pleasure from the orders and his own stimulation because his cock was swelling monstrously large.

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