The Smell of Sex Ch. 18


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.


Laura let Patricia walk ahead and wondered why the older woman didn’t want to walk with her. Then as she passed the front of a clothing store, she saw a young blonde that looked like a streetwalker walking on the other side of the aisle. Laura watched the girl’s long legs and her exposed hip flexing in the too high slits of her miniskirt. She stumbled and almost fell when she realized that it wasn’t a hooker after all; the girl reflected from the mirror was her!

She blushed in humiliation and then looked around at everyone’s stares. Some of the leering people looked at her with lust, while others with disgust, but they all looked at her. She kept her eyes glued to Dr. Adams walking in front, while she blushed with humiliation, not daring to look at anyone else, as she followed the older woman to a beauty salon.

Dr. Adams walked in and told the perky blonde behind the counter, “My Laura is here for her appointment.”

‘Appointment?’ Laura thought, ‘I don’t have an appointment.’ But before she had a chance to think about what was transpiring, Laura was directed back to a chair in the back and her hair was washed. While Laura was otherwise occupied, Patricia took the remote that controlled the small egg in Laura’s pussy and began to tease the young blonde with varying intensities. Laura fought to control the fire burning in her sex, but it was useless. She reached down and pulled her skirt up so that she wouldn’t ruin it, thankful that she was covered by the black smocked draped from her neck. She was vaguely aware that chemicals had been applied to her hair and she guessed that maybe Dr. Adams thought she needed a little different tone.

While Laura waited with her hair wrapped in strips of foil, her hairdresser was whispering to the other women working at the salon and pointing at Laura. It seems the woman had never met a real-life nymphomaniac before. And Laura certainly *had* to be a nympho. What else could explain the way the girl was dressed or the way she was softly moaning while her hair was cut and dyed. The hairdresser was sure she had seen the tell-tell movement of a hand beneath the black smock. The mewling sounds coming from Laura’s throat and her half-lidded eyes were a dead giveaway of the state of her sexual excitement.

However, nothing prepared Laura for what happened an hour later when the hairstylist turned Laura around to face the mirror again. Laura was no longer a blonde, but a very curly haired brunette. Laura stared openmouthed at her reflection, while Dr. Adams put a pair of glasses on Laura. Laura was just about to argue that she didn’t need glasses. Then Laura’s mind drifted back to the picture of the geek she was supposed to humiliate. Laura looked just like the girl in the picture. Her lip trembled as she took in the implications.

Dr. Adams comforted Laura by massaging her shoulders. “I imagine you must have a lot of questions by now, don’t you sweetie?” Then she neatly tucked Laura’s now dark hair behind her ears. “Well, please be patient for just little longer and I will tell you everything as soon as we get home.”

Laura left a daze. She was so busy thinking about what was going to happen to her; she didn’t even pay any attention to the leering stares of the mall patrons, as they made their way back to Dr. Adams’s car.

Laura got into the car and turned to Dr. Adams. “Dr. Adams, what is go-“

Dr. Adams put a finger to Laura’s lips. “Call me Mummy – remember.” Then she trailed the finger down between the former blonde’s breasts and snuck it beneath Laura’s skirt.

“M-mummy, what is going Ohhn!” Patricia’s fingers gave Laura something else to think about and soon the young girl’s doubts were replaced by the mounting passion coming from her sex. She lost herself to the sensations of the fingers exploring her pussy and didn’t come around again until they had arrived at Dr. Adams house.


“Okay sweetie, when we go into my house, there is going to be a few women there who are going to want to meet you. I’m warning you in advance that some of these women may be upset when they see you, but I promise that Mummy won’t let anything happen to you sweetie.” Dr. Adams stroked Laura’s newly permed and dyed hair, comforting her while the young girl dutifully licked the juices from the older woman’s fingers. “Now, I want you to promise me that you will be a good girl and tell the truth, like we discussed. Do you promise, sweetie?”

“I promise, mummy. But, when are you going to tell me-” Laura whined.

“Shush, I’ll tell you what you need to know inside. Be sure to bring the envelope dear.” Dr. Adams and Laura got out of the car and the two walked hand in hand into the house. Laura carried the envelope which contained a picture of a girl who looked exactly like she did. She wondered how much Dr. Adams knew and why she had wanted her to look like this girl.

When they entered the house Laura looked around at the nicely Maltepe Ukraynalı Escort furnished house. Laura noticed about seven women in the living room of the house. There were several gasps when Laura entered and all of them had angry stares. Laura was certain that they didn’t like her; she assumed it was because she was dressed like a prostitute. However, she couldn’t have been further from the truth.

A short auburn haired woman cried out in rage and jumped up and ran toward Laura. Laura cringed in fear, expecting to be pummeled by the maniac. Luckily, two of the other women grabbed her before she could reach Laura.

“Bitch! Whore! I hate you! You ruined me! You ruined my goddamn life!” the woman raged, struggling against the arms that held her. She spat in Laura’s face – twice. Poor Laura trembled, holding Dr. Adams’s hand tightly for security; even giving it an extra squeeze to remind her of her promise to protect her.

Patricia’s free hand shot out and slapped the crazed woman in the face. “Cindy! Get a hold of your self!” she demanded, which seemed to calm the woman down, but her chest still heaved and her eyes danced crazily.

Dr. Adams let go of Laura’s hand and reached up to stroke her hair. “Ladies, let me remind everyone here, not to confuse Laura with the girls who caused you so much pain.” Dr. Adams’s hand moved down and undid the bottom tie of Laura’s shirt then her fingers trailed to the top tie. “Here, let Laura prove that she isn’t like those sorority sluts at all.”

Laura prayed Dr. Adams knew what she was doing, because these women looked positively hostile toward her. “Hands behind your neck sweetie,” Dr. Adams said. As Laura clasped her hands behind her neck as ordered, she felt the other tie undone and her top fell to the floor. Laura blushed being exposed this way and the feeling of helplessness was magnified ten-fold by the angry belligerent stares of her audience.

Patricia’s hands moved to Laura’s hips and the former blonde knew what was next. The miniskirt was pulled down her hips and she stepped out of it. She could feel the stares as all the women looked at her shaven aroused sex. She could hear some of them whisper. “pst-would you look at that . . . it’s so big . . . she’s dripping . . .”

“Kneel down now Laura and spread your legs. Now, Look up at momma now and open your mouth. C’mon dear, like a little birdy,” Dr. Adams cooed.

Laura had never felt so exposed and helpless before, but she did as she was commanded. She knew the only thing standing between her and these crazy women was Dr. Adams.

To her horror, she saw a ball of spit form between Patricia’s lips and string down toward her open mouth. The young girl knew that this was some sort of test and she was determined to pass it. She kept her mouth open even after the saliva dripped into it.

“See, Cindy, Laura is a good girl. She’s one of us now.”

Cindy looked a little unsure then her eyes gleamed and she spit in Laura’s open mouth. Laura felt revulsion, but she didn’t let it show. Patricia tilted her head back up and Laura swallowed the disgusting fluids down.

“Now thank Miss Cindy for her gift,” Dr. Adams said.

Laura looked down at Cindy’s Birkenstocks and said, “Thank you Miss Cindy.”

After Laura expressed her gratitude, she could feel the tension leave the room. She looked up and was pleased to see that most of the women seemed to be happy . . . even Cindy.

Dr. Adams reached in her purse and pulled out some photographs. “Laura, be dear and pass these along. A picture tells a thousand words you know.” she said, as she handed them to Laura one at a time.

Laura couldn’t believe it. She blushed and trembled in total mortification as she looked at each picture. There was a picture of her masturbating while sniffing Monique’s panties. Another showed her getting fucked by Latanya and Tamara. There were others that contained almost every humiliating act she had committed. Worse, it looked as if Laura enjoyed every moment. Laura’s distraught mind threatened to cave under the stress, as she wondered how many people were in on this bizarre plot to humiliate her.

“See Laura, you don’t know this, but all the women in this room including myself, were a victim of your sorority’s hazing. Poor Cindy was dyed purple and dropped off on campus with ‘Victim of Excessive Masturbation’ written on her body. No one here ever asked for this; it was just some sick stunt for a little rich bitch to get her wings so to speak.

“I was the first person to figure out the Lamda girls did this every year, but after what they did to me, I couldn’t very well go to the police. I decided the only way to get back at them, was from the inside. Then, I had a brilliant idea: We take the former president of your sorority’s daughter, and have her room with a girl that would be . . . how should I say it . . . likely to put her in her place if she acted like a rich little bitch. Ha-ha, I have to hand it to Monique, the girl went far beyond all our expectations. I dare say you have Maltepe Üniversiteli Escort endured far more than all the women in this room, with the exception of me.”

Dr. Adams knelt down on the floor behind Laura and whispered in her ear. “You can put your arms down now sweetie.” Laura did and felt Patricia’s strong arms encircle her lean body.

“Laura, I meant what I said about you being the daughter I never had. I love you and I hate what has happened to you, me, and all these women. It is all the fault of those rich bitches at your sorority. Will you help us put things right so this doesn’t happen again?”

At first, Laura was torn and conflicted after she heard the truth. She had been used and humiliated, worse, she had enjoyed it. Yet, all these other women had endured humiliation before as well and Laura felt a sort of bond with them that she felt lacking at her sorority sister’s today. Then, Laura heard Dr. Adams sniffling and could feel the cold wet tears as they fell upon her bare shoulder. Suddenly, Laura knew she had to help . . . had to betray her sorority and her mother . . . had to stop her other mummy from crying.

“I-I-I want to help,” she said, as she turned around and wrapped her arms around Dr. Adams and hugged her tightly.

“Thank you Laura,” Dr. Adams said, kissing her passionately as her eyes turned from sorrow to cold steel. “Come on girls; let’s train her for what she needs to do.”


After the practicing for an hour with Patricia’s friends, Laura called Terry and asked her to meet her with another of the sisters at the honors dorm at 9:00. They were given instructions to go to room 233, the dormroom of the girl who had been chosen for Laura to humiliate.

The girls arrived a little after nine and they hurried up to room 233, careful to not be seen. Terry was a little nervous to be walking into enemy territory, but it came with the job. When they entered the dorm Terry immediately noticed a note taped below the TV, with an arrow pointing at the VCR below that said, “Turn me on!”

Terry had to hand it to Laura, whatever her scheme was, it was certainly original, and she couldn’t wait to see what was in store. She turned on the VCR and the tape began to play what Laura recorded earlier that day in the bathroom.

“Come out of there slut! Let us get a good look at you!”

Terry was surprised when closet door slowly opened and Laura stepped out. With her glasses and hair dyed and curled neither of the sorority girls recognized her as Laura, but as the geek she was chosen to humiliate. Terry was amazed that Laura could transform the geek from the picture into such a slut in just one day.

From the neck up Laura looked like a typical honor student, yet that’s where the resemblance ended. With her extremely high platform sandals, her micro mini with slits up the sides showing off her ass and thighs and a too large backless shirt that exposed her breasts; it was clear this was a slut.

“Strip you dirty little whore!” The tape ordered. Laura couldn’t help but see the irony that she was humiliating herself. She hesitantly stripped off her clothes before the smiling sorority girls, all the while praying they wouldn’t recognize her. However, the girls’ attentions were on the words written in bright red lipstick on her small breasts and stomach that read, “SLAVE 4 A NIGHT”.

“Crawl over here. Crawl over here and kiss her feet!” continued the tape.

“Unbelievable,” Terry said in wonder as the obedient geek crawled over to her and began to lick and suck on the leather of her heels. “I think this might be the best stunt ever.”

Though Laura’s image had frozen on the tape, her voice continued. “Suzy here will do whatever you tell her to tonight. I’ve already had my fun with her. Spank her, write on her, take pictures, in short have a ball. She’ll do everything you say for the next hour. If she doesn’t just call 555-4088 and a computer will automatically send off some picture she can’t afford for anyone to see.”

“She did make me promise that I wouldn’t make her do any lezzie stuff though. She said she would do anything but *that*.

‘Anything but that huh?’ Terry thought, as she stripped off her clothes, before the wide-eyed stares of her sorority sister and little geek Suzy. She picked up the phone and looked down at the horrified face looking up at her. “Eat me you little geek.”

After seeing the little geek’s hesitation and horror, Terry turned to dawn and said, “What was that number Laura mentioned, Dawn. Hmmm, I believe it was 5-5-5,” she said, pushing the digits on the phone.

“Please, Laura promised,” Suzy begged.

“But I didn’t promise anything,” said Terry. “4-0-8 – mmmmmm, I thought you would see it my way.” Terry put the phone down and enjoyed the feel of the mouth that was pressed against her pubes.

In reality, Laura wanted nothing more than to bury her tongue in Terry’s lovely quim, but the ladies had been very explicit on what she should do. She was supposed Maltepe Vip Escort to be reluctant and not proficient at what she was doing. As a result, Laura was only allowed to smell the pungent musky aroma emitting from the sex in front of her face.

“Come on Suzy Q, I want to feel your tongue.” Terry demanded. Then, she felt a tongue rolling clumsily through her sex. She got off on the power she exerted over this girl, but unless the little slut became more proficient, she was only going to grow increasingly frustrated.

“Is the Q for queer Suzy? If it is, you’re not a very good queer. Your tongue has no rhythm, you clumsy slut,” Terry sneered.

Laura got a little pissed at Terry’s comments and gave her a taste of real pleasure as she held the girl’s little button between her lips and flicked her tongue back and forth across it. She was pleased when Terry moaned and dropped to her knees. ‘Stupid bitch, who’s clumsy now,’ she thought.

Laura kissed her way up Terry’s stomach and then lightly bit her teeth into the girl’s hardened nipples. She frenched the young snob, letting her taste her own flavor and buried a finger in her sex to make sure she didn’t pull away.

‘Okay, now for the hard part,’ thought Laura was she reached her hand over to the right and snuck it up Dawn’s skirt and felt her panties to see if they were wet. The petite blonde didn’t resist, not even when Laura pulled the girl between she and Terry, then pulled her skirt and panties down to her ankles.

“I believe Suzy queer is getting into this,” said Terry as she helped undress her friend.

Laura kissed her way along the cleft of the Dawn’s sex, tickling her labia with her tongue. She opened the gate with her free hand and drank greedily from the mouth of her sex. With her other hand she grabbed Terry’s hand. ‘Can’t have you masturbating, bitch,’ she thought, placing Terry’s hand on Dawn’s hip. She withdrew her mouth from Dawn’s sex and kissed Terry, giving her a sample of her friend’s taste.

‘Time to put your mouth to work Terry,’ Laura moved her head up so that in order to maintain the kiss, Terry’s face was buried in the Dawn’s bottom. Laura pulled her mouth away slightly and their tongues danced together outside of their lips. Then Laura reached her tongue up and lightly tickled Dawn’s little brownie drawing a moan out of the quivering girl.

‘Your turn now Princess,’ Laura thought, as she danced her tongue with Terry’s again and then led it back up to join hers as it pleasured Dawn’s ass. Dawn stood trembling in the air, suspended between the both girl’s mouths, until she too collapsed and fell.

Laura guided Dawn down to the floor on her back, with Terry straddling her face. Laura moved down and began to lick Dawn’s pussy, giving the girl a few pointers on how to do the job properly. Judging from Terry moans and convulsions, it appeared the girl was a quick study.

Next, Laura placed her hand behind Terry’s head and pushed the moaning girl into Dawn’s pussy. Terry instinctively explored her sorority sister’s engorged sex. Laura sat staring at the two gorgeous blondes engaged in a sixty- nine, as they discovered the pleasure of lesbian sex for the first time.

Part of Laura wanted nothing more than to join in with the two pretty girls. However, another part reminded her she had a job finis. Besides, Laura knew whose sweet mouth she wanted to feel making love to her sex, and it didn’t belong to either of the self-centered bitches on the floor.

Laura felt herself becoming angry at these girls as she remembered what Dr. Adams and all those other women had suffered at the hands of the sorority. She forgot the plan Dr. Adams had laid out for a moment and she took out her anger on the ivory cheeks of Terry’s shapely bottom.

“Eat her pussy you little sorority slut!”

“Come on faster! Faster! Ride her face you college queer!”

In the back of Terry’s mind, she knew she had somehow lost control of the situation and that the tables had been turned. Part of her screamed that this was not right, that this was what she should be doing to the little geek. However, she was experiencing far too much pleasure from Dawn’s silky tongue to salvage her pride. Besides, she found that the spanking she was receiving turned her on even more.

When she noticed that the spanking had stopped, instead of relief, she longed for more. She looked up and saw Suzy at the door with an armful of clothes and then it clicked in her head. Suzie sounded just like Laura when she talked!

Laura smiled and waved at Terry, who felt her orgasm welling up at the worst possible time.

“Surprise Sorority Sluts, you’re on Lez TV!” Laura said, as she pointed to the television.

Sweating and bucking her hips, Terry turned to look at the TV in horror. “Ugh! No! No! Stop-Ugh-Dawn-Ugh-please- stop-fuck-not-now-” she screamed, but it was too late; the orgasm blossomed deep in her cunt and she trembled in the throes of her climax. She watched in horror as her every tremor was caught on the television. At the bottom of the screen the initial of her sorority was displayed, but the T had a red Z marked over it, displaying LEZ T.V. She was not in a state to care about such things right now, but if she knew that by now, everyone that lived on campus was watching this channel, she would have died of embarrassment.

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