The Spinner Series: Turning Exhibitionist


Her name was Jennifer and she had superbly muscled thighs and ass from years of horseback riding. She was a small A cup, barely having much more than great nipples. They were so small that she never wore a bra and only occasionally wore chemises just so her areolas wouldn’t show. I loved the fact that most times I could see her nipples whenever she bent over.This story is about a shopping trip on a rainy day at the beach.My family had a place at the beach that they rarely visited so Jennifer and I went almost every weekend during the summer months. This particular summer, we were both trying to get as dark as we possibly could while tanning. One day, while we were out tanning, a girl walked past us wearing a skimpy white bikini. The contrast of her dark tan with the white suit really got everyone’s attention so naturally, Jennifer had to have one too.The following day was Sunday and it was raining early and was supposed to continue the rest of the day. The only good thing about that was that the other weekenders were fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. After sleeping late, I snuggled up to Jennifer in an attempt to make some whoopie but she kept me at bay while saying that she wanted something more exciting. After showering, we headed off to a late breakfast at a local diner. While we ate Jennifer teased me relentlessly. With her wearing only a white tank top with no bra and pink short-shorts without panties made it all that much harder for me.We lingered after breakfast in our booth reading the local paper, neither of us wanting to go anywhere too quickly due to the incessant rain. Of course, she had to continually lean across the booth to show şişli escort me this or that in the paper but it was really about showing me her tiny tits in public. She knew it drove me crazy and it seemed I was in for a day of teasing.She had this cute little shit-eating grin that she would put on when she was showing off and knew that I wouldn’t do anything in retaliation. It was after she leaned across the table for the third time that I slipped off my flip-flop and slid my foot up her inner thigh. She was startled a little but was still sure that I wouldn’t do anymore. She was so sure that she actually spread her legs a little while still leaning across the booth.Sitting there with a raging hard-on, I made up my mind to wipe that grin off of her face even if I didn’t get any the rest of the trip. I quickly moved my foot up to her crotch and with my big toe, pulled her shorts to the side exposing her smooth little flower. As her grin started to disappear I slipped my big toe into her and started pumping it in and out while grabbing her arms so that she couldn’t sit back down. Staring at me with a half-mad half-aroused look on her face, she slowly gave in to the arousal and quietly came about a minute later.I released her arms and slowly removed my toe from her slick little hole as her orgasm subsided. After she sat back down and adjusted her shorts she sipped her coffee and picked up the paper like nothing ever happened. When she finally looked in my direction, I was the one wearing a little grin and it just pissed her off, but I reveled in her anger knowing that I made her cum in public.About five minutes later she was still giving me the silent treatment mecidiyeköy escort so I suggested that we go shopping for that little white bikini that she wanted. Suddenly she was all smiles and asking for the check. Of course, it was still pissing rain so we decided to look in the shops that were adjacent to the diner. The shops were all fairly small and mostly empty due to the weather.We went from shop to shop on a mission to find the elusive white bikini small enough for her pert little frame. Even the larger shops had almost no selection of white swimsuits and she was getting annoyed. While she was searching in the latest store I found a young sales girl that seemed to be somewhat intelligent and asked her where she would go for this item. After some light flirting to pry the answer from her, she pointed me towards a little high-end shop about three blocks away.When Jennifer approached me seriously annoyed, I told her of the shop that might have her white bikini. Instead of being happy like most people would be, she was sure that it was another wild goose chase and didn’t want to go. She just wanted to head back to our place and drown her sorrows in a few glasses of wine. Gambling that the store would have what she wanted, I lead her there instead of to the car. As we came upon the shop I pretended that we just stumbled across it as I seemed to have gone the wrong direction.Jennifer made some grumbling noises but both of us knew she couldn’t pass a cute little store like this one. It’s no wonder that only the locals knew about this place as it was set far off the beaten path. Walking in, we said our hellos to the older lady behind the counter that looked at us rather suspiciously. While Jennifer started winding her way through the store, I asked the lady about the item in question. Without thought, she pointed me to the far corner of the store.Passing by Jennifer without a word, I quickly found the selection of white suits and then her size. Grabbing the bikini and carrying it behind my back, I slowly headed for my impatient lover. Pressing into her as she intently searched through the rack, I was reminded just how perfect her ass really was. Almost involuntarily she squeezed my rapidly hardening cock between those perfect cheeks. For about twenty seconds she was playful but with my continued presence, she quickly became annoyed at my interference in her quest.Just as she was about to berate me, I quickly placed my find in front of her. In her joy, she turned and gave me a quick peck on the cheek before bumping me out of her way as she made a bee-line for the changing room. As I watched that perfect little body scamper to the changing room and disappear inside I took a long look at the odd structure.I don’t know how old the building was but it was clear that the changing room was an afterthought. It stuck out from one side of the rectangular room and faced away from the register and entrance. There was no ceiling on it, with the walls standing maybe seven feet high. It measured about five-foot square so there was not a lot of room inside with a bench taking up about a foot along the left wall. There was also no door just a simple curtain that left about a two-foot gap at the bottom. The curtain was a light material that swished around at the slightest breeze. Moving closer to the poorly constructed box, I also noticed that the curtain width was approximately two inches short of the necessary width to fully hide its occupant.

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