The Story of D Ch. 02


“Hi,” Neil said, entering the room. He looked like he’d walked straight off an Irish travel poster. Tall and lean, long carrot-red hair, blue eyes and a wonderfully engaging smile. In his arms were five or six books.

“I’m ready . . .” he started to say, with just a lilt of an Irish brogue in his voice, but his voice quit when he realized how I was dressed.

I raised my arms and placed them around his neck and gave him a warm, tender, moist kiss, with the tip of my tongue just entering the inside of his mouth. In the process my robe opened. I did nothing about it.

Neil stammered something about our studying and to shut him up I kissed him again, only longer this time.

As his mouth opened to receive my tongue, the books dropped to the floor. Continuing the kiss, Neil picked me up in his arms and carried me to the couch. My breasts were fully exposed and I think my pussy was too, but I’m not sure.

He took control and turned the kiss into a passionate wet kiss that made me feel light-headed and seemed to devour my very soul.

Neil wasted no time in running his hands over my breasts and I knew I’d made the right choice for Danielle. If a guy could give me such a nice, deep Casablanca-style kiss, he’d certainly be familiar with the vicinity of my clitoris.

Neil quickly lowered his slacks and revealed a huge bulge in his yucky, yellow stained jockeys, just as Danielle ventured out of the bedroom and stood silently watching us. I knew she was in shock. She was half dressed, holding her blouse in front of her stomach while wearing a bra that was only looped over her shoulders.

Neil noticed her and covered his crotch.

“What the fuck?” He was really flustered.

“It’s okay Neil,” I said calmly and pulled him tight against me.

“Come over here Danielle.” I said, willing her towards us with my eyes.

She remained frozen in place.

I raised my voice, “Get your ass over here, NOW!”

With a look of surprise fixed on her angelic face she drifted toward us until she stood next to us.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you,” I said caressing her arm. “You know Neil, right?”

She nodded slowly. It was obvious she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

“Neil, you’ve met Danielle?”

“No… I don’t think so.” He said pensively. He was staring at my exposed breast.

“You two are in several classes together.”

His eyes returned to Danielle. “Oh, yeah. Now I do. I just . . . never saw her this way, you know?”

“Well, lose those shorts will ya, Neil? They might alter the mood, if you know what I mean.”

He laughed and blushed at the same time, struggling to free his ankle of the soiled underwear.

I explained what I’d done to the two of them and why, inviting them to leave if they wanted to.

They stayed. Danielle was my sexual prisoner for the moment, and Neil . . . well, what guy would leave a situation like this?

After persuading Danielle to join us on the couch, I faced her and asked softly if she was going to return the favor to me.

“Err, here? Now?” She seemed a bit shaken up by recent events.

“Haven’t I taken you to the stars and back tonight?”

She sighed, “Yes Rachel, but . . .”

“And you haven’t even returned the favor.”

A thoroughly confused Danielle faltered and said, “But I’ve never . . .”

“You never what?”

I was relentless with her. I couldn’t lose her now. Not after all I’d managed to get from her thus far.

“And haven’t you spent hours telling me you had the hot’s for Neil here?”

“What?” Said Neil.

“Shut up, Neil.”

“I . . .”

“Tell me your cunt isn’t humming right this very minute,” I snapped at her.

“I . . .”

“You can’t can you?”

Quietly, she replied, “No. No I can’t.”

“Kiss my pussy Danielle. Kiss it right now,” this came out sounding like a threat, and I guess it was.

“But he . . .” Even as she protested, she moved towards me, her hand gripping my thigh.

“Wow,” said Neil, moving aside to permit Danielle to get closer to me.

I lifted my leg to the top of the couch, spreading my cunt open for her. I saw that Neil’s eyes were riveted on it.

“I . . . I’ve never . . . “

“I’ll give you all the directions you need,” my fingers were already busy in the recessed slickness of my hole.

Her shyness began to dissipate as she drew close. Kneeling next to me, she kissed me lightly on my cheek. A breast hung tantalizingly loose from her open blouse because her bra had fallen off on one side.

Neil stoked himself furiously. He was well endowed, and I gleefully realized that he was my first redhead. Then I forced myself to resume control of the situation.

“Don’t jerk off Neil,” I scolded, “You’re gonna need that hard in a minute.”

Danielle hesitated, waiting, then blew into my ear, as I had to her earlier. Her tongue quickly followed, tracing the rim. It was warm and wet. I shivered and said, “Danielle, sweetheart, this is all so new to you.”

“Yes,” she replied humbly. Escort bayan

“Neil, you should know Danielle’s a virgin.”

“Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” he exclaimed, and began playing with his testicles, causing me to giggle.

Composing myself, I guided Danielle’s face to my lips so I could give her a deep kiss. Playfully, I lightly nipped her lower lip and then sucked her tongue into my mouth, then she joined in the game. As we tasted each other once again, my hand sought and found the silken underside of her teat.

“Sit up Danielle.” She did.

“Neil, come here and suck this luscious teat.”

Neil knelt next to us and took it from me, thumbing the hardened nipple as if to test its reality, then lowered his mouth to it and bit down softly.

“Mmmm mmm,” murmured Danielle, trembling under his touch.

“See,” I said, “Neil can make you feel that special way too, only his way is different. They both moaned in agreement.

“Danielle,” I whispered, my mouth scant inches from hers, “what have you put up your hole beside your finger?”


“When you play with yourself?”

“Nothing. Just a finger, and ‘course your fingers a few minutes ago.”

Neil groaned out loud and drew deeper, sucking most of her breast into his mouth, on hearing such taboo like language between two women.

I pondered Danielle’s reply, wondering how she’d failed to find a hairbrush or something fashioned after a penis over the years. I gave up.

I pulled Neil off her teat and shoved mine in his face, instructing Danielle to remove her clothes. Since she was wearing very little, this proved no problem. When she was nude, Danielle crept back onto the couch and Neil surprised me slipping behind her and going down on her from behind. His nose must have been up her ass as he used his legs against the end of the couch to push himself forward into her before munched happily away. No one seemed concerned that I was being crushed by his actions.

Danielle looked up at me; her face was one of intense concentration, then mild annoyance as Neil nipped her labia. She WAS a little tender there after our earlier session.

“Go to work on me girl,” I whispered to her. He needs something too. You’ll like it… eventually.”

My pussy opened like a flower for her, and Danielle’s tongue darted hither and yon gathering up my nectar. She reached up, cupped my teats and kneaded my hard pebbled nipples. I could see Neil’s ass wiggling as he continued to eat Danielle out.

“Ummm, please,” I whined, “make me come. I need to come.”

“Mmmm, sorry,” she moaned, “his tongue is like a snake.” She shook her head and her hair caressed my stomach.

Danielle pulled her face away from me and stammered, “I’m having tr . . . trouble doing you. I’ve been c… coming ever since he… he started. Can you get used to c… coming like this?”

“I don’t think so. But it’s just too good to last, so enjoy them sweetheart.”

Her thumb casually circled my clit, flicking it at the end of each circuit. My hips rose quickly with each flick. She was thrusting two fingers into my sopping cunt and driving me crazy.

“Please lick me, oh please . . .” I begged.

Looking up I saw tears of rapture coursing down her face as she stared at me.

“Yes! Yes!” I hissed, “Oh lick it! Ohhhh suck it!” Then Danielle was yelling, “Ohhhh, yesssss! Come for me Rachel, Come for me!”

“Come for me! Yelled Neil, slapping Danielle on the ass.

And I was right there, screaming back at her, “Ohhhh, I’m there! Oh Christ almighty! I’m commmming!”

Danielle’s lips pursed, then closed over my swollen clit carefully sucking on it. My hips jerked and thrust forward at her face knocking her lips from their purchase around my bud.

Startled, she halted her activity.

“Don’t stop. Please Danielle, don’t stop.”

I was wrong about her stopping. She arched her back and screamed as Neil brought her to a tremendous orgasm. She seemed totaled, gasping for breath and quivering as the orgasm sent electrical shocks through her body. But Danielle was special, in a few short seconds she resumed her licking and sucking.

“Oh God, that’s so nice.” I purred.

“You have no idea how I feel,” she whispered to me as she renewed her attack on my shiny pearl. It felt wonderful.

“Please, please. Thank you. Ohhh, God, thank you.” I was on the brink of coming again.

“Eat me, eat me, ohhhh eat me you slutty bitch!” I moaned.

She slammed her face into my cunt and licked and sucked as hard as she could. Then she relaxed as my orgasm came and went, but kept licking and sucking long after my final shudder.

The three of us lay there for a minute or so until Neil groaned and said, “So who’s gonna get me off, for Christ’s sake?”

My hand moved up and cupped Neil’s head. I tickled his ear and drifted over to Danielle’s lower back, then down to her ass, pushing it. The second time I did that, I heard a wet smack come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips parted tackily.

“Danielle Bayan escort wants your cock, Neil. And she wants it now. Are you up to it?” I giggled reaching out and slapping his rock hard penis.

“Fuck yes,” he exclaimed. “Bring her on, we can suck or fuck, I don’t care.”

“Sit down next to me Neil. Kneel in front of us Danielle.”

“Here Danielle,” I said trying to keep the lewdness out of my voice, but failing. “This is Neil’s cock. You’ve never touched one before have you?”

“No.” Her voice barely audible, as she stared at his prolific erection bobbing in front of her face.

“Go on,” I told her, “Take it in your hand.” Cautiously, she reached out.

“Careful now,” Neil said, amused by our actions. “Don’t worry, Danielle, you can squeeze his thing as hard as you like and he’ll love it. Just be gentle around his testicles.”

“Ummm, okay. Like this?” She gripped his penis firmly in her right hand and squeezed, while her left hand cupped his ass.

“God almighty,” Neil groaned.

“He’s in a real bad way sweetheart, here, let me show you what to do.” I took him into my mouth and wet the tip, popped him out and licked the underside of his penis as if it were a lollipop. “Now you do it sweetheart.”

Neil was rubbing his cock with one hand, already biting his lip, grimacing from the tension. He reached out and pulled on her head with the other, Danielle let him lean her forward until his cock brushed her lips. Danielle appeared stunned at first, realizing what was happening to her for the first time. Then I saw her shoulders shrug as his cock touched her mouth again.

“Watch how big it gets Danielle. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?”

She didn’t answer, but stared in wonder at the cock in her hand.

His penis was growing larger as he slowly moved it against her face. Danielle was looking at his cock, then up at his face.

“That’s a good girl,” Neil chanted, “That’s a good girl. Now open your mouth really wide,” he said, rubbing his cock around her lips one time and then guiding her head down onto his erect member.

I watched in awe as Danielle’s mouth stretched to accommodate Neil’s cock. Then her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked and licked away. It was a highly erotic scene and I left the couch to join her on the floor and began kissing Neil’s balls. It afforded me an even better view of Danielle’s first blowjob.

Actually, she couldn’t fit him all in her mouth, and he began to fuck her mouth by placing both hands on her head moving it back and forth.

“That’s a good girl,” he crooned, eyes closed. “That’s a good girl.”

I wet my finger and played with his anus.

“Come on beautiful, just a little deeper,” he murmured to her.

“Yeah, Rachel,” he groaned, work that finger in my ass.”

I did.

His hips were starting to sway. At one point Danielle reached up with her small hand and started to hold Neil’s cock, but he pushed it away.

“Just your mouth, sweetheart. No hands, sweetheart, that’s a good girl.”

She started to wince as he pulled harder on her head pushing her mouth even harder onto his cock. She groaned and started to gag.

“Ease up Neil!” I said forcefully.

“Oh, sorry,” he said releasing her head. Danielle pulled back, and his penis was suddenly in front of my face. I gobbled it up, deep-throating him until I felt him gathering himself to ejaculate. Then I moved away, telling Danielle to ready herself for his sperm.

“He’s ready to come, do you want to watch it, or swallow it?”


“Okay, grab his dick and jerk it up and down.”

“No, sweetheart, faster.”

“Yes, that’s it. Ready Neil?”

“Oh, yeah, somebody suck it a little more.”

I grabbed it with both hands and jerked and sucked franticly.


Hearing that, I pointed his cock at Danielle’s face just as he exploded. A perfect shot, directly into her open mouth. Like a deer in the headlights of a truck, she froze and a blast of jizm landed on her forehead, dripping down into one eye. Instinctively, she reached up to wipe her eye, and he came on her forearm. That was too much for me, and I took him in my mouth and sucked him dry.

A semen covered Danielle looked at me for confirmation. She was definitely confused. I stood up and said, “Let me get a towel so we can clean up a little,” and sauntered off to the bathroom. When I returned they were into a deep kiss, and his fingers were churning new juices up in her pussy. I dabbed at her face until they broke the kiss.

We moved to the bedroom. Then I cleaned her thoroughly. Neil required some attention too. When they were spruced up I found myself grinning at his perky cock.

“Will ya look at that,” I said happily, flouncing on the mattress. “He’s a quick recovery artist.” Neil actually blushed.

“Yea, Neil,” Danielle chirped. Suddenly she was giggling. “Gonna fill me with that thing? I’m a virgin, but I’m on the verge.”

“Really?” he laughed. “Let’s see, shall we?” And he flipped her over.

Danielle’s Escort buttocks rose up high in anticipation as he readied his cock. Neil smacked her on the ass twice as he got to his knees.

“Oh!” she squealed, ” I like that. Oh, don’t spank me daddy, I’ll be a good girl,” she giggled.

“Don’t you mean you’ll be a bad girl for daddy and mommy?” I asked.

“Oh? Well, yes. I suppose I’ll be a bad girl then, won’t I?”

“That’s right,” Neil added. “You’ll be our bad assed bitch, eh?” As he said this he was cupping her marvelous teats from behind and mashing them together before releasing them.

Danielle drew her breath in at this, then sighed. She must have liked this mild form of domination, she appeared somewhat calmer and certainly quieter. Gripping her about the waist, Neil mounted her doggy style, Danielle twisted around, looked at him, then glanced at me, closed her eyes, and moaned, “Do it! Do it!”

Neil spread her legs apart, placed his penis at her entrance and rammed it in. The initial resistance yielded and the wet knob of his prick burst her hymen. All I heard was a slight intake of breath from her as her head snapped back. Neil handled the situation well. Taking his time, he made certain she was well lubed up before he picked up his pace. For this he was promptly rewarded. A different Danielle began to surface.

“C’mon,” she gasped, “Bring it on, motherfucker!”

Who was this new Danielle, I wondered, as she hunched over on all fours, face buried in a pillow, crying, “Yes! That’s it! Get it in there. Get it all in there,” humping her ass back at Neil to counter each thrust of his in her eagerness to achieve rapture once more.

I placed a hand between her legs and roughly masturbated her clit until a relief of sorts swept over her.

“Ahhh, that’s it Rachel! Hit the spot!”

It wasn’t long before Neil’s ivory hard prick vanished completely into her hole. Danielle’s face was suffused with lust and she caught me watching her, gasped deliriously and loosened a torrent of foul language at me too, topping her earlier performance, getting me terribly excited with her vile, verbal barrage.

“Oh you bung-hole lickin’ whore!” She actually waved her tongue at me, inviting me to suck it.

“Oh, yesssss!” I groaned, fingering myself, so excited I could only make her out through a blood red haze, and crept closer. They rolled over, Danielle was on her back, legs gripping Neil around the waist.

He didn’t miss a stroke.

“There! Yes right there!” She hissed at Neil.

“Oh fuck me! Oh, Neil! Yes! Fuck that pussy!”

I made my way to her mouth and her tongue savaged me. It was my most violent kiss ever. I tore away and backed up to watch them.

Neil was hammering his meat into her creamy cunt as she started to come. Her eyes were glazed and I was so hot from watching them I came myself. “Ahhh, lick my cunt! Come on, get nasty you prick!” Danielle raved.

Meanwhile, Neil, pumping frantically to achieve his release, was grunting rhythmically until he started to spurt, shouting, “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Long, white ropes of come crisscrossed her breasts as he finished by jerking off while hovering over her.

“Finish me off!” she screamed. And Neil, red-faced from exertion, went down on her. In mere seconds, Danielle’s eyes went round. She was propped up on her elbows looking into Neil’s face, but she wasn’t seeing anything. Then her back arched until just her head and the balls of her feet touched the bed. Her back hit the bed again, and she spasmed in tune with the pulsing of her pussy as he artfully tongued the shit out of her.

How I envied Danielle those moments.

Neil slowed his tonguing and sucked on her clit as she ran the gamut of spasms accompanying her orgasm. Her eyes closed and her head fell to one side, her gold blonde hair made a pillow on his arm. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“That was unbelievable,” she said in a low tone. “Unbelievable. Rachel?”

“Ummm, baby?”

“Hold me please.”

We embraced and in a minute I felt Neil’s arms encircling us to. We lay there content for a while.

Danielle spoke quietly as we cuddled.

“I really can’t believe this is happening to me. Yesterday seems like a thousand years ago. I never, ever dreamed sex could be this good. How could I have let all those years go by without once….”

“Shush, sweetheart. I’m so happy we met when we did. I hope you don’t feel betrayed that I had Neil come by.”

“No! Oh, no. I mean, I was shocked. Stunned is more like it. Like, there we were doing these unspeakably nasty things . . . well YOU WERE doing nasty things to me. And I WAS LOVING every second of it. But when YOU showed up Neil, why I….”

“You what?” I prodded.

“I wanted to jump on him and fuck like a wild animal.” She covered her eyes. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“What about you Neil?” I asked.

“Shit, I thought I was going to be studying with you. Of course I’d mentally screwed you several times. I even jerked off last night thinking about today.” He laughed. “I’m glad I didn’t today though.”

Danielle and I giggled and hugged him hard. Danielle wound her legs around him and they rolled over with her on top as I rose from the bed.

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