The Subject Ch. 04


Katy Jenkins woke up in a start. She was breathing heavy, her chest rising and falling. She blinked a few times to clear her head and bring herself back to the waking world.

It was dark. Dark in her bedroom, and dark outside. The only light was coming from her digital clock. She frowned at it, giving her brain a moment to decipher the numbers.


Without another thought, Katy pulled herself to the edge of the bed and stood up. She padded across the floor to the door and went through it into the corridor, immediately turning left. She gripped the knob of the door in front of her, and quietly opened it. Another bedroom. Her mother’s bedroom.

Katy saw her mother sleeping there…there was still no light in this room, but her eyes had adjusted to the low light and she could take in the still form of her mom, dozing peacefully. Without another thought, she lightly walked over and slid into the open side of the queen-size bed, under the covers. Her mom shifted, and Katy pulled herself close.

Holly Jenkins opened her eyes to a beautiful sight. Her daughter’s sky-blue eyes were only inches away from hers. She could barely see anything in the darkness, but she knew those eyes.

But there was something amiss.

“Baby? Baby, what’s wrong?” Holly’s eyes focused as she tried to wake up quicker than her brain allowed.

“Mommy, I had a bad dream. Can I sleep with you?” Katy pulled herself even closer to her mother.

Holly’s heart skipped a beat. Even though her daughter was now 18, she still was Holly’s little angel. That voice — that tiny, scared voice triggered something primal inside Holly’s core. She responded to Katy’s embrace with her own, along with a kiss on the cheek. “Of course, baby! Snuggle in with me!”

And for about five minutes, mother and daughter snuggled. Both women moaned and cooed happily as they enjoyed their barely clothed skin against one another. People had often remarked that Holly looked like Katy’s older sister rather than her mom, and one reason for that was that the mother was built very similar to the daughter. Holly was curvy, with a round, firm ass and tits to match. As the two women continued to rub up against each other, the tank tops and boxer shorts both wore to sleep in were discarded. Holly’s leg was now slowly sliding back and forth between her daughter’s thighs, eliciting sweet moans of pleasure from Katy as her pussy left trails of moisture.

“Katy? Do you want to talk about it?”

Continuing to lightly gyrate on her mom, Katy nodded slowly. The room was still pitch-dark, but both women could see each other’s faces, and Holly could see Katy’s took on a serious aspect.

“I dreamt about Kaia.”

Holly listened, trying to picture Katy’s new friend. She had not met the girl yet…she only had her daughter’s description to go on. But she could tell that Katy was quite taken with her new classmate.

“Go on.”

Katy proceeded to blurt out a rapid-fire torrent of information, and Holly struggled to keep up. She heard about Kaia’s brother and anal sex and that he’s big and Mrs. Sanderson and Kaia passing out and…

“And she cried, mommy! She cried while I was driving her! I felt so bad for her! I kissed her and made her feel better, but my dream was about her crying. It’s only the second day of the class, and I’m so scared for her!”

Holly hugged her daughter tightly. “You are such a love, do you know that? You already care so deeply for this girl that you’re dreaming about her! How did I get so lucky to have a beautiful, loving, and caring daughter like you?”

Even in the dark, she could see Katy blush. “Aw, mom!”

“Listen! It sounds like Kaia is going through some stuff. It’s stuff that she has to work through, but she sounds strong. She now also has you and Marcia. I know Marcia, and I definitely know you. Kaia couldn’t ask for better friends than you two.”

“Thanks, mom.”

Holly shifted a little, proud to be a mom to such a good girl. She could sense that Katy’s mood was shifting in a positive direction, and decided to nudge it a bit further. “Tell me about Mrs. Sanderson fucking Kaia!”

Katy suddenly brightened, and her eyes widened. “Oh, mom…it was so intense! Mrs. Sanderson fucked her so hard, she came! And she came so hard, she actually passed out!”

“That must have been crazy! You and Marcia were there?”

“Yeah! We were a little worried for a second, but she was okay. It was her first time doing anal, but I think she really liked it!”

Holly’s clit, already tingling from the closeness to her daughter, was now throbbing as Holly pictured the graphic scene. “Baby, you’re making your momma crazy talking about all this! Can you…?”

Katy bounced a bit. “Heck yeah, mom!”

Quick as a flash, Katy disengaged from her mother, climbed off the bed, and threw back the sheets, exposing Holly’s naked, luscious form. Katy dove face-first into her mother’s wet snatch and started eating her out, sliding her tongue up and down her bursa escort mom’s slit. Holly put her hands on Katy’s head and ran her fingers through the blonde’s locks. She moaned and groaned, then hissed as Katy pulled her pussy lips apart and stuck her tongue even deeper. She also rubbed her mom’s clit, causing her mother’s hips to rotate in time. Her tits rolled and sloshed.

In between licks, Katy said, “Is that good, mommy? Am I tonguing your sweet pussy good?”

“Yes, baby! You’re tonguing mommy’s pussy…so…SO…AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Holly spasmed and came, her legs actually lifting her off the bed. Her daughter used her strength to hold her down, continuing her oral attack. Holly was staring at the ceiling, her eyes wholly unfocused. Through her haze, she started to panic.

“Baby! Wait baby! Let me finish cumming! NobabynoBABYNOoooAAAAAAAHHHH!” Holly’s eyes screwed shut and her muscles locked as another orgasm steamrolled through her while she was still weathering the first. The bed shook and creaked as it barely withstood Holly’s full-body convulsing. Katy used all of her strength to hold her mom’s pelvis steady, allowing her to continue the tongue-lashing of her mother’s now hyper-sensitive pussy.

Katy knew exactly what she was doing. She was a pro at getting her mother into what they called a “roll”. It was basically stringing climaxes together non-stop without letting one finish before getting the next one to start. It required a lot of endurance from Katy, but it was totally worth it. She once kept her mom in a fully orgasmic state for a full hour, just to test her limits. She actually had to call her mom’s work to say she wasn’t coming in that day, because Holly literally couldn’t move afterwards.

It had now been 15 minutes, and she figured her mom had had enough. She relented, allowing Holly to catch her breath. Her body shook in erotic tremors as the latest orgasm took its toll. Katy slid on top of her mother’s body, pressed their breasts together, and kissed her deeply. Holly responded, still breathing heavy.

Holly broke the kiss. “That was too much, baby! You know what that does to your mommy!”

“I know it, mommy! But I love seeing you like that!” She was thoughtful for a second.

“Mommy, can I have Kaia over for a sleepover?”

“Baby, you’re 18…you can have anyone over you want.”

“Yeah, but I want to have her over so I can roll you while she watches.” Katy’s eyes suddenly got big. “Or! Or even helps me! Ooh, mom! What it I had help? What if I taught her how to roll you too? That way we could go even longer!”

Holly’s mind reeled at that thought. “Well…we…we can talk about that later.”

Katy nodded obediently. “Sure thing, mommy.” But the wheels in her mind were already turning. Her mom saw that look and despaired a little. Then she took her daughter in her arms and held her, trying not to think about being made to cum endlessly by her daughter and her new friend.

“Feeling better, baby?”

“Yes, mommy. It’s going to be a good day today.” She kissed her mother deeply, and both women settled into each other for the next hour before both needed to get up to start their day.


Katy carpooled with Marcia today, with both girls gushing about the events yesterday as well as what was to come today. They also compared notes as to which of the 7th period students were in other classes that the girls were in, as well as which classes they shared with Lily and Kaia.

“Well”, Marcia said, “I know I have Lily in 5th period Psych. I missed her. I wonder what she’s wearing today?”

Katy laughed. “You’re really into her, aren’t you?”

Marcia shook her head a bit too quickly. “No! I like her as a friend!”

Katy snorted. “Right! How long have we been friends? I think you feel about Lily like I feel about Kaia.”

Marcia frowned and looked over at Katy before refocusing on the road. “Wait…how do you feel about Kaia?”

Katy bunched up a bit and smiled adorably. “I like her…a lot! I even dreamt about her last night.”

“What? Was it a good dream?”

Katy’s face fell. “No…I wish. I’m worried about her…you know, about her brother. You think she’s ready to take him in her ass?”

Marcia’s face grew serious and she nodded, building as much conviction as she could. “I think so. I’m glad my mom helped her out.” Katy agreed.

There was silence for about a minute. Then, Marcia said, “What do you think Lily’s fragrance is? I know it’s lavender, but there’s something else there…”

“Hah! You ARE totally into Lily! Wait! Do you have your egg in?” Without any warning, Katy reached over and put her hand right on Marcia’s crotch. Marcia gasped in surprise and struggled to maintain her grip on the wheel. “Hey! Warn me next time you go in for a feel!”

“It’s not in there, is it? Man, I was going to have such fun with it today!”

“I knew it! You little so-and-so…that’s why I didn’t bring it. I don’t trust you to just let it be!”

Katy bursa escort bayan looked at her suspiciously. “That’s not the only reason, is it?”

“Well, I also was thinking…now that I know who’s with us in the class, and looking forward to what will happen in 7th, I don’t know…if I’ll need it.”

Katy thought about that. “That’s true. I wonder who we’re going to be with today?”

Marcia shrugged. “I don’t know…even if we knew who had which one of us on their sheet, the assignment has to be good enough in Mr. Bentley’s eyes to let the author do us.”

Katy started to absently rub her left breast through her t-shirt. “I’d love a tit-fuck. Do you think I might get a tit-fuck today?”


Marcia started to sense a rising sexual tide in her friend. Katy started shifting in her seat, and she began licking her lips. “A tit-fuck would be really nice…”, sighed Katy dreamily.

Marcia started becoming very distracted seeing Katy’s arousal in her peripheral vision. “Katy! Calm down! Let me at least park the car before you start doing that!”

Unfortunately for Marcia, Katy was committed. Her right hand was rubbing her crotch and her left hand was under her shirt, and she was moaning happily. Marcia pulled into the school parking lot and quickly got into a space, nearly hitting a car driving past them. She looked at her dashboard clock. They had about five minutes. She looked at Katy, grinding and squirming in her passenger seat, and sighed with a smile.

Marcia slid her hand under the waistband of Katy’s black leggings, quickly finding her pulsing twat. At the same time, she locked lips with her BFF. Katy’s eyes closed slowly and she hummed contently as Marcia worked to bring her to orgasm before class.

Out of the side of her eye, she could see other students moving their way past the car. She thought that at least one student paused to watch the two girls. Marcia just hoped that a teacher wouldn’t see them. Marcia’s middle finger pressed down on Katy’s clit, and she worked it like a little joystick, rotating it rhythmically. Katy’s moaning increased in pitch and intensity. Marcia found Katy’s breasts under her shirt, and play-fought with Katy’s own hand for dominance over the highly squeezable tits.

A minute later, Katy started to seize. Her eyes opened, and her free hand gripped Marcia’s wrist, holding the hand working the girl’s pussy. Marcia released Katy’s lips, and looked down as she increased her clit-play, fighting against Katy’s tight hold. Katy bucked and yelled, then stiffened, only a single squeak leaving her for a long moment, punctuated by a ragged moan as she seemed to deflate. Marcia pulled her hand out of Katy’s pants and licked the girl-cum off her fingers. She shared some with Katy, who sucked her fingers hungrily.

“Okay, Katy…we gotta go!”

“Kay!” Katy smiled happily and climbed out of the car. Marcia saw Lance Kirkland just ahead of them, walking to the same classroom. He had a big smile on his face as he waved to the girls. Katy waved back.

Marcia leaned over. “I think he was watching us.”

Katy nodded. “Great! It’d be a shame if nobody saw any of that. It was so much fun!”

Marcia shook her head. “You’re such a goofball.” And the two girls ran to class.


If the first day of this year was fun, the second day was so much better. Katy spotted three boys in her English Lit class that were in 7th (which is now what they all referred to the Advanced Sex Ed class): Lance Kirkland, Bobby Reilly, and Leroy Jackson. In the few minutes that the girls had to chat before the final bell rang, they went over to Lance’s desk. He smiled at them as they approached.

“Ladies! It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?”

Katy nodded with a big smile, while Marcia looked at him sideways. “Yeah? You think?”


Marcia frowned a bit. “I notice that everyone from 7th is playing it pretty cool. Just yesterday we were having hardcore sex right in front of you!”

“I know! You girls were great! Anyway, it’s Rule

on the blue sheet.”

Katy looked confused. “Blue sheet?”

“Yeah, we all got a packet for the class, and in it was a blue sheet of paper outlining health and safety rules. Rule

was,” and Lance closed his eyes and recited from memory. “The four Subjects are to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. They are never to feel embarrassed or ridiculed by your actions. They are to be cared for and protected.” He opened his eyes and smiled as he looked at them both. “I had to sign my name to that.”

“Me too.” Leroy had leaned over when he heard Rule

. “Anything you girls need, let me know, yeah?”

Marcia was utterly speechless, and she looked back and forth between Lance and Leroy, blinking away sudden moisture. Katy almost literally had stars in her eyes. She leaned into Leroy’s ear and whispered, “I hope you get to fuck me soon.” Leroy leaned back in his chair and nodded once, smiling. He winked at her, escort bursa and she blushed a bit.

The bell rang and the class began.


After 1st period ended, Katy said goodbye to Marcia, who was now heading to her Statistics class. The blonde walked casually toward her Drama class, taking in the other students as she did so. She was more radiant than ever, and the crowds parted a bit to let the beautiful young lady through. Then she spotted someone.


The Asian girl was at her locker, and Katy ran over to her. Lily turned and smiled, and immediately Katy could see why Marcia was into her. She was like an elegant little doll. She was wearing another conservative dress, this time yellow with blue flowers. Her hair was pulled back in pigtails this time, and she had dark knee-high socks. She had several thick textbooks held up to her breast.

“Hello, Katy!”

Katy hugged her, and Lily exulted in the feeling of those wonderous breasts pushing against her.

“I’m on my way to Drama class…what have you got next?”

“AP Calculus.” Lily punctuated this answer by displaying a thick Calculus textbook.

Katy shook her head. “Oof…I like math, but once it gets that theoretical, I get lost.”

Lily nodded in understanding. “If you ever need help with your math, I can help you. I would just want to sample your body in return.”

It took Katy a moment to catch up with Lily’s incredibly naughty barter, and she blushed a bit. She looked around to see if anyone was watching them, then leaned down and kissed Lily on the mouth. Lily responded with a light moan in appreciation. Katy smiled. “That’s a freebie. You can always get one of those.” Lily giggled.

“Also, Marcia was talking about you this morning…” Katy left the end of that sentence hanging.

Lily blinked. “She was? Can you tell me what she said, or would that be inappropriate?”

Katy laughed lightly. “Well, I don’t want to say too much, but she really wants to know…what you smell like.”

Lily shook her head in confusion. “What I…smell like?”

Katy waved her hand in front of her face. “Sorry. That came out weird. You have a beautiful aroma of lavender and something else. It’s driving her crazy!”

“Oh! It’s bergamot. My grandmother buys soap for me that is infused with both. It feels good on my skin, and I like the smell. Marcia…likes it?”

“Are you kidding? She can’t stop thinking about it…or you.”

“Really?” Then her expression changed, and suddenly Lily looked…sad.

Katy was taken aback. “Oh, no! What? What did I say? I’m sorry!”

Lily shook her head, but her expression didn’t change.

“It’s just that…Marcia and you are good friends…”

“We’re BEST friends!”

“And I feel like I am intruding in that friendship. I would feel terrible if I hurt you like that.”

“Oh, no…nonononono…there’s ALWAYS room for more friends. Girl friends, boy friends, whatever. I just love seeing Marcia happy. You make her happy, and that makes me SO happy!”

Lily immediately brightened. “R-really? It’s alright then? Because I like Marcia. I like her a lot.” A red flush started creeping across the bridge of Lily’s nose.

“Omigod, I so want to take you into a closet and fuck you silly, but we both have classes to get to, right? We can’t just skip class and fuck for an hour, right? Say right, Lily!”

Lily slowly nodded, clearly mulling over the question. “……right.”

Katy grew a bit sad for a moment. “Right.” Then she immediately perked up.

“Okay, I’ll see you later. But yes, it’s alright.” And she began to run off to her Drama class. She then stopped, ran back, kissed Lily again, smiled, then ran off again.

Lily watched Katy go, silently hungering for the girl’s body when suddenly she was flying forward. The books she was carrying went sprawling, and she hit the floor hard. She bumped her head, and stars flew across her vision. She blinked through the pain, and could hear someone talking. To her maybe?

She rolled over and looked up at a boy. He was big and had an enraged expression on his face. There were two other boys flanking him. She could feel rage flowing off him. He started to lift his foot, as if to stomp on her. “FUCKING DYKE!” he screamed.

Lily cowered and threw her arms up protectively, ready to feel the impact of the boy’s kick, but nothing happened. She lowered the arm protecting her face and saw the boy, but instead of the angry face he had, now it looked like it was in pain…and fear. He was also being pulled back by someone behind him, and there was something on his neck.

The boy bent further back, being pulled by the hand gripping his hair. When he did, Lily saw his much shorter assailant.

Dara Hagen’s face was right next to the boy’s now and she held what looked like a plastic butter knife to his neck. There was almost no emotion in her pale face as he spoke to the boy in a hissing, deadly tone.

“This girl is under my protection, dick. You TOUCH her again, and I will cut you to fucking ribbons. Are we clear?” And to punctuate the point, she dragged the plastic knife down along her victim’s neck, actually drawing a few drops of blood. The boy shrieked in pain, his eyes wild with fear.

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