The Taming of the Shrew


Jean lay back in bed with Ted her husband gently snoring beside her. Her nipples still tingling gently and her pussy moist from the sex they had just shared. Ted had rolled off her and immediately fallen asleep but she wondered if now she might have conceived the child they both wanted.

They had been married for a year and had taken over the farm in South Africa from her parents who had decided to retire in England. Jean had been born and raised on the farm and had grown up with only black workers around her.

Despite this she did not have the caring attitude of her parents but treated the farm workers with disdain and at times she showed a streak of cruelty which made her less than popular with those who now were her employees.

She had met Ted on a visit to Cape Town and had been dazzled by his suave manner and complete self confidence which was a hallmark of the rich white community to which his parents belonged. His attitude to the blacks was no less dismissive than Jean’s and on the whole they were well suited to each other and were generally disliked by their employees and their neighbours alike.

Lying in the dark African night she thought about the women who often said they new exactly when they became pregnant, how, she didn’t know but certainly that feeling had never presented itself to her.

Maybe it was all a load of poppycock and she may be pregnant already without any feeling of being so. It was certainly the time of the month when the experts predicted she was most fertile and likely to conceive. With that thought uppermost in her mind she curled into a small ball and fell asleep and began dreaming of holding a fair curly haired child in her arms as she visited her friends and showed off her first born.

Her awakening was sudden and she was disoriented, unable to move as a large hand was holding her down as it covered her mouth preventing her from making a sound.

She thrashed around trying to escape but more hands grabbed her legs and arms and spread eagled her on the bed. Muttered commands followed and then her wrists and ankles were fastened with ropes and in the shape of a cross she was tied to the bed.

As she shook off the effects of her deep sleep she realised that there were four or five of the farmhands standing around the bed and as her habit was to sleep naked they had an uninterrupted view of her most private parts.

Her lower back was then lifted and a couple of pillows were thrust under her so that her pussy and arse were elevated giving everyone a fuller view of them.

Her large breasts hung sideways across her and her nipples now exposed to the night air were hardening giving the impression of sexual desire although sex was the furthest thing from her mind at that moment.

Unable to utter a sound she tried throwing her head from side to side to shake off the large black hand pinning her head to the bed. This brought an immediate response of a hard slap across her uplifted arse with a threat that unless she lay still and remained quiet she would receive more of the same but next time the implement would be a whip.

George, one of the field hands asked if she would obey the command to lie still and keep quiet. Realising it would be painful to do anything else she slowly nodded her head in agreement. The hand was lifted from her face and she was able to lift her head and look around the room.

Ted, her husband was also naked but tied to a chair in the corner of the room. He was gagged with an old dirty cloth and looked as though he had taken a couple of hard slaps to the face before he had succumbed to the inevitable.

There were four of the young farm hands standing at the foot of the bed and the bulge in the front of their trousers showed they were enjoying the sight of their naked young mistress and obviously thinking with anticipation what they would rather do than just looking.

To Jean’s surprise there were two women there also. Sarah, the family cook and Martha the housekeeper bahis siteleri were standing, arms folded, apparently organising the operation. It had been Sarah’s strong heavy arms which had held her helpless as a baby and she now instructed one of the men to massage Jean’s breasts with particular attention to the nipples.

Within seconds Jean’s nipples were hard as rocks in the fingers of the young man and then with horror Jean realised her pussy was beginning to respond and become moist. Seeing her response to the action on her breasts, Martha stepped forward and pushed a thick black finger into Jean’s pussy and rotated it gently.

Jean’s lower body jerked in both surprise and pleasure and a small yelp escaped her lips. Laughing together the two black women said “She likes that.”

“Why not give the young miss some more Martha?” suggested Sarah.

Without any hesitation Martha added a second finger to the wet pussy. This time Jean could not stop a low moan escaping her lips.

“Maybe we will get a ‘Thank you’ for once. “said Martha.

Despite the burning in her pussy and the pleasure of the fingers in it Jean snarled “Never to you two fat old women”

Martha and Sarah chuckled as Martha pushed her thumb into Jean’s arse to join the two fingers reaming her pussy. The reaction from Jean was instantaneous and her whole lower body arched to take as much of the fingers and thumb as she could.

Her moans were now filling the room and with rock hard nipples and soaking pussy she climaxed all over Martha’s hand. The feeling was nothing compared to that which followed as Sarah lowered her thick lips onto Jean’s left nipple and started a gentle sucking.

The moans and squeals grew in intensity as she was carried to heights of pleasure no man had ever invoked in her. Then it stopped. Fingers were removed and lips taken away from the nipples.

“No, don’t stop.” pleaded Jean.

“What do you say for us to start again?”

Despite the desire for more Jean’s stubborn streak took control. “Never, you old cows.”

Martha and Sarah smiled to each other and turned towards Ted.

“Maybe the master will say please.” said Martha.

The two women shrugged out of the blouses and skirts and large tits swinging in unison moved towards Ted. Having watched his wife taken to orgasmic heights, Ted’s cock was like a rod of iron.

The bulbous tip was covered in pre-cum which Sarah smeared with her thumb. She then took hold of Ted’s cock in her large hand and gently massaged it. It took only seconds for a stream of cum to splatter over her fist and up her arm.

“I need that in me.” said Sarah.

“Me too.” agreed Martha.

Without any ado Sarah lowered herself onto Ted’s lap and sank his still rigid cock into the vastness of her pussy. She laughed as she told Martha that it hardly touched the sides but if she put her tit in his mouth then maybe she would get some pleasure.

Ted took no urging to clamp his mouth on the nipple presented to him. As Ted sucked Martha began to clamp his cock with the use of the muscles in her pussy and it wasn’t long before Ted was roaring as he shot his load again, this time into the cavernous pussy of a sixty year old black woman.

Martha and Sarah changed places and Sarah, copying the same technique as her friend had Ted’s cum inside her as well.

Jean closed her eyes and turned her head away sickened by the sight of her husband enjoying the sexual pleasures of the two old black women. After a few minutes she could not believe her ears when she heard Martha ask Ted if he would like some more and he replied “Yes please.”

“Then for being a good boy and saying please you will have some, but not until Miss Jean also asks nicely for her pleasure to be continued. Don’t worry with what is coming next it won’t be long.” she whispered to Jean.

Jean opened her eyes and spat out the single word “Never.”

It was at this point she saw Josh, the man who cleaned up around canlı bahis siteleri the farm. He was at least sixty with sparse white hair, badly stained teeth and rheumy eyes.

He was standing at the foot of the bed looking straight into her pussy and her arse. He smiled and lowered his trousers exposing a small but thick cock hanging limply down his leg. It was no more than three or four inches long but had more of a girth than any cock Jean had seen.

Josh leant forward and touched Jean’s still soaking pussy. His cock began to harden. It didn’t grow much in length, maybe to six inches maximum but its girth was becoming frightening to Jean. If that was going in her it was going to rip her to pieces.

It seemed to Jean that it was as wide as it was long. She tried to back away but the ropes holding her ankles meant that all she did was raise her pussy more invitingly to Josh.

He hardened even more and moved forward.

His cock was at her pussy mouth. She felt the tip of his helmet one second and the next she screamed in agony as he sank his short but very thick cock into her completely.

Her pussy was a blaze of agony as he pushed and then pulled out and then pushed again. Over and over he continued to rip into her defenceless body.

It was slow torture as he did not move quickly on the out stroke but going in he rammed her hard and fast. It was revenge for all the years of abuse she had heaped on him and the other farm workers.

Miraculously the pain eased as her pussy lubricated and stretched to accommodate the thick rod expanding her pussy with every stroke. Pleasure took over and she climaxed with a wild scream of pleasure. Josh did not break stride and she could feel another orgasm growing. It seemed to start at her toes and work up her body.

Josh stopped in mid thrust and withdrew.

“Don’t stop.” Squealed Jean “Don’t stop fucking me.” She pleaded.

“What is the magic word?” Martha asked.

The orgasm was fading. A flick of Martha’s finger on her nipple sparked a small revival.

“Please.” whispered Jean.

“Please fuck me Josh.” prompted Martha and Sarah together.

A low “Please fuck me Josh.” got another flick of her nipples.

“Louder.” Was the command from the two women.

Now desperate for the orgasm to continue Jean screamed “Please fuck me Josh.”

The whole house heard her scream as Josh plunged into her again.

All his life he had been ridiculed because he could not read or write. His small fat cock had been the butt of the young men’s jokes, well now he would show them.

He was fucking a white woman, not just any white woman, the young mistress. The young white beauty who they all wanted. He had her and she would suffer for all the abuse and mockery he had suffered through the years.

And so it began. Slow regular thrusts and withdrawals. No change in pace. Jean bucked and squirmed as the orgasms flowed into each other making it seem like one endless climax.

She squirted her juices all over the fat cock inside her. She lost count of the times she screamed out in ecstasy. She wanted it to stop. She wanted it to never stop. She didn’t know what she wanted.

All she knew was that this old man was changing her life for ever and his small fat cock was giving her more pleasure than she had ever experienced before.

Josh ground her pussy into complete submission and then Jean noticed a change. A slight quickening in the motion followed by a grunt and then a faster thrust. The speed of the fucking increased until she sensed his balls swell and with a yell he poured his life giving seed into the heart of her womb.

It was at that moment she experienced the feeling other women had spoken about. She knew she was conceiving. She would have the baby she longed for.

Her heart skipped, and then realization hit her. A black baby! She would be an outcast from her own people. Shunned by everyone, White and Black alike. Tears sprung güvenilir bahis to her eyes and an anguished cry of “No.” was torn from her throat.

Josh pulled out and in a final show of ownership, wiped his cock on the belly that soon would swell with his child. He pulled on his pants and slowly walked away.

Martha turned to the three young men who had watched the hated white woman taken down by Josh and said “OK now she’s yours.”

Through the rest of the night three long hard ebony cocks took their pleasure from the ravaged white woman’s pussy, arse and mouth. Sometimes all three being filled at the same time.

As dawn broke she was left to fall into a dreamless sleep, curled into a small ball she knew nothing until Sarah woke and flung a thin cotton dress at her.

“Get this on.” was the curt command.

The dress did little to hide her body as the thin material clung to her curves and crevasses though as she had been completely naked all night and seen by all and sundry, it mattered little.

Jean walked stiffly into the kitchen, her pussy and arse hurting with every step. She sat at the table expecting food.

“In this house, no work, no food.” she was told. “After you wash the dishes you can eat.”

Jean bit back the words which sprang to mind and slowly went to the sink and began washing the pots. As she looked out onto the land over which she so recently had had absolute sway she realized that the blacks had taken back what had been taken from them so long ago.

What she had no concept of was that this was the beginning of a nation taking back its country.

Ted had managed to escape but he did not get far. His mangled remains were found within a mile of the farm house. He had walked straight into a pride of lions who had relished his unexpected arrival. His screams had led the searchers to the spot of his demise and they buried his remains in the bush.

Jean’s life became unrecognisable from her previous privileged one. Through the day she worked in the house or on the farm itself. At night she was visited by a different man who spent the night in her bed.

All the farmhands used her but Josh avoided her both in the day and at night. As her belly swelled and fucking became difficult, the men took her from behind.

They paid no attention to the fact that it was painful for her. She had no rights in these matters. In fact she had no rights at all. It was pay back time and they exacted payment in full.

Jean gave birth to a baby boy. He had tight black curly hair, was chocolate cream in colour and even Jean had to laugh when he was held up for her, he had a small chubby cock just like his Dad.

There was no doubting he was Josh’s son though the old man appeared to pay scant attention to his son.

Jean continued to be virtually a servant in her own home and within a month was pregnant again though this time she had no idea whose seed had quickened her egg. She miscarried by the second month and began to hope that things may change in her relationship with the other women who all seemed genuinely concerned at her loss.

Jean was pleased to lose the baby as she got no pleasure for the nightly attentions of the men who slept with her.

One day she was washing dishes when a hand lifted the back of her shirt. She opened her legs slightly in an involuntary reaction. This happened regularly, sometimes three or four times a day.

It never gave her any pleasure but the cuff along the head which followed any resistance on her part had taught her to cooperate no matter how unpleasant the experience.

She gasped as the hand which found her pussy gave her a flutter of excitement. She knew immediately who it was and with a murmur of pleasure she turned and threw her arms around Josh.

From that day on no one but Josh shared her bed. The short thick cock which had been the cause of so many jokes gave her six more sons and when Josh died they all stood proudly with their mother as she laid her old love to rest.

Josh had started her reformation and he had finally completed it.

The old man had the final laugh as he won the love and ultimately the respect of the arrogant white woman who bowed the knee to him and after his death never gave herself again to any man.

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