The Unlocked Door


“Then it’s settled” she replied as Susan hung up the phone. It had been a short conversation. Surprisingly short for what she had agreed to do. She had been corresponding with Bill for over a month and they had been talking about how they should try and meet.

Susan never dreamed it would come to this. Even more so, she never thought she would do anything so bold on the spur of the moment as she had just committed to. She was about to pick up the phone to call Bill back, but suddenly remembered that he had not left her the phone number of where he was. It was too late, the gears where set in motion and there was no turning back.

Susan got up off the bed and opened up the top drawer of her dresser. She picked out several things and threw them onto the bed. Still muttering to herself, what have I done, she stepped into the bathroom to take a shower. Susan looked into the mirror as she pulled off the sweatshirt she was wearing. With no bra underneath her breasts rose and fell as the sweatshirt lifted off her head. She watched them bounce and thought to herself that they didn’t look half as good as they had before the two kids. Prior to that not wearing a bra was no big deal and getting her breasts to bounce and sway took quite an effort. One nipple was hard from the friction of the sweatshirt, the other was hiding.

Susan reached up and rolled her left nipple between her fingers to at least create some symmetry. Bill had told her that he loved the look of a woman with breasts that were mature, he was always disgusted when his business associates dragged him to the “tittie” bars and all he could see was silicon defying gravity. Susan’s breasts were small she never thought that she had to worry about gravity, and now she couldn’t believe that a man would be turned on by a little sag. The combination of thinking about the evening ahead, rubbing her nipple and staring at her body in the mirror began to excite Susan, “no she thought, I need to save it for later” and with that she slipped into the shower to clean herself up.

Susan washed her hair as she does every morning and every afternoon after working out. She couldn’t help but feel the water run across every inch of her body. Still denying herself the quick relief that the shower message could bring her, she began to shave her legs. The freshly shaven skin made all her nerve endings tingle and as she shaved her inner thighs she let the shower water tease her clit for just a few seconds. Bill had asked her in an earlier conversation if she was clean shaven. Of course she had replied no, and thought little more of it. Susan thought it was strange to have a bald groin. She had not been smooth since she was a little girl and felt no reason to change that for the cheap thrill of a man. While she continued to shave she began to “just clean up around the edges”.

The feeling was wonderful and she took a little more off . The razor scrapping against her vibrated the outer lips of her pussy. The feeling was too good to stop and she shaved even more. The razor would scrape her skin, she could feel it all the way through her pussy, then she would rinse and the water against her clit only increased her heat. Before Susan knew it she had a small triangle left atop her cunt and it looked almost silly. The effect of shaving, feeling the water and casually brushing her hand against her clit had brought her to the point where she no longer cared. Susan shaved the whole area clean and wondered how she would explain it to her husband.

With one leg still supported on the edge of the tub Susan dropped the razor and let her hand wander to feel the freshly shaved skin. Her own touch was electric and Susan wasted no time feeling the inner and outer lips of her pussy without the annoyance of hair being in the way for the first time. She slipped her middle finger into her pussy and let it slide up and down enjoying the wetness of her own sex. With the other hand she began to tease her clit, she ran a finger lightly over it and around it in circles. Susan began to moan and started to think of what the evening ahead might have in store. She imagined Bill as a strong and forceful lover holding her leg up in the air just as it was lifted now and running his tongue in the circles as she was now enjoying. Slipping another finger into her canal Susan began to stroke the fingers in and out, imagining his hardness inside of her. After only a few strokes Susan pushed her fingers deep into herself until they were buried to her knuckles. Susan pressed them deeper and ground her hand against her lips. With the other hand she rubbed her clit harder and with an orgasm imminent she let out a scream and pressed her whole body against the cool tile of the shower walls. Her nipples ached as she rubbed her body against the slick surface and came in deep spasms. Trying to let the feeling linger as long as she could Susan leaned against the wall and continued to message herself to another Orgasm, this time thinking of her lover pressing her against the shower wall and entering her from behind. Again a deep orgasm brought her the relief that she so desired.

Susan got out of the shower, glanced at bahis siteleri the clock and realized that she must have just spent almost 45 minutes in the shower. She thought it had only been 10 or 20. Suddenly Susan was behind schedule and her heart pounded thinking of the consequences of missing the train.

The cab ride to the train station was uneventful. Susan went over the directions in her head. “Take the AMTRAK Metro-liner from Baltimore to New York, take a cab to the Plaza hotel. There will be a package at the front desk with more directions, follow them explicitly.” Susan went over those words over and over until she was awoken by the cabby. “That’ll be $13.50 Lady. Do you want me to get someone for your bags?” Susan chuckled under her breath at this because all she had packed was a tooth brush, her favorite sexy underwear and something to go out in. No, she could definitely handle that all by herself.

The train ride seemed to go by quickly, Susan could hardly remember a thing, she never slept, but she fantasized about the evening ahead the entire time. The cab ride to the Hotel was similarly uneventful, only this time the Doorman at the hotel didn’t give Susan a chance, he was helping her out of the cab and had her bag out of her hand before she knew what had happened. With a coy smile the doorman wished her a good evening as he set her bag down at the front desk of the hotel. Susan glanced down to realize that she had not zipped the top of her bag and the doorman had plainly seen the underwear and vibrator sitting inside the bag. Susan tried to hand the man a tip and he declined saying no need. Susan was torn between slapping that smirk off his face and telling him to help her the rest of the way with the bags, after all he did seem rather attractive.

The package that Bill had left was another small overnight bag with the following note on top :

Susan, Here is a credit card, please take this card and check us into a room as Mr. and Mrs. William H. Stockley III. Inside there are two bottles of champagne, some things that I would like you to wear and some additional toys that we have been talking about over the weeks. I will be back from my meeting at 6:30. Please make sure that both bottles of champagne are chilled, please have a glass or two without me as I will be coming from a business meeting where we will have been drinking (especially if the deal goes through). At 6:30, please put on the outfit in this bag, unlock the door and leave it slightly ajar. Put the silk blindfold on that I have left you and lay on the bed face down. When I enter the room, you are to say nothing and not to move. When I ask you a question, you will respond in as brief and concise a manner as possible. I have trusted you with my credit card and my full name, I hope that you will trust me with your body and your mind for the evening ahead.

Signed WHS III

Susan just about peeped in her pants at reading the note. She thought of going home, leaving the bag with the credit card and running. Unfortunately, she had left a message with her husband to pick up the kids and take care of them for the next day as a college friend had died. Susan hadn’t taken enough cash to get a room and dinner in New York and the charge on her credit card would not match her story of a funeral in Boston. Susan decided that her only option was to trust this stranger that she had never met but for a conversation or two on the phone and some letters on the Internet.

For a fleeting moment, Susan considered taking the credit card, leaving the bag and going back to the station. It was so out of character for her to be meeting this stranger in such a way. She had gone over the scenario in her head so many times and had always been able to steer herself back to accepting the element of danger. He had, after all, given her so much information about himself. His home phone number! Why would he have given her that, knowing full well that she could call his home and talk to his wife at any time if things went awry? And now, the credit card! Surely he trusted her and could she betray that trust?

Betrayal was new to her. This was the first time she had been unfaithful to Jim and it bothered her, but something deep in her soul was calling her to this meeting and it somehow seemed that betraying William H. Stockley, III was worse. She could no more avoid this rendezvous than she could avoid her next breath.

“I wonder what Mrs William H Stockley, III would look like?” she thought as she tucked the credit card back in the bag and thanked the clerk for the key. Taking the second bag, Susan made her way to the elevator. She had made her decision and would stick with it in spite of the butterflies she was feeling.

The Lobby was somewhat busy. People were milling about. A young couple, obviously newly weds, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other as they giggled past her. It was 5:15 and some of the meetings were beginning to break up. Was the 6:30 time one that was made up and was he here in the lobby watching her? Glancing around it seemed none of the eyes were on her. The picture he had sent her was clear but a shave canlı bahis siteleri and a suit and tie could change his look. It’s possible she would not recognize him. “Hell”, she thought, “with this blind fold I may not even see him during our meeting.” She had to laugh. “Room 812” the clerk said. “It has a nice view.”

Something seemed to carry her on to the room. Was it the butterflies that seemed to be getting stronger? Nice that he had told her to have some of the champagne. It would relax her before he arrived. The bottles felt slightly chilled when she reached in the bag for the credit card, and she had asked the clerk to have ice buckets delivered to the room.

As she rode the elevator up her mind wandered to the conversations she had had with Bill over the past few weeks. The fantasies they shared were vivid and one had been to frantically “take” each other in an elevator as it rose to the top. The thought of possibly having the door open while her legs were around his waist and her back against the cold steel of the elevator wall was so stimulating that she could feel the wetness begin and her nipples tense under her cotton dress. She was alone when the elevator door closed. All alone.

As the elevator jerked and began it ascent her thoughts returned to her earlier shower and the ritual virgin-shaving of her pussy. The elevator gave an occasional jerk and the little bounce of her “mature” breasts caused her nipples to rub the cotton and become even more erect. She had to fulfill part of the fantasy, even tough she was alone.

Lifting her dress up on the side she slid her fingers over her hip, across her tummy and down toward her barren skin. It was still such a new feeling to her that she let out a small gasp and had to giggle at her response to her own body. Her skin tingled and the excitement of her earlier orgasms returned. With her other hand she lifted the back of her dress. She leaned back against the cold steel of the elevator wall. The chill of the metal does not cool the heat rising from her pussy but excites her more. Not wanting to climax again alone, she slides her fingers over her lips, dips in and avoids her clit. In her mind she writes W H S on the wall of the elevator with the juice she has gotten from the walls of her vagina. “Wonder if he could follow the trail?” she thought as the elevator came to a final jerk. Straightening her dress, the door opened and she walked out smiling to find Rm 812.

806, 808, 810, ahhh, there it is. 812 in shiny brass letters. The butterflies leap as she places the key in the door. Slowly, she opens the door. The soft creek of the hinge grows louder as she glides in and closes the door with her hip. 5:30! –not much time.

She places the bags on the table and removes the champagne and places them on ice, taking a couple of the ice chips to her mouth, she sucks them in to help calm her shaking hands. Shocked at the pop the cork made she almost dropped the bottle on the soft carpet.

She pours herself a glass, adds a bit of ice and drinks it down in one gulp. “There, butterflies!” she said. “Drink and sleep!” She pours her second glass and opens the bag to take a look at what is ahead for the evening. Placing the items neatly on the bed she puts the bag aside. She smiles at the contrast between what she thought was sexy and what he thought was sexy and scoots her bag into the closet alcove hoping he wont want to see what she brought to wear.

Susan takes her glass with her to the marbled bathroom. She slips out of her clothes quickly, pulls her hair up off of her neck in a little knot with her barette and steps into the warm shower. Her body is beginning to feel the first glass downed so quickly and the warm water washing over her back and down over her ass unties the remaining knots. Washing her body quickly, she sees the water bead up over her shiny pussy bump and she smiles. She has never experienced the feeling of a hard cock on her hairless skin. A shiver rises up her spine.

Stepping out and drying off quickly, Susan removes the barrette and shakes the curls into place. She takes a deep breath and picks up the black thongs and pulls them up over her hips. She hooks the garter belt in front and then slides it around. Very carefully, she pulls on the black silk stockings. “He thought of everything” she mused “even a spare pair of nylons as a precaution.”

6:30 now and Bill should be arriving soon. One last thing to put on, Susan walks toward the door, unlocks it and opens it ever so slightly. Taking the blindfold off the bed, she ties the cool silk around her eyes and slips onto the bed, face down. Time only for one more deep breath and a sigh before the little creek of the hinge hints of Bill’s arrival. Footsteps cross the room.

Susan’s heart skips a beat.

As the door opened all the way, she wanted so to turn her head. However, remembering the request she stayed still. Knowing that a stranger was looking down at her half naked body excited her. She could feel the wetness slowly emerge from between her swollen lips. She wanted to move her hips on the rough bed covers to give her even güvenilir bahis more pleasure.

Again she remembered the note. Don’t move when I enter the room. Then out of now where she could feel his strong hand on her left ankle. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He spread her leg only about 4 inches. Then she felt his hand on her right ankle again he opened her leg 4 inches on that side. She could feel his eyes on her. Could he tell how wet she was becoming? Could he see the moisture running from her clean shaven pussy? He continued to open up her legs until they were each over the side of the bed. Still not moving was he looking at her? Did he find her attractive? Was he as turned on as she was?

As all of these thoughts raced though her mind, she heard a door. He was going into the bathroom. She could hear the water running. Still she laid there not moving an inch. As she heard the water being turned off she knew it wouldn’t be long before he was back into the room.

She heard the clinking sounds of the champagne bottle hitting the rim of the glass. He hadn’t said a word, and oh how many times did they talk on the phone and she would get so wet just hearing the sound of his voice. What would he say if he knew that when they talked on the phone she would run her fingers up and down her swollen lips? Placing her finger on her clit and rub until she came. She remembered one conversation they had where he said he wanted to tease her, to drive her up a wall. Does he know now that’s just what he was doing to her? What was that she thought to herself? It sounds like something, what is he doing? Her mind was racing a mile a minute what was he doing?

Just then she felt the bed go down, he must be on the bottom of the bed between my legs. Oh, I’m so wet. I want to reach my hand down between my legs and play with myself. I want to cum so bad. I want to wiggle at least so that I can feel the sheets rub my clit. How can he not be turned on by this, it’s driving me crazy for him? I want to scream out take me, take me now! But I am following his note. I’m not saying a word, I’m not moving.

As if he could read my mind I felt him close to me. One of his hands, he’s opening me up even more then I am. I could feel his breath between my legs. Oh yes he’s looking right at me. Suddenly I felt something cold move it’s way inside of me. Oh what a feeling my hot pussy and he just placed an ice cube up in me. I could tell the ice was melting fast. What? What is he doing? Yes, now I feel his tongue, his lips, sucking the moisture from me.

The feeling of his tongue, warm against the lips of her pussy combined with the feeling of the ice melting inside her was indescribable. Susan couldn’t believe how she could feel every inch of her body tingling. His tongue ran across the cheeks of her ass and back again. Then the feeling of cold, another piece of ice. This time he just played with the outside of her swollen lips. … Alternating between the ice and his warm tongue, just as she was feeling the welling up inside her, just as her body was about to explode, his tongue would disappear. Susan began to become desperate, she pushed back the next time his tongue came near her and again he retreated.

“Please” she said involuntarily. “Please?, please what?” Bill replied. Now Susan didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t her mind that had said please, it was her soul. She remained silent hoping that the wonderful soft tongue would come back and make love to her again, but it didn’t. Susan felt the bed rise again as Bill stood up. She heard footsteps and the glass of champagne being lifted off the nightstand. Then she heard a knock on the door. Oh my God Susan thought to herself. What is going on. This wasn’t part of the agreement. She lay still though this time more out of terror than obedience. She could hear muffled voices across the room. Then she heard the door close again, silence.

More footsteps, then a hand on her hip. She was pulled onto her back. The hand ran across her stomach and up to her breasts, lightly outlining each of her breasts and gently brushing against her now swollen nipples. She felt a piece of silk slip around her knee as the hand lifted one of her legs up into the air. Susan realized she was being tied to the bed, her soaked pussy opened up as the other leg was lifted up toward her shoulder and was tied down. She felt the rush of cool air across her sex, she was totally exposed. Finally the silence was broken as she heard Bills familiar voice say “Room Service, they wanted to turn down the bed”

The bed moved, Bill sat next to Susan and took in the view. “Beautiful”, he thought to himself. Bill ran his hand down her leg and across the seam between her hips and pelvis. His touch was light, and Susan began to relax again. The combination of being freshly shaven and a strangers touch was making Susan delirious. The room began to spin as her whole world seemed to focus on the feeling of a hand stoking her. But the hand didn’t touch her pussy, God she wanted him to. He was right there is all Susan could think. Why won’t he just get to it. But the hand moved back up to her legs and caressed her knees, “comfortable?”. Susan moaned, “yes.” How ironic she thought to herself, that she could be tied up in a hotel room with her pussy open and dripping wet, totally at the mercy of a stranger and still be asked if she was comfortable. “Wow”, was all she could think to herself.

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