The Very Sexy Office Encounter


He sat at his desk oblivious to everything around him and didn’t notice the stacked sexy blonde that walked into his office. She stood with her back against the door watching him with his glasses perched low on his nose. She was of average height and stood with her shoulders back and chest out to make herself a little taller.

Feeling excited, she felt her nipples harden and with a naughty little wiggle she pulled up her mini skirt a little higher. Adjusting her thigh high black silk stockings hoping that sexy seam in the back was straight. She undid the top button of her pristine crisp white blouse, her full voluptuous breasts almost overflowing their confines in her lacy shelf bra. Her golden blonde hair was done up loosely in a top knot with little tendrils clinging to the back of her graceful neck.

She coughed softly and he looked up slightly startled, it didn’t take long for the line between his brows to disappear as he watched her turn to click the door shut, locking it. Noticing the seams on those delicious stockings right away and how the short black skirt clung to her pert rounded ass.

He could feel the perspiration start to go down his back, this blonde was causing his heart rate to accelerate rapidly and as she walked a little closer to his desk he could almost smell that delicious pussy of hers, knowing it would be sweet and succulent as he tasted her pretty pink kitty. He became rock hard hearing those moans and screams that she would be making as he brought her to a huge climax.

Watching her sit down in the leather swivel chair across from him, she crossed those delectable lovely legs of hers and he caught a glimpse of heaven as her thighs gleamed above the black stockings and skirt and he could have sworn that she flashed him her pretty pink labia. Her perfume was soft, fragrantly exotic like her, completely feminine with that trace of sexual mystery that he wanted to unlock entirely.

Looking into those large blue eyes he felt as if he were drowning in those cerulean pools of beauty. There was a certain something that he couldn’t pinpoint locked within their depths but he was certain if he took the time to find out he would He felt his eyes roam over her face, to the curve of her cheeks, the soft sensual mouth that begged to be kissed.

The cheekbones that were high and the shape of her face, it all came together in an arresting yet stunning appearance. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, the nipples straining against the whiteness of her shirt. The cleavage that was revealed was extremely deep and he could feel the hard throbbing of his cock against his pants. Just thinking about how good it would feel to place his thick rod between those voluptuous beauties as he moved between them.

She knew damn well what she was doing to him he thought as he watched the play of her tongue tip move over the fullness of her bottom lip. His cock jumped and he almost groaned out loud at the sensual action of the exquisite angel sitting across from him.. She made eye contact with him and hers were so very provocative and alluring that he felt the desire to lean across the desk, kiss her so damn passionately that she would be a little outraged. He almost smiled at that, knowing instinctively that it would take a lot to shock this sexy bombshell. She uncrossed her legs again and he caught a glimpse of her lovely labia, knowing that she was wearing a thong or possibly nothing under that tight short skirt.

She was here to discuss a case with him and he couldn’t get his mind out of the gutter long enough to even think about conversing about business right now. Damn it he wanted this sexy woman and he could feel the pre-cum making his boxers a little wet. She leaned down to get something out of her briefcase and another button came undone and her nipples all but popped out of her blouse. Looking up at gerçek porno him she saw that blatant desire on his face how red it had become and she felt the answering wetness between her legs now. Closing the case with a snap, she stood up slowly, like a sinuous exotic dancer and pulled the topknot loose with a movement of her golden head, allowed her hair to fall in a soft silky curtain onto her shoulders.

Her hands came down to undo the remainder of the buttons on her blouse and her voice was like the sound music to his ears, husky, soft, seductive. She asked him in sensual playful whisper so full of passion and so feminine. “Would you like to touch them, perhaps kiss each of my pretty pink nipples? Her breasts were indeed overflowing the shelf bra and her nipples were hard, suffused with color and those nipples awaiting his lips. The door was locked she had made sure of that and almost everybody had gone for the day. He was rock hard, not having had sex in a long while he wanted this blonde and by the God he was going to have her.

She had a look to her that was both angelic and devilish, her lush mouth tempting him to kiss her now and she pivoted away from him with a naughty look on her face and went to the blinds to close them tightly. Making sure that her ass had that exaggerated wiggle in play and while her back was turned he stood up and stretched. His muscles were tight and his body tense with need and desire for her. She turned around and when she saw his face, that smile of hers became a soft intimate laugh. He walked towards her and they met half way across the room. Grabbing her curvaceous body and pulling her against him with just enough force to allow to know what she was doing to him.

His hands moved down over the line of her back very delicately and she shivered. Putting her face against his chest she moved her mouth back and forth and he could feel her softly bite his male paps. Gasping as she bit on them through his shirt and he wanted to tear the offending shirt off and let her mouth roam freely. He felt that intense tremor run through his body and he could feel her hands moving down over his back onto his tight male ass. She pushed her body tighter against his and he wanted to rip the clothing from her body and throw her across his desk.

He had wanted her for a long while this sensual beauty with the body that was made for his hands, mouth and cock. There had always been that certain sexual tension between the two of them for well over a year now. Remembering the first time he had laid eyes on her as she conferred with one of his business colleagues. He had heard that tinkling laugh of hers as she had been leaning over his desk. Her beautiful round ass was outlined by the very tight form fitting dress she wore. She had stood up at that exact moment seeing his eyes on her and that femme fatale smile was positively brimming with sexuality. Those vividly blue eyes so intense that he felt it penetrate his very soul.

Right now at this exact moment that intensity was building as he lifted her chin and gazed into those mesmerizing eyes of hers..He felt the breath almost catch in his throat as they seared his face with their blue fire. He leaned down to kiss her and the world spun out of control as he devoured those warm sweet lips. She positively sizzled, her heat almost burning him with that electrical force. Her mouth was like a flower and he wanted to taste more of more of her sweetness. His hands had moved onto that firm roundness of her ass and he pushed her even closer to his massive erection.

Their tongues collided and swirled around each others and he wished at that exact moment that they were in his bedroom and he was carrying her to his bed. Right now there would be no preliminaries it would be up against the wall, on his desk or her leaning over the leather genç porno izle chair. His hands moved up under her blouse, her skin was satiny soft and found the hooks of her bra. He wasn’t exactly sure how it happened but her blouse and bra were off with a speed that caused him to smile. Her breasts were in his hands, heavy and rather firm, so beautifully shaped and he bent to kiss the tops of them. Her fragrance was so very like a floral garden that he wanted to absorb each and every scent of her, taste that beauty and sweetness.

She stood back and slid out of her skirt, and her panties were a mere slip of nothing a scrap of thin black material that showed off those perfectly rounded hips and that smooth soft kitty that revealed her beautiful womanly “V”. He asked himself if she would allow him to worship that ravishing body of hers. Lay her across his desk and take that thong off with his teeth over the curve of her hips down over her gleaming thighs to slide onto the tiled floor. He reached out and brought her to him, wanting to grind his cock against her over and over again. She sensed his raw need and reached down between them to rub his cock with her hand.

He thought right there and then that he might just blow his load all over his boxers if she persisted in rubbing him like that. He picked her up in his arms and brought her over to the chair and laid her down onto the cool leather. She gasped at the coldness of it’s texture against her back and legs..He sat down on the floor and took her panties off of her body as she lifted her lovely round ass in the air. They rested on her ankles and those stockings looked amazingly sexy on those hot legs of hers with her high heels still on. Her legs came open as he stared at her lovely pearl that was so very wet and the smell of her womanly scent was intoxicating.

He gazed at the beauty of her soft kitty, her pink loveliness revealed to his lustful eyes. Her legs opened wider and he grabbed those little black panties and threw them in the corner as if they offended him. He leaned down to kiss those swollen lips, to softly kiss that pearl that awaited his mouth and tongue. When he reached her clit she almost cried out loud, his tongue moving every which way. He stopped momentarily to gaze at her face, her expression so erotic and beautiful. Mouth half open, eyes wide and looking up at the ceiling, her hands were grasping the sides of the chair her fingernails coral tipped.

He moved his mouth over her labia and kissed and licked each and every part of her..those coral tipped nails almost raking his back now as she moved them over his neck and then she grasped his head as he sucked her clit. She was trying to not scream but it was becoming difficult to stay in control. She was spiraling at the very edge of an intense orgasm. His mouth driving her insane and crazy with wanting him. Then it happened, his mouth making her wild and she screamed out as her climax hit with such force that left her reeling. Her hands moving over his hair, pulling as she cried out “OMG, OMG, OMG.”

He had to taste her nipples now but first he stood up and removed his boxers and as they slid to the floor he kicked them off. His cock springing forward and her gasp making him stare into her eyes. Knowing intuitively that she liked what she had just witnessed, his very thick hard cock jutting upright awaiting her touch. He leaned down to suck those very firm nipples that were buds of dark pretty pink. So succulent and sweet like the her honeyed juices that were in abundance in that tight hot sheath. She cried out and arched her back and he knew she was about to climax again just by his mouth on her highly sensitized nipples.

He stopped what he was doing as her hand reached out to softly caress the tip of his cock and run her tender soft hands over his hardness. hdx porno He groaned as he leaned back and put his hands behind his back, making it easier for her to stroke him. GOD it felt so good to have her hand on his throbbing member. She was really getting into it and he gritted his teeth and put his hand down to hers to make her stop. He was about to cum all over those beautiful big tits of hers. She understood and smiled up at him again and he wanted to lean down to kiss that sensual mouth of hers and bite that hot bottom lip of hers.

Reaching down he helped her up out of the chair and they stood together staring at each other..hands slowly caressing each other’s bodies. They kissed again and it was more electric than the first time. She was his Venus the goddess of love, a woman that was born to make love each and every day to be taken at any given time. She looked at his desk and her eyebrows elevated somewhat and he seemed to read her mind. Walking over to the far end it was clear and she placed her hands on it and her round sexy ass was stuck up in the air as she leaned forward waiting for him to take her.

He reached under her as his cock moved up and down her crack. She moaned as he touched her wet clit again with his fingers and he guided his hard member between those cheeks to find her heat and that warm dark tunnel. She was ready for him, so incredibly wet as his cock entered that tightness. She gasped and he felt the opening give way, the fit was like a warm tight glove and he got a grip before he started to move inside of her. It was hot and liquid her wetness, satiny smooth and she enveloped him, tightening those muscles as he started to thrust inside of her. Moving faster and faster, he could see her beautiful face in the small mirror on the wall and her tits bouncing and swaying as he took her harder still. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed he could sense her orgasm occurring any minute now.

He felt her tense, as he was doing, it was almost simultaneously that it happened and could feel it building inside of him like a forceful tidal wave of emotion. It felt too damn good that heat, she was so tightly wrapped around his cock and her wetness cascading over him. She screamed at that exact moment when he felt himself jerk and erupt inside of her, his hot sperm hitting her like a geyser and their juices mingled as he felt her climax and push down over him, tensing and tensing again. He pushed into her one last time and she leaned down onto his desk like a dancer gracefully taking a bow her arms outstretched. She lay like that until he was satiated and complete. Gently kissing her delicate neck and her shoulders.

He felt himself pull away from her and then some regret that he had to leave that beautiful sanctuary of comfort and joy. She stood up and he watched her without shame in that mirror her bountiful breasts so perfectly formed and he knew that he could take her again and again. Those curved, so womanly and feminine and that face that could make a man lose himself with those eyes and that erotic mouth.

Giving his head a shake he noticed that smile and knew that she had seen him watching her. She was a little minx he thought, provocative and so damn intoxicating. She turned to him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his mouth and she saw his blue eyes turn dark with passion.

Her arms moved around his neck and he brought her in close again as their bodies fit together almost perfectly together, skin against skin. His hands came down to grasp that sexy derriere of hers one more time.

The hour was late but they seemed oblivious of the time as they kind of swayed together to an imaginary tune. He heard her sigh and knew it was time to get ready to leave. He tightened his arms around her one more time and kissed the top of her golden softly scented hair. Pulling away from her he watched her eyes and they held a sadness that somehow reflected itself upon him. He lifted her face as he put his fingers under her chin and kissed those lips again. “It will happen again my angel” he said and soon and she smiled as he felt compelled to kiss that beautiful sensual mouth again.

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