The Wait Ch. 02


He stripped quickly before his Mistress, eternally grateful that he had the foresight to shower and shave this morning. He still couldn’t believe she was here in front of him, but here, indeed, she was! He had ached for her for so long now and she had appeared as if by magic. It was as if she had responded to his immense need for her. His heart pounded solidly in his chest as he stood before her now, his cock apparently wanting to burst from its own skin. Pre-cum oozed out of him as he tried so hard to focus and control himself.

She eyed him some more as she finished her cigarette, smiling wryly now, her lips curling slightly in one corner. She unfolded her long legs and hooked each foot adeptly around each of his hips. Tingles of desire pulsated throughout his body as the undersides of her heels pulled him to her. The fabric of her boots creasing his skin as they pulled him forward towards her. He stumbled slightly as he adjusted his own weight and centre of gravity. He grappled to control his mind, so consumed now by desire, joy and pleasure.

“Ssshhh… Steady… Stay standing, my slave,” she added as she raised her open palm in a gesture for him to halt.

“I’m going to inspect you!”

He adored this about her. She always inspected him with such close scrutiny. She had carried out this act on the very first day they had met and every time since that wondrous day whenever he had been allowed in her company. She appeared fascinated by his cock and balls and he loved watching the still, intent gaze on her eyes as they took a critical and closer look at the now very erect cock.

“You haven’t masturbated today, my slave?” She quizzed, apparently knowing the answer.

He shook his head, unable to speak even if he wanted to now. She didn’t move her eyes from his cock but felt his response.

“I can tell… You are ready to burst,” she cooed at him, her devilish smile clearly apparent again.

He feared that if she touched him right now, at this precise moment in time, he would be totally out of control and would shoot a fountain of cum all over his own stomach, even though he was still standing. The fire of lust now burned deep within him. He wanted everything she was going to give and take from him today and always. It had been far too long that he had not seen her. He clenched his buttocks trying to compose himself his clammy hands knotted together behind his back. His mind rapidly trying to focus on anything that would help his control of his urges.

She leaned over, abruptly, closing in on him as if she spied a speck of dust on him somewhere, focusing her investigative glare over him even more acutely. Something had taken her attention. “Oh, dear God, please tell me I am not blemished,” he thought. She tilted her head to one side, inquisitively, as she neared him. There was absolutely no other emotion in her face now, just total fascination. She involuntarily licked her lips and he caught a glimpse of her soft pink tongue as it grazed over them.

Then she stood, towering over him, by inches, in her wonderful new high heeled boots. His eyes were now directly in line with her mouth and he noted her deep red lipstick which had been expertly applied. Her skin was as soft as ever and lightly dusted with a delicate layer of make-up. He didn’t dare to focus on her eyes again. They would overwhelm him in a flash.

His mind rushed as she placed her hand on one of his shoulders and applied enough pressure to make him kneel before her. Again, he was reduced to his submissive position below her, his eye line now exactly in line with her groin, snugly encased in the tight black trousers. He felt he would choke on his heart as, momentarily, he thought he caught a glimpse of a slightly darker patch at her crotch suggesting she was aroused and wet in his presence. The ultimate reward.

She raised her right foot and placed the sole of her beautiful boot on his left shoulder as he knelt before her.

“Do you like my new boots, my slave?”

He nodded again feeling her sensual warmth so close to him.

“They were specially designed to make you feel humble,” she commented.

Torturously, she leaned forward and stroked the boot from canlı bahis the tip of the long pointed toe, over her foot, across her ankle and up her long shin, over her knee, and then along the inside of her long thigh. He felt such a passionate desire to pleasure his Mistress now. She was making him swoon. Their time apart had been too much for him. She had captivated him before, but now she took him to new heights he had not previously known existed.

“Fetch that chair and sit on it” she commanded, pointing to the seat in the corner of the room, whilst removing her foot from his shoulder.

He did as ordered and quickly wheeled the swivel chair back to his position in front of her. His cock still bobbed and bounced in front of him. He could hang weights from it now it was so hard and engorged. He felt as if this powerful erection would never leave him. It felt so solid and forever. He sat on the prickly material of the seat and leaned back into the chair which had no sides or arms. He let his own arms hang loose by his sides knowing that she would not want her view of his genitalia obscured by him placing his hands in his lap.

She moved up to him and reached behind him to the back of the chair. Careful she moved him around so that his back was now towards her. She closed in on him, sliding the long, slender fingers of her right hand under his chin, pulling his head back into her stomach. She made him look up at her. He wanted to close his eyes but couldn’t. She held him now, with her hands, her eyes and her aura. He was totally powerless. Her eyes questioned his own, as if searching his soul and reading his thoughts and memories. She smiled an almost sweet smile, flicked her eyes in a forward gesture and released his jaw allowing him to bow his head forward.

She leaned over him now pressing her weight slightly against his shoulders. He loved to feel the warmth of her. Her hands reached forwards and she took his bulging cock in her hands and stroked it in a totally non-sexual way, as if she were stroking a small dog. This teased him all the more intently because he knew he would respond and his cock bounced before him involuntarily.

“Stay there!” She demanded.

He heard her then moving about behind him for a few moments. He heard the springs in his bed squeak and wondered if she had sat down again. What was she doing? He couldn’t even begin to guess. She had once before left him in a room unattended like this for hours on end and he hoped now, with all his might that this wasn’t such a time.

Then he heard her moving behind him again and could hear her breathing. His mind rushed with imagery.

“Turn around, now, my slave,” she almost whispered, he almost didn’t catch her words.

He pushed himself round in the chair using his feet and, then, his eyes were filled with a vision of her total sexual power. There she lay before him on his bed. Somehow she had managed to remove the trousers and her top leaving the cinched leather belt around her waist and the long boots on her legs. She had managed to dig her spiked heels into the softness of his duvet so her knees were raised in front of her. Her legs were open to him now and he could see the wonder of her beautifully trimmed pussy which glistened with moisture. He swooned again. The pure sexual majesty of this woman was so overwhelming and she was now, after all this time, lying on his bed with her sex open and on show to him.

“Now…” she questioned him, “my sex… slut… slave… How much have you missed me?”


He sat there in the chair only a few feet away from her; totally in awe of the vision before him. He just could not respond. He was frozen in his total adoration for his Mistress. Every fibre of his body was consumed by ache for her now. She had previously let him touch her and had used him as her sexual slave a long time ago and he knew how good it was to be able to touch her, taste her and be inside her. How beautiful her pussy looked to him now. She had been teaching him his ultimate lesson over these last few weeks and now he fully understood her meaning. She now owned him entirely. He belonged to her totally. He was hers to do with as she desired, kaçak iddaa in any way, shape or form. He could never escape this feeling. He was her slave.

“I see my time away from you has made you insolent,” she barked at him due to his lack of response.

He shivered and cleared his throat in a vain attempt that his meek swallow would be give him the strength to speak. She eyed him fixedly now. He could see that she knew and felt her entire power over him. She had total control of him.

“Yes, my Goddess…” he croaked in a weak and feeble whisper, “I have missed you so much, my glorious Mistress.”

“Good boy! That’s better” she replied, dismissively, as she moved her position slightly so she was more comfortable upon his humble bed.

The sensations of total submission filled every cell in his body. He was consumed by her. It had been so long now since she had used him for her own sexual please and he so hoped that today may be the end of his long and painful wait. He was not allowed to have his own needs and desires since he had been under her control but inside his animal lust took such a hold, he just knew he must have her soon.

She moved her hand suddenly and startled him as he remained frozen in his modest chair. A single strand of her hair had become caught in her eyelashes and she dismissed it casually smiling at him as she did so. His cock bobbed in front of him again. Her hand then moved down to the soft white skin of her throat. He had once been allowed to kiss her in this most sacred of places, to smell her perfume and feel her sighs escaping from her beautiful mouth. Her fingers lingered there as if she could read his thoughts. His cock became impossibly even harder. He felt it would turn to stone if it became any more erect. Slowly her fingers trailed an imaginary line from her soft neck along the centre line of her chest, between her ample breasts and down across her soft stomach. She flinched slightly as if she had tickled herself, the smile at her lips flexing in response.

His mind whirled and twisted. She loved to torment him like this on many occasions but generally it was during periods of extended servitude and chastity. He had been allowed to develop a way of dealing with her torments in that way. Now was different. So much power from her swept over him. Starved of her for so long and now with her laying here he felt consumed by it. If he were a disrespectful kind of man, he would not have been able to control himself. But she controlled him totally now. He had no choice but to fall under her spell. She could so easily rise now and leave him, and he knew it. He feared that she would discard him now. “Dear God, Leave her with me now,” he thought.

Her long slender fingers which were tipped with immaculately manicured nails stroked lower still. She tipped her head backwards letting out a soft sigh obviously ignoring him now. She was in admiration of her own body and he may lose her to this moment as he had on so many previous occasions. She had made him watch her so many times but he remembered them all in full. Each and every one engrained in his mind.

He bit hard against the inside of his cheek in order not to moan aloud. His own breath had shortened – his pulse raced. She would make him ejaculate as he sat here untouched if he was not controlled and focussed. Down her soft hand persisted until her finger tips were stroking the outside of her downy soft mound, slipping down to her velvety outer labia.

Sometimes these moments of torment became so painful within him that he almost hoped that something would happen to distract him away from her but he could not tear his eyes away for a second. He was addicted to her. She had started to stroke herself now, her breathing coming shorter, and the familiar rosy glow rising to her breasts and cheeks. She was so beautiful. Her long legs contained within the exceptional boots, her waist pulled in by the belt which only served to accentuate her sumptuous hips and breasts.

Her breasts started to rise and fall more now as her breaths became deeper. She had started to slide her fingers between her beautiful inner labia which were now slippery and wet kaçak bahis with her own arousal. His balls were burning now – his need so enormous. He so wanted to be able to please her. But he knew he must wait.

She slid her long and supple fingers onwards, then, deliciously entering her stunning cunt gently but with purpose. He loved to watch her do this. She always managed to tip her hips at just the right point and give herself the greatest angle for ultimate penetration. He knew how much this woman knew her own sexual pleasure at the touch of her own hands, but he still marvelled at the wonder of it. He would absorb her every movement with total accuracy. He would learn how to please her as she pleases herself, so effortlessly. Pre-cum oozed out of his straining cock and slid down the shaft onto his neatly trimmed pubic hairs and he knew it had happened but his eyes were fixed on her now. Transfixed he waited and watched as her fingers slid slowly in and out of her hungry pussy. He could smell the delicate scent of her sexuality filling his room. He would sleep comfortably in this room for as long as the slightest hint of her smell remained within it.

“Come… now… my adoring slave… Lick me with your gentle tongue,” she called to him through her own breath.

He was so stunned by this request of him that he almost missed it. Surely he would not be so lucky as to taste her, now, today? Or, by some hidden perception, had she knowingly sensed his entire need for her. His prayers were now being answered. Indeed, it would appear, she had.

His legs, now totally numb resulting from the total adrenaline rush of her request and excitement of again being able to touch her once more, carried him shakily across the small distance between the chair and where his Mistress now lay open in front of him on the bed. He crawled up onto the bed on his knees softly, careful not to touch her at all. He knew he must now fold himself up in the position she had ordered before, kneeling tightly with his hands held firmly behind his back. If his arms fell forward to balance himself she would certainly kick him off the bed altogether with one gesture of her long and elegant legs. He must focus now, concentrating his desire to serve her into every muscle in his quaking body. She had once handcuffed him to suit her needs in this position. He now wished his wrists were restrained once more. At least he wouldn’t have to force his now heavy arms behind him. But now he had no choice.

Slowly he inched his face towards her, intently focused on her juicy and welcoming temple of worship. It was so, so long since he had been allowed to taste her delicious sweetness directly from her divine body. Many times she had taunted him with her flavour on her fingers or toys. Today was truly a gift from her to him. Quickly he licked his lips and drew a deep sigh of a breath as he closed in to her as she watched him closely. He could feel the warmth radiating from her as he edged ever closer. She adeptly moved her fingers allowing her labia to fall around his tongue while the miraculous sensation swept through his entire body as his tongue touched her. Electrical charges fired through every synapse in his body. A total rush filled him, as if addicted to some mystery drug. He was. She was his drug now.

Gently and tentatively he allowed his agile tongue to sweep along her now sopping wet slit. He swallowed her nectar down relishing in the taste of her. She moved her hips under him guiding him into her deepest recesses now, lifting and grinding her pussy up onto his tongue and chin. He must compose himself now. The urge to devour her suddenly overwhelming him. He must be so gentle and pleasing to her now, his own cock totally numb with the need for release. If he were, in any way, to upset or antagonise her now she could reject him indefinitely.

He relished in his actions working his tongue over her whole pussy, sucking her long silky labia up into his mouth while she cooed and sighed to his gentle touch. She could still reject him and he must work more impressively to keep her aroused and to ultimately feel her own female ejaculation spill out over his waiting tongue as he worked her to her fantastically powerful orgasm. This sometimes softened her and as a result she may then allow him his own relief. He so needed to orgasm now his own thighs saturated with his sticky pre-cum. He must wait! She could still hold it in him for hours, days or weeks yet.

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