The Wedding Night


The Wedding NightThe Wedding NightTo tell you about myself, my name is Brad, I am 21, about 5’10”, 160 lbs. Ihave a very imposing football player build, am a flawless dresser, blueeyes, dark brown hair with blonde highlights and tan olive skin. Anyway, Ihad my heart broken by my high school sweetheart about four months beforethe event I am going to be telling you about. She was my life, my littleangel. I had hurt her to the point that she needed to leave me and I couldnot blame her. When I was dating her, my feelings for guys were completelysuppressed. I had fooled around with friends in middle school and such,casual circle jerks, etc… but nothing serious. However, when I jerked offit was almost always to gay porn. Then, when Queer as Folk came on TV I wasobsessed. Even more so after my breakup. I began to identify with the maincharacter Brian Kinney. He had a strong, fuck-em-all attitude that I wishedso much I had. He would never let his heart get broken. I really wished Iwas like him and tried so hard to be just like him. He was successful inbusiness as I had become, and could get any guy he wanted. Most of all, hehad a guy named Justin who turned me on more than anything. Justin wasblonde, 18, hairless, sweet, romantic, and artsy. I fell in love. Idreamed off being Brian and having my Justin…often jerking off to the idea.Coming home after a long day in a suit, and having Justin lying there in apair of jeans and a sweatshirt waiting for me. Anyway, I could go on forhours so I’ll get to the story. I was invited to my second cousin’s weddingin New York. I cried for weeks at the idea of going to the wedding alone,without my girl. So naturally, I switched into my Brian Kinney defensemechanism mode. Fuck it, I said. Who wants to get married when you couldhave a different gorgeous guy every night? Anyway, my entire family flew toNew York for the wedding, parents, grandparents, and all. I got dressed ina tux at the hotel and went downstairs to meet the rest of the family beforewe drove to the church. As soon as I got to the hotel lobby, I spotted him.He was a gorgeous blonde around my age, wearing a black suit with a greatpink shirt. He was so slim and so innocent looking. If only he was gay Ithought. As I was staring in his direction, trying not to be obvious, Ifelt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see my mother. Sheimmediately said, “oh my god Brad, do you know who that is?” “No”, I said,pretending not to know whom she was talking about. “That’s Andrew, he’s badnews, he’s related to the family through marriage but we don’t talk to hisside.” Why? I asked. “Well to start he’s been in reform school, he’s a d**gaddict, and he’s gay.” Gay! I smiled to myself. But replied, “that’sawful.” Anyway, I tried to mingle with the family and we soon left for thewedding. The whole car ride I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He wasabsolutely gorgeous. Anyway, we got to the wedding and there was food anddrinks before the ceremony. I excused myself from my parents and wentoutside for a cigarette. As soon as I got outside, my heart jumped. Andrewwas outside to. I didn’t know what to say so I just lit a cigarette andstood there. All of a sudden, Andrew walked up to me and said, “Brad is thatyou?” “Yes,” I replied, trying to sound as casual as possible. “Do youremember me, we used to play together when we were little?” I lied and saidI did. He asked me for a light and I tried to light his cigarette with alittle flirtation but still careful in case he wasn’t gay or wasn’tinterested. My family sometimes thinks guys are gay for random reasons,even when they aren’t. Anyway, we started chatting about school, work, andother guy stuff. Sure tuzla escort enough, he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I washeartbroken on multiple levels. One, because her and I had broke up, andtwo, I guessed if he asked that question he couldn’t be gay. We kept ontalking and I decided that I would keep being a little flirtatious just incase. About a half hour passed and we decided we should walk back in andjoin everybody else. When we walked in, the reception hall was empty.”Shit,” I said. Everyone had gone inside to the ceremony and the doors wereclosed. We would definitely make a scene walking in late and my familywould definitely see we were together. Just then, Andrew put his handaround my shoulder and said; “I’ll see you after the ceremony.” My heartjumped. We both were able to sneak in and I went to sit with my parents,and Andrew with his. The whole ceremony, I was smiling like a littleschoolgirl. My mother turned to me and said, “you certainly are taking thewedding well, considering you were crying over Kara a few hours ago.” Isimply shrugged; Kara was the last thing on my mind. All I could do wasthink about Andrew and tried desperately to look at him without beingnoticed. After what seemed to be an eternity, the ceremony was over. Iimmediately dashed outside for a cigarette. About five seconds later Iheard the door open and Andrew walked out. “Damn, that was a longceremony”, he said. “Yep” was all I could muster not knowing how he meantit. Did he mean long and boring or long like he missed me, I thought tomyself. Anyway, we talked for a little while about Florida, he lives thereand I went to college there so we had a lot in common. Then, he asked me ifI smoke weed. “All the time,” I replied. Andrew pulled out a joint and askedif I wanted to get high. “Sure,” I said and followed him to the side of thebuilding. After the joint we decided we should go back inside. Everyonewas starting to sit down for dinner and the reception so we walked over toour parents and parted ways again. As I got to the table, my mother andaunt had very serious looks on their faces. “Were you outside with Andrew?”my mom asked. “Yes, he was outside having a cigarette too,” I replied,trying to sound casual. “Brad, what did I tell you about him?” She said.”Mom, I am just being friendly,” I said. She warned me that my reputationin the family could be ruined and the faces around the table were sheerterror. Anyway, I really didn’t care. I couldn’t stop thinking aboutAndrew. Whenever I glanced over at him, he was staring right back at me.God I wish he were gay, I thought to myself. Dinner ended and everyonestarted dancing. One of my cousin’s girlfriends asked me to dance. Iagreed hoping it would ease my family’s worry. Sure she was beautiful, butas we slow danced, all I could think about was Andrew. I looked off of thedance floor and saw him sitting at the table. God I wished I were dancingwith him instead. I think the girl noticed something was wrong because assoon as the song ended, she casually thanked me and walked away. I decidedto go for a drink and Andrew followed. We both ordered gin and tonics andwent outside for a cigarette. Sure enough, about two minutes later mymother came outside and made me come in. Not wanting to cause a scene, Ireluctantly agreed. Back at the table she turned to me and said, “Brad, Iam very disappointed in you.” I did not answer. I told her I was going towalk around and she threatened a plethora of things if she caught me talkingto Andrew again. With that, I told her I was leaving and stormed out. Igot outside and was almost in tears. I decided to walk the ten or so blocksback to the hotel. Just as I started maltepe escort walking through the parking lot a voiceyelled, “Where ya going?” It was Andrew. I told him what had happened. Hetold me that my mom had walked up to his mom and made all sorts of threats.Then as I started to walk away he said, “Mind if I go with you?” “Sure,” Ireplied. We started the walk back to the hotel. About five minutes intothe walk I turned to him and said, “yeah, my mom is saying all this shitabout you being gay and a d**g addict and all sorts of shit.” I tried tolaugh in order to make light of it. Andrew stopped walking and said, “Ifigured that was what it was about.” He then told me that he was caughtselling pot when he was younger and was sent to a military academy. Thattook care of the d**g addict and juvenile delinquent comment, but he hadn’tconfronted the gay statement. Then he said, “and about me being gay, well Iam.” I nearly froze but simply said, “Oh, that’s cool.” We kept on walkingand I asked him if he had ever seen Queer as Folk. He said that he wasobsessed with it and told me everyone thinks he looks like Justin. I toldhim I agreed with them. Then he turned to me and said, “you remind me ofBrian, you know that?” Ha, I thought to myself, I wish, but simply said.”Thank you, I get that a lot.” We kept on walking and just talkingcasually. Suddenly, we both looked up, we were lost. Apparently we hadmade a wrong turn and had no idea where we were. I was still wearing my tuxand Andrew was still in his suit. It was around eleven at night by thispoint and the streets in this part of Long Island were fairly empty. Wewalked some more, trying to find our way back to the hotel. All of asudden, Andrew asked if we could stop for a breather. I said sure. It wasat this point that I began to feel awkward, and he was looking hotter everysecond. After about two minutes of silence we started walking again. Wepassed by a car repair place about thirty feet later and Andrew stoppedagain. I tried to make chit-chat by saying, “god it’s a great night, huh?”Suddenly Andrew turned to me, put his arms around me and said, “Would itfreak you out if I did this?” He leaned in and kissed me. I immediatelythrew my arms around him and began kissing him passionately. I wanted himso badly. A whole day of anticipation was finally happening. We werestanding right on the side of the street and neither one of us cared whosaw. I then pulled him over to the side of the car repair place and pushedhim up against the wall. We kissed some more then he sank to his knees. Heundid my fly and pulled out my cock. He began to suck it as I moaned andran my fingers through his hair. The intense feeling mixed with beingoutside in an area neither one of knew was unbelievable. He came up and wekissed some more. I undid his fly, pulled out his cock, and we kissed somemore. Our cock’s sword fighting as we kissed intensely. We looked aroundus and saw some unfinished houses being built. We walked over to one of thehouse’s garages and I threw Andrew to the ground. I immediately beganunbuttoning his shirt as he kissed my neck and ears. I then ripped off mytuxedo shirt not caring that I had broken all of my diamond shirt studs andthe Gucci shirt. Andrew pulled my pants off and I did the same to him. Wewere both naked in the cool New York breeze, our naked bodies rubbing allover each other. I slowly kissed my way down his chest, concentrating oneach nipple. I then worked my way lower, my tongue teasing him in circlesand I neared his rigid shaft. I decided to tease him some more and startedlicking his balls, slowly working my way to his gorgeous ass. I rimmed himuntil we could both take kartal escort it no more. I stood over Andrew’s face as heslobbered all over my dick, lubricating the way for what was to come next.Next, I lifted Andrew’s legs over my shoulders. I leaned in and kissed himpassionately again. My dick didn’t need any guidance, it found Andrew’shole with ease and slipped right in. A rush was sent though my body as Ifelt his tight hole around my pulsating cock. I began to pump in and outslowly as we made love. I felt so powerful, so perfect, so hot, so muchlike, oh my god, Brian Kinney. Andrew was moaning wildly and begged me tolet him suck me some more. I agreed and we switched positions. I laid mynaked body down on the cold concrete garage floor. Every sense in my bodywas awakened. I could see Andrew’s gorgeous body, I could hear his moans, Icould taste his lips, I could smell his scent, and best of all, I couldtouch every inch. Andrew took my cock into his mouth and gave me the bestblowjob I had ever had. He didn’t gag at all. He took every inch and evenput my hands on his head to control the thrusts even deeper. I felt thebest electric shock of my life throughout my entire body as my toes curledand I came down his throat. We kissed some more before he stood up and itwas my turn to reciprocate. I licked his whole body. This time from his toesupwards. His scent was amazing and I almost came again. I took his cockinto my mouth, and then licked the sides, teasing it, tasting it, lovingevery inch. I decided to take the whole thing in my mouth. I began to humand told him how good he tasted. Just then I felt his body shake and hecame down my throat. I loved the taste of his cum. As soon as he came, ourcell phones both began to ring. It was our parents. He silenced his and Ipicked mine up. It was my mother. “Brad, where the fuck are you?” “At abar,” I lied. “Is Andrew with you?” “No of course not” I lied again. Itold her I would be back in an hour. I hung up the phone and we bothhurried to get whatever clothes on we could that were still somewhatwearable. We saw a gas station in the distance that looked open so wewalked hand in hand over to it. We asked for directions to the hotel andthe cashier didn’t know so we asked someone filling up their car. The ladywas very pretty, in her mid 20’s. She eagerly helped us and as we thankedher she said, “looks like you boys had a fun night but you might want towipe the cum off of your cheek. She pointed to Andrew’s cheek. She gave us awink and we all had a laugh. Andrew and I walked as slowly as possible backto the hotel, pausing every couple of feet to kiss. Something about kissinghim in plain view of everyone passing by really turned me on. We continuedthe hotel. When we were about a hundred yards from the front door, westopped and made out some more. We decided to see each other the followingmorning before everyone left. Then, we kept walking. When we got to thehotel, we were no so warmly greeted by both of our mothers at the frontdoor. We were speechless. “We have been waiting all night for the two ofyou to show,” our mothers said in unison. My mother grabbed me by the armand led me to my room. She turned to me and said, “Did you have a nicescrew?” I didn’t answer, but burst into tears. She turned around and left.The next morning I felt so bad for her I didn’t even see Andrew when he sentme a text message to meet him outside for a cigarette. About an hour latermy stepfather and I went outside to smoke a cigarette together afterbreakfast. The hotel door opened and Andrew walked out. God he wasbeautiful. We were both wearing almost identical black t-shirts and jeans.His blonde hair was glistening in the sun. I had to fight back the urge torun over and kiss him. I simply stuck my hand out and shook his hand.”It’s nice to see you,” I said. “You too,” he said. With that he left thehotel and that was the last time I saw him.

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