The Wife’s Wild Ass


The Wife’s Wild AssThe Wife’s Wild AssChapter 1Caroline Stephens wondered if she were dreaming.She was afraid to open her eyes, in case it was a dream and, by waking up, she would end the lovely feeling. There was certainly a dream-like quality to the sensations she was enjoying, yet there was something of reality in them, as well.It felt like someone was sucking on her tits.Caroline stirred, her eyes still closed. She arched and stretched languidly. She had certainly been sound asleep when the feeling began, but she had a pretty good idea that she was awake now–and that it was really happening. Still, she did not open her eyes, nor give any sign that she was no longer slumbering. She didn’t want to do anything that might interrupt the pleasure of this early morning caress.Caroline loved to get fucked in the morning. Her husband, Jonathon, had a big prick and he used his cock well enough, but he was a night time fucker. He seldom had the energy or the time to give Caroline any cock in the morning. For one thing, he was one of those men who were useless before they had a couple of cups of coffee, and, for another, he liked to sleep as late as possible, and therefore usually had to rush off to work, so that there was no time to return to bed after the coffee had got him stirring.Today, hopefully, was different.Still feigning slumber, Caroline shifted so that her hand drifted across his lean, hairy belly.This was real enough, certainly no dream.This was no dream, no demon come in the night to, pour devil cum into her welcoming cunt It was her husband sucking with loving attention on her stiff tits. Caroline wondered, vaguely, what had inspired him to feel sexy this morning, and why he had awakened early enough to do something about it. But she didn’t question it too deeply–she was no woman to look a gift horse in the mouth.And still, even now that she was convinced this was no dream, Caroline was reluctant to show that she was awake and aware. Maybe Jonathon had got turned on by the idea of making love to her while she was asleep, of fucking her without her knowledge and, perhaps, inspiring her to have a lovely erotic dream as he did so.She turned her head to the side.She fluttered her eyelids and looked out through the narrowed slits, gazing at the window. She could judge the time by the angle of the morning sunlight that streamed into the bedroom. She was pleased to see that it was almost an hour earlier than they usually awoke.An hour’s fucking was just what she needed!Had they fucked the night before? For a moment, she could not remember. They had been married for several years and had fallen into a routine, so that one night blended in with the next, pleasantly but without anything memorable happening.Then she remembered that they had fucked and that Jonathon had seemed hornier than usual.Again she wondered, fleetingly, at this change in the man–and again she did not question it too deeply.She began to moan softly and to shift and squirm deliciously. Jonathon was on his side, his head bending down as he mouthed her nipples, switching back and forth between those explosive nuggets of sensation. His hand rested on her lower belly, flat and open, the fingers splayed out in the curly mound of her cunt hair. He gave a little moan as he slurped a fat nipple between his lips. His breath was hot on her tits. Caroline moved her hand down to his groin and was overjoyed to find that his cock was swollen enormously, rock hard and throbbing. His balls were bloated. She cupped the cum-sac, squeezing lightly, then folded her fist around the shaft of his prick and began to massage and caress his cock. She skimmed very slowly up his prick, from root to crown, and rubbed her thumb against the sensitive point where the thick prick-shaft flared out into the cockhead.She stroked again, then stopped moving and merely held his prick. She didn’t want to take a chance by caressing him too firmly, because his cock felt so excited that she was afraid that he might sarıoğlan escort come if she jacked him off steadily and the last thing that the girl wanted was to end this morning’s fun with her hand.She was still pretending to be asleep.Caroline adored her husband’s prick–or any prick, come to that–and it did not seem unlikely that she would automatically caress a big hard-on in her slumber.Now Jonathon slid his own hand lower and dipped his fingers into his wife’s crotch. She gave a little gasp. Her cunt was parted and creamy, and her clit exploded like a stick of dynamite as he fingered it. She could feel her cunt-lips slowly unfurl, like the petals of a fleshy, pink blossom opening to the morning sun.He stroked her cunt-lips and rubbed her cut, then gently pushed his middle finger up her cunt, turning it about inside her hot, wet pussy tunnel, while his thumb worked on her love button. He was still mouthing her tits and now Caroline thought that maybe she was going to cream on this hand-job, but the thought did not disturb her as did the idea of jacking Jonathon off–because she was a woman who could come time and again, and, if she got off on his hand, she would still be ready and eager to cream again on his prick.Then his lips pulled away.Caroline parted her thighs wider and waited, expecting Jonathon to fuck her now.But his lips moved on her again, kissing her stomach, then sliding down to her hot belly.Caroline blinked and risked a glance.Jonathon was moving down on her!Oh, what a lovely morning this is going to be! thought the horny housewife. Most mornings left her frustrated, but it seemed that today she was in for a special treat. She adored getting her pussy sucked almost as much as she did getting fucked, and she enjoyed having both done in sequence. Jonathon was a talented cuntlapper, but he didn’t go down on her as much as Caroline would have liked. This was a rare day, indeed! She parted her legs a bit wider and tilted her pelvis, so that her groin rose up, easily accessible to his tongue.He was kissing her on her pussy mound now, his lips rustling in her curly cunt thicket.He had twisted around so that he could move his head down and still leave his cock up where she could fondle it. Caroline slowly pulled up the fat, pounding prickshaft. As her hand came up, his foreskin curled up behind the cock-knob and, as she pushed back down, his swollen purple cockhead expanding like a hooded cobra, the cleft parted. A few drops of preliminary jism glistened on the tip. The sight made her mouth water.She wondered if he would expect a blowjob in return for his cuntsucking? It was all right with Caroline–she loved a mouthful of hard prick and a load of delicious jism.His tingling tongue stirred through the golden jungle of her cunt triangle. His finger churned her cunt. He slid lower and began to lick the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, bypassing her crotch, extending the joy of the pre-fuck sex. He ran his tongue up the crease where her leg joined her crotch, not yet making contact with her pussy but licking parallel to that smoldering crack.Caroline could pretend no longer. She felt so hot now that it would not have surprised her if her cunt had suddenly ignited. If the room had been dark, she thought that her loins would have glowed with the luminosity of her lust. Her crotch was steaming in his face and ribbons of cuntjuice were pouring down her crotch and soaking into the crack of her ass.She reached down with her free hand–still holding his cock in the other–and pulled his head into her groin.Jonathon began to tongue her pussy with long slurping strokes, his head turning from side to side. He lapped up the open cunt slot and across the throbbing clit. Caroline whimpered, grinding her crotch down into his face. He clamped his lips on her clit and sucked, then stabbed his tongue up her hole as far as it would extend.She could hear the moist sounds his mouth made and she could hear her pussy squish. He lifted his head for a moment, looking down into her open cunt, and she saw that he was coated with slippery pussy juice from brow to chin. Then he buried his head and sucked some more.”Oh!” Caroline wailed, as the first spasm hit her.The waves began to ripple across her belly and to run like an electric current up her thighs.They came faster, and higher.Each wave was being compressed into the one before, and the one to follow, until they had blended into one sustained peak of pleasure, and Caroline was melting with the ecstasy of a prolonged orgasm. She churned her ass and rolled her belly. Her hips worked like pistons and her legs trembled violently. Jonathon gave a little moan of satisfaction as he realized his wife was coming.His lips parted and clamped over her hairy cunt, and he sucked the cuntjuice out of her pussy hungrily.He kept working on her cunt until she stopped thrashing about and, tugging gently at his head, urged him upwards. He gave her pussy a last loving slurp, then twisted up and mounted her. She smiled up at him, happily, contentedly–yet, despite having come, her expression showed that she was still eager for his cock. He grinned down at her, a gleam in his eyes, his lips creamy with her fuck fluids. He braced his weight on hands and knees and his big cock loomed out over her belly. She saw the elongated shadow of his cock fall over her loins. Then he dipped his ass and pushed in, and his prick slipped into her cunt without needing any guidance, running true as a torpedo.He pushed the tip in, then paused, enjoying the expectation.Her cuntlips began to pull on his cockhead, keen to drag that welcome meat up her hot fuck hole. Her clit brushed his hard cock-knob. That knob flared and pulsed in the entrance to her cunt. His ass tightened and he fed her pussy another inch, pausing again. His whole cockhead was bedded in her cunt now, but the long, thick cockshaft was still between them, like a big bolt fixing his balls to her crotch.She squirmed and humped.”Put it in,” she gasped.He fed her another teasing inch.”Put it all in!” she wailed.She felt his cockhead spread and expand, gripped snugly by her cuntlips, pulsating and pounding. His hands moved down and cupped her under the ass. He lifted her pelvis higher.Then he slowly fucked the full length of his rampant cockmeat into her cunt, going in balls-deep with that long, rippling stroke.”Ahhhh,” she sighed.Jonathon held the full penetration, savoring the thrill of having every inch of his cock buried in her hot pussy and letting Caroline enjoy the pleasure of being stuffed to the brim with cockmeat. His balls were jammed into her crotch, hanging down against the slope of her upthrust ass, and his belly was plastered against her. Her pussy began to work on him even before they began to fuck. She had a talented, pliable cunt. The inner muscles closed in a series of concentric rings, working up his prick from root to knob, as if she were jacking him off inside herself.He lowered his head and sucked on a tit-tip.Caroline clamped her thighs around his haunches and locked her heels behind his ass. She had molded her body into a fucking machine. Her thighs were hooks, her groin a cup. She began to pump, sliding an inch or two along his rigid prick.Jonathon groaned as he felt her slippery cunt moving up and down on his cock. He took a slow stroke, fucking his cock into her as she slid her pussy down. Caroline wound herself sinuously around on his fat cock, her ass describing a spiral and her belly grinding through an S-shaped curve as it pushed down.He began to really fuck her furiously then as they fell into the rhythm together, fucking in counterpoint. As Jonathon fucked in, Caroline jammed her cunt down to meet him and as he withdrew she twisted her hips from side to side, wringing his retracting cockmeat while her crotch churned around, levering her clit against his prick.Her whole crotch was awash with foaming cuntjuice. The stuff sprayed out as he fucked into her pussy, pumped out by the fat plunger of his prick, soaking his belly and balls and pouring down into the crack of her ass.Caroline was clinging to him, riding him from below. Her arms were clasped around his neck and her legs scissored his haunches. Her slender back was arched deeply, belly up and shoulders down. They were both grunting as they fucked their groins together. Jonathon was alternating his strokes, coming in low and underslung with one, then hiking his trembling ass up and fucking in at a descending angle that rubbed every inch of his cock across her tingling cut as it went into her fuck hole. Her firm, gently rounded belly whipped against him in that erotic spiral, and his cum-filled balls swung in to whack against her ass, like the clapper of a hairy bell peeling out the chimes of carnal desire.As he fucked faster, his cock grew fatter, expanding inside her and spreading her pliable pussy out around it. Her cunt was molded to the outline of his prickshaft and cock-knob, so that there was fluid friction through every inch. There seemed to be a mysterious mouth somewhere in the depths of her belly, sucking on the head of his cock, a magical hand stroking up and down his prickshaft as her pussy muscles contracted.She relaxed the grip of her thighs as he withdrew, then tightened them, drawing him back into her hairy bowl. Her heels were locked behind his haunches, rubbing against his asshole.”Fuck,” she whimpered.Then the horny housewife began to re peat the word, saying it once each time he plunged in, as if she were describing the act, putting dialogue to the erotic ballet. He was fucking in frantically now as his peak built higher, fucking so fast that she could not pause between the repetition as she whimpered the word over and over again.”Fuck, fuck, fuck!”And she met his strokes with equal vitality. Her whole smooth body had started to vibrate. She was ready to come again, waiting for him, wanting to cream at the same instant that he poured his hot jism into her.She said, “Fuck! Come!””Yeah, yeah,” he panted, almost there.”Shoot it in me, darling–fill my cunt with all that hot, thick juice! Let me feel you squirt it up me!”Jonathon gasped.His balls burst and the sap rushed up his cock. Caroline could feel the prickshaft ripple as the cum poured up it–and then she felt the steaming fuck lava hose her pussy.She cried out with a****l passion.Her pussy melted around his prick like a wax candle around a hard, fiery wick. Each time he fucked in to the root, he shot another thick wad of scum up her, and she responded with an equal flow of pussy juice that gushed into her fuck hole and blended with his spunk. His meaty cock was pumping the stuff out of her as it filled her cunt tunnel. Foaming and frothy, the lather of love creamed from her slot, and they both kept replacing it with more. He shot seven or eight doses up her, the stuff jetting out as if his balls were bottomless, and Caroline felt as if her whole body and being were dissolving, magically changing into cunt-juice and pouring out of her groin. The bed was soaking under her ass. She was slipping and sliding on a film of fuck juice as she worked out the last spasms of her climax.At last, Jonathon slowed.He halted–and then he grimaced and fucked into her a few more times, pumping out yet another geyser of jism.Caroline kept moving until, finally, he was drained. His head sank down onto her cushioning tits. She held him to her tenderly. Her cunt rippled and she moved her loins gently as she made sure that she had milked out every drop of her own orgasm.Then they snuggled together contentedly.Caroline stroked his head and whispered loving words into his ear. He knew how much she enjoyed these morning fucks and now, satisfied so well, she felt grateful to Jonathon. With her lust melted away, she was filled with deep affection.She hoped that this heralded a change in the pattern of their sex life, a switch in the routine.How wonderful to get fucked like this every morning! But still–she simply had to wonder what had made Jonathon so extra horny this morning, and the night before.

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