The Wrong Package


Walking down the hallway of my apartment, I notice three brown boxes on the floor in front of my door. “That was fast!” I say, talking to myself.My Amazon order was just placed yesterday. The bastards sure are getting fast. Thank god for Amazon Prime, or I would have to wait a while to replace my computer parts. I open the door and without looking, I bring all three packages in. Setting them on the table I waste no time in opening them.Box one had the memory card upgrade I so desperately needed. Box two has my new keyboard, it is supposed to make online gaming even easier. The final and third box is not mine, but I don’t realize it. It actually belongs to my next-door neighbor Sara, but in my excitement, I open it without checking the address.Inside and discreetly packaged under some bubble wrap are three glass objects. I pick them up examining them, unsure exactly what they are. I grab the box, look at the label and see Sara’s name and address on them.“Oh, shit!” talking to myself. “I know what these are!” A big smile on my face.I’m looking at three glass butt plugs. It must be a starter set. All three are different sizes and weights. The largest looks like a challenge, the small one looks too tiny to even feel good. A big smile still remains on my face, which soon fades to a horrifying shock. I now realized I just opened Sara’s package, which is şehitkamil escort a dick move.I also happened to open a package with sex toys inside, not just a package with printer ink, or kitchen cutlery. No! It had to be sex toys. Holding the large glass plug, I cannot stop looking at it, wondering how it will fit in Sara. Sara is my next-door neighbor, she moved in six months ago. We really don’t know each other well outside of the casual hellos we have said in passing. Sara moved in with her boyfriend, but I have not seen him around much lately.Sara is mid-twenties and of average height. She has an hourglass figure and some thicker thighs, while her upper torso is slim. She has long brunette hair, and I mean long. I saw her once with it completely down, hangs down to her ass.I stand at my table and start to think, I can’t just walk up and knock and tell her how sorry I am for opening up her butt plugs.“Here Sara, I accidentally opened your box of butt plugs. Sorry for the confusion,” I mockingly say aloud.That would sound so stupid. The thought of her using these is turning me on so much, I begin to grow hard. I begin playing different scenarios in my mind of me using these on Sara, or her asking me to help her with them since I obviously know what she ordered. All a fantasy in my mind of course, see I’m not exactly Sara’s type.The few men I have seen her with are polar opposites of me. I’m a chubby overweight guy, with glasses and a gut. The only sports I’ve played have been in video games, and even there I am awful. Before placing the plugs back in the box, I hold the large on in my hand. I open my mouth, shoving the plug in my mouth.I suck really hard on it, making it a tight fit, the same feeling Sara’s ass will have when this goes in her at some point. I repackage it all up nicely and try to tape it so it looks sealed. I leave the package outside Sara’s door. Hopefully, she will never know.A week or so passes by and I am at my computer screen. I hear arguing coming from Sara’s apartment. Sounds like her boyfriend, and they are arguing loudly. My thin walls do little to hide the fight. They fight for close to an hour, then there is a loud door slam outside in the hall, followed by silence.Sitting at my computer, I get an idea. One to make Sara feel better, and make up for what I did to her. Plus it sounds like she is single, so she may really like it.I pull up a sex toy website and begin browsing. I know nothing of what females like and don’t like. I’ve fucked maybe three women, all short-lived and of little excitement. I go solely off user reviews and come across this little purple vibrator. Women claim it is a game-changer, and how after you purchase the device, you won’t even need a man. Maybe all my ex-girlfriends bought these, I think to myself.I type in my purchase information, give Sara’s name and address. I send the item as a gift, so my name won’t be attached to it. I hit order, and my cock twitches, the thought of Sara using her butt plugs and the vibrator I bought her excites me. I pull up some porn and spend the next hour of my night jerking my life away to the thought of Sara.A few days later, the package arrives outside her door. I wait patiently all day for Sara to get home. I can’t help but wonder what she will think, and wonder how she got another toy. A few hours later I hear the opening and closing of the door, Sara is home. I peak my head outside and the package is gone. I hope she uses the toy tonight on herself.Around midnight or so I am deep in a World of Warcraft game. I played three hours straight and need a break. I take my headphones off and walk to the bedroom to grab my phone charger. Through the wall, I hear a slight moaning. I put my ear directly on the wall and hear the moaning louder and what sounds like her vibrator, perhaps Sara is using my toy! I wish I could hear more, but her moans are quiet, and inconspicuous.I pull out my cock, and begin masturbating to the sounds of Sara. Using my imagination I imagine the butt plug in her ass, and me using the vibrator on her while she is pleasured. I cum too soon and release myself in my hand, a good orgasm at least.

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