Then The Doorbell Rang


I slipped on my white terry cloth robe after a shower to wash away the stress of a long day at work. It had been one of those days that had been frantic from the start and I needed to relax. I quickly got myself together and made my way downstairs to the family room while my robe fluttered behind me.

With my husband David in Seattle on a business trip, and the kids at my Mother’s for the week my home was unusually quite. Only the sound of the raindrops beating on the roof and the windows broke the evening silence. This Atlanta summer storm was comforting, almost sensual sounding. I was happy to be alone.

I plopped down into the plush over-sized leather couch and turned on the TV. While I scanned through the adult titles on the on-demand menu I slipped my robe open. I let it fall open at my sides and exposed my naked body to the cool air-conditioned air. I felt the arousal build throughout my body when I made my naughty selection. I was so horny. It had been almost five months since David and I had sex, and about three weeks since I had even a moment alone to masturbate.

It wasn’t long before the video really captured my attention. I licked my lips when I saw this sexy dark haired man flick his tongue ever so fervently over a woman’s clit. Ankara bayan escort She was a petite woman with dark skin and long auburn hair. Her gumdrop-sized nipples were rock hard and I could see her pussy tremble as his long tongue pleasured her.

I couldn’t remember the last time David went down on me. I found myself whispering out loud. “Yes, that’s how you do it,” as I watched him slide his long sensuous fingers in and out of her moist folds. I mimicked his movements and reached down and gathered some of my own flowing juices, then moved my two fingers up to my engorged clit. I slowly teased it with long circular motions as I imagined that athletic hunk of a man giving my soaked orifice a tongue bath.

I admired his sexual skills, the way he teased her clit and then pleased it by sucking it into his mouth. I loved the way he finger fucked her pussy with an upward motion that hit her G-spot, just the way I love mine to be worked. I envied her as she grabbed the back of his head while she whimpered and exploded with a shuddering pelvic orgasm. I wanted to cum like that, I needed to cum like that.

I moved my fingers to my mouth and licked them like a lollipop while she recovered from her body twisting orgasm. The essence of my own juices Escort bayan Ankara swirled over my tongue and I devoured my fingers and slurped up each drop from my palm. Fucking delicious. Tasting my own sex has always been a huge turn-on for me. It was naughty and delectable, almost like licking the rock salt off the rim of a margarita glass.

I watched her kiss her lover with a thankful passion with the tip of my index finger between my lips. She then softly begged him to fuck her and he promptly moved her into a doggie-style position. My lips freed my finger and a gasp came from deep within my lungs when I saw him rub his meaty cock against her silky pussy lips.

I reached into my robe pocket and wrapped my hand around my thick, firm, yet pliant, Boss Lady vibrator. Then a naughty grin etched across my face as I thought about what David would think if he knew about my toy and the four others I had upstairs in my closet hidden away in a shoebox. I quickly dismissed that thought and pressed the first pulse setting and closed my eyes. I lightly teased my breasts and my engorged nipples with the silky smooth silicone tip of my toy. The pulsating sensation made me moan immediately and I pinched my left nipple firmly with my free hand. I felt Bayan escort Ankara the blood rush to my lower area. My legs responded, they voluntarily spread open and I stroked the jet-black pulsing shaft between my lusting pussy lips. I teased my opening with the curved head of the vibrator, very gently at first. I wanted this feeling to last forever!

I opened my eyes slowly to see his taut muscles in powerful erotic motion. His skin glistened like sugar warmed by butter and poured over his muscles. I watched his big meaty cock thrust in and out of her moist pussy as I turned up my vibrator to the next level. With each driving plunge her juices gathered on his sexy flesh until it dripped down his balls.

My hips moved in a free, up-and-down fashion as I tried to keep pace with the man on the screen. My free hand moved under my thigh and I teased my ass with the tip of my middle finger. Tiny moans and sighs slipped from my lips and into the air. I was wet. My pussy and my vibrator made frantic squishing noises of lust as I fucked myself harder and faster. My head tossed to the left and right, tendrils of wet hair stuck to my face. I wanted the man in the video to take me, and fuck me.

I couldn’t get enough, I pressed the vibrator harder against my clit and my hips thrust upward frantically. I gripped my ass tight with my free hand and my nails dug deep into my taunt flesh. Every part of my pussy was being tantalized. My back arched in delightful anticipation.

Then the doorbell rang.

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