Thorodian Horse


Old King Severmist of the Orgas stood on a rock outcropping on the sea side of the pass through the Golden Mountains down into the rich plains of Thorodia and shook his fists in frustration and despair. For the third time in as many days the frontal assault on the High Castle of King Kleemus had failed.

“How much longer will you hold against my might?” the old king roared. “Two long years. See this beard? It nigh reaches the ground and is as gray as the skies over your winter land.”

“Perhaps it is time to suggest just going around the castle and down into the valley, sire,” one of the king’s advisers said timidly, cowering at the king’s side. Unfortunately, he had come too close, though, and, with one swipe of his mail-encased hand, the king slapped him across the path, from whence he did not rise.

The king knew they could not continue this siege for two more years. His own health would not permit it. He would not live to enter Thorodia then, and all would be lost without him at the helm.

“The high castle remains the key,” he growled. “It is the strongest point in Thorodia. If we take the castle, all of the rest in the valley will open their doors to us. If not, it is a fight on every doorstep and a lance at our backs, between us and the sea. We must have the castle. Must I do the thinking for us all? Is there no one here with the wit to follow on from me?”

“Father,” a small voice spoke up from the shadows, “Might I—?”

“Why be you here?” the king cried out, almost in anguish. “You belong in the train with the women and the other women in men’s clothes. How dare you attend and speak out. Better yet, get you to the High Castle. From what is reported to me, those within are sodomites all.”

“We have Raum in the castle. Perhaps we—”

“Be damned and be gone with you, pup. It is because of you that Raum is there. I’ll have no more words from you, boy.”

And then all was silent as the shadows of night descended on the pass from the sea through the Golden Mountains and down into Thorodia, and the lights in the High Castle yet burned, telling of comfort and safety.

* * * *

The Grand Marshal of Thorodia, the man closest to King Kleemus and his principal military adviser, the man who had devised and carried out the successful defense of Thorodia against the invading barbarian from the sea in close consort with his king for the past two years, was galloping through the forest at the valley base of the High Castle with his small band of hunters, bringing home venison. The Grand Marshal distained the forces of the Orgas and went out on these forays on purpose to show those under siege in the High Castle how safe they were in his hands. Few raiding parties ventured beyond the castle and down into the valley, and the Grand Marshal’s spies knew when they were afoot.

But on the road to the castle, the Grand Marshal pulled his horse up and his lip curled up. Here was something he had not been apprised of. Heads would roll for overlooking this.

Off on the side of the trail he spied a gypsy wagon, turned on its side, its contents strewn out around it and obviously the subject of pillage.

The Grand Marshal trotted over to the wagon, its scarlet and yellow wheels still spinning, and reached down and jerked an arrow out of the undercarriage and lifted it up for all to see.

“Double-edged point,” said one minion.

“Red feather,” said another.

“An arrow of the Orga,” chimed in a third.

The Grand Marshal nodded his head in grim agreement. The Orga were becoming bolder. They were foraying too far into the valley. And his spies had missed this intrusion.

All of the riders were startled by the sound of a groan—coming from under the upturned wagon. Quick as a dart, two of the minions dismounted and, with all of their strength, lifted the wagon, and a third pulled out the body of a young man.

The Manavgat Escort rescuer turned him over on his back, and the Grand Marshal’s heart leapt in his chest and his cock stood at immediate attention.

The young man was beautifully built and provocatively displayed. He was blond, and slight and lithe—a dancer’s body, with every part perfectly formed. An achingly beautiful face, with full, rosy lips and tussled golden curls cascading down to his shoulders. He was nearly naked, stripped to the waist, gold belted, and wearing diaphanous, billowing pantaloons of some white material shot through with threads of gold. He had gold snake bracelets encircling his biceps and gold rings in his nipples, and, as could clearly be seen, a gold ring in the bulb of his cock as well.

“Does he live?” The Grand Marshal asked in a strained voice, and upon hearing an assent, he dismounted and moved in one graceful, fluid motion to where the young man lay.

“Lay him on the carriage body,” he commanded, and the young man was lifted and laid on his back on the edge of the carriage.

The Grand Marshal withdrew his dirk knife and gathered up the flimsy material of the young man’s pantaloons at the crotch in one fist and slit through the material with the knife he held in the other hand. Sheathing his knife, he spread the young man’s legs with hands fisting his ankles.

With the first strong thrust of his engorged cock in the young man’s channel, the youth’s watery-blue eyes opened in shock and he cried out in the taking. “Oh, oh, Lord. Nay, please I beg you. I have never . . . Oh, no, I am undone.” His cries turned to moans and groans, as the Grand Marshal’s minions just stood about, looking at the ground—when they weren’t stealing furtive looks at the taking of the young man. No one raised a hand to stay the Grand Marshal. He was the second-most powerful man in the land, his blood and lust ran hot, and—save for deference to King Kleemus himself—he took his pleasures when and with whom he would.

The young golden god’s cries of undoing changed in short order to cries for the fuck. He arched his back and raised his pelvis and started meeting the Grand Marshal’s relentless thrustings with counterthrusts of his own. He cried out of the Grand Marshal’s artistry and mastery of the cocking and of how he’d never known it could be like this and how much he loved the movement of the Grand Marshal’s superior member deep inside him. He writhed and trembled and shuddered beneath the onslaught of the old warrior, and his small hands reached out and caressed the thick matting of hair on the Grand Marshal’s chest and reached up and palmed the back of the old warrior’s neck and brought his face down to his and opened his sweet lips to the invasion of the Grand Marshal’s tongue.

Not long before the Grand Marshal experienced the longest and strongest ejaculation of his recent memory, the young god had given up his own seed with the rubbing of his gold-ringed cock head on the old man’s still-hard belly.

By the time the climax ensued, an objective observer would be hard pressed to suppose just who had fucked who—and the Grand Marshal was hopelessly smitten.

The young man, Cleus by name, and a wandering musician and dancer by claimed trade, was taken up to the castle and installed in the Grand Marshal’s apartments, where the Grand Marshal became besotted with watching him dance and then fucking him day and night until it became clear to King Kleemus that he was not being as fully attended as he once had been by his principal adviser. This did not necessarily set well with the king.

The king was not the only one who had taken notice of this change in circumstance. His young attendant and sometimes lover, the barbarian Raum, had also heard rumors of the young, enticing god living in the Grand Marshal’s apartments, a handsome young dancer with watery blue eyes, Escort Manavgat full rosy lips, and golden rings at the nipples and cock head. Raum knew of only one person in the world who met this description. He therefore availed himself of the first opportunity to seek the now infamous youth out. That opportunity came with the first hunting foray the Grand Marshal made—now reluctantly made—out of the castle since he had happened upon the young lover who had melted years off his felt age and made his penis a strong sword upon demand once more.

Cleus was gliding along the corridor in the Grand Marshal’s apartments that afternoon, when a strong hand reached out from behind a hanging tapestry and pulled the young man into the darkness behind. Raum devoured Cleus’s lips with fervent kisses. Cleus, in turn, climbed Raum’s pelvis with his thighs, and Raum fucked him deeply and long, pushing Cleus against the wall of the castle behind the shimmering tapestry and bouncing the shoulder blades of his prey mercilessly against the hard stone.

Thus were reunited the lovers—the son of King Severmist, who had discovered his only son in the embrace of one of his foremost warriors, Raum, who had been banished to the almost certain death of spying inside the besieged High Castle of the Thorodians as long as his wits could keep him alive.

Afterward the two slithered off to Raum’s own humble room, and Raum gave Cleus a proper and prolonged fucking, Cleus on his back, legs akimbo and pelvis thrust up to received Raum’s young, strong cocking, being ridden hard and for a great distance in contrast to the old Grand Marshal’s almost pitiful pokings, and Raum stroking Cleus to multiple comings with thumb rubbing piss slit through the center of the golden cock ring.

“What are you doing here?” Raum asked through heavy breathing after they had spent themselves and were embracing, each part of them held as closely together as possible. “It would be the death of you if you were discovered. Did the Grand Marshal capture you without realizing who he had?”

“Nay, the Grand Marshal captured me because I meant him to,” Cleus answered. And then he laughed. He became immediately more serious, though. “We are getting nowhere with this siege, and the time of King Severmist’s passing is close at hand. I am the rightful heir, and I mean to step into my rightful place, unopposed, by delivering Thorodia to the Orgas at long last.”

“A heavy task,” Raum whispered, his voice displaying his fear for his young lover. “You have seen how it is with the Thorodians. How strong Thorodia is.”

“But not as strong as it was before I came,” Cleus said.

“What do you mean? What are you planning? What can I do to help?”

“Many questions, and I love you all the more, Raum, master of my seed, for your last question, couching within it your pledge of loyalty to me and my kingship. What we must do is divide King Kleemus and the Grand Marshal. The strength of Thorodia has been their strong union. I have already started weakening that. And then I must be put within striking distance of the king at the right moment. There are, indeed, actions you can take to serve those ends.”

“Command my hand, my liege,” Raum said.

“Fuck my hole; mingle your seed with mine” Cleus countered, and then both young men laughed, as Raum proceeded to do just that.

* * * *

From that point began the campaign of Cleus and Raum to divide the Thorodians’ strength.

The king was already irritated at the Grand Marshal’s unaccustomed absences, and while Cleus made sure that the Grand Marshal was abed fucking him as much of the time as possible, Raum was working on the king, asking him if he knew of the new, young, mesmerizing dancer the Grand Marshal had acquired. Asking the king if the Grand Marshal had ever offered to share the delights of watching Cleus perform.

The king had Manavgat Escort bayan not been so invited. Indeed, before Raum started mentioning the possibility, he’d never thought of this being a slight at all. But the king was already just a bit unhappy with the Grand Marshal, and now he wanted to assert his kingship.

He commanded the Grand Marshal to bring the dancer Cleus before him in a private audience of just the three of them. And the Grand Marshal, seeing nothing amiss afoot, quickly brought the young Cleus, perfumed and fluffed up and sensuously costumed, forth to the king’s private chambers.

Cleus danced a dance of passion and provocative display for the king, a dance that wound up with Cleus only in a golden belt, his gold snake bicep bracelets, his nipple and cock rings, and a warm smile on his face and a fluttering of his long eyelashes over watery blue eyes, his face turned toward the king, but his channel lowered into the lap of the overcome-with-lust Grand Marshal.

Three days later, at the king’s strong suggestion, the Grand Marshal ventured out on another one of his hunting trips into the forests on the valley side of the High Castle. When he returned, however, he found the gates of the castle closed to him and a large force of the Orga coming over the hill.

The king was not seen out of his apartments for two weeks after that, busy as he was in discovering the charms of his new lover, the dancer Cleus.

Toward the end of that period, the king found Cleus lying on his couch, naked and despondent one afternoon. The king dropped his own robes and came in beside Cleus and lifted his young lover’s leg and thrust a cock that hadn’t been this hard for anyone in years into the young god’s passage. Although Cleus returned his kisses and murmured his love and devotion and praised the masterful cocking of the king, though, the king sensed a continued despondency.

“What is wrong, little one? I sense you are sad.”

“It is only thinking of the future, sire. I want nothing more than for this to go on forever—your magnificent strong cock showing me new avenues to paradise daily. But where is it going? What is to become of us? The barbarians are at the gate. I fear for our lives. I could not bear our lives to change from what we have become.”

“Never fear, my love,” the king said. “I have a secret.”

“A secret?” Cleus asked, his eyes full of innocence. He turned his face to the king’s and nibbled on his ear, while his hand went to the king’s rouged nipples.

“Yes, a secret. A secret passageway. We can escape into the mountains whenever we need to. And I have another, hidden castle in the mountains, not far from here, and stronger than this one. We are safe. We will always be safe?”

“A secret passageway?” Cleus repeated.

“Yes, I will show it to you. A passageway to a water gate coming out in a cave by a mountain stream.”

And, after Cleus had fucked the king to heaven once more, the king, indeed, showed Cleus the passageway to safety. And Cleus showed Raum the passageway that could be used in either direction. And Raum, on a clear night within the week, when he was standing duty on the castle walls at the sea side, shot off the fire arrow with message attached that was a prearranged one-way communications means between the forces of King Severmist’s Orgas and their spy within the High Castle.

And on the night that the army of King Severmist crept into the cave beside the mountain stream and under the castle walls and into the very center of the castle keep, Cleus was abed with the king of the Thorodians.

Cleus was on his back with King Kleemus knelt between his legs, sheathing his sword inside Cleus’s channel. And at the first hint of the sounds Cleus was waiting to hear, he unsheathed his own dirk knife from under one of the pillows and sheathed it again up through the underbelly of the king of the Thorodians. He was standing, in robes of gold, beside the bed of the dead king, taking on a kingly stance as the forces of the Orgas—his forces—rushed in the room to celebrate Prince Cleus’s victory over the Thorodians, undeniably won by wit and cleverness where brute force could not prevail.

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