Three for Dinner


I stared at my computer screen in awe. I never had even considered the idea of a threesome, but I was getting wet and squirming in my office chair. Looking at the occupied chairs behind me, I was relegated to squirming – there was no way I could sneak my fingers under the waistband of my pants to take care of the tingling feeling between my labia.

A moment later, another message from Sean arrived, describing the scene in his mind: a woman kneeling between my thighs, licking at my clitoris while he sucked on my nipples.

I stifled a moan so as not to attract attention from my cubemates, and decided to go for broke. I carefully eased my hand inside my slacks and lightly stroked my clit. Biting my lip and holding my breath, I increased the pressure and duration of my strokes until I felt an orgasm approach. Holding extremely still, I coughed to cover my explosive intake of breath and looked behind myself again. No witnesses. Good.

I lightly sucked on my fingers to rid them of wetness (and to taste myself, I must admit) and finished my message to Sean, thanking him for the image that made me cum at work. As the workday ended and I rode the train home, I reflected on my earlier experience. Was it just the idea of a threesome that excited me so? What would I do with the reality of the situation?

A few things concerned me about the whole idea. I’m a terribly greedy lover, I must admit. I don’t like the idea of having anyone be distracted from the pursuit of my pleasure. I also worried that another person in the mix would confuse me enough that I couldn’t pay attention to either partner. The concept of fucking a woman is hardly new to me. I started exploring my body (and my friend’s bodies) before I was out of grade school.

More than one of my friends and I ended up naked on the couch in my parent’s basement, grinding pelvis to thigh, switching places to who would be the boy for the evening. In my self-conscious high-school days, I found myself waking up sweaty and hot thinking about the slimness of a friend’s fingers, wondering what they’d feel like in me, but I always went back to my boyfriend’s awkward fumblings. I didn’t want to make waves. In college, though, I discovered Sarah. She saw something in me that she liked, and she went after it. Just a few days into our Women’s Studies course (isn’t that cliche? It’s terrible! But it’s true!) she had her tongue on my clit.

Of course, just as quickly as her interest had developed it fizzled out. I dated more men than women, but I knew myself well enough after college to know that I was just as interested in women as men. For some reason, though, the idea of combining my two pleasures never occurred to me. Perhaps it was all that terrible porn I saw. Two women with outrageously enhanced breasts battling tongues over the cock of one extremely hairy, overly tan guy with bad teeth. It did nothing for me at all. Until today, I guess. Sean just stirred something up in me that aroused me even more than his usual messages. I had to find out if I really wanted to try a threesome. I knew that Sean would be in town for a symposium in a few weeks, and I knew just how to surprise him.

When I finally got off the train and into my tiny apartment, I called my friend, Sue. She’d lived down the hall from me for a year after moving from her parent’s house, and we’d become good friends. She’d always expressed that she was attracted to me, and we’d spent a weekend at a bed and breakfast a hundred miles away from home one weekend last September. Our room was outfitted in a huge whirlpool that comfortably fit both of us without having to touch each other. We settled down in the tub, and found that we each had a jet focused directly on our most private places. Neither of us mentioned the sensations attacking our nervous systems, we just continued to chat about our jobs, mutual friends, and how lovely the warm water felt after a tiring day spent shopping and walking around the small town we were visiting.

Our legs drifted closer and closer until her thigh was pressed against mine. I knew the water jet on her pussy was doing well, since she took longer and longer pauses between words in our conversation. In fact, I seemed to have trouble articulating my points myself. We each got closer and closer to a peak when she lifted her hands out of the water and started to squeeze her large, pink nipples. Sue moaned aloud and I watched her tremble as my own orgasm swept over me. Neither of us embarrassed, we pulled the plug on the tub and slept deeply, naked in the same bed. Still, neither of us made a move on the other that Escort bayan weekend.. I’m a chicken, I must admit. I don’t know what her excuse was. As Sue’s phone rang and rang, I formulated my thoughts. I had no idea how she’d react to the idea of a threesome with a man she didn’t know.

She’d seen a picture of Sean, once, when I was talking about him and she asked to see what he looked like. She also was the only person who knew that he’d flown me out to San Diego for a ten hour sex junket. Still, she’d never spoken to him, and didn’t have the history that years of risque discussion provided Sean and myself. Finally, her voicemail chimed and I left a message pleading with her to call me back as soon as she could. I fixed myself a salad and settled down with a book for the night, waiting by the phone.

At 10:45, the telephone rang and I picked it up mid-ring. Sue asked me what I wanted and why it was so urgent.

“Okay. I’m going to ask you to do something that’s crazy. You can say no, now, or at any time. I want you to be completely comfortable with this.”

“What?” she asked, “I can hardly turn something down before I know what it is.”

I took a deep breath. “Well, Sean’s coming into town early next month, and we had a long discussion today about something that kind of scares me, but makes me completely bonkers.”

“Out with it!” Sue exclaimed, “Tell me!”.

My heart was beating terribly quickly. I sipped my Diet Coke and exhaled for a full five beats. “Okay. How would you feel about fulfilling my fantasy of a threesome with Sean?” I heard her gasp out loud.

“I never thought it was something I was interested in, but I’m going nuts thinking about it. It even made me masturbate at work, thinking about it.”

Sue was silent for a moment. I felt my stomach drop, and knew she was going to tell me to go to hell.

“Um, Corinne,” she said. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. I never should have asked you. Nevermind.”

“No. I won’t nevermind. Why do you really want to do this? Did Sean put you up to this?”

“He doesn’t know. I thought we would surprise him.”

“Oh, my. What if he doesn’t want me?”

“He’ll want you.” It was true. She had long blonde hair, wore stylish glasses and short skirts, and had much larger breasts than me. One of our friends had once referred to her mouth as possessing “DSL”. I knew he didn’t mean that she was high bandwidth, and when I asked him what it meant, he told me that DSL stood for “Dick Sucking Lips”.

There was another long pause on the line. At least she hadn’t hung up on me yet.

“Okay. Let’s do it. Where? When?”

I exhaled all my pent-up breath. “You mean it? You can back out of this if you want. I don’t want you to do anything that bugs you.” “I mean it. I’ve always wanted you, and I’d love to watch someone fucking you.”

I gave her the details I’d planned out while waiting for her call. We just had to wait a few weeks for Sean’s arrival.


As I waited in the terminal for Sean’s plane, I mentally ran through my checklist. Everything was in place. I hoped I hadn’t forgotten any details. Sean kissed my forehead as soon as we finished our big hug. We walked through the airport quickly, and after a short bus ride arrived at my apartment. I let Sean put his luggage in the bedroom and offered him a glass of wine. He declined the wine, looking at his watch. “I have to get to that symposium. I’ll be back for dinner, but then I’ll have to go to the evening seminar. I promise to be back by ten, though.” I looked disappointed for his benefit, but had checked the schedule of his conference long before he got to town. I knew when he’d be available.

“In that case, I’ll be appropriately attired when you get back.” A smile brightened his face. He liked me naked. “Now scram. I’ve got to get back to work, myself.”

He kissed me and exited my home. I’d called in sick to work that day, knowing that I’d have lots to do before ten o’clock. I settled into my own bathtub with a book. Sue was due by eight, and I had plenty of time before Sean’s dinner break to get a little dolled up. I was reading an anthology of erotic short stories. With great effort, I avoided lingering on my labia as I soaped and rinsed myself. My nerves were on edge, but in a good way.

I stepped out of the tub, and dried off with a big towel. Staying naked, I draped a red scarf over my bedside lamp and lit a few candles in my bedroom. The light was warm and flickering, bright enough to see everything that would happen Bayan escort that evening, but not clinically bright. I heard Sean enter my apartment and blew out the candles. I closed my bedroom door behind me, and walked into the living room. His eyes lingered on my breasts and hips and he crooked a finger toward me. I made him sit on my living room sofa and I straddled his legs and leaned in close for a long kiss. His hands roamed over my hips, pulling me in closer. I kissed his forehead and escaped his grasp.

“You’d better eat dinner, you’ll need the energy.” I teased. “I won’t waste away. I can think of better ways to spend my dinner break.”

“Save it for later.” I winked at him. He looked surprised. He’d expected to be inside me already. I just smiled and went into the kitchen. I pulled the plate of cold meat and cheese out of the refrigerator and came back to him, putting it on the coffee table in front of his seat. He ate quickly, and looked at his watch again.

“I guess I’d better run. Promise to stay naked for me?” I nodded.

“Alright. Be back at ten.” I saw that it was nearly eight, and hurried him out the door. Back in my bedroom, I put big soft jersey cotton sheets on my bed and a velour bedspread. I wanted the whole tactile experience to be perfect.

Sue knocked at the door, and I let her in. She was wearing another one of her famous short skirts and a tight blouse. I was ready to eat her myself, but I knew it’d be better if I waited. I helped her undress and we shared a long, full-body hug.

“Sure you still want to do this?” I asked.

She simply nodded. “How should we do it?”

I told her to lay on the fainting couch, in easy view of the bed. I wanted Sean to say, out loud, how much he wanted me with another woman before I brought Sue into the mix. Sue and I talked out a few more details, and she seemed impressed that I’d thought everything out. At 9:30, I heard the door open again. I checked the room and Sue. Everything was perfect. The candles were lit, we were both naked, and Sue was ready for anything. Sean came into the bedroom and saw me lounging on the bed. He grinned and started to undress.

“Nice mood you’ve set up here.” I just smiled, then said,

“C’mere, you.” Free of his work clothes, he joined me on my bed. I winked at Sue. She blushed. In moments, I was snuggled up close to Sean. He kissed me, fondling my nipples, pinching them between his fingertips.

“So. Remember our little conversation a few weeks ago?” I asked.

“Which one?”

“The one about sharing me with another woman.” He moaned, even though I wasn’t doing anything special with my own hands.

“You do, then. So. How would you feel if I made you watch while I licked someone’s pussy and wouldn’t let you touch either of us?”

He moaned again. He didn’t seem up for much conversation. He tried to roll over me and between my legs, but I wouldn’t let him.

“Tell me about how much you’d like it.” He relented, saying only

“God. It’s one of my biggest fantasies.” I smiled, then rolled off my side of the bed, pulling Sue up from the fainting couch.

“I’d like you to meet Sue. She knows an awful lot about you, and she’d like to help make our fantasy come true.” He moaned a third time.

“Pleased to meet you,” he rasped. “Corinne, I can’t believe you did this.” I paused, worried that the concrete manifestation of his fantasy was too much for him.

He smiled, then. “Sue. You’re beautiful.” He turned to me.

“Corinne, you’ll never stop surprising me, will you?” I shook my head.

“Not until you tell me to.” He grinned. Since he was still on the bed, my plan was still perfect. I took his hands and cuffed them to the iron bars of my bed. Eyes wide, Sean just watched me.

“This is to make sure you can’t touch while you watch.” He adjusted to make himself a little more comfortable, and nodded. I set He adjusted to make himself a little more comfortable, and nodded. I set Sue against the end of the fainting couch, her head leaning against the armrest.

I spread her legs and slid on top of her. We shared our first kiss. She kissed more forcefully than most women, forcing her tongue between my lips. I took it, tasting her lips and running my fingertips down her sides. I heard Sean shift behind me, but I couldn’t see him. I pulled away from her lips and moved down to suck on her nipples. When I’d seen her pull on them that time in the whirlpool, I knew they were sensitive. She sighed softly, running her fingers through my hair. I licked and sucked at her nipples. Moving Escort my thigh between her legs, I pushed it at her pelvis.

She pumped her hips against my thigh and I felt it grow wet. Keeping my hands at her nipples, I lowered myself to look at her pussy. With curly blonde pubic hair, I could see engorged labia and the tip of her clitoris peeking out. Using just my tongue, I lightly licked at her inner thighs. She wriggled to move me closer to her clitoris. I heard the chain of the handcuffs rattle on the bars of my bed. I flicked my tongue across her labia, and swirled my tongue in a circle around her clitoris. Her breath becoming faster, Sue moaned my name. Taking my fingers from her nipples, I stroked my fingertips lightly along the slit of Sue’s pussy while still sucking on her clitoris. All of a sudden, warm liquid gushed into my mouth as Sue came, moaning loud.

I swallowed the sweet juice and moved up to kiss Sue’s slightly rounded belly. I heard Sean rattle his chain against the bed again and lifted myself from Sue. I walked over to Sean and, without touching any other part of him, sucked the entire length of his erection into my mouth. Pumping up and down, I sucked him at a steady rhythm. When his moans got louder and I knew he was about to cum, I lifted up from him and pulled Sue onto the bed. I uncuffed Sean, and he immediately started to touch himself, ready to finish what I’d started. I pulled his hands away, telling him to hold off. Only slightly chagrined, he agreed to behave. Sue pushed me down on the bed and whispered into Sean’s ear. He nodded and leaned over me to suck on my own, terribly sensitive nipples. I lost track of myself for a moment, feeling the network of my nerves buzz. Suddenly, I felt a tongue directly on my clit.

My eyes were closed, and I played a little game with myself, trying to guess which tongue was on me. I felt a smooth cheek against my thigh and knew it was Sue. Sean kept sucking my nipples, but all of my attention was directed to the expert movements of Sue’s tongue. She speared it into and out of my opening, faster and faster. I pulled at her hair, trying to increase her rhythm even more quickly. Sean noticed that I wasn’t paying attention to him and moved behind Sue. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but all of a sudden I felt her moan against my labia. She continued sliding her tongue in and out of my pussy. I bucked against her mouth and came before I knew it. She kept up her expert licking, and I felt another wave upon me almost immediately. I heard Sean groan, and I tilted my head to the side, seeing him pumping into and out of Sue’s pussy. I moved out of the reach of Sue’s mouth, and with more room on the bed, Sean and Sue moved up toward the headboard. I moved my hand between Sean’s legs and up to Sue’s clit, directly massaging it with my fingertips. Sean smiled at me and leaned down to kiss me.

“Happy?” I asked. He nodded, increasing the pace of his strokes deep into Sue. I rubbed her clit faster and she shuddered as she came. Sean pulled out of her pussy and I leaned down to suck his cock into my mouth. The taste of Sue on him was unbelievable. Sue laid still while I sucked on Sean, presumably still basking in aftershocks. He pumped himself into my mouth again, hoping I’d let him cum this time. Not yet.

I lay down next to Sue and asked her to straddle my face. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth and I tasted her sweet liquid again. I felt Sean teasing my labia with the tip of his cock, and I bucked my hips to try to pull him into me. I kept licking Sue, completely in rhythm with each stroke of Sean’s cock. I felt her lean forward to kiss Sean, and supporting himself with one hand as he pumped into me, Sean twisted at Sue’s nipples. I felt her jerk and spasm as she built closer to an orgasm. I clenched the muscles of my vagina around Sean’s cock and he moaned. I knew I was close to an orgasm myself and figured I’d go for the Holy Grail: a three-way orgasm. I lessened the pressure of my suction on Sue’s clit as I waited for the tell-tale moaning that portended Sean’s orgasm. I knew he was almost ready. He started moaning and grunting, and I sucked hard on Sue’s clit. Immediately, she jerked on my face, almost cutting off air to my nose, and my mouth was flooded again with her cum. Sean spasmed and jerked and I felt him cum deep in my pussy, right when my own orgasm overtook me.

A little while later, Sue and Sean both rolled off of me, and I took a deep breath. Sean lay down on my right, and Sue on my left. Sean lay down on my right, and Sue on my left. Both turned on their sides to face me, and snuggled close. We slept that way all night. The next day, as I kissed Sean at the gate to his departing plane, he thanked me for “a dream come true.” I promised him that I (and Sue!) would be ready for him the next time he came through town.

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