Time To Reflect


Time To ReflectWe recently hired a new waitress,tall,long black hair,fairly petite but looked after herself and prided herself on her appearence extreamly well,which was obvious with a well toned and very healthy body,but Nat wasnt hired on her good looks alone,sevice orintated and with her big bright brown eyes and girly white smile earning good tips wasnt an issue for her.So over the next couple of weeks we had a great repore going,having a good laugh and good banter and we seem to get along better then my 3 other chefs maybe it was because i was the single one but i’m the type of guy that needs a bit of a clip around the back of the head on occasions to be told when a member of the oposite sex is flirting with me,and besides i have a work ethic that is “dont screw the crew and dont dip my pen in the company ink”,and besides she is married and spoken for….. lucky guySo a few more weeks have pass now,about 3 months,and i was sitting out the back of the kitchen where us chefs have our meal breaks and the likes,when Nat came out and ask if she could sit and join me,who was i to refuse,”please,of course you can”.We are chatting away and she anounces that her other half had left for a work related trip for a week and she wanted to go and catch a new movie showing and didnt want to go it alone and ask if i would like to join her,its been a while since i’d been to the movies and i wanted to see the same flick,”sure why not Nat that will be great.iI offer to pick her up but she was happy to meet me outside the CinemaGreat movie,nothing happened during the movie,we ate popcorn and laughed alot,and as we were walking out of the complex we pass through the amusments and saw a Air Hockey table so we had a few games and me being a nice guy let her win 2 out of 3,so we started to leave and she suggested we can go back to her place for a coffee or something to eat.As we are driving home ,Nat started asking about my sex life, i lauged and said “this is going to be a short convo”,but i was curios about her motives ,so i went along with her anyway.Then she asked me if i would consider doing a porn movie”dont we all”i said in jest,”but no i’ probably be a little embaressed and i dont think i’ve got the skills or the tools to do the job,Nat then turns and says “i think your selling yourself short Pete,your definetly in great shape”.Thanks” i laughed,”but i dont mind watchin good girl/girl stuff and some solo stuff with a little bit of quality amature stuff thrown in.So we türbanlı çanakkale escort arrived back at her unit,Nat excused her self and disappeared into their bedroom,so i saw the coffee machine and started to make coffee,all the time going through my mind was saying my work ethicpolicy dont screw the crew and thats company ink and again she is married so stop jumping the gun and there is no chance anything is going to happen anyway,so she is still chatting away from her bedroom,she called for me that she needed a hand with something.so i went inWhat greeted me was a marvellous sight,Nat had removed her light white sundress she had on,and was sitting at the end of the bed,you could of heard my jaw drop and my heart starting to pound at about 150bpm Absolute stunner,and here she was sitiing at the end of her bed in a very light ,sheer lacey bra with nipples poking through,and a matching see through lacey G-string that was just as see through.She had untied her long black hair that descended over her slender frame ,and she was reflected in the big double mirrored doors that were her walk in wardrobe,so now the veiw was doubly splendorous,and without saying a word she did the Sharon Stone and the Basic Instinc move and i received a fantastic veiw of her very tidy mound,and thats when i said goodbye to my “dont screw the crew and dont dip my pen in the company ink”.The look she just gave me and the come hither motioning of her sexy long fingers,she motioned me to sit down next to her,which i obediently obliged.I placed my chin and head at the nape of her long neck and shoulder and could see every detail of us both reflected,and looking back at our reflection Nat says”I like to watch myself make love,you dont mind?I could do nothing except nod in agreementNat took my left hand and placed it on her left breast,it was firm-a nice handfull-and i can feel her nipple hardening under my fingertip,she then took my other hand and guided it down towards her pussy and cup it over her,all i could feel was the the heat radiating through the thin lacey material and immediatley knew i wanted to be inside it.Nat then let out a moan and soft sigh as i kneaded and rubbed 2 fingers on either side of her swelling,moist pussy lips.She turned around and took of her underware,i attempted to admire the sight before me,but she said” watch the mirror”.I watched her ass as she removed my jeans and briefs releasing my raging erection türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan from confinement.She plunged forward and her tits hit the mattress as she swollowed me deep down to her tonsils,the room spun as her talented wet mouth worked me,while i watched her pink and dripping crack sway rhythmically between her cheeks and legs.I spread her wide open with my hands on her ass and plunged 2 fingers into her tight little temple and delighting in the sticky moisture which this releasedand all of a sudden my sweet little waitress had turned into a cock hungry slutMy cock was rock hard and when it wasnt being gaged on it was pointing to the bedroom ceiling and was twithching and swaying in the breeze as she took another mouthful and dug her polished nails into the flesh of my own ass and pulled me in closer so that my tight balls were pressed against her chin.I got one hand full of long black hair and the other roaming and feeling every inch of your tight taught body with the other, my cock drool was running down her chin so i would wipe it clean and start to rub it all over her perky tits with the hardest nipples i have felt in a while. If this is Miss Jeckle and Mrs Hyde then i have meet her and about to fuck her and all of a sudden she has Sweary Mary’s mouth.”i want you to fuck my sluty mouth with you dick before you even think of sticking it any of my wet nasty fuckholes”,so i flipped her over on her back so that she had her head over the end of the bed and still be able to see her sexy face being fucked in the mirror and i had a lot more of a playing feild with her body streacthed out and spread before me.Nat is sucking and slurpping on my manhood her eye makeup is starting to give this cocksucking slut Panda eyesAs i lower a little more of my body weight onto her face i reach for the back of her thighs and pull them back towards her head and my chest, with a body like hers she has got to be flexable and bendy and she was.With my cock out of her mouth briefly she says”Finger my cunt,finger my sluty slit with 3 fingers and thumb rub my hard clit,i want it nice and wet and ready to accept that veiny cock”and as she takes one more good deep gulp i was surprised to feel her 2 middle fingers plunge into my own lubed up asshole and i heard this wicked and very naughty laugh as she did .I was doing my best to hang in there and considering the time between drinks im going to make the türbanlı escort çanakkale most of it then i thought she might be making a video after her probing questions earlier.She stood up and got me in the same position she was just in and stood and watched her self bury her wet pussy on my face and ground her hips like i grind herbs in a motar and pestle,and she was wet she tasted good and and the perfume that she was wearing mixed with slut juice was intoxicating and if i was about to be sufficated well let me go nowIt was time i had her,and she knew it, she paused and reached for a condom,im not on BC and the only guy that blows in me is hubby,”thats cool Nat good idea”,she then turned to face the mirror so she was bent over,and to see her look at me in the reflection i saw her mouth say the words “fuck me” but i didnt hear them come out of her mouth,so with one lusty plunge and a deep gutteral grunt from deep inside me i slaped the sluts ass and jamed mt dick into her slit she almost fell forward but i had good hold of her elbows and with hunni on the end of my cock she aint going anywhere.Graspiing her by the hips as i trust and pounded on the pussy between her legs thats quickly becoming a sticky mess the sound of my balls slapping on her clits hood as i rub one out of her.Cunt juice running down both our inner legs and she is in full voice now and she looks behind me and laughs and says “you certainly fuck like you could be in porn” and i was so close to filling the sheath that is about to be filled with my load so i grabed a little more hair and pulled her face towards mine and our tongues found each other and that was it i held onto her hips and let her feel the paulsating throbbing member that was leting go insde you and just held her so i was so balls deep in her tight cunt walls.Now that she was also close and my seed has been emptied in the rubber she grabed my cock and rubed it all over her kitty and stuck it in between her swollen mound and rode and ground herself on my shaft,and the sound of her slut holes going up and down coating her self all over my still engourged hard-on, she came in a legs shaking, body contorting climax,and to my delight a sweet little squirt, i have died and gone to heaven ,the feeling of her hot box still clamped on my cock as if it didnt want to let go and as she dimounted and looked in the mirror at the destrction she ,we had just caused she gave ma ahug and a great warm kiss and we just broke outn laughung in that sexy afterglow of unbridled fucking and she looks at me and puts her finger to my lips and whispers “mums the word, its our little secret and if im a good guy that wont be the last time you’ll get to stick it in my slutty wet fuck holes we do that we can fuck like little bunnies anytime” Unfortunatly her hubby got a transfer but we are still in touch and we chat when we can

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