Tim’s Painful Yet Rewarding Journey- Chapter II


It’s been four days since eighteen-year-old Tim’s life took an unexpected turn. Four days since he was spanked for the first time in his life, after years of dreaming and spanking himself, trying to substitute the need to be spanked. He tried so hard to find the right person for this important job, and that person was always around, but it took him years to realize that. After some unexpected events and after complicated days full of conflicting thoughts, excitement, doubt, and fear, Tim finally got brave enough and engineered a plan that ensured him a trip over his stepmother’s knee for the much-needed spanking he’s been waiting for all his life.That plan wasn’t easy at all. He took a big risk, and he had to suffer feeling humiliated and embarrassed, but fortunately, his stepmother’s reaction to his plot was exactly what he was hoping for and he received the spanking he desperately wanted.The spanking itself was absolutely horrible, the pain was almost unbearable, and it made him cry and sob like a little baby, but the anticipation, the loss of control, the joy of being submissive, and the afterward feelings, which culminated in some fabulous orgasms, were worth the pain. Therefore, he was resolute to make sure he would get his stepmother, Diane, to agree to spank him again.So, after discussing and establishing some rules, they agreed that Tim would ask to be spanked when he needed, but also Diane could use spanking as a punishment when she sees it necessary. If Tim wanted to ask for a spanking, he had to put a chair in the middle of the room with a hairbrush on the seat. The same thing Diane had to do if she thought Tim needed to be punished. That was the sign that said clearly that a spanking was in store for Tim later that day.After that first spanking, the relationship between the two was better than ever. Even though she wasn’t his birth mother and they weren’t blood-related, Diane was the most important person in Tim’s life. They’ve always gotten along very well, but in the last few days, they were closer than ever. There was no tension between them, and they felt very comfortable around each other. Tim was so grateful that his stepmother was so open-minded and so willing to spank him. In fact, Diane was already looking forward to the next spanking session, and she didn’t try to hide it. She was always teasing Tim about spanking, making sure to bring up the subject in their conversations.Tim really liked being teased like that and he had an almost instant erection every time she mentioned something about the spanking. In fact, that provoked him even more, so after only four days, he was already thinking that the time of his next spanking was approaching.Tim had just finished school and was heading home. Entering the house’s front door, he was greeted by his stepmother, who was already home. She was cheerful as usual and after just a few words about school and how everyone’s day was in general, again Diane brought up the subject of spanking, asking Tim with a wicked smile on her face, “So, how’s your bottom, Tim?”“It’s almost like new. It has only a few pale bruises,” said Tim blushing a bit, and feeling a bulge starting to grow in his pants already. He didn’t know that, but his mother always noticed that detail and that was actually one of the reasons she liked to play with her son like that, by teasing him at every opportunity. The other reason was that she really liked being in charge and controlling someone, and she enjoyed spanking him.She added next, laughing, “Then I suppose I should get ready for the next spanking I am going to give you.”Tim blushed deeper and answered, “That time will come at some point.”“No pressure, my dear. I just wanted to remind you how capable I am of making that bottom of yours again red and bruised. In case you forgot,” Diane teased her son even more.“You don’t need to remember me, mom, I don’t think I can ever forget how efficient you are izmit escort bayan in inflicting almost unbearable pain when you spank me. And I’m sure you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show me your spanking skills,” said Tim, smiling and blushing. “Soon, I hope,” added Diane.“Maybe…” concluded Tim with a cryptic smile. He absolutely loved that kind of conversation he had with Diane. A few days ago, he thought he was a freak because he wanted to be spanked. He thought he was sick or something. Then he was spanked and after that point, his stepmother made sure to remind him every day how normal his needs were and to make everything seem like a game. A game that made him feel so good and understood, but also a game it turned him on a lot. In fact, he was so aroused he felt the need to masturbate, so he excused himself and went to his room, pretending he had homework to do. Climbing the stairs to his room, he had already decided that on Saturday, he was going to get his next spanking over Diane’s lap. That means two days until then. He chose Saturday because he didn’t want to be distracted by school or anything else on that day. He only had to go and see a movie with his friends, but he’ll only be gone for two hours, and after the movie, he’ll excuse himself and go home instead of staying and spending more time with his friends. He closed his bedroom door and, lying on the bed, he took off his pants and underwear, then took his erect penis in his hand and began to rub it vigorously. He played in his mind all the spanking-related conversations he had with his stepmother and pictured himself again over her knee, powerless, receiving a very hard spanking. After a while, he exploded, having yet another amazing orgasm.Saturday came, and Tim was up pretty early for a weekend day, unable to sleep. He was already feeling quite nervous, but at the same time, the thought of being again over Diane’s knee turned him on, and decided that before leaving his room to relieve the pressure he felt in his erect penis. That calmed him a little and reassured him that asking for a spanking today is worth it, despite the terrible pain. He was sure that afterward, when in bed with a very sore bottom, he will experience a far better orgasm than the one he had.Already less worried, Tim went downstairs to the living room, looking for his stepmother. He couldn’t find her and realized that her coat was missing from the coat rack, so she must have gone shopping. All the better, because Tim preferred to prepare the chair with the hairbrush on the seat without Diane around. That way, when she got home and saw it, she’d be more surprised, and he liked that idea. Plus, it would also make it easier for him to prepare the unmistakable sign that predicted the spanking to come without having an audience.Wasting no more time, Tim went and grabbed a chair from the dining room table and carried it to the middle of the room. He then went and picked up the hairbrush and walked over to the chair, feeling both excited and worried. When he put the hairbrush on the chair, he realized that his hands were shaking. He knew that once Diane saw the chair, there would be no turning back, but until then, he would have time to change his mind. He sat for a moment and thought, but then he realized that he would be disappointed if he choose to avoid the spanking he knew he needed. Besides, although he was scared about what was going to happen, he was at the same time very excited and felt so alive.With the chair and hairbrush in place, Tim lay on the couch and watched TV. On weekends, there were lots of football games and Tim liked to watch them. Every once in a while he’d look over to the chair in the middle of the room, and he’d picture himself again being over Diane’s lap, getting a much-needed spanking. The thought of spanking seemed very exciting, but he knew that the actual spanking would be very painful. But he did his best izmit eve gelen escort to put that thought out of his mind and focus only on the positive aspects of spanking. That way, a few hours have already passed. It was almost lunchtime when Diane walked through the door, carrying a few bags of groceries.As soon as she entered the living room, her eyes fell on the chair placed in the middle of the room, at which point her face filled with joy and she said visibly thrilled, “Oh, Tim, what a wonderful surprise you have prepared for me! My day just got better! I’ve really been looking forward to this, and you didn’t disappoint. I hope I will not disappoint you either when you’ll be over my lap,” said Diane, with a wicked smile on her face.“I’m sure you’ll not only live up to my expectations but exceed them,” said Tim, smiling.“I’ll try my best.”“I have no doubt,” said Tim, blushing.“Tell me, how do you feel about it?”“I am reconciled with the decision to ask for it. And seeing you so enthusiastic makes me happy. I also feel excited and a little nervous. Or, to be honest, more than a little nervous.”“It’s normal to be nervous, and if you weren’t, I’d be offended. Knowing what’s in store for you, you have every right to feel that way.”“Thanks, mom. That really helps me stop being so nervous,” said Tim sarcastically, then added, “I’m glad we’re doing this, although I’ll probably reconsider this statement when you’ll use that horrible hairbrush on my bottom.”Diane started to laugh and said, “Don’t be rude to the hairbrush! It’s a really nice one and on top of that, she’s suffering just like you. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Mr. Newton. He even has a law of motion on the subject. Basically, it says that if the hairbrush spanks your bottom cheek with a certain force, then your bottom cheek spanks the hairbrush with the same force, but in the opposite direction. In other words, the hairbrush is a victim, just like you.” They both burst out laughing loudly.Diane, getting a little more serious, said, “We should set the time for the trip you’re going to have over my lap.” Tim was starting to blush and didn’t say anything back. Diane then continued in a voice that sounded a little disappointed, “Do you still have to go to that movie with your friends?”“Yes, I know. I don’t want to go either, but I promised them we’d go to that movie together. That was before I decided to take a spanking today. Anyway, after the movie, they’ll want to hang out, but I’ll be coming straight home, so I won’t be gone for more than two and a half hours. I should be home around 6 pm.”“Well, in that case, I suggest we do it as soon as you get home. That way, we’ll have time later to chat over a glass of wine. I feel like today is an important day again, because, compared to the first time I spanked you, now we both know what to expect and don’t have the worries we had then. Now we’ll be able to focus better on the spanking itself.”“For me, it’s only partly true, because it’s precisely because I know what to expect that I now have different worries than I did then,” said Tim, laughing.Diane smiled and added, “It will be definitely a new premiere, with or without those worries. What do you think about my suggestion? We can do it before you leave, if you prefer.”“No, no, I prefer after the movie. To be honest, I find it kind of exciting going and spending time with my friends, knowing what’s waiting for me at home, and they not having the slightest idea.”Diane smiled and said, “It is settled then.” They remained silent for a while, each deep in their own thoughts, probably thinking of more similar things than they would have anticipated.Eventually, it was time for Tim to go to the movie. “I’m off, Mum.”“Okay, honey, have fun and enjoy the movie, although I have a hunch you won’t be able to concentrate on it much,” said Diane, smiling.“You are probably right,” agreed Tim.“Anyway, izmit otele gelen escort I’ll be waiting for you to come home, for the fun evening we have planned,” added Diane with a lovely smile.“I know. I’ll be home as soon as I can,” said Tim as he walked out the door.The meeting with his friends was pleasant enough, and the film was probably quite funny, judging by the reaction of those in the room. He couldn’t really concentrate on the film, and his mind was elsewhere entirely. The movie ended, and Tim had to excuse himself from his friends and go home.“Where do you want to go to hang out?” asked one of Tim’s friends.Tim responded quickly, before anyone else, saying,” I won’t hang out with you guys tonight. I need to go home.” “What’s the matter, Tim?”“Nothing special. I asked my mother to help me with something. Well… I should have asked her for help a long time ago. Anyway, she’ll be available this evening to deal with the matter, so I’m gonna go now. You guys have fun and I’ll see you soon.”“Thanks, mate, you have fun too! See you around!” said one of Tim’s friends.”I don’t know how much fun I’m going to have, at least for the first part of the evening,” Tim thought to himself as he started on his way home. He thought it was funny though the way he told his friends the reason for his sudden leaving. He liked to play with words that way.The walk home normally takes ten minutes, and Tim was just beginning to fully realize that his spanking was basically minutes away. He started to get much more nervous than he had been that day, but the thought of the spanking he was about to receive turned him on a lot.He looked at his watch and noticed that it was only 5.30 pm. Turns out the movie was shorter than he thought. He had told his mother he would arrive around 6 pm, but if he went straight home, he would arrive twenty minutes earlier. He could have stalled for a while to delay the inevitable a little longer, but he felt drawn like a magnet to the house, where Diane, the chair and the hairbrush were waiting for him to ensure him another memorable and very painful experience. He decided not to waste any more time. Besides, if he arrived earlier, it would be a pleasant surprise for his mother, and he loved to make her happy. He was walking briskly, almost in a hurry, and with each step, he was closer to his spanking and felt more and more scared, but at the same time excited.He walked through the door and went straight into the living room, but didn’t see his mother, so he announced his presence, saying loudly, “Mom, I’m home!”“In here sweetie, I’m in the kitchen,” said Diane, and when she saw Tim she continued in a warm voice and smiling, “You arrived earlier than expected.”“Yes, the movie was shorter than I thought.”“But still you could have postponed your arrival at least until 6 pm, but here you are, twenty minutes earlier than planned. I really appreciate this.”“I really meant what I said about getting home as soon as I could,” said Tim, smiling sheepishly.”Since you’ve been so anxious to get home, I suggest we waste no more time and get down to business. Go to your room and change into something more comfortable, and I’ll wait for you in the living room. Don’t keep me waiting long!” Diane said, smiling.”Don’t worry about it,” Tim added and went upstairs.He went first to the bathroom, then to his room. He had stripped off the clothes he had been in and put on a T-shirt, but found it unnecessary to put on pants. He realized he had an erection again, but there was nothing he could do about it. However, he was no longer worried about it. Diane already understood why he always reacted that way before a spanking.Of course, it would be humiliating when she took his knickers off and he would be on show, but spanking and humiliation are generally inseparable. It was finally time to face the music. Tim was unsteadily descending the stairs, feeling so scared, yet so alive. He still hadn’t managed to understand the strange combination of emotions that spanking brought him, but he was glad he could experience them.He entered the living room and saw Diane sitting in the chair, slowly patting her palm with the hairbrush, looking very powerful and in control.

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